Multiple Planes of the Cosmos and Life, 6-7


Cap. VI (pp. 659-772) Ghosts, Sprites, and Daimones


Confused ghosts in Hades

pp. 659-709


Confused sprites in Hades

pp. 710-742


Evil ghosts in Hell

pp. 756-772

A.1. pp. 660-1 the 10 courts for souls of the dead (according to Yu Li Pao Tsao during the Sun dynasty : "His spirit went into Hades and returned to this world.")



court "is in charge of the __"

"which is directly __, beneath the sea bottom."



"length of life, and good and bad fortunes."




"living hell"




"black rope hell"




"Samhata hell"




"hell of wailing"




"hell of great wailing"




"hell of burning"




"hell of great burning"




"avici hell"




"affairs that assign and dispatch ghosts




to the four continents for reincarnation."


(Case 211) p. 669 C^i-S^iao-lan : The Sketch-Book of Rye Wei Cottage, vol. 16, p. 326

[judgement based on intentions, as told to C^u Kai-ju in his dream :] " "the mirror of Hades reflects the mind. A person who does a thing knows of it himself. There, the event is lodged in his mind and recorded; so it will be reflected by the mirror. Even a man’s thoughts and desires are recorded, so that, even if he does not carry his plans out, his evil or good is revealed. Judgements in Hades are based upon what one desires to do, not upon whether one succeeds or not. ..." After he finished speaking ..., I woke up".

(Case 226) pp. 692-3 Yuan Mei : What Confucius Did Not Say, pp. 206-8

p. 692

"(In Tungchow, the custom of the times declared that, on the fourteenth day, in the night, the spirit returned to the corpse; so the dead’s clothing and bedding are put beside the coffin, and all members of the family are told to keep away.) ...

p. 693

"I have heard the dead are followed by a ghost attendant and that the returning spirit is followed by a guard. ..." ... [The ghost-wife said,] "Ghosts are afraid of the wind. If touched by the wind, we cannot come and go as we please but may be blown off course." ... After two months, [the ghost-wife] wept and said, "This term as a couple has come to an end. We shall be husband and wife again in 17 years.""

{cf. Section One : The Killer-Spirits that Come from the Deceased, pp. 12-19 of :- Chang Chaojan : "Killing-Spirits from the Dead". In :- Florian C. Reiter (ed.) : Exorcism in Daoism. Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden, 2011. pp. 11-30.}

B.1. pp. 712-3 durations of lives of animals, according to Ko Hun





green ox,

green hound, or

green man

1,000 years






800 years, at which time it will transform into a yuan



500 year, at which time it will transform into a lei



1,000 year



2,000 years


"bright yellow horse and the lucky yellow beasts"

3,000 years


bird having "the face of a man"

1,000 years

(Case 237) p. 713 Yuan Mei : What Confucius Did Not Say, p. 568

"There was a student named Hsieh of Wu-yuan, who studied at Chang Kung Mountain. One day, he ... heard ... singing in the woods. He went to see what it was and found a beautiful girl ... about five inches high, naked ...; her whole body was white ... . ... Immediately, a large, strange bird took her and flew away."

(Quotation 123) p. 740 Ko Hun : Pao Po Tzu, p. 77

"The essence of anything ... cannot change its real shape as reflected in a mirror. That is why Taoist of old, who went into the mountain region, all carried mirrors with them ... . It is possible to examine the shape of the creature in a mirror.

If it be a __

the mirror-reflection will be __

fairy or kindly god



bird or beast

"If an old demon comes, he will leave, stepping backward. One can turn his mirror and watch the back of the man {old daimon} who is leaving.

If it be a __

the mirror-reflection will include __

"god of the mountain"

his ankles


no ankles

(Quotation 124) p. 741 Ko Hun : Pao Po Tzu, p. 79

"Pao Po Tzu said that some trees in the mountain could speak;

though it is not the tree itself that speaks but the genie of tree, who is called Yun-yang. ...

The Tartars that appear in the night

are just elves of copper and iron; and

the one who appears in Chin costumes

is a genie of a hundred-year tree, and ... he can hurt no one."

on the __ day (of cycle of 12 days)

one which calleth itself __

is a _- elf


"Governor of the gardens and landscapes"


"Governor of the roads"


"District magistrate"

"old fox"


"old man"







"God of the river"


"bowelless prince"





"God of time"






"old tree"





musk deer




Saint of Tsen-yan



"godlike government official"

"Gold and Jade"


"Governor of houses"


"godlike man"





D.1. pp. 762-3 Dante : Divine Comedy.

p. 762

Hell is divided "into nine circles. It was like a ... Pyramid upside down : bigger on the upper part and smaller on the lower part."



its nature



"In Limbo ... lived the poets, philosophers, scientists, etc. ... . ... But they were living in palaces, and the environment was bright".



"in the darkness, as well as in the storms and heavy rains."



"hail and heavy snow."

pp. 762-3


"moved forward in incompatible directions; ... they collided".

p. 763


"in black dirt".



"on fire-sand".



"it was divided in three small circles".

"In the 1st circle ... stayed in hot blood".



"was divided into ten gulfs".

"The 4th gulf ... they ... walked backward".

"The 5th gulf ... in asphalt".

"The 6th gulf ... in heavy lead gowns".

"The 7th gulf ... were snakes all over their bodies".


Cap. VII. (pp. 773-904) Ascension of Good Ghosts to Heaven


Discussions about Heaven

pp. 773-817


Relationship between gods & men

pp. 855-904

(Quotation 131) pp. 786-9, 792-3 Yogananda : Autobiography of a Yogi, cap. 43

p. 786

"encased the human soul successively in three bodies".



its nature

through __




"blissful ... ideas"










[astral universe & its travelers] "The inhabitants use astral vehicles ... to travel from one planet to another ... . The astral universe ... is hundreds of times larger than the material cosmos. The entire physical creation hangs like a little solid basket under the huge balloon of the astral sphere."


[rainbow-colored features of astral worlds] "Astral luminaries resemble the aurora borealis :


the sunny astral aurora is more dazzling

than the mild-rayed moon aurora.


The astral day and night are much longer than those of earth. ...

p. 787

Unlike the variable climates and seasons of the earth, the astral spheres maintain the even temperature of an eternal spring {the temperature during spring is in India is similar to that during summer in Britain, so that a "Summerland" [as on p. 86] is indicated}, with occasional ... rain of multicolored light. Astral worlds abound with opal lakes and ... rainbow rivers."


[shapeshifting on astral worlds] "Astral persons materialize and dematerialize their forms at will. Flowers or fish or animals can metamorphose themselves, for a time, into astral men. All astral beings are free to assume any form and can easily commune together. ... Astral beings, through fiats of their cosmically attuned will, are able to materialize offspring in significantly patterned astral forms. A person ... arrives in an astral family through invitation, drawn by similar mental and spiritual tendencies."

p. 788

[astral anatomy] "The astral body is not subject to cold or heat ... . The anatomy includes an astral brain, in which the omniscient ‘thousand-petaled lotus of light’ is partially active; and six awakened centers in the sushumna or astral cerebrospinal axis. ... ... all astral beings ... possess three eyes, two of which are partly closed. The third and chief eye, vertically placed on the forehead, is open. Astral men ... can see through the ear or nose or skin, hear through the eyes or tongue, taste through the ears or skin, and so forth."

p. 789

[astral intuition & telepathy] "By intuition astral persons pierce the veil and observe human activities ... . Thousands of earth dwellers have momentarily glimpsed an astral being or an astral world.

The residents of Hiranyaloka {‘Golden-World’ = Mental Plane, occupied by beings embodied in the manas-maya-kos`a} generally remain awake in nirbikalpa ecstasy ... . ... Communication among the residents of all astral worlds is effected entirely by telepathy and astral television."


[foodstuffs on astral worlds] "Luminous raylike vegetables abound in the astral soils ... . Astral-world dwellers ... drink a nectar that flows from glorious fountains of light ... . ... unseen astral blueprints of vegetables and fruits and plants that float in the ether are precipitated on an astral planet by fiats of the inhabitants. In the same way, ... immense gardens appear; to be later returned to etheric invisibility. ... .

... still more unconditioned is the existence of nearly perfect beings in the causal world, whose only food is the manna of bliss."

p. 792

[expansiveness of the soul] "When the gross physical receptacle is destroyed by the hammer of death, the other two coverings – astral and causal – still remain to prevent the soul from joining the Omnipresent Life. When desirelessness is attained through wisdom, its power disintegrates the two remaining vessels. The tiny human soul emerges, free at last! one with Measureless Amplitude." {brahman ‘expansion/expansiveness’}


[how to become a causal being] "one would have to ... visualize the astral cosmos and the physical cosmos in all their vastness ... . If ... one succeeded in ... resolving the two cosmoses {kosmoi} with all their complexities ..., he would then reach the causal world ... . ... Beings in the causal world recognize one another as individualized points".

p. 793

[unification of the soul with the ocean of consciousness] "By deeper ecstasies the freed soul then withdraws itself from the little causal body and puts on the vastness of the causal cosmos. All separate eddies of ideas ... melt into the inexhaustible Sea of Bliss. No longer does the soul have to experience itself as ... individualized ..., but is merged in One Cosmic Ocean, with all its waves -- ... the longed-for variety in Unity.

When a soul is out of the cocoon of the three bodies it escapes forever from the law of relativity and becomes the ineffable Ever-existent. ... The soul expanded into Spirit remains ... in the region of lightless light, darkless dark, thoughtless thought ... . ... When a soul gets out of the three jars of bodily delusions, ... it becomes one with the Infinite ... . ...

Man undergoes countless earthly and astral and causal incarnations in order to emerge from his three bodies. When he wins this final freedom he may elect to ... enter the causal world to aid its beings to shorten their span in the causal body and thus to attain the Absolute Freedom."

A.2.II. p. 802 planes-of-existence, according to occidental psychicists

"A. C. Doyle devoted himself to the promotion of spiritism. ... After his death Conan Doyle discovered that

Summerland is the highest sublevel of the astral plane.

Above it are the mental and celestial planes, each of which is divided into several sublevels.

The last level is the absolute cosmos or united heaven ... . ...

(I. Cooke : The Return of A. C. Doyle ...)."

"Myers, in Human Personality and Its Survival After Death discussed the immortality of the soul but did not mention the activity of the soul after death. Thirty years after his death he published two books through the medium Miss Cummins : Road to Immortality and Beyond Human Personality. In these he narrated the activities of the spirit after death, to make up for the shortcomings of his first book. ... He divided the cosmos into ... levels :

"Johnson, a professor of physics at Melbourne University, Australia, used Myers’ classification in his book Nurslings of Immortality, but added an explanation :

(1) the plane of matter,

(1) the plane of matter is the experience of the form of matter ...;

(2) ... the intermediate plane,

(2) the intermediate plane may be explained as ... what we call the aetheric level;

(3) the plane of illusion".

(3) the plane of illusion is what is commonly called the astral plane".

C.2.I. p. 867 guardian angels

"Guardian angels are called "protecting gods" in the Buddhist sutras.

Some Western scholars call them "daemons," some call them "spirit guides," and some call them "controls.""

(Quotation 144) p. 867 (spirit-guardians) The Long Anamas, p. 622

"The Buddha told the Bhikshus that there are gods and ghosts in all trees, no matter how small. When anyone is born they are given a god or a ghost to guard them. If they die, it is because the guardian takes their spirit away."

(Case 262) pp. 872-3 (kitchen-god rendreth permission to soul-catching death-god) Ho Yuan : The Record of the Spring Islet, vol. 2, pp. 19-20

p. 872

"I saw ... Chen Ching, who is ordered by the officials of Hades to catch the spirits of the dead while sleeping. When he brings the order to the door of the dying man, the god of the kitchen will check it. Ching cannot enter the house without permission. After it has

p. 873

been checked over thoroughly, then Ching may call the name of the dying man, and his spirit will follow him. If the dying man was a high ranking official, there is an official of Hades to take him, and Ching will only be a follower."


Solon Wang (Shaolun Wang) : Multiple Planes of the Cosmos and Life : the survival theory of ancient sages as proved by modern psychicists. Hsintien, Taipei (Taiwan) : Society for Psychic Studies, 1979.