Projectiology, X


X. (pp. 529-646) Extraphysical Period of the Consciousness

272. (p. 551) Extraphysical Dimension Per Se

"There are vertical ... extraphysical communities, created like groups of bell towers ..., without floors ... . They are adapted to flying residents, their building having open air access in all directions."

"Living plants that are long, luminous, colored, transparent and very tall in relation to the buildings are seen to sprout up around the fliers’ roadless housing complexes."

274. (p. 553-6) Extraphysical Sphaire of Energy

p. 553

"Extraphysical sphere of energy : the extraphysical force field with a 13’ (4 m) radius (or, by extension, a 26’ (8 m) diameter) that envelops the human body of the projector."

"Synonymy : ... parapsychosphere; para-sphere; pluridimensional field of interaction".

p. 554

"The extraphysical actions of the projected consciousness frequently occur in slow motion inside the energetic sphere."

"The sphere of energy can be characterized as the ... transition ... between the ... action of dense matter and the hyper-tachyonic action of free thought."

p. 555

"The extraphysical sphere of energy and its interrelation with the human aura act vigorously in the installation of auric couplings".

p. 556

"The extraphysical sphere of energy analyzed here refers to the deceased intraphysical consciousness which has already passed through the first desoma (biological death ...), and which has not gone through the second desoma (deactivation of the holochakra)."

276. (p. 561) Parabrain

"After undergoing desoma, ... for an extended period of time, recently-deceased consciousnesses in general do not suspect ... that the human body has died".

284. (pp. 575-6) Immanent Energy



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Gold Coast






Torres Strait

290. (p. 591) Absorption of Extraphysical Energies Technique

"Extraphysical volitation ... , in certain conditions, increases the manifestations of the sexochakra and intensifies the sexual excitation (libido) of the lucid projector ... . ... In this case, consciential projection works like an infallible aphrodisiac." {Immediately upon transvection (flying) to a Sabbat (witches’ meeting, in their subtle bodies, usually atop an otherwise-unpopulated mountain-top), mediaeval European witches commonly engaged eagerly in sexual intercourse thereat.}

291. (p. 592) Exteriorization of Consciential Energies

"The person ... who recently suffered an abrupt awakening of the kundalini ..., the release of the so-called serpentine fire ..., which ... may last for decades."

292. (pp. 593-4) Exteriorization of Consciential Energies Technique

p. 593

"Energetic omni-interaction can be sought by the individual using mental force through evocation or mental irradiation ... to bring together all living beings, ranging from viruses, fish, insects, larger animals, humans and extraphysical consciousnesses, all the way to ... the pure mentalsomatic dimension, for a single universalistic objective of perfect harmony".


"The following are ... the most common primary sensations experienced in the exteriorization of consciential energies :

... Localized physical numbness ... .

... A prickling sensation on the hands, fingers, arms, neck and cheeks ... .

... Muscular contractions, as in the hands, arms, neck and around the head ... .

... Imperious impulses that are ... commanded by another intangible or extraphysical consciousness, from outside oneself (heterocommand)."

p. 594

"agreeable energetic ... pulsation may be accompanies by ... the following ... :

... Muscular contractions throughout the head. {I experienced muscular contraction involving my jaw, with the sensation by it was induced by an extraneous praeternatural force; to the extent that my jaw felt dislocated.}

... Intracranial sounds.

... Tympanic vibrations.

... Generalized goose bumps."


"During energetic exteriorizations, such as when performing penta, at a set time, in moments of very intense discharges, while you are semi-possessed by an extraphysical helper, the 4-hands phenomenon sometimes occurs ... . This happens due to the departure of your extraphysical hands (parahands) from the state of coincidence of the vehicles of manifestation (fragmented projection)."

293. (pp. 594-600) Penta Technique

p. 594

"Penta : the personal energetic task or energetic transmission ... commanded by an extraphysical herlper while the practitioner is in the ordinary waking state – directly to extraphysical consciousnesses or projected intraphysical consciousnesses, all of which are intangible and invisible to ordinary human vision".

p. 595

"Synonymy : ... energization of the "unknown patient" ...; individual animic-parapsychic xession; ... the practice of energization to the void."


"The energy exteriorizations can often give the impression that your human body has become an enormous flame, a ... (3 m) long tongue of fire that is extremely hot at the perimeter and ice cold at the center, whipping forward and upward ... expanding and contracting in powerful, ... controlled alternating outward and inward movements."

p. 596

"A the beginning of the exercises, the energetic irradiations take up to an hour. ... Each series of energetic discharges discharges corresponds to at least 50 transmission-contractions."


