Projectiology, I-II

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Scientific Foundations of Conscientiology


pp. 11-82


Relations between Projectiology and Other


pp. 83-120


Phainomena of Projectiology


pp. 121-201


Altered States of Consciousness


pp. 202-236


Vehicles of ... the Consciousness


pp. 237-343


Philosophical Perspectives


pp. 344-397


Prae-Projection ... Waking-State


pp. 398-424


Lucid-Projection Techniques


pp. 425-491


Exteriorization of the Consciousness


pp. 482-528


Extraphysical Period


pp. 529-646


Relationships of the Projected


pp. 647-732


Interiorization of the Consciousness


pp. 733-749


The Projector & Projections


pp. 778-862




pp. 863-943


Scientific Perspectives


pp. 944-979


Open Letters


pp. 988-996

Projectiology, I-II


I. (pp. 11-82) "Scientific Foundations of Conscientiology".

03. (p. 36) Essential Concepts in Conscientiology


"The first, retrocognitive, current {"current" = in the current lifetime} lucid projection (ALP or assisted lucid projection)."


"The second lucid projection (RLP or retrocognitive lucid projection) of the recalled previous human existence."


"The third lucid projection inset in the other lucid projection (PLP or precognitive lucid projection), recalled in the previous intraphysical life." {recovery on a memory about a praevious lifetime of one’s own concerning an episode (during that lifetime) wherein a memory about a still earlier lifetime was recovered.}

04. (pp. 37, 40, 43) Subdisciplines of Conscientiology

p. 37

"immanent energies (IEs) and

consciential energies (CIs)".


"Assistentiology ... studies the techniques of interconsciential assistance".


"Communicology ... studies ... interconsciential communication between consciential dimensions".

p. 40

"Homeostatics ... studies the theorice of holosomatic homeostasis or the ... state of the holosoma".

p. 43

"Serenology ... studies the Homo sapiens serenissimus". {"The one eternal principle of the universe, which is the serenity of Mind, is reflected in the cosmos" (BED, p. 164).}


"Thosenology ... studies the thosenes (thoughts, sentiments and energies), thosenity and the thosenators".


"Petifreeology : the lucid consciential epicenter."

BED = Edward Conze : Buddhism : Its Essence and Development. Harper & Bros, NY, 1959.

06. (p. 49) Projectiology & Terminology


its meaning


physical bilocation


exteriorization of sensitivity


materialization of the extraphysical consciousness


mesmeric passes

11. (pp. 59, 61) Esoteric Period of Projectiology

p. 59

[Persecution of religions was instituted by Catholics & by (Catholic-derived) Protestants.] "at the hands of extremely powerful legions of reactionaries, the implacable persecution of sensitives and projectors, generalized witch hunting (most notably throughout Europe) {N.B. Witch-hunting occurred only in the Roman-Catholic (and in Protestant) parts of Europe, not in the Eastern Orthodox areas of Europe.} ... and erroneous traditions arose as never before."

p. 61

"the American Quaker minister, Thomas Say (1709-1796), who left a detailed report of a lucid projection".


"the Swedish philosopher, theologian and seer ..., Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) ... left ... reports ..., notably "Diarii Spiritualis" (5 volumes), in which he narrated many of his lucid projections".


"the lucid projection experience was established in the supernatural condition ... by authors ... including the codifier of Spiritism in France, Allan Kardec, or Leon Hypolite Denizard Rivail (1804-1869)."

12. (pp. 63, 67-8) Praecognitions regarding Projectiology

p. 63

"Nostradamus ... accepted the reality of hauntings or poltergeists, according to ... Century 7, Quatrain 41. ...

He knew of the existence of serenissimi (Homo sapiens serenissimi), at that time referred to as the celestial deities or angelic beings. {Neither any caelestial deity or any angelic being is a mortal human, whether serene or otherwise.} ...

He evoked extraphysical beings using the bronze tripod, the ancient three-legged table used by the Pythia of the Oracle of Delphi".

p. 67


year of its advent


Louis Lambert















Horore’ de "Balzac used the character Louis Lambert, in his autobiographical novel by the same name" :-

p. 68

translated passage (pp. 71-3 of Gallimard edn) : "if my spirit and my body could separate during sleep, why could I not equally divorce them during the waking state? ... . These facts were verified by a faculty which puts into movement a second being for which my body serves as a housing ... . ... I went through space ... . ... . Will there not be a new science ... that ... illustrates the frequent separation of our two natures ...! Homo duplex!"

pp. 64-66 [The author (W.V.) hath artificially misconstrued some exceedingly vague, indefinite phrases by Nostradamus to apply to projection of the astral-body.]

15. (pp. 75-6, 78) Pioneerism in Projectiology

p. 75

"Hermotimus of Clazomenae ..., from the sixth century before Christ, was apparently able to induce the lucid consciential projection experience".


"Plato (428-347 B.C.) related the story of Er, son of Armenius, Pamphylian by birth, who ... returned to life and reported what he had seen in the great beyond."

p. 76

"Plutarch of Chaeronea (50-120) registered the report of Aridanaeus of Soles {Soloi}, of Cilicia ... in 79 A.D. ... . ...

p. 78

Ever since his thinking soul left his body, ... he could see in all directions at once, his soul being open like one singular eye. ... In this environment, ... the soul approached him, saying : ‘... In truth, you are not dead, you came here by a decree of the gods, with the thinking part of the soul; you left the rest in your body as an anchor. Know, through these signs ... : the souls of the dead do not cast a shadow and their eyes to not blink. {characteristics of belu-s (ogres) : "(2) Eyes that do not blink (3) Eyes that cannot be closed (4) Shadow less" ("FDK")} ... Then he suddenly, as though sucked ... from a siphon, returned to his body and opened his eyes, when he was about to be lowered to his grave."


"A senator of Numidia ... (now Algeria), named Curma, in the fifth century after Christ, as reported by Augustine of Tagaste (354-430), ... for several days ... consciously lived outside his human body."

"FDK" = "Four Deva Kings"

16. (pp. 79-82) Chronology of Projectiology

p. 79

"1832 – Honore’ de Balzac, in Paris, gives the name of Homo duplex to the human lucid projector.

p. 80

April 18, 1857 – The first edition of Le Livre des Esprits, by Allan Kardec, is published in Paris. In the eighth chapter, topics 153 to 171, it studies ... projectiology".


"1929 – Publication in the United States of America of the work The Projection of the Astral Body, by Sylvan Joseph Muldroon and Hereward Hubert Lavington Carrington".


"1971 – The work Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe is launched in New York, NY."


"1975 – In the United States of America, the book Life After Life, by Raymond A. Moody Jr., ... became an international bestseller."


"1978 – In Storrs, Connecticut, ... The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is founded."


"1981 -- In Storrs, Connecticut, ... IANDS launches its first periodical publication, ... Anabiosis – The Journal for Near-Death Studies".

p. 81

"September 6, 1981 – In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Center for Continuous Consciousness is founded".


"January 16, 1988 -- In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the International Institute of Projectiology (IIP), was founded".

p. 82

"June, 1989 – The Bulletin of Information on Projectiology (BIPRO), of the International Institute of Projectiology, in ... Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is launched".


"January, 1997 – The magazine Conscientia is launched.


July, 1998 – The Journal of Conscientiology is launched."


II. (pp. 83-120) "Relations between Projectiology and Other Sciences".

18. (p. 87) Projectiology and Other Sciences

"there is an entire field of projective hagiography".

"The compilation of the occurrences of lucid projection ... constitutes ... the official case study ... (see 700 Conscientiology Experiments ...)."

19. (pp. 88-90) Projectiology and Parapsychology

p. 88

"There are currently ... scientific parapsychology courses or laboratories in operation, spread throughout the planet in various institutions."

"The following are some of these institutions :

Augusto Mota Integrated Colleges, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ...;

Duke University, Durham, North Carolina ...;

University of Edinburgh, Scotland;

University of Freiburg, Breisgau, Germany;

p. 89

Long Island University, Greenvale ...;

University of California, Santa Barbara ...;

Utrecht University, Netherlands".

p. 90

"when the greatest names in parapsychology in Brazil over the years are listed, the following ... should not be overlooked ... :"

"Andrade, Hernani Guimara~es"

"Borges, Walter Rosa"

"Faria, Osmar Andrade"

"Go`es, Eurico de"

"Lessa, Adelaide Peters"

"Lyra, Alberto"

"Machado, Ma`rio Amaral"

"Montagno, Elson"

"Paula, Joa~o Teixeira de"

"Pires, Jose` Herculano"

"Rodrigues, Henrique"

"Tabone, Ma`rcia"

"Tinoco, Carlos Alberto"

23. (p. 96) Projectiology and Anthropology

"Dean Shiels compared the beliefs of ... different cultures ... regarding the ability of the double or soul to travel without the human body." [p. 1079 : "SHIELS, Dean; "A Cross-Cultural Study of Beliefs in Out-of-the-Body Experiences"; Journal of the Society for Psychical Research; London; Vol. 49; N. 779; 1978; ... pp. 697-741."]

25. (p. 98) Projectiology and Physics

"In fact, during lucid projection, the physicist can ... reduce the consciousness down to the size of a single molecule, enter into ... and actually directly examine the molecules and atoms that compose it. This is in agreement with that which is observed in projection using the isolated mentalsoma."

26. (p. 99) Projectiology and Astronomy

"The astronomer, through lucid projection in the mentalsoma in the mentalsomatic dimension, can travel to other galaxies (exoprojections) located far beyond the reach of astronomy and even decipher the enigma of extraterrestrial life".

"Remote viewing (traveling clairvoyance) experiments have already been performed with sensitives who have conscientially explored ... planets."

29. (p. 106) Lucid Projection and the Human Consciousness

"3 fields that show intense research activity ... :

1. NDE. Near-death experiences (NDE).

2. SLP. ... semilucid projections (SLP).

3. RV. Remote viewing (RV or traveling clairvoyance)."

30. (pp. 108-10) Human Lucid Projection

p. 108

"The study of lucid projection ... represents a direct way toward prioritized self-knowledge or ... an intraconsciential renovation or a way of inner illumination".

p. 109

"Succinctly, lucid projections present approximately 12 basic common occurrences that people ... exhibit a certain reluctance to mention, due to social repression ... :


1. Self-projection. Feel the consciousness (... self-lucidity) leaving the human body (soma) : lucid projection (LP) per se.


2. Primoprojection. ... first lucid projection ... .


3. Self-discoincidence. Feel the separation of the consciousness a short distance from the human body ... .


4. ... Feel that you are above your own human body : extraphysical self-location.


5. ... See your own human body below you : consciential self-bilocation.


6. ... Feel that you are moving to a distant point without using the human body : extraphysical self-translocation.


7. Paravision. ... being able to observe, de visu, in loco, what happens at a distance from your body : extraphysical vision ... .


8. ... Produce physical effects outside the human body, without using the body ... : extraphysical telekinesis (called psychokinesis by some researchers).

p. 110

9. Bilocation. Make other people see you, while in the condition of a projected experimenter ... .


10. Self-apparition. Make the projected consciousness appear, when sense or perceived at a distance by other people, through means other than the dense physical presence ... : inter vivos apparition ... .


11. Self-persuasion. Be certain that you somehow really traveled outside the human body ... .


12. Self-confirmation : Prove the authenticity of your own lucid extracorporeal projection ..., after a detailed comparison of the places, facts, beings and time frame that you experienced at a distance, without the human body".

32. (pp. 111-2) Animal Projection

p. 111

"Animal projection : projection of the rudimentary consciousness ... of the subhuman animal outside its biological body. Synonymy : ... zooprojection."


"Based on the premise ... that animals ... dream; ... it can logically be deduced that higher animals ... possess an extraphysical

p. 112

vehicle of manifestation and project themselves in this vehicle ... in a manner that is analogous to that of the human personality".


one particular instance, involving the author’s own pet : "the little projected dog, possibly due to the author’s exceptionally felicitous realization of the consciential projection ... – leaving ... where its physical body was resting – wanted to follow the author’s psychosoma ..., wishing to lick and rub up against him while wagging its ... tail".


"De-awareness. It is easy to suppose, only as a research hypothesis, that the rudimentary consciousness of the subhuman animal which, as is generally accepted {generally accepted by persons of the type who generally accept all manner of absurd conventional hypotheses}, does not demonstrate well-defined awareness of itself in the ordinary waking state {would this mean that the animal is actually imagining that it is the same being as some other animal? – or is the term "well-defined" intended to imply knowledge of a linguistic definition of the word "self", with the implication that there can be no knowledge that is not linguistic?}, likewise remains devoid of awareness of itself or, in other word, de-aware, ... during the projections of its physical body." {While the animal’s projected body is active, if its activity is not due to awareness of itself (as being a pet, etc.), then its ability for activity would have to be ascribed to spirit-possession of its projection by a possessing-spirit.}

p. 33. (p. 113) Plant Projection

"phytoprojection; projection of the double of a plant. ...

Lucid projection experiences allow the projected human consciousness to personally verify the energetic counterpart of the plant and its exteriorization ... by the projector using the parahands of the psychosoma."

35. (pp. 115-6) Paradoxes of Projectiology

p. 115

"Assistential. Unfortunately, human beings generally help more when they remain nonlucid while projected in the extraphysical dimension – even when helping in extraphysical assistance and operating as nonlucid extraphysical sensitives – than when entirely lucid regarding their liberated condition." {It may well be that the projected subtle body is, in such cases of non-lucidity, being possessed by a deity; just as in the cases of awake spirit-media who are non-lucid (as, non-remembering of a spirit-possession se’ance by a spirit-medium is an indication of the spirit-medium’s having been possessed by a deity).}

p. 116

"Mnemonic. When the projected intraphysical consciousness becomes slightly adept at briefly utilizing the amplitude of reasoning of the integral memory (holomemory), it has difficulty in passing on these recollections to the partial memory of the ordinary, physical waking state (biomemory ...) upon physically awakening. This same consciousness, while enjoying the benefits of the integral memory in the extraphysical dimension, finds it difficult, when there, to revalidate the concepts and appearances that it defends in regard to the issues and facts of intraphysical consciousness ... . If is very difficult, in this case, to make one system of reasoning mesh with the other." {The defectiveness in the system of reasoning erroneously validated (falsely) during one’s intraphysical awareness will have been the result of not perceiving the presence of, and guidance by, deities while awake; leading one to construct, while awake, a metaphysical reasoning ignoring the activities of deities in one’s life. It may be that the deities who have assisted one’s self during the interval (of projection) have done thus so likewise so unobstrusively as to have been quite unnoticed by one’s self; so that in order to dissuade one from falsely conjecturing that one hath performed functions during that interval unassisted, they will obliterate the memory. And, likewise, they will have remained thusly unnoticed during their rendering of assistance, so as not to provoke undue false conjectures by one’s self as concerning their nature and significance. Such conjectures would be more apt to arise as a result of projection than otherwise because the assistances rendered by deities during projections are more readily noticeable (or deducible) than while nonprojecting. (Non-remembering of dreams would be due to the same sorts of causes.)}


"Parapsychological. Every intraphysical consciousness projects every night while sleeping, but remains nonlucid or semilucid outside the human body." {Here, "nonlucid" would mean merely ‘unaware of being outside the material body’; even though the experiencer may be at the same time be having a "lucid dream" (aware of being in a dream)! As for "semilucid" (semiaware of being slightly outside the sleeping material body), I once (at least) realized after dreaming that the dream-scenery may have approximated the arrangement of the waking-world bedroom-furniture. Apparently, any dreaming of being in one’s apartment would be accounted by the author as "semilucid". The author apparently would not consider any sort of "lucid dream" as "lucid projection", not realizing that "lucid dreams" of "false awakening" (which I have undergone often) would fit most of his criteria for "lucid projection".}


Waldo Vieira (transl. from the Portuguese by Kevin & Simone de La Tour) : Projectiology : a Panorama of Experiences of Consciousness outside the Human Body. Rio de Janeiro : International Institute of Projectiology & Conscientiology, 2002.