Projectiology, VI-IX


VI. (pp. 344-97) Philosophical Perspectives

163. (pp. 357, 360) Lucid Projection and Materialism

p. 357

"Materialist ideas are puerile and contradictory in many respects."

p. 360

"A ... condition that is completely irrational has been maintained through money, social prestige and temporal power for those who are .... above all, self-corrupt."

164. (p. 361) Universalism

"There are semimaterial stars."

"There are sentient beings in the high temperatures of suns."

"There are macrobeings and microbeings in conditions beyond ... comprehension."

"A great percentage of reality is radically inaccessible".


VII. (pp. 398-424) Prae-Projection Physical Waking State

180 (p. 405) Physical Base of the Projector

"In the macrocosmic extreme of outer space, the projected extraphysical consciousness can receive impression of ... the following ... :"

"The condition of darkness."

"Seeing stars."

"Extraphysical consciousnesses or projected intraphysical consciousnesses."


VIII. (pp. 425--91) Lucid Projection Techniques

227. (p. 477-8) Pineal Projection Technique

p. 477

Pineal projection : the process whereby you, as an intraphysical consciousness, project from your body through excitation of the pineal gland."


"To focalize the mind at the center of the cranium, thus awakening the pineal gland, ... you mentally concentrate at the base of

p. 478

the nose, the point between the eyebrows or on the glabellar area. This action requires that your eyes direct themselves upward ... . ... You can employ the pineal gland excitation technique by converging the two eyes upward".

230. (pp. 479-80) Rotation of the Psychosoma Technique

p. 479

"Rotation of the psychosoma : method whereby you produce projection of your consciousness in the phychosoma through rotational movements with this consciential vehicle."

p. 480

"you ... lie face down (prone position) ...., you ... cross one leg over the other, placing the right foot over the calf of the left leg, ... cleansing ... your nostrils with warm water". "It is currently believed that the individual who lies on his/her front is ... somehow sinking himself/herself ... into the earth." {entering into the subterranean world A-tala?}

231. (pp. 481-2) Rotation of the Human Body Technique

p. 481

"Rotation of the human body : method for you to produce projection of the consciousness in the psychosoma by employing rotative movements with your physical body."

p. 482

"The gyratory method is mostly used to produce ... lucid consciental projection through the dances of Middle Eastern dervishes, ... the modern European practices of witchcraft and the well-known mediumistic gyration or the spinning dances ... in Umbanda or Candomble in Brazil, with African origin ... . ... Whirling dervishes {"astral projection is accomplished by ... the "whirling dervishes"" (AV, p. 21)} or spinning witches, ... are adepts of S[.]ufism. Their repeating gyrational dance is executed through gyration ... for extended periods of time. These prolonged dances symbolize the movement of the planets in relation to the sun." {Properly, the gyration would repraesent the planets’ [or the earth’s, or even the sun’s] rotation (rather than revolution), an astronomical feature supposedly unknown to science until the invention of adequate telescopes.}


"A similar technique is applied in order to voluntarily and consciously produce consciential projection using a common revolving chair, such as an office chair {swivel-chair}. ... The best type of chair for rotating the body is the type used in flight simulators, currently employed in the treatment of a common type of labyrinthitis."


"The departure of the psychosoma ... can be ... through ... : ... Whirling ... in an upward spiral." {upward helical movement, as in a whirlwind}

AV = Bruce Goldberg : Astral Voyages. 1999.

232. (pp. 483-4) Projective Mental Saturation Technique

p. 483

"The study method of psychic saturation gives decidedly rapid results. It is a much used effective process in intensive training seminars for obtaining consciential illumination".

p. 484

"Through this system, ... as a first result of mental saturation, natural dreams about lucid projection will occur ... . This is ... an effective opening in the way to lucid projection per se."

234. (p. 485) Transference of the Consciousness Technique

"This method, much used in so-called magical practices, is the same as the body of light, body of illusion {"illusory body (sgyu-lus)." ("E-BS")} or ball of light ... . ... The ... technique employs precisely the same method of transferring the consciousness of the observer to the individual’s image reflected in a large mirror." {"one seeth, as a form reflected in a mirror is seen, the obscure, radiant Nirman.a Kaya" (TY&SD 2:20, p. 213).}

"E-BS" =

TY&SD = Evans-Wentz : Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines. 1958.

235 (p. 486) Projective Transmissibility Technique

"the lucid projection, as an altered state of consciousness, can ... be transmitted or predispose other persons, or can have the beneficial capacity of paraphyscially inciting other individuals to produce it."

"projective transmissibility parapsychologically exists and works due to three factors :

1. Coexistence. Day-to-day coexistence with the phenomenon of lucid projection.

2. Saturation. Mental saturation regarding the subject of lucid projectability.

3. Report. Enthusiasm upon hearing someone report their projective experience."


IX. (pp. 492-528) Exteriorization of the Consciousness

240. (p. 493) Projective Aura

"The following are ... frequent types of signs specific to the projective aura :

... Hearing a whistling or hissing noise around the practitioner.

... Small vibration ... in the upper part of the thorax.

... Sensation of an abrupt increase in the brightness of the light in the room". {I underwent this.}

"there are ... more effect that sometimes comprise the projective aura :

... the elimination of gastric repletion, ... having an extraphysical origin. {For decades I had this as a regular trait. I would ascribe it to divine transportation of the eaten food elsewhither.}

... Olfactory hallucinations. {I would often sense apparently praeternatural odors, which I would ascribe to a divine praesence.}

... Parapsychic perception of extraphysical presences". {I would often see praeternatural divine beings.}

242. (pp. 495-6) Ballonnement

p. 495

"Ballonnement : the sensation of physical expansion ... of the human body".

"The phenomenon of ballonnement sometimes arises for the projector in the moments prior to the takeoff of the psychosoma, ... either before or simultaneous with the vibrational state."

p. 496

"The ballonnement phenomenon demonstrates ... that the psychosoma is actually a bubble-body, and that the parapsychic sensations experienced have a direct relationship with the holocakra."

244. (pp. 497-8) Vibrational State

p. 497

"Among the sensations of the vibrational state, at least the following ... effects can be singled out :

... Movement of internal and equal waves of pulsating ... vibrations ... .

... vibrations sweeping the ... human body from head to hands and feet, and returning ... in a constant circuit of brief seconds. ...

Often, the vibrational state is characterized only by the sensation of intense continuous vibration."

p. 498

"When provoked intensely ..., the vibrational state can predispose the appearance of ... :

... minisprings or eyes of water {1000 eyen each of Indra and of Mitra?} – the small vibratory fires {cf. flames which sat on the Apostles during the Pentacost?} of which flow intensely with localizes spouts seemingly in a circumscribed segment or area of the human body ... .

... The positive rays of the iridescent coronochakra’s luminous human crest crown" {us.nis.a?}.


"Collective auric coupling can occur in a group of individuals who gather under the influence of a common factor ... (groupal holothosene)".

245. (p. 500-1) Hypnogogy

p. 500

"consciential conditions ... :

... The vividness, detail, novelty and grotesque appearance of hynagogic faces. {I saw such grotesque faces only while under the influence of psychiatric drugs forced on me while I was a prisoner (held without charges) of the state. I thought of them as deleterious forces under control of vicious psychiatrist-stooges of the capitalist-class.}

... The uncommon beauty and grandeur of hypnagogic landscapes."

p. 501

"Four basic hallucinatory forms or patterns have been identified as constants ... in the hypnagogic state :

1. Hammocks, trellises, honeycombs {adjoint hexagons} ... and arabesques.

2. Spider webs.

3. Tunnel, funnel, ... cone ... .

4. Spiral."

249. (p. 509) Extraphysical Bradykinesis

"Extraphysical bradykinesis : the condition of abnormal slowness in the extraphysical movements of the intraphysical consciousness while projected in the psychosoma."

"The psychosoma seems to be involved by a net of energetic connections that impedes its from moving in its condition of normal disentanglement."

250. (p. 512) Parapsycholepsy

"this type can ... be due ... due to intrusion by a pathological or energivorous extraphysical consciousness, ... extraphysical intruder". {Inasmuch as the paramount parasitic devourer of human’s substance is the capitalist-class, this energivorous (energy-devouring) fiends surely must be malignant emanations of (evil spirits under control of) the capitalist-class, intruding malignantly-pathologically.}

252. (p. 515-6) Takeoff

p. 515

"a pulling, suction or aspiration, performed by a special bundle of rays or a vortex of energy, is focused directly on the individual ... . This explains various aspects of supposed abduction phenomena in UFO studies."

p. 516

"In some cases, 2 very distinct stages occur during the slow exteriorization of the psychosoma ... :

1. Disaggregation. First, the stage of disaggregation, decomposition or separation of the elements of the psychosoma, gradually leaving the human body.

2. Reaggregation. Second, the stage of re-agglomeration, reaggregation or reconstitution of the elements of the psychosoma, gradually reorganizing or reunifying the exact humanoid formation of the psychosoma while outside the human body, within the perimeter of the intense influence of the silver cord {or rather, of the bubble surrounding the aitheric-body (holosoma)}." {Kemetic goddess LS-t and Molokai goddess Pua are said to reassemble the body-parts of the disassembled dead royalty.} ...

In the most common manner, the disconnection starts with the feet, legs, hands, arms, trunk, neck and finally the head, ... rising up ..., forming small balloons from the corporal segments."

254. (p. 518) Instability of the Psychosoma

"This occurrence is characterized by the psychosoma ... floating from one side to the other and, less often, by whirling, zigzagging, rocking, snaking or making small jumps. ... The state ... can also transmit the sensation of duplicity in which the consciousness feels as if it were two persons, one in space swinging above the other {cf. "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"} which is lying on the bed or, in other words : 1 body seesawing just above the other. ...

More rarely, the state can develop ... in the psychosoma ... liberating its segments little by little, as though it were bubbling ["forming small balloons" in 252, p. 516] until beginning to float, upon which extraphysical stability occurs." {This "bubbling" may be alluded to in Macbeth (act 4, scene 1) : "Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble." The "segments" of the psychosoma may be referred to by the 3rd Witch : "Nose of Turk and Tartar's lips, Finger of birth-strangled babe Ditch-deliver'd by a drab". (European witches apparently practiced their projectiology identically as described in this book; with their activities scurrilously misdescribed by deliberately praevaricating Christian hairesiologers.)}

Macbeth act 4, scene 1 =

255. (pp. 519-20) Trace of Light

p. 519

"Trace of light : the vestiges, sparks, scintillations or luminous tsignals that ... the intraphysical consciousness sometimes leaves behind when moving in the extraphysical dimension, notably when traveling at high speed and carrying the consciential energies of the holochakra. {This would be projection of the aitheric double.} ... the luminous body or radiant parabody, when discoincident from the consciential vehicles of manifestation, always has some ... exuberant clarity."

p. 520

"Among the essential characteristics of the trace of light, ... the following ... can be pointed out :

... The luminous effect comes directly from the energetic potency of ... energetic forms condensed by the energies of the holochakra.

... In the majority of occurrences, the traces of light occurs naturally from the process of extraphysical volitation.

... The sparking can reach a distance of up to approximately 24" (60 cm) ... .

... The colors ... of the scintillations show the evolutionary level of the consciousness ..., beyond the manifestations of the human aura."

"The trace of light almost always presents a sparkling over the entire dorsal area of the back of the humanoid form ... . ... the trace of light ... seems to be sparkling and leaving a trail of luminosity wherever the projected consciousness goes."

256. (p. 522) Respiration during Takeoff

"The halt in respiration constitutes the first step toward the liberation of the psychosoma from the extraphysical sphere of energy".

258. (pp. 523-4) Extraphysical Opening

p. 523

"Extraphysical opening : the condition outside the human body, ... more often occurring soon after the takeoff ..., of entering and passing – generally at high velocity – through a long, narrow, dark opening, until reaching the state of extraphysical illumination."

"Synonymy : conductive tunnel; cosmic tunnel".


"Reports of the tunnel effect ... are very frequent during human lucid projections that occur during near-death experiences (NDE)."

p. 524

"Hypothesis. ... could it be that ... the tunnel effect ... is projected in ... the circular part of this appendix (holochakra) ... prior to the extraphysical head ... with the mentalsoma ... inside?"

261. (pp. 527-8) Extraphysical Self-Awakening Technique

p. 527

"Find yourself suspended in empty space".


"Notice that you do not need to breathe".


"Perceive that an ordinary mirror does not reflect your image".


"discover that your body does not cast a shadow when in the sun[light]".

p. 528

"Find yourself suddenly rejuvenated".


"Observe ... that you do not have a body ... (projection is the mentalsoma)." {This is the usual situation in dreams of young children, but quite usual for the dream of an adult.}


Waldo Vieira (transl. from the Portuguese by Kevin & Simone de La Tour) : Projectiology : a Panorama of Experiences of Consciousness outside the Human Body. Rio de Janeiro : International Institute of Projectiology & Conscientiology, 2002.