"The following are ... practical observations on the practice of penta :

... Frequently, during the energetic transmissions, the practitioner seems to hear the pulsing of an immense machine, as though ... coupled to an extremely powerful invisible dynamo, serving as a sensitive for the intangible extraphysical machine.

... During benign semi-possession, the holochakra or the arms and hands seem like flame-throwers spraying the energies forward ... through ... continued rhythmic discharges. ... At the same time, images ... arise ..., e.g. : the incandescent creation of the solar system; a sea of hot lava pouring from an erupting volcano ... . This entire process is ... the workings of an interdimensional-energetic-consciential-centrifuge.

p. 597

... The sounds of the rhythmic vibrations in the head during the energetic discharges are synchronous with the distributing movements of the arms and hands.

... The extraphysical energetic transmitters – energetic consciousnesses having a male or female appearance – can take turns during a single session ... .

... The practice of penta maintains a positive extraphysical protection over the lucid projector’s human life."

p. 598

"The practice of penta, as well as lucid projections, are especially indicated for prisoners in general who wish to change their destiny for the better (existential recycling)". {Howbeit, for the imprisoned inmate of an "insane asylum" (imprisoned on account of piety) to do so would result in severe punishment by vicious state-psychiatrists, who especially delight in forcibly administring cyanide (causing agonized death).}


"One of the first indications of ... the indisputable exteriorization of ectoplasm, is the uncommon itching of the nasal mucosae or interior of the nose (nasal cavities). This occurs during the assistential practices of energy transmission during penta. It is probably due to the initial emission of ectoplasm through the nasal mucosae."

p. 599

"The definitive remission of the patient’s symptoms ... is always triggered by the extraphysical benefactors {helper-spirits}".


"A typical example of the sympathetic absorption ... is that of someone suffering alterations of a member ... for which all conventional treatments ... have proven ineffective. These disturbances disappear when treated with energetic transmissions, often only with transmissions at a distance and in secret."

p. 600

"Sympathetic absorption ... stems from ... the practices of Mandingos used in candomble` and quimbanda in order to kill persons (note, for example, the specialized technical works of Pierre Verger)."

296. (pp. 604, 607) Theorice of Morphothosenes

p. 604

"Morphothosenes : mental formations shaped and organized by ... the dynamism of thought ..., guided by the will and enriched by the imagination".


"Employed to bend metal, as in the Geller effect."

"Used ... to kill birds in flight, as done by certain ... witches."

"Applied to kill flies, as in the manner of a prisoner-projector in England (Will Howell, The Way to Why)."

p. 607

"Detached morphothosenes are those that are incessantly left behind by the consciousness and comprise the mental trace or the basic thosenic signature."


"Pursuing morphothosenes are those that hover over and pursue".


"Projected morphothosenes are those which are flung far away ... to specific targets : beings, objects and places."

299. (p. 610) Sexual Factors Favorable to Lucid Projection

"Sexual factors favorable to lucid projection ... : ...

an active ... sexlife; ...

a harmonious coexistence between active sex and consciential projections in series ... in the mentalsoma; ...

the technique of projecting immediately after the sex act."

"the sex act is currently the most popular sport on earth".

300. (p. 611) Sexual Factors Unfavorable to Lucid Projection

"stasis generated by ... sexual freedom and permissiveness; period of sexual fermentation (promiscuity)."

"extraphysical sexual predator-projector, or violator-projector, and its prey; ... sexual evocation of intraphysical and extraphysical consciousnesses".

301. (p. 612) Extraphysical Romances

"There are those who have asked their intraphysical girlfriend’s hand in marriage, while outside the human body, before doing so officially in the ordinary, physical waking state."

"Many widowers and widows of various ages who are still intraphysical ..., continue their affectionate experiences – generally maintained in secret -- ... with the companions who preceded them in biological death".

302. (p. 613) Congressus Subtilis

"Congressus subtilis : invisible parasexual union with an extraphysical conscious or even ... a projected intraphysical consciousness".

303 (p. 616) Extraphysical Self-Luminosity

"Sometimes ... the projector thinks the light is external ... . ... countless extraphysical consciousnesses, appear to be opaque or without luminosity. This can be due to ... Volition. Intentional opacity provoked by the will (volition) of the consciousness during the service of extraphysical interconsciential assistance. ...

Evidently, extraphysical beings and consciousnesses also present the quality of self-luminosity, although they do not always make use of it."

"Self-luminosity ... attracts the attention of the resident native beings (autochthons), whether the visitor is ... a lucid extraphysical consciousness that has to turn off or become opaque ... by looking like the others."

304. (pp. 617-8) Extraphysical Self-Permeability

p. 617

"Extraphysical self-permeability : the quality ... whereby the consciousness, when projected ..., and many extraphysical consciousnesses ..., pass through solid objects, ... as well as certain formations native to the extraphysical environment".


