Projectiology, XIV


XIV. (pp. 778-862) The Projector and Projections

409. (pp. 778-9) Types of Projector

p. 778

"The following are 7 eminent projectors ... :

1. Emily Bronte: (1818-1848).

2. ... Mary Ann Evans : 1819-1880 ... .

3. David Herbert Lawrence (1885-1930).

p. 779

4. Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892).

5. John Buchan Tweedsmuir (1875-1940).

6. Virginia Woolf (1882-1941).

7. William Wordsworth (1770-1850)."


"Among the self-projectors who achieved notoriety for their ... experiences, the following ... should be singled out."

"Dadaji (Chowdhury)."

"Douglas Scott Rogo (1952-1990)."

"Hamilton Prado (1907-1972)."

"Hugh G. Callaway ("Oliver Fox")."

"John Cunninghan Lilly (1915-)."

"Marcel Louis Fohan ("Yram") (1884-1917)."

"Sathya Sai Baba (1926-)."

"Stuart Keith Harary (1953-)."

"Vincent Newton Turvey (1827-1912)."

"Yvonne do Amaral Pereira (1906-1984)."

412. (pp. 786-8) Projective Recess

p. 786

"item 1,166, of Diarii Spiritualis, by Emanuel Swedenborg -- ... the pioneer of projectiology, written ... on March 4, 1748 ... : ...

I can thus deduce that the spirits cannot speak with a person who is excessively devoted to human and material preoccupations".

p. 787

"In this case, the experiences cease definitively, after the [extraphysical] helpers no longer have plausible or justifiable reasons for aiding the intraphysical consciousness to project. This frequently occurs with ex-inmates of restrictive total institutions, particularly with ex-prisoners ... or released prisoners."

p. 788

"It is estimated, from the experiences and statistics of projectors, that there are 9 extraphysical consciousnesses for every intraphysical consciousness on the earth". {Immortal deities outnumber mortals.}

413. (p. 795) Projective Quaestionnaire

"The International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology (IIPC)

(CEP 70.000, 22422-970, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil;

Internet :


416. (pp. 799-800) Parapsychism

p. 799

"it is estimated that 5% of terrestrial humanity presents ... developed parapsychic talents, and that 1% of this self-same humanity has already projected from the human body."

p. 800

"The clairvoyant, for example, if an orthodox umbandist, tends to mostly see ... pretos velhos, pombas-giras and exus".

418. (p. 804) Comparisons between Lucid Projection and Parapsychic Trance

"While the consciousness (or the self) of the sensitive travels projected in the psychosoma in a lucid projection, while simultaneously in a parapsychic trance state – which occurs more frequently than imagined – the human body of the sensitive-projector can temporarily be occupied by a benefactor extraphysical consciousness that speaks through the vocal chords, in the case of common psychophony (benign possession), or by an ill consciousness, in the case of assistential experiments in deintrusion."

"tests involving ... concomitants associated with the trance state have been applied to great variety of personalities while in trance :

the cavalos ("horses") of Umbanda, Turkish dervishes; Egyptian fakirs; ... Hindu yogis; Spiritist mediums; ... Voodoo practitioners; the sensitives of parapsychology; the somnambulants of hypnology; and Siberian shamans."

420. (p. 808) General Classification of Consciential Projection

"The consciousness that projects itself to the extraphysical dimension, but to another celestial body beyond the planet earth, produces an exoprojection, cosmic projection, extraterrestrial projection or one in outer space."

421. (pp. 809-10) Basic Categories of Lucid Projection

p. 809

"Intermingling. The consciousness can project him/herself conjugating different types of vehicles, in the various levels of existential dimensions, in an intermingled manner, whether ... in an integral or partial manner."

p. 810

"Ample. The rare broad-spectrum consciential projection is the variety in which the projected intraphysical consciousness has various basic extraphysical experiences at the same time, such as :

seeing his/her own inactive human body on the bed;

analyzing the silver cord;

meeting a helper;


lucidly visiting another extraphysical environment distant from the physical base;

encountering extraphysical consciousnesses besides the helper;

having a prolonged lucid projection ... for longer than a half-hour.

All this occurs spontaneously and naturally, without the use of any drugs."

422. (p. 811) Extraphysical Lucidity-Subsequent Recall Binomial

"even serenissimi are not yet able to recall all of the events in their integral memories or holomemories as evolutionary consciential principles that have even passed through the subhuman phase." {Memories of the "subhuman phase" are exemplified (for a samyak-sambuddha) in the Jataka : a limitation in this regard, for "serenissimi", may be a natural consequence of their being of the pratyeka-buddha or arhant type instead.}

"recall of the lucid projection experience gradually becomes more difficult for the veteran projector when he/she spends more than 60 minutes and, many times, even spends over 30 minutes of condensed extraphysical experiences with full awareness in a single, continuous lucid departure."

424. (pp. 814-5) Double Consciential Projection

p. 814

"Double consciential projection : projection of the intraphysical consciousness in 1 vehicle of manifestation and, soon thereafter, in another".


"Double projection can be produced through ... 2 distinct stages : direct double projection and inverse double projection.

1. Direct. In direct double projection, the intraphysical consciousness (you) projects from the human body in the psychosoma and silver cord, in a first exteriorization ... stage. Then, leaving the psychosoma emptied of the consciousness outside the human body, you leave in the mentalsoma and golden cord, in a second exteriorization ... stage.

2. Inverse. In inverse double projection, or double projection through coupling, in the first stage, the intraphysical consciousness (you) projects in the mentaloma and golden cord, leaving the psychosoma emptied and the silver cord inside the human body. Then, in the second stage, ... the isolated psychosoma quickly leaves the human body and couples with your already projected mentalsoma through the force of the golden cord.


1. Direct. In direct double projection,


2. Inverse. In inverse double projection, or double projection through coupling,


the intraphysical consciousness (you) projects from the human body in the psychosoma and silver cord, in a first exteriorization ... stage.


in the first stage, the intraphysical consciousness (you) projects in the mentaloma and golden cord, leaving the psychosoma emptied and the silver cord inside the human body.


Then, leaving the psychosoma emptied of the consciousness outside the human body, you leave in the mentalsoma and golden cord, in a second exteriorization ... stage.


Then, in the second stage, ... the isolated psychosoma quickly leaves the human body and couples with your already projected mentalsoma through the force of the golden cord."

p. 815

"The occurrences of double projection, whether semilucid or completely lucid, are mostly projections which are assisted by extraphysical helpers. {Said "extraphysical helpers" must be deities, not souls of the dead, which could not be expected to perform any such difficult technical manoeuvres.} In instances of direct double projection, the extraphysical helpers make themselves visible at a vibratory or dimensional level corresponding with ... the psychosoma that is isolated and emptied of the consciousness."


"The phenomenon of double lucid projection occurs with relative frequency ... . The majority of reports on this phenomenon comes from polyphonic sensitives or consciential energy exteriorizers during the performance of extraphysical assistance. In this case, the assistance can even be for the sensitive him/herself who, remaining in the state of punctiform consciousness {this "point" being apparently the so-called "Monad" ("LTh11")}, observes the intervention or direct treatment performed by helpers upon his/her isolated psychosoma, which is emptied of the consciousness".


"Double consciential projection is also called physical-extraphysical trilocation because, while the intraphysical consciousness remains headquartered, active and lucid in the mentalsoma or, in other words, in the mentalsomatic dimension, the empty psychosoma remains in the paratropospheric dimension ..., and the inactive human body remains in the physical dimension with an empty brain."

"LTh11" = Lessons in Theosophy, 11

426. (pp. 817-20) Theory of Intermissive Courses

p. 817

"Intermissive course : the set of subjects taught in classes, according to programs planned in series, adapted to the different levels of [dead] students of ... holoresomatics, during the intermissive periods (intermissions) of desomant consciousness." {By "desomant" not ‘dying’ but ‘dead’ is intended.}


"What distinguishes one person from another is one’s ... stockpile of ... innate aptitudes resulting from conquests achieved prior to rebirth." {Actually, that which distinguisheth one person from another is aeternal innate differences in their aeternal souls, and not anything done nor anything left undone in any of their activities in any lifetime nor any interval betwixt lifetimes. This is similar to inhaerent differences in categories of atoms, categories of subatomic particles, etc. : they differ in their internal structures, their past kinetic behaviours being irrelevant to their praesent traits. The notion of /punya-alaya/ ‘stockpile of merit’ is not a particularly useful notion.}


"Intermission is the extraphysical interval occurring between two consecutive human lives of the same extraphysical consciousness." {This is usually designated /antarabhava/.}


"Human and lucid projectors, in the most diverse times and locations, describe their occasional visits to intermissive courses as auditing students." {Our understanding (in accordance wit the rN~in-ma doctrine that re-linking of soul to a new body must occur within a few days after death) is that there is no time available to the soul of the dead for its undergoing any training for any such. If any journeyers (while living) to the divine worlds have seen what looked like training-institutions, the apparent attender-trainees must have been [not souls of the dead, but rather instead] deities performing theatrical acting to feign being trained.}

p. 818

"The candidate does not have a critical, decisive human life, ... one which is subject to imminent, mutilating, interplanetary migrations ... with the impositions of thosenic ruptures between kindred extraphysical consciousnesses in the evolutionary group." {Actually, inasmuch as the cause for loss of memory about past lives is the memory’s being swept away by long-range "interplanetary migrations" between lives, therefore virtually every person undertaketh such migrations between all lives : such migrations are in no wise "mutilating", but rather refreshing and invigorating. The usual person who doth not undertake such migrations (and therefore is able to remember the past life) is one who hath lived, in the past life, a life of terror and of tragedy, a life which was indeed "mutilating" and which introduced "ruptures". To travel in migrations will enable one better to evolve, bring one into contact with persons who would fit together (for that ongoing life) in an "evolutionary group". The person who must stay on the same planet would not have such opportunities to be put into contact with persons most suitable for one’s evolution, and would therefore tend to devolve (degenerate).}

p. 819

"The entire 100% of intermissive course students ... are dispatched to resoma with ... pompous titles, such as "messengers of justice"; "messengers of good"; ... "missionaries of redemption"; ... and many others." {‘Messengers’ is a translation of /mal>aki^m/ "angels", which is evidently these beings are, namely divine immortals.}


"Your retrocognitions of previous intraphysical lives are less relevant than the recollections of your intermissive predispositions". {This could make sense only if the antarabhava ("intermission") were inhabited by immortal deities, which it in fact is.}

p. 820

"The aim of the IIPC is to reactivate ... the deep, integral, causal (holomemory) extracerebral memory of their own intermissive courses, starting from the students’ mentalsomas."


"Self-analysis. ... you should analyze, with great self-critique, whether or not at least ... these ... personality traits (strong traits) are present in yourself and verify their degree, extent, vigor and quality :

... An inner absence of mortifying philosophical doubts ... .

... The certainty of immortality {return after death}, the eternal {rediterative, a future life following each past life} nature of your life as a human consciousness.

... A natural acceptance of the theory of existential seriation {metempsychosis}, or the continued alternation of intraphysical life-intermissive life, as a given which is incorporated in daily existence.

... Spontaneous self-motivation for the research and performance of beneficial parapsychic practices (self-lucid cosmoethical solidarity).

... Animic-parapsychic self-perceptions ... ."


"As advanced idea that is completely surrealistic ..., the hypothesis of the intermissive course collides with the mechanistic Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm of conventional science". {Isaac Newton and Rene’ DesCartes were both mystic-occultist theologians, who are muchly maligned by being falsely accused of believing in materialism.}

427. (p. 822) Natural Consciential Projection

"Natural or automatic consciential projection in found in the studies of Chinese Taoism." [p. 1090 : reference :- Solon Wang (transl. by T. M. Yang & K. H. Liu) : The Multiple Planes of the Cosmos and Life. Society for Psychic Studies, Taipei, 1979.]

429. (p. 823) Comparisons between Natural and Forced Consciential Projection

"In forced consciential projection, it becomes more difficult to see or approach extraphysical consciousnesses, except in consciential projections ... generated through heterohypnosis." {In the case of forced consciential projection induced by drugs (henbane, wolfbane, and others) it may, however, be very easy to approach other projected intraphysical consciousnesses (if not metaphysical beings also – so-called "devils"), as in mediaeval European witches’ s^abbats.}

"Forced consciential projection can be sponsored by an extraphysical intruder".

430. (pp. 823-4) Escape-Projection

p. 823

"this type of lucid consciential projection can be sponsored by an extraphysical helper."

p. 824

"There must evidently be some physiological relationship between these instantaneous projections, ... with the cases of people who are able to combine sleeping while standing {I have sometimes slept sitting without any support to my back}, and even while on a horse, maintaining their balance while asleep {birds easily maintain their balance in standing while asleep} without falling off, or even the well-documented case of the excellent pianist who played a passage of music while sleeping." {assisted by a possessing-spirit?}

432. (pp. 825-7) Consciential Projection of the Compound Double

p. 825

"Consciential projection of the compound double : that projection produced by the intraphysical consciousness when he/she manifests extraphysically in the psychosoma laden with part of the holochakra".

"The consciousness find the psychosoma to be dense, quite heavy (lucid bariprojection {read : "baryprojection"} ..., ... laden with the ballast ... of the holochakra."


"In this consciential experience, chronological time seems to pass slowly. In consciential projection of the compound double, 5 minutes of extraphysical time give the false impression of an hour’s absence from the soma".


"The holochakra, when in tow, ... maximally exaggerates the emotions".

"It can be concluded consciential projection in the psychosoma, laden with a part of the holochakra, gives the intraphysical consciousness a preview of the exact sensations the projector will be feeling during the inevitable shock of the first desoma".

p. 826

"Upon interiorization of the intraphysical consciousness, after a projection of over 15 minutes in the psychosoma with a portion of the holochakra, a spontaneous, continuous energetic shower will inevitably occur upon physically awakening".


"Often, ... the use of transmental dialogue, or extraphysical telepathy, extraordinarily facilitates the maintenance of the extraphysical lucidity and prolongation of this type of consciential projection experience."

p. 827

"Consciential projection of the compound double that achieves greater density ... is that ... which ... receives ... ponderable elements of ectoplasm".

433. (pp. 827-8) Post-Natal, Regressive, Semilucid Consciential Projection

p. 827

"Post-natal, regressive, semilucid consciential projection : the natural dream that transforms into a ... haunting by a living person."

p. 828

"Those who reside in houses ... should not be surprised if they sometimes encounter an aimless former resident outside the human body, having returned to that location through his/her semilucid projections, walking like a somnambulant throughout the rooms of the residence, conducting an extraphysical midnight inspection".

434. (p. 828) Sonorous Consciential Projection

"Sonorous consciential projection : exteriorization of the consciousness ... with ... at least its speech, which becomes audible to other people ... in a location distant from the physical base."

"The most common sonorous projection ... is ... during ... drowning. ... These calls for help sometimes become ... audible ... to ... relatives and friends, who are distant at that time, even being on other continents."

436. (830-3) Joint Lucid Projections

p. 830

"Joint lucid projections : extraphysical experiences in which there is a simultaneous participation of two or more intraphysical consciousness who are projected from the soma and manifest with lucidity".

p. 831

"Joint lucid projections can occur intentionally, with the participating projectors ... having arranged the experience beforehand". "Joint consciential projections allow mutual extraphysical assistance between projectors".


"The projector ... having encountered ... unknown intraphysical consciousnesses, while projected from the human body, should try ... giving his/her address."


"The projective session is that one in which a group of persons ... leave the human body together, at the same time, ... follow the same inductive

p. 832

factors ... . Projective sessions in Brazil (... apometria) are called "unfolding sessions. ... In these works, lucid projectors ... cooperate in extraphysical assistance provided to ill intraphysical ... consciousnesses, even performing extraphysical rescues of needy extraphysical consciousnesses which have been kidnapped by others individually or by groups of extraphysical intruder consciousnesses." {This is a very common function of shamans in Siberia and elsewhere, to rescue souls which have been taken prisoner by evil spirits. It is usually performed by only a single shaman on the occasion, however.}

p. 833

"Joint consciential projections can be sponsored by extraphysical helpers, as pre-programmed joint consciential projections are extremely rare and difficult without aid from the helpers."


"All indications are that, in the future, ... joint, lucid consciential projections ... will become common ... with extraterrestrial lucid consciential projectors."

437. (p. 834) Comparisons between Consciential Projection in the Mentalsoma and in the Psychosoma

"In consciential projection in the isolated mentalsoma, the consciousness manifests in the mentalsomatic dimension, .. in ... the parabody of self-discernment."

"Consciential projection in the mentalsoma allows the state of cosmoconsciousness, on the one hand, and the state of punctiform consciousness, on the other hand." {According to literature of the Theosophical Society, both these attainments are in bodies distinct from, and superior to, the mental body. How the author could blunder so badly in his nomenclature is a mystery.}

438. (p. 837) Seriated Lucid Consciential Projections

"Given the fact that everyone dreams every night, and that the absolute majority of dreams are bad dreams ... ." {It is quite untrue that the "absolute majority of dreams are bad dreams" for most persