Projectiology, XI-XIII


XI. (pp. 647-732) Relationships of the Projected Consciousness

339. (p. 667) Scale of Extraphysical Contacts

"There is firstly an occurrence of ... visual or even tactile encounters of the projected intraphysical consciousness with his/her own human body".

"Secondly, the projected intraphysical consciousness encounters ... another or other intraphysical beings, who are almost always in the ordinary, physical waking state."

"Next, the projected intraphysical consciousness comes upon one or more extraphysical consciousnesses".

"Lastly, the projected consciousness has a direct contact with 1 or more projected beings or colleagues from extraphysical excursions, thereby having joint projections."

"There are some who only examine their own human body – the soma – when projected."

"There are those who only encounter intraphysical beings when projected."

"Others only see extraphysical consciousnesses in their lucid projections."

"There are still others who so far have neither contacted anyone, nor have they seen any being while projected".

347. (pp. 677-80) Extraphysical Hetero-Awakening Technique

p. 677

"Extraphysical hetero-awakening : ... procedure performed by the projected projector – the ... awakener – whereby he/she sponsors the temporary departure (projection) of an intraphysical consciousness, the sleeping human, from his/her physical body (soma)". {This procedure could better be designated "hetero-projection" than "hetero-awakening"; for the target-person is to be projected rather than awakened.}

p. 678

"you first receive the consent and open cooperation of the target-person, while in the ordinary, physical waking state and later ... perform extraphysical hetero-awakening."

p. 679

"A mere partial departure of the sleeper’s psychosoma, transporting the consciousness, can occur. ...

As a projected projector, you need to be prepared for ... the ... target-consciousness being somnambulistic".

"Extracorporeal sleep – the act of the target-consciousness sleeping while headquartered in the projected psychosoma, being ... outside the human body ... – interferes ... much more often than one might suppose." {Would the projected subtle-body’s falling asleep be related to the aitheric-body [the author’s "holochakra" of the "holosoma"], in view of the aitheric-body’s close imitation of the material-body?}


"After the sleeper has gained awareness of the extraphysical dimension, you, the projected projector, can give him/her a sign, symbol, keyword or password {mantra or dharan.i} ... -- ... a specific morphothesene – in order for the sleeper to remember the encounter .. . ... The extraphysical symbol or sign will become more firmly impressed upon the sleeper’s memory, aiding his/her recall after physical awakening."

p. 680

"Upon leaving the human body, the intraphysical consciousness generally has an appearance that is rejuvenated, good looking and sometimes surprisingly luminous."

350. (pp. 682-3) Auric Couplings

p. 682

"Auric coupling : the development of an ... interfusion and temporary union of the energetic auras ... of two or more consciousnesses."


"Pathemic, another form of telemagic, is ... characterized ... by ... the parabody of emotions :"

"based on pathemia ... :

1. Intropathy. ... a type of affective communion in which 2 beings ... come to have the same sentiments ... .

2. Implasty. ... exteriorization of consciential energies."

p. 683

"The state of cosmopathy, the detection of influxes of cosmic emotion : the maximal holothosene of the universe."


"the human-machine relationship" :

"It is common knowledge that the photographic film industry and other industries do not allow certain employees to process their film because these individuals damage it merely with the bioenergetic irradiation from their presence."

"Also, certain persons are not able to work in other specialized firms because they produce radio static, interfere in television films, or make telephones ring continuously without apparent cause."

{Instead of postulating generation of "bioenergetic irradiation" from mere humans, it may be more likely to suppose that deities [who have likings to such particular humans] are producing the observed effect.}


"Successive, consanguineous intraphysical lives (existential seriation) can predispose the phenomena of profound auric coupling ..., particularly between mother and daughter, father and son, and others." {Inasmuch as these persons were incarnated into the same families on account of intrinsic similarities (praesumably aeternal) in their (praesumably immutable) souls, the auric coupling can be explained simply on that basis, without having to resort to any conjecture their having experienced any seriation of "consanguineous intraphysical lives" (which seriation would not necessarily have any such effect, anyway).}

351. (p. 687-90) Extraphysical Helpers

p. 687

" "god;" "gods;" ... hyperphysical being; ... psi entity".


"Among the types (categories) of extraphysical helpers, the following ... can be singled out :

... Extraphysical technician of projections of the consciousness.

... Helper of explicit assistance.

... Deintruder.

... Desoma facilitator (first desoma).

... Holochakra deactivator (second desoma)."


"Among their attributes or the extraphysical fringe benefits furnished by the helper to the projected human projector during the consciential projection, with the aim of providing extraphysical assistance, the following ... can be singled out :

1. ... Frequent intangible, invisible or subtle extraphysical assistance; less frequent, explicit, tangible or direct extraphysical assistance.

2. ... Sponsoring of ... lucid and semilucid, assisted and commanded projections.

p. 688

3. ... The establishment of interconsciential encounters or contacts.

4. ... Execution of didactic visual projections ... .

5. ... Energetic support : transmission of consciential energy.

6. ... An increase in the lucidity and self-awareness of the projected consciousness.

7. ... Direct manifestation by the extraphysical consciousness in the mentalsoma, approaching the intraphysical projector’s mentalsoma."


"The projector calls the helper through spontaneous and heartfelt evocative thought." "While human bodies are resting during natural sleep, intraphysical consciousnesses project to extraphysical districts, communities or consciential environments with which they have an affinity. In projections guided by a helper, the projector goes to ... advanced extraphysical districts that do not correspond to the projector’s level of discernment".

"Helpers are a specific type of extraphysical consciousness, being ... experienced experts or technicians (specialists) in projectiology, although their ... para-appearances or extraphysical physiognomies vary infinitely." "After various contacts with different helpers, the projector ... becomes convinced that they are not fruits of the collective consciousness {rather, they, as deities, induce and create the collective consciousness}, much less archetypal figures {an archetype (‘original type’) would be a creator/creatrix of types, as indeed such deities are} or universal ... {they indeed are the universal sources of the universe}, but tangible personalities, real intelligences and independent, active consciousnesses."

"Regardless of the names that are given to them, such as guides, mentors, angels, guardians, extraphysical assistants or liberators, and the spectrum of their extraphysical appearance -- ... luminous apparition, point of colored energy ... – helpers always efficiently cooperate with the projected intraphysical consciousness because it is their task under all circumstances." "Every projector has the helper that he/she merits, according to the projection that is experienced. The services of the helpers are broader, more constant and sophisticated than we imagine at first sight."

p. 689

"In projections guided by helpers, the projector’s possibilities of observation and analysis are programmed. The projector sees and recalls only what the helpers decide to expose. While outside the body, the projector enjoys a conditional freedom regarding great objectives that transcend his/her position as an obscure worker at the lowest echelon of the team ... engaged within a maximechanism of interconsciential and multidimensional assistance."

p. 690

"more long-lasting contacts only occur with two simultaneous sources.


"intermediation of 2 basic types of extraphysical consciousnesses ... :


1. Laborer. ... extraphysical laborer, with a predominance of ... psychomotricity ... .


1. Workers. Extraphysical workers, which are ... more involved in the consolation task ... .


2. Master. ... extraphysical master, with a predominance of ... mentalsoma ... ."


2. Intellecturals. Extraphysical intellecturals, dedicated to creative mentalsoma tasks ... ."

357. (pp. 696-8) Energization by 3 Technique

p. 696

"Energization by three : the transference of consciential energy transmitted by a helper through two sensitives at the same time, one being a lucid projected intraphysical consciousness and the other being an intraphysical consciousness in a conventional parapsychic trance."


"The author has already participated in assistential-parapsychic activities ... as a projected projector with complete lucidity. One of them is precisely the transmission of consciential energies by three in kardecist (Spiritist) parapsychic sessions ..., as well as others in terreiros de Umbanda sessions."

p. 697

"The energetic irradiations do not originate from the projector, or from his/her psychosoma, but come from outside, or from above, from a rich source (extraphysical helper). {viz., from a deity, rather than from any mortal} Although entering in a more rarified or subtle state, they condense with intensity and vigor upon passing through the psychosoma, and even more so soon afterward when passing through the coincident sensitive. ...

p. 698

There comes a point when the projector, under the guidance and energies of the benevolent helper, is able to control the sensitive. ... Lastly, ... the transmission of various energizations sustained by the patience, benevolence and the impressive example of the helper ..., due to the constant effort made in order to maintain the interface or synchronization ..., the projector starts feeling – in his/her psychosoma (emotional parabody), which is ... laden by the silver cord – the reflections from the heavy irradiations from the patients, the sensitive and the participants ... . ...

