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Free Spirit



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Apogee of Otherworldly Journeys



1. (pp. 12-32) "Historian’s Kit".

p. 24 erotic activity as spiritist-style ritual

[popular se’ances in Victorian England :] "male audience with a young woman acting as medium. ... Her skills consisted in ... the "materialized" ghost, scantily dressed, ... to ... walk in dim light through the audience. The display was erotic, and it gave men the opportunity to touch the alleged ghost, who felt quite fleshly."

pp. 24, 238 praeternatural powers influencing physical objects

p. 24

"Daniel Dunglas Home (1833-86) would

alter the weight of objects,

play an accordion closed in a cage at a distance from him,

levitate about six inches above the floor, ...

ring a bell under a table, ... and the like."

p. 238, n. 1:18

"See ... the ... book by Stephen Baude, The Limits of Influence : Psychokinesis and the Philosophy of Science (... London : Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986). Braude sees in the levitating Franciscan monk Giuseppe Desa da Copertino (1603-63), who often levitated and occasionally took others with him on his trips, the champion of paranormal phenomena."

p. 28 non-material body with left-right reversal

"Monroe’s ... second body" would become free with a 180-degree rotation ... . On one such occasion he discovered that his physical {astral?} body had turned into its own mirror image : right was left and left was right."

p. 29 tunnel in otherworld

OBE : "... I turned completely around," and in front of her was the "tunnel ... a long, open window opening directly onto a breathtaking vista."" (EE, pp. 34-5)

EE = Flora Courtois : An Experience of Enlightenment. Theosophical Publ House, 1986.


2. (pp. 33-49) "Free Spirit".

p. 36 Fijian post-mortem existence of souls

"Men ... land together with other lost souls in an underwater Hades called Murimuria, where they pound muck with clubs. ... women who have not been tattooed or men who have not had their ears bored, are torture and mocked." (BI, vol. 1, p. 466)

"different monsters try to catch a bachelor’s soul, and usually succeed; ...

the Great Woman and especially

the ferocious goblin Nangganangga, who smashes the soul to pieces on a black rock.

A giant ... Killer of Souls, who lies in ambush beyond the town of Nambanaggatai, strikes both married and unmarried ... . If he catches your soul ..., he cooks and eats it." (BI, vol. 1, pp. 464-5)

BI = James Frazer : Belief in Immortality and the Worship of the Dead. London : Macmillan. Vol. 1, 1913. Vol. 3, 1924.

p. 37 modes of going to the netherworld

"In eastern Melanesia, living people can go down to the netherworld, Panoi, either in the body of in spirit {i.e., by out-of-body travel}, and either in dream or in near-death state. Ghosts advise them not to eat from the food of the dead, for otherwise they cannot come back alive." (BI, vol. 3, p. 355)

pp. 40-2 shamanesses inAsia

p. 40

Tajik "shamans are gnerally women; they conjure up spirits in human form; their powers are largely explained by the sexual relationship they entertain with a spirit".

p. 41

"Women are usually the performers of Korean and Japanese

p. 42

shamanism. ... In northern Korea the shaman is chosen by the spirits, but in the south she inherits her function from her parents. She goes through a period of depression and illness, during which she is often visited by a spirit who becomes her permanent lover."

p. 43 South American shamanic journeys

"During a se’ance, the healing shaman of the Shipibo "journeys to the realm of the sun, accompanied by light-colored birds. A great crown of hummingbirds surrounds the shaman as he journeys across the ‘way of great light’ to the sun."" (ID, p. 451)

"The "good shamans" of the Shipibo use nishi, ... Banisteriopsis caapi.

The Apinaye` shaman has the task of recovering a patient’s soul from the village of the dead; he visits it in the shape of a black snake that feeds on poisonous snakes.


ID = Lawrence E. Sullivan : Icanchu’s Drum. Macmillan, 1988.

p. 44 Australian praeternatural cord [version of astral body’s silver cord?] and other feats

"The "aboriginal man of high degree," ... possesses magical powers, especially the power to fly through space, ... in spirit, while the body lies in sleep or trance. [ABHD, p. 47] The vehicle of the journey is ... a magic cord that is received at shamanic initiation and that comes forth from the shaman’s body. "The cord becomes a means of performing marvelous feats, such as sending fire from the medicine man’s inside ... . But even more interesting is the use made of the cord to travel up to the sky or to the tops of trees and through space."" (ABHD, p. 53)

"Other "tricks" of the Australian shaman consist of disappearing and reappearing suddenly from place to place, walking through trees, running fast above the ground, and bilocating." (ABHD, pp. 53-7)

ABHD = A. P. Elkin : Aboriginal Men of High Degree. NY : St. Martin’s Pr, 1978.


3. (pp. 50-9) "Dark Treasures".

pp. 55-6 Sumerian : goddess In-anna in realm of goddess Eres^-ki-gal

p. 55

"Enki ... makes two zombies, the kurgarru and the kalaturru ..., and entrusts the two with the grass of life and the water of life, ... so that Inanna will rise up. ...

p. 56

Inanna is restored to life. ... Inanna ... notices ... her husband, the shepherd Dumuzi, ... Looking at him "with the look of death," ... Dumuzi’s sister Geshtinanna is willing to sacrifice herself for him, and Inanna lets her replace him in hell half of each year."

p. 57 "description of hell in the dream of the Assyrian prince Kumma^"

"Namtaru, the mistress of the major-domo Namtar, is a sort of sphinx,

while other monsters are

serpent-headed, bird-footed, lion-headed, bird-head and –winged, ox-headed, goat-headed, provided with two headed of different kinds or with three feet ... .

Nergal ... throws his scepter like a viper to kill the intruder ... ."


4. (pp. 60-70) "Puppets, Playhouses, & Gods".

pp. 62-3 animated images of animals

p. 62

"The Chinese sorcerer Ke-yu:, who lived in the Shang dynasty, was famous for the wooden goats he sold ..., for they came alive.


"A book ... by the Belgian Egyptologist Weynants-Ronday ...

p. 63

lists many such examples from China, West Africa, Finland" (SV).

SV = Marie Weynants-Ronday : Les Statues Vivants. Brussels : Fondation Egyptologique, 1926.

p. 65 ascension, in animal-guise, of soul of dead king; locked gate to heaven

"I have soared in the sky as a heron,

I have kissed the sky as a falcon,

I have reached the sky as a locust" (PT, utterance 467).

"Usually the gate of heaven opens before the pharaoh, but

sometimes he finds it locked, the door-bolt the phallus of the god Babi.

When somehow the gate is locked, the pharaoh ... is transformed into the crocodile god Sobk." (PT, utterance 317)

PT = Faulkner (transl.) : The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts. Oxford : Clarendon Pr.

p. 67 evading the net and other ambushes; coping with pleasure-goddesses

"O you fishers of the dead {cf. "fishers of men" (Mark 1:17; Mat. 4:19)},

O you children of your fathers who catch the dead, ...

... you shall not catch me in your nets in which you catch the dead; ...

because I know your names" (CT, spell 473).

"Other dangers lie in ambush in the form of ... evil demons, such as

Gebga the Black Bird or Rerek the Slayer of the ka (double).

[Goddesses] Tbtt and >Isttt, the two ... who enjoy pleasures, threaten to physically exhaust the dead person" (CT, spell 441).

"Knife in hand, the deceased is ready to stab the "two sisterly companions who put the love of them in the hearts of the spirits." (CT, spell 443)

CT = Faulkner (transl.) : The Ancient Egyptian Coffin Texts. Warminster : Aris & Philips.

pp. 68-9 the Book of the Two Ways

p. 68

"The Book of the Two Ways ... describes two routes of the dead – a water route and a land route ... . These two routes are surrounded by an insurmountable ring of fire, which the soul can only cross by showing knowledge of the proper spells.

Many dangers await the dead person :

lakes of fire,

aggressive knife wielders,

people who shout,

destroyers, and

the big Dog-face,

as well as many other gate-keepers, such as









He-who-lives-on-maggots, and so on." (CT, spells 1029 sqq.)


"Guide to the double doors of the horizon when they are closed on account of the gods. This is the name of their keepers which is in writing ... . As for anyone who does not know ..., he shall fall into the nets of those who net there." (CT, spell 1131)

p. 69

"This is the path which is the Mansion of Incense; you should not walk on it. My flesh is afire. ... This name of his is Dreadful-of-fire." (CT, spell 1156)

p. 70 divine punishers of sins

"the Eater-of-entrails punishes perjury, and

[p. 176 "Are not our entrails also, say the Ophites, by which we live and are nourished, shaped like a serpent?"]

The-one-whose-face-is-behind-him punishes copulation with a boy."

p. 176 "strenuous sexual practices ... the sexual exercises reported by Epiphanius" (discussed in Expe’riences de l’extase, pp. 128-9 – translated as Experiencias del e’xtasis)

p. 70 "the deceased must be able to identify the living parts of each gate he finds in front of him"

the name of the __

is __


"Plummet of Truth"


"Toe of His Mother"


I. P. Couliano : Out of This World : Otherworldly Journeys. Shambhala : Boston, 1991.