"Extraphysically pass through the bodies of awake persons and animals, without their receiving it."


"Extraphysical self-permeability ... limitations that are insurmountable for us ... :

... holochakral ballast, has difficulty in passing through certain solid bodies ... .

p. 618

... not able to penetrate certain extraphysical formations which were shaped by certain extraphysical consciousnesses ... created like that on purpose ... by morphothosene modeling."


"It is presumed that the consciousness’s vehicle of manifestion retains its magnetic polarity ... . However, upon turning around, ... may come into magnetic consonance with the environment it wished to enter. This is like two magnetic poles which repel when facing each other but, when one is turned around, they attract each other".


"When the projected consciousness becomes denser he/she achieves full extraphysical reluctivity. ["Reluctivity is the opposite of permeability."] He/she is then no longer invisible and is tangibly perceived by 3 categories of percipients, in the following order of occurrence :

1. Clairvoyants. ... firstly, obviously, by clairvoyants.

2. Subhumans. Secondly, by subhuman pets, especially dogs.

3. Intraphysical consciousnesses. Next, by human beings ... in general. This produces the phenomenon of intervivos apparition".


"just as the holochakra can serve as can serve as ballast for the psychosoma ..., the psychosoma can serve as ballast for the mental soma".

306. (p. 620) Extraphysical Imponderability

"absolute imponderability only exists ... in the mentalsoma."

"It is presumed, as a hypothesis, that the weight of the psychosoma is approximately ... (70 g)".

307. (p. 621) Extraphysical Inaudibility

"the projected consciousness ... is able to produce sounds ... :

1. Projective pneumatophony.

2. Sonorous projection."

"clairaudient sensitives are able to receive telepathic messages which are sometimes sonorous for them. The messages are sent by extraphysical consciousnesses".

308. (p. 622) Extraphysical Invisibility

"the lucid projector ... is ... a veritable extraphysical predator, from a sexual standpoint, ... when he/she takes on the profile of an ... operative extraphysical intruder."

"When projected in the mentalsoma, the consciousness becomes invisible even to him/herself".

"In order for extraphysical visibility to occur ..., the projected intraphysical consciousness needs to have a psychosoma that is ... laden with the holochakra."

310. (pp. 624-5) Extraphysical Multiplicity

p. 624

"Extraphysical multiplicity : the quality through which the projected intraphysical consciousness and many extraphysical consciousnesses multiply the form ..., the simulacra of which can simultaneously appear in various locations."


"the creation of morphothosenes which are almost always unconscious, allow the ... creation of simulacra of the individual, which are clearly perceptible." {Instead of conjecturing "unconscious" (unaware) production of thought-forms by the human, it might be more reasonable to assume creation of simulacra (in human guise) by a group of deities, who thereupon temporarily occupy those simulacra : much as in a dream a verisimilitude of a familiar person may appear, which is actually created and occupied by a self-reticent dream-deity.}

p. 625

"a lucid projector ... affirms that the consciousness has seven bodies or vehicles of manifestation. This individual ... saw 5 of his bodies on one occasion, which the seat of his consciousness ... remained in ... 1 other vehicle." {Carlos Castan~eda mentioned someone who saw 8 simultaneous identical bodies of a projector.}

311. (pp. 626-7) Extraphysical Translocation

p. 626

"spatial lucid projections or exoprojections, with target-places beyond our solar system" : " In order to cross these considerable distances, the projected consciousness does not need to worry about the location of the star or the direction in which one should go in order to reach the destination. What the projector needs is to ... wish to be there, and he/she will be there ... immediately through a projection in the mentalsoma. ... In the mentalsomatic dimension, the extraphysical route is irrelevant. Then mental target is the factor which is more important in this context. ... Extraphysical translocation can also occur in a segmented manner, in parts, as if the consciousness projected ... performed large successive leaps in order to reach its target-place, or were obliged to stop at 3 or 4 intermediate points, without being able to go direct, non-stop from the physical base to the target-place."

p. 627

"extraphysical translation ... inspired the ...witches that fly on ..., ... during the Middle Ages ..., when thousands of ... witches or sensitives were".


"When the projected intraphysical consciousness or an extraphysical consciousness manifests in the mentalsoma, ... the distance to be crossed is unimportant."

313. (p. 628) Speed of the Projected Projector

"Above all, it is important to clarify that the consciousness projected without physical or energetic ballast can ... travel faster than the speed of light."

"Supranormal speed, beyond human understanding, does not allow the projector to distinguish the extremely rapidly passing scenery". {I experienced such, when from the waking-state I entered the dream-state without losing continuity of awareness while so doing.}

"In the mentalsomatic dimension, ... speed ... is faster than tachyonic speed".

"Friction seems to occur between the vehicle of consciousness and the local vibratory level in certain environments, as when the psychosoma is laden with the holochakra. This is ... the trace of light ... of the psychosoma."

314. (pp. 628-29) Lucid Volitation Technique

p. 628

"Among the types of extraphysical volitation, at least the following ... can be singled out :

... self volitation.

... team volitation.

... Flight assisted by ... intangible intelligences".

p. 629

"Volitation allows you to leave the branches of a high tree, circling around the trunk, as though descending a spiral staircase, for example." {similarly as with the rite of the Huaxtec and Totonac voladores}

315. (p. 631) Extraphysical Energy Currents

"Extraphysical energy currents : the extraphysical flow of energies existing in the paratropospheric dimensions".

"We live in a condition of permanent cosmic connection or immanent interpendency with the entire universe. ... This fact is more intensely verified ... in the state of cosmoconsciousness. ... A reflection from our consciousness makes waves throughout the universe."

"The earth, just like the other inhabited planets in the physical universe – according to the correspondences between the microcosm and the macrocosm – has chakras, an aura, a psychosphere, meridians or networks of energy conductors and nadis ... . ...

This same earth receives macro-acupuncture through the implantation of needles (menhirs, megaliths, dolmens);

has energetic doors;

has circulating nervous flows;

is crisscrossed by telluric currents (geoenergies) which are related to the traditional of the self-aware individual."

316. (p. 633) Extraphysical Rain

"Extraphysical rain : the torrent of positive energetic resources that sometimes flow in the paratropospheric extraphysical dimension."

"Extraphysical rain seems to be generated by as yet inscrutable extraphysical intelligences."

317. (p. 634) Extraphysical Fire

"Extraphysical fire has agitated whirling movements and crepitations that attract extraphyscal beings ..., even over bodies of water."

319. (p. 637) Extraphysical Euphoria

"The following are positive effects of extraphysical euphoria :

benign awakening of of the projector’s sexochakra (kundalini) energy and the consequent awakening of the other basic chakras;

stimulation of ... extraphysical assistential works;

appearance of sincere gratitude to the greater powers of extraphysical life; ...

appearance of a universalistic sense toward ... para-humanity."

321. (p. 639) Extraphysical Clothing

"There are paratropospheric environments, however, that are veritable extraphysical nudist colonies. {These may possibly be persons or deities of nationalities of aboriginal nudists (such as, of Australian aborigines or of natives of the Mato Grosso.} ...

The projected projector frequently sees intraphysical children projected in the nude, without extraphysical clothing." {These may repraesent young children of nationalities wherein such children formerly went nude (such as, in antient Bharata).}

323. (p. 642) Extraphysical Self-Transfiguration

"It is sometimes very frustrating, in one’s first extraphysical encounter, to come across a former male friend who, when intraphysical, was well-known and now, as an extraphysical consciousness, has the appearance of a beautiful woman. It is the form ... of another life, almost always that immediately prior to the most recent one". {This explanation by the author is in accord with the belief of certain South American Tropical Forest Indian tribes, that the gendre of each person alternateth with each incarnation, being of one gendre in odd-numbered incarnations, and of the opposite gendre in even-numbered incarnations. This observation may derive from seeing (instead of the actual soul of the dead person) that dead person’s guardian-angel instead – according to Zaratustrianism, each person’s guardian-angel of opposite gendre from the gendre of that person.}

324. (pp. 643-4) Zoanthropy

p. 643

"Zoanthropy : the presumed occurrence whereby a human being can, under certain circumstances, transform him/herself into an inferior or subhuman animal." {This is customarily done by shamans during their dreams (dreaming of becoming an animal) in Siberia and elsewhere.}

p. 644

"Based on the evidence ..., zoanthropy can rationally be considered as a substantial, irrefutable possibility". {The sort of evidence considered by the author would involve only waking-state manifestations (not dreams). The animal-form projection in the waking-state is known in Aztec as "nagual" or "nahual" (both pronounced /nawal/). ("NN")}

"NN" =

325. (p. 645) Extraphysical Mutation

"Extraphysical Mutation : the faculty through which the consciousness constantly varies or deforms the humanoid shape of the psychosoma." {If witnessed, this may be a peculiar sort of deity.}


Waldo Vieira (transl. from the Portuguese by Kevin & Simone de La Tour) : Projectiology : a Panorama of Experiences of Consciousness outside the Human Body. Rio de Janeiro : International Institute of Projectiology & Conscientiology, 2002.