An irrepressible urge to vomit {cf. VOMiting by Kronos = VAMa-deva?} ... is characteristic of the physical effect phenomena that are more vigorously reflected in the projected projector, as the projector is an intermediary element ... operating ... between the three participants in the work ... . ... the solution is to return to the human body ... in the physical base. The projector still takes with him/her the impressions of vomiting which ... soon pass with the energetic showers sponsored by the helpers".


"According to explanations received ..., the energetic density of the projected intraphysical consciousness’ temporarily freed psychosoma ... is intermediary between the helper’s less dense or rarified psychosoma and the denser psychosoma of the sensitive who is coincident with the human body. This circumstance allows a greater interfacing ... . ... Strictly speaking, the projected consciousness should ... feel the urge to vomit ... due to his/her greater density."

358. (p. 699) Inter Vivos Communication Technique

"Inter vivos communication : ... animic-parapsychic communication of the intraphysical consciousness projected from the soma ... with the consciousnesses of other human beings in the waking state."

359. (pp. 700-1) Inter Vivos Apparition

p. 700

"Inter vivos apparition : The appearance of the consciousness of the intraphysical projector to other intraphysical beings.

... inter vivos projection; projected apparition; projective apparition".


"Parapsychic apparitions of projected intraphysical consciousness most often occur spontaneously during deep natural sleep [of the projector] ... with complete unawareness on the part of the agent, the projector." "This is one of the most difficult projectiological phenomena to voluntarily and consciously provoke".

p. 701

"Apparitions of the projected intraphysical cconsciential projector can occur while the intraphysical percipient is ... awake.... The inferior members of the humanoid form – obviously including the feet – are less pronounced during the apparitions."

362. (pp. 705-6) Self-Defense Techniques of the Projector

p. 705

"There are intraphysical consciousnesses (intraphysical mega-intruders) that are temporarily projected with lucidity ... which assassinate (or para-assassinate) other sleeping intraphysical consciousnesses in the intraphysical dimension." {These para-assassins could not be the usual capitalist-hireling assassins operating materially in the material plane, because the deities controlling subtle planes-of-existence would not approve of their carrying out such crimes there. Therefore, these para-assassins must instead be rescuers of humanity who rescue millions of persons at a time from being physically murdered by capitalist-stooges, performing the rescues by promoting the assassinating of the capitalist multibillionaires who plot genocides.}

p. 706

"Mysticism ... is not based on the rationality ... and universalistic cosmoethical discernment of those who have a panoramic vision of multidimensional realities." {Rationality, ethics, and vision of multidimensional realities could all be regarded as varieties of mysticisms (or of metaphysics, or whatever), as could virtually any methodological outlooks. However, ultra-reactionary repressive dark-ages-promoting and witchcraft-hunting creeds such as Christianity are certainly "not based on the rationality ... and universalistic cosmoethical discernment ...".}

363. (p. 714) Extraphysical Intruders

"It should be stressed again : at this evolutionary stage on the earth, it is not the extraphysical beings that imitate intraphysical beings, but the other way around. The pseudodead continue to lead the pseudoliving."

"It is not intelligent to undervalue or reject atypical, albeit cosmoethical, therapies in this era of ... our intraphysical society, which is still pathological and altogether dominated by capitalism and, in part, by medical imperialism."

364. (pp. 715-6) Possessive Consciential Projection

p. 715

"Possessive consciential projection : that projection whereby the projected intraphysical consciousness temporarily possesses an intraphysical person or subhuman intraphysical animal."


"The concept of possession by an extraphysical currently enjoys wide acceptance among the neospiritualists of Europe, spiritists in general {such as, many tribes in West Africa} and a large percentage of the Chinese people {and likewise of Chinese-influenced societies, such as Vietnam and Korea}, in which case it is not considered an illness {but, on the contrary, curative and wholesome, or even a manifestation of sacerdotal religious piety}. ...

For example : the shaman is considered a genius in Siberia and insane ... in Europe; the fakir is considered to be normal and even a saint in India and a psychopath ... in England; and so on."

"There are cases of projectors in areas of India and in African tribes, ... which take possession of the physical body of a domestic or wild subhuman animal to act through it in a conscious manner".


"Among the causes or aims of possession-projections we should highlight ... the search for information and tracing of missing persons."

"Another positive aspect of the phenomenon is mutual possession, or reciprocal incorporation, which serves as a powerful therapeutic resource."

p. 716

"The best known and investigated case of possession in all of the metaphysical, parapsychological or parapsychical literature is that of Mary Lurancy Vennum (1864-1949) – Mary Roff (1846-1865), or the case which occurred in Watseka, Illinois ... in 1878".


"while lucidly projected, the author was able, with the inestimable aid of a helper, after intense auric coupling, to temporarily (for perhaps about ten minutes) and extraphysically take possession of an enormous male police dog".

365. (p. 719) Deintrusive Consciential Projection

"The practice of deintrusion is performed under different names ..., such as ... :

... Shamanism (pajelanc,a) : between the peais and the other members of the tribe.

... Cleansing (descarrego) : between the practitioners of synthetic religions, such as Candomble`, Catimbo`, Macumba, Quimbanda, Umbanda or Xango^.

... Deobsession : between the indocrinators and spiritist mediums, whether ... orthodox (Kardecists), Roustaingist (Roustaing) or rationalist (Centro Redentor, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil)."

367. (pp. 723, 726) Assistential Consciential Projection

p. 723

"Assistential consciential projection : beneficial service performed by the intraphysical consciousness projected from the human body, generally in the psychosoma, alone or participating in a multidimensional team, within assistentiology".

p. 726

"According to holokarmology, there is ... a type of assistential ancestrality (... a professional hereditariness) which acts upon all intraphysical beings. ... Past generations endeavor to aid current generations in terms of group works in favor of others, such as :

1. ... Former metapsychics help current parapsychologists.

2. ... Former mesmerists cooperate with contemporary hypnotists. ... .

... this basic directive of assistential ancestry ... allows the individual to identify his/her ... evolutiologists, according to the assistential tasks he/she is requested to perform."


"the projector establishes a direct auric coupling with the patient (evolutient) while nearby or distant, and can ... him/herself ... penetrate the assisted individual’s psychosphere ... as a punctiform consciousness. Soon afterwards, the projector can penetrate each of the assisted consciousnesses’ chakras, or only the chakra which is most indicated for this therapy, in order to transmit positive heterothosenes of health and restoration".

369. (p. 730) Prolonged Consciential Projection Technique

"One of the easily verified basic characteristics of prolonged lucid projection is the consciousness almost always finding the [consciousness’s own material] human body – upon consciential return and interiorization – to be ... cold throughout, at a temperature lower than the environment of the room".


XII. (pp. 733-749) Interiorization of the Consciousness Stage

372. (pp. 734-5) Interiorization of the Projected Intraphysical Consciousness

p. 734

"The projected projected intraphysical consciousness using the psychosoma can also return to the human body through an animic-parapsychic interiorization."

p. 735

"In semilucid projection it is common to have interiorization from above in free fall ... . This causes ... an abrupt physical awakening."

373. (p. 737) Semidiscoincidence of the Vehicles of Manifestation

"Semitrance. The disconnection that occurs with the ... incomplete restoration of the parapsychic trance, or the animic trance (between two intraphysical beings), that leaves the consciousness of the sensitive or animist in a semitrance or obnubilation for a variable period of time."

"Discoincidence. The disconnection that occurs with the ... incomplete resoma recoincidence of the consciousness of the projected projector".

"Psychopathology. The disconnection due to the ... incomplete resoma of the consciousness into its human body. ... This is generally diagnosed as madness".

375. (p. 738) Psychophysical Repercussions

"Among the repercussive phenomena of the consciousness we should not omit the cases of stigma or stigmatization on the hands or forehead, such as those known for centuries".

379. (p 743-4) Intracranial Sounds during Interiorization

p. 743

"These sounds can be provoked by the movement of the spreading of the silver cord, which gradually ceases to be a cord in order to distribute itself throughout the head in the form of a layer."

p. 744

"The most common types of intracranial sounds that occur during interiorization are : buzzing, tinkling or sibilations."

383. (pp. 746-7) Post-Projective Energetic Shower

p. 746

Post-projective energetic shower : the ... pleasant corporal sensation that the projector can feel, even with a degree of frequency, soon after the hypnopompic state, subsequent to a consciential projection, at the beginning of the act of recalling the extraphysical experiences."

"It is felt like internal shudders or tremors, sometimes moving from left to right and from top to bottom, crisscrossing the human body".

p. 747

"the post-projective energetic shower always considerably diminishes the need for physical rest through sleep (personal number of hours of sleep) in the period after a lucid projection. Sometimes, sleep becomes completely unnecessary in this period."


XIII. (p. 750-777) Post-Projection Physical Waking State

393. (pp. 761-3) Quadruple Memory

p. 761

"Factual memory is the capacity to take in and store explicit information. ...

Long-term factual memory constitutes the general archive in which are knowledge is kept. Short-term factual memory (limited working memory) retains information that is being processed only in the moment."


"Functional memory, a generally unconscious longer-lasting process, can only be acquired through repetitive practice."


"quadruple memory, ... originating from 4 different existential periods :

p. 762

1. Moment. Events experienced at that moment ... .


"4. ... relationships with that physical environment ... ."


2. Waking. Occurrence originating from the ... waking state ... .


"1. Somatics. ... in this current human life.


3. Retrocognition. Occurrences of the latermissive period, ... the interval between this human life and the last one ... .


2. Intermission. ... in the most recent intermissive period ... .


4. Prior. Occurrences in past intraphsical lives".


3. Retrosomatics. ... in a previous intraphysical life with another body".

p. 763

"pseudomnesia ... a false memory, ... in which the consciousness seems to recall experiences that never fit with the experiences which it has experienced and recalls." {Are those actually some other person’s (alive or dead) memories, absorbed into one’s own memory? Or are they some spirit’s memories?}

396. (p. 764) Duration of the Lucid Projection

"The projector can leave the human body in the physical base at nighttime and perform extraphysical actions in ... the other terrestrial hemisphere where it is daytime at the moment, or vice-versa. This occurs frequently with the veteran projector." {Often, descriptions of the world for souls of the dead will assert that daytime and nighttime are reversed there relative to here.}

404. (p. 772) Diary of the Projector

"the first projective diary was written, in Latin, by Emanuel Swedenborg, between 1745 and 1765. ... In his first daily annotations, that extend up until February 25, 1748, Swedenborg refers to and analyzes various extraphysical themes including :


interconsciential intrusion; intruders;

parapsychotic post-desomatics’

assisted consciential projection;

lucid projections in series;

post-projective recall; and


{English-language versions of accounts of his dreams are :

Swedenborg's journal of dreams, 1743-1744. New York : Swedenborg Foundation, 1977. (97 pp.)

Swedenborg's Journal of dreams : 1743-1744 : commentary. New York, NY : Swedenborg Foundation, 1986.}

408. (pp. 776-7) Analysis of the Paraperceptions of the Projector

p. 776

"Many times, the interference of situations and mixture of consciential perceptions ... causes an erroneous interpretation of events witnessed when one judges that which is in fact extraphysical to be physical, or vice-versa.

p. 777

"Among sensitives and contactees (figures in UFOlogy), it has been very common to receive messages or extraphysical experiences about life on another planet – e.g. : Venus ... . ... Nevertheless, in many of these ... cases, the parapsychic reception or the extraphysical visualization was authentic and correct, nor with respect to the environment of the physical surface of the planet in question, but with regard to the structures and formations of the extraphysical dimension ... with which it coexists."


Waldo Vieira (transl. from the Portuguese by Kevin & Simone de La Tour) : Projectiology : a Panorama of Experiences of Consciousness outside the Human Body. Rio de Janeiro : International Institute of Projectiology & Conscientiology, 2002.