Projectiology, III


III. (pp. 121-201) "Phainomena of Projectiology".

37. (p. 122) Classification of Projective Phainomena

"the thosene, or the complex base of manifestations of all consciousness is composed of 3 inseparable variables : idea or thought, emotion or sentiment and consciential energy".

38 (pp. 122-3) Subjective Projective Phainomena

p. 122

"There are 22 main interconnected phenomena .... which are essentially related to the psychosphere of the human projector :

1. Benign extraphysical projective catalepsy.

2. Benign physical projective catalepsy.

3. Consciential self-bilocation.

p. 123

4. Cosmic consciousness ... .

5. Double projection.

6. External autoscopy.

7. Extraphysical clairvoyance.

8. Extraphysical double vision.

9. Extraphysical intuition.

10. Extraphysical precognition.

11. Extraphysical psychometry.

12. Extraphysical repercussions.

13. Extraphysical retrocognition.

14. Internal autoscopy.

15. ... pre-final projection.

16. ... resuscitative projection.

17. Physical repercussions.

18. ... double awareness.

19. Projective de男a` vu.

20. Projective panoramic vision.

21. Self-telekinesis.

22. Waking discoincidence."

39. (pp. 123-4) Consciential Self-Bilocation

p. 123

"Consciential self-bilocation ... : the act of the intraphysical projector encountering and contemplating its own human body face-to-face, while its consciousness is outside it, headquartered in another vehicle of consciential manifestation. ...


Consciential self-bilocation is the same phenomenon as bilocation. In this case, however, it is produced and perceived directly by the consciousness of the actual ... self-bilocater".


"1. Self-viewing. See their own human body ... .

p. 124

2. Self-embrace. ... enfold their own physical body with the extraphysical arms of the psychosoma (para-arms).


3. Connection. Identify the silver cord ... between the two consciential vehicles.


4. Helper. Extraphysically and consciously approach a helper.


5. Self-awareness. ... without any lapse in lucidity throughout the entire process. {viz., without any lapse in the awareness that one is outside one痴 material body. This is quite different from ordinary self-awareness, which is a mere tautology.}


6. Dimension. Visit the native extraphysical dimension, per se, which is ... below the troposphere and above the earth痴 crust."


"In mobile self-bilocation, the human body continues moving, occurring more frequently while walking, with the projected consciousness observing from behind (retroprojection in regard to space)."

40 (p. 126) Projective Autoscopy

"Autoscopy ... : the faculty and act of the individuals directly seeing or sensing themselves in front of themselves". {In skrying, this is known as the "fetch".}

41 (p. 127) Internal Autoscopy

"Internal autoscopy : the faculty and act in which individuals have an organic, internal vision of their own of their own ... internal organs". {This is also known in Taoism.}

44 (p. 130) Projective Catalepsy

"Projective catalepsy ... : ... a temporary incapacity of the lucid intraphysical consciousness to move the human body while consciously headquartered inside it". {When occurring upon awakening from sleep, this is known as "sleep paralysis". It may possibly be a residual effect of unsymptomatic spirit-possession.}

46. (p. 134) Cosmoconsciousness

"the liberation of the superconsciousness ... triggering ... consequent cosmoconsciousness" : "powers stemming from the mentalsoma that trigger the state of cosmoconsciousness manifest ... even beyond the coronochakra."

47 (p. 140) Projective De男a` Vu

"Projective de男a` vu : prior unconscious knowledge, or an impression of having seen or met a person, visited a certain place, or experienced a situation that the percipient has, in fact, never seen, been to, or experienced before in the ordinary, physical waking state, because it is an impression gathered by the projected consciousness a ... consciential projection." {This interpretation of the aitiology of de男a` vu is largely a mere conjecture, insofar as de男a` vu is usually unaccompanied by any indication of projection of the subtle body. An alternative explanation could be information unknowingly received telepathically from some other entity or personality.}

50 (pp. 147-8) Resuscitative Projection

p. 147

Resuscitative projection is near-death out-of-body experience.

p. 148

characteristic sensations :

"The sensation of rapidly traveling in the dark along the interior of a long tunnel".

"Auditory sensations of strange ... noises such as buzzing, whistling and tinkling . ... the sensation of hearing an agreeable melody can occur."

"The apparition of a being composed of blinding light, ... generally taken to be a guide ... . ... Telepathic dialogue with the messenger, ... relative to past actions during human existence".

51 (p. 150) Extraphysical Intuition

"Extraphysical intuition can be classified into 4 basic categories ... : recollective, premonitory, psychometric and inspiratory."

"Recollective : when stemming from a recollection or retrocognition ... of knowledge accumulated during past existences".

"Premonitory : when ... projected within the immediate-future-time-factor ... of cosmic consciousness."

"Psychometric : when ... projected within the form-space-factor ... of the extraphysical environment."

"Inspiratory : when constituting a suggestion coming from an invisible, intangible extraphysical consciousness (extraphysical parapsychism) : the voice of another consciousness (heterointuition ...)."

53. (p. 152) Extraphysical Psychometry

"Extraphysical psychometry ... : knowledge acquired ... by way of direct extraphysical contact with the double of these physical objects (catalysts) that appertain to the epoch or epochs regarding which the individual wishes to know."

54. (p. 153) Extraphysical Retrocognition

"These retrocognitive experiences of others occur frequently in extraphysical deintrusive assistential services provided to former members of rival political groups." {None of these words "rival", "former", "deintrusive", nor even "assistential" hath any genuine application to the capitalist-political-disinformational-military complex :

(1) capitalist nationalist politicians feign being rival whilst they are actually co-conspirators against the working-class;

(2) they feign having retired while they are actually keeping up efforts to encourage active politicians to betray the working-class;

(3) they feign to have ceased intruding whilst encouraging active politicians and militarists to continue committing murderous crimes against humanity;

(4) any supposed "assistance" rendered to them they use as a cover to help themselves fake having ceased from their gross misdeeds.}

55 (pp. 154-6) Projective Panoramic Vision

p. 154

"epilog of biologic death" : "In panoramic vision, the thousands of scenes involved in the perfect integral recapitulation of the recollections of episodes of human existence ... pass". {This is viewed in the Mirror of Dharma, during the antarabhava.}

p. 155

"In panoramic vision, introspective ... projection occurs in the mnemonic center of integral memory bank of the personality." {This mnemonic-centre / memory-bank is the area allocated to that individual in the Hall of Akas`ik Records.}

p. 156

"However, it sometimes seems that panoramic vision is also triggered intentionally by the direct interference of an extraphysical helper {such as, a divinity-minion of Dharma} upon the projected or semiprojected consciousness."

57 (pp. 157-8) Self-Psychophony

p. 157

"Self-psychophony ... : the faculty whereby the consciousness speaks through the speech mechanisms of the human body while remaining partially projected outside it."

p. 158

"The phenomenon of self-psychophony ... can be classified into two basic categories : simultaneous self-psychophony and retrocognitive self-psychophony."


"In simultaneous self-psychophony also called clairvoyant autoscopy ... the consciousness enters into an altered state and talks about contemporary facts." {genuine prophesying}


"In retrocognitive self-psychophony, the consciousness refers to facts from previous existences, ... in parapsychic when the consciousness of the sensitive ... mnemonically exteriorizes itself to one of its previous lives, reporting about what it knew or it experienced". {remembering one痴 past lives}


"Self-psychophony is ... different from, psychophonic monologue, wherein the sensitive痴 consciousness leaves the state of coincidence ..., although remaining in the proximity, speaking between worlds with an extraphysical consciousness who speaks through the vocal apparatus (laryngochakra) of his/her human body." {The laryngo-cakra functioneth as receiver of bodily (speech-)controlling signals.}

58 (pp. 158, 162-4) Physical Bilocation

p. 158

"Physical bilocation ... : the simultaneous presence of the personality of an individual in 2 locations; the act of someone being and acting in 2 distinct locations through parapsychic means ... in more that 1 body (vehicle of manifestation) seemingly at the same time."

p. 162

"Projector-bilocators ... registered in the world痴 chronicles" :


"Apollonius of Tyana (98 A.D.)"


"Antonio de Pa`dua (1195-1231)"


"Liduvina de Flandres (1400)"


"Catarina dei Ricci (1522-1590)"


"Jose` de Anchieta (1534-1597)"


"Martin de Porres (1579-1639)"


"Maria de Agreda (1602-1665)"


"Giuseppe Desa, of Cupertino (1603-1663)"


"Alphonse-Marie de Liguori (1696-11787)"


"Angelo de Acri (... 1739)"


"Teresa Higginson (1844)"


"Emi`lia Sage`e (1845)"


"Euri`pides Barsanulfo (1880-1918)"


"Pio de Petralcina (1887-1968)"

p. 163

"The Italian, Calabrian, ... woman Natuzza Evolo ... was born in 1924 in the city of Paravati ... . ... The projective powers of Natuzza Evolo have been researched since 1974 by Prof. Valerio Marinelli ... at the University of Calabria ... . ...

p. 164

Natuzza Evolo was clearly seen by human witnesses in ... cases of physical bilocations. ... there were apparitions of extraphysical consciousnesses accompanying the bilocator ... . ... . ... during the phenomenon of physical bilocation, this bilocator conducted incontestable physical activities, such as ... evidencing her own voice for the witness or percipient. ... her bilocational apparitions left bloodstained fingerprints, ... in the locations of the physical bilocations. ... According to her testimony, one or more extraphysical consciousnesses present themselves and accompany her to where her presence is needed. ... . ... these physical bilocations that are assisted by helpers ... are assistential, in favor of others ... . ... Natuzza痴 extraphysical companion or helper often tells her where she is bilocated."

59 (pp. 165-6) Comparisons between ... Physical Bilocations

p. 165

"lucid projection and physical bilocation are phenomena involving exteriorization of the human consciousness ... the facts still suggesting that the second phenomenon is the continuation, or still more evolved stage, of the first -- ... in a differential comparison between the two". {To the extent that they are distinct, they may repraesent projections of 2 distinct subtle bodies (to wit, the astral-body and the aitheric-body).}


"In lucid projection, the consciousness generally does not interact well with the new environment or communicate well with the human beings it encounters.

In physical bilocation, the consciousness ... executes physical acts or, in order words : produces telekinesis phenomena, communicates with occasional human witnesses and ... can even bring back some evidence of having been in the other intraphysical environment."

p. 166

In "bi-bilocation, double bilocation, ... 2 projectors are projected with lucidity at the same time, in unmistakable conditions of tangibility."


"In "zoanthropic bilocations, ... the bilocator presents him/herself in the psychosoma that is changed into the form of the subhuman animal". {This is the nagual (of the Aztecs).}

60 (pp. 166-8) Traveling Clairvoyance

p. 166

"Traveling clairvoyance : simultaneous partial projection of the visual paraperceptions of the consciousness, at a distance from the human body, along with the "live" oral description and report on extraphysical events glimpsed by the projector, including the psychosphere of extraphysical consciousness (traveling consciousness)".

"Synonymy : ... remote observation; remote perception; ... remote viewing or RV; remote vision; teleperception; traveling clairvoyance or TC; traveling consciousness; traveling metagnosis; traveling telecognosis; traveling teopsis; metagnomy."

p. 167

"Remote viewing (scanning) is a mode of traveling clairvoyance wherein the clairvoyant describes a remote location, indicated only by the geographical coordinates of latitude and longitude."


"Some sensitives affirm that common clairvoyance increases when they sit with their back toward the North Terrestrial Pole, when they are in the Northern Hemisphere {the Chinese imperial court was so arranged that they emperor would sit facing toward the south}; and with their back toward the South Terrestrial Pole, when they are in the Southern Hemisphere."


"While in trance, the traveling clairvoyant often responds to direct questions in a staccato manner ... there being long pauses in their descriptions".

p. 168

"Celebrated experiments were realized in 1973, in the United States of America, with the sensitives Ingo Swann (1933-) and Harold Sherman, using traveling clairvoyance to explore the planets Jupiter and Mercury, through exoclairvoyance."

62 (pp. 169-70) Comparisons between Traveling Clairvoyance & Lucid Projection


Traveling Clairvoyance

Lucid Projection


"does not experience the takeoff"

"lucid takeoff is impressive"





"in the human body"

"not in the human body"


"does not touch the things"

"paraperception of touch"


"spectator of events"

"participant of extraphysical events"


"does not see the energetic formations that surround the human body."

"can perform a detailed analysis of its own silver cord."

65 (pp. 179-80) State of Suspended Animation

p. 179

"Zombification. ... "zombi powder," ... composed of ... :

... Frogs or Bufo marinus (bufotenine), the cururu or bonga frog.

... Inflatable fish ..., which contains ... tetrodotoxin ... ."


"Reanimation. There they ... exhume and reanimate the pseudodead with a paste the "zombi cucumber" applied to the skin, containing ... the hallucinogenic plant datura stramonium."

p. 180

"There are subtropical fish, such as Diodon hystrix or fou-fou {otherwise, /fufu/ is yam筑, and the Sphoeroides testudineus, crapaud de mer, globefish or puffer, that possess the ... tetrodotoxin in the skin, liver, ovaries and intestines."

66 (p. 181) Exteriorization of Motricity

"Various instruments have been invented, planned and built in this ... parapsychic experimentation, in order to measure the intensity of the exteriorizable motor force of the human being. The following are ... examples :"

"Psychometer, of Goe`s, in Brazil."

"Sensitivometer, of Gaston Durville."

"Spiricom, of George W. Meek."

"Spiritoscope, of Robert Hare (1781-1858)."

67 (p. 182) Exteriorization of Sensitivity

"In this phenomenon, the projection ... occurs with the appearance of ... the union of two nebulous columns

a blue one on the right and

a red one on the left -- ...

followed by the reunification (reaggregation) of the polarization".

68 (pp. 182-3) False Arrival

p. 182

"parapsychic announcement; ...

vardager (Spain);

vardo:gr (Swedish term used to signify the perception of approximation of a person before he/she is seen or heard)."

p. 183

"In specific areas where the phenomenon habitually occurs, false arrival is an almost daily phenomenon."

73 (pp. 185-6) Projective Poltergeist

p. 185

"Poltergeist ... : ... metapsychorrhagia; ... televasia; thorybism; thorybus."

p. 186

"It is also thought that poltergeist is induced from a distance through empirical magical practices, such as those occurring in Brazil with quimbanda."

{For some mediaeval European instances of thorybism, vide :- Herbert Thurston : Ghosts and Poltergeists. Henry Regnery Co, Chicago, 1954. cap. XVII, pp. 187-8 }

74 (p. 187) Farewell Consciential Projection

"Farewell consciential projection : the extraphysical goodbye visit of the consciousness of the moribund individual, ... at the critical moment of the transition of biological death, in the deactivation of his/her physical body".

"The farewell lucid projection only happens because the consciousness is concluding the trance (shock) experience of the first desoma (deactivation of the human body), but has still not gone through the second desoma, the deactivation of the holocakra."

76 (p. 190) Human Projective Psychophony

"Human projective psychophony : that phenomenon in which the projected-projector intraphysical consciousness manifests as a communicant, speaking through the vocal mechanism of the human body of an intraphysical sensitive."

"In the nineteenth century, animic-parapsychic study circles were organized in two distant cities wherein persons would simultaneously meet and communicate between themselves through the sensitives of the circles, through the phenomenon of human projective psychophony. ... The most well-known circles at that time were those in Boston and New York".

"Personism ... is the manifestation of the animist痴 ... situating and characterizing ... another of his/her previous existences (generally the one immediately prior to the present one) into which he/she is mnemonically regressed".

77 (p. 190) Extraphysical Projective Psychophony

"Extraphysical projective psychophony : the phenomenon in which the projected-projector intraphysical consciousness makes itself passive as a sensitive to another consciousness (extraphysical consciousness) ... which manifests through the projector痴 psychosoma in the paratropospheric extraphysical dimension."

"Extraphysical projective psychophony permits intermediation between consciousnesses that are situated in very different extraphysical dimensions."

78 (p. 191) Projective Psychography

"Projective psychography : a type of parapsychic writing in which the consciousness of the projected intraphysical communicant at a distance from its human body writes through the sensitive psychographer. Synonymy : ... projective automatic writing; projective automatography; projective transcriber parapsychism; psychographic projection". {In China, howbeit, such automatic writing is traditionally considered as due to possession by a deity rather than control of the writer by another living person.}

"Projective psychography can be classified into two basic categories :

1. Direct. In direct, manual involuntary projective psychography, the projected human consciousness takes direct control of ... the human ... fingers ... .

2. Indirect. In indirect, projective psychography, the projective human consciousness can use ... writing ... through a device such as a funnel or planchette used by a sensitive, almost always with the help of of a human assistant who is not a developed sensitive." {This latter method, employing an assistant to help steer the unwieldy writing-device, is the traditional Chinese (Taoist) means.}

80 (pp. 193-4) Extraphysical Telekinesis

p. 193

"The extraphysical execution of the movement of any physical object, as insignificant as its weight and volume night be, requires an enormous expenditure of consciential energy."


"Some objects, especially those of personal use, remain charged with energy and appear luminous to the perceptions of the projected intraphysical consciousness."

p. 194

"There are registered cases of clocks that stop and pictures and hanging frames that fall from the wall which are coincident with the farewell lucid projection."

81 (p. 194) Extraphysical Telepathy

"Comparative tests using electroencephalogram in the United States of America and the former Soviet Union suggested perfect synchronicity in the alpha rhythms or relative brain waves of the encephalograms of the emitter and the receiver during telepathic transmissions".

"Besides men, women and children, the intraphysical consciousness ... can induce thoughts in other beings, thoughts that result in actions, especially over ... subhuman animals, such as cats with which they have some affinity."

82 (pp. 195-8) Human Parateleportation

p. 195

"In parateleportation ... the dissolution or dematerialization and subsequent reconstitution or rematerialization of the object occurs, which is called apport." {A more likely explanation (than dissolution and subsequent) is that the object was divinely transported (levitated) whilst the observers were in a [divine-instigated] trance; with praeternatural [by a deity] concealment (semi-invisibility) of the object during the process of transportation}


"The disappearance or reappearance of the parateleported person can occur through a luminous cloud." {as mentioned in some official hagiographies}

p. 196

"The phenomenon of parateleportation may also be provoked by the direct action of extraphysical consciousnesses, thus resulting in assisted parateleportation."

p. 197

"In classic descriptions of human parateleportation "whirlwind" is used".


"In certain cases, it is presumed that ... Instead of the psychosoma returning en bloc to the human body through the retraction of the silver cord, the opposite occurs, namely the psychosoma attracting the cells of the human body toward itself, en bloc, by way of the silver cord." {Although perhaps theoretically feasible, this is unlikely as an explanation of any non-emergency event.}

p. 198

"The name prapil is given to the faculty that the raja yogi acquires of moving in the emotional parabody (psychosoma) from one place to another, as distant as it may be."

{The only occurrence on the internet of this word痴 spelling /prapil/ is from this book Projectiology : }

84 (p. 200) Praeliminary Phainomena

"rules of precedence regarding the xenophrenic states ... :


can precede __

1. Daydreams. ... a daydream

a hypnogogic state (hypnogogy) in the mentalsomatic world ... .

2. Dream. ... the exteriorization of repressed mental contents or oneiric excretions,

a lucid dream ...

3. Semilucid. A lucid dream, or semilucid projection

a great lucid consciential projection (OBE)."


Waldo Vieira (transl. from the Portuguese by Kevin & Simone de La Tour) : Projectiology : a Panorama of Experiences of Consciousness outside the Human Body. Rio de Janeiro : International Institute of Projectiology & Conscientiology, 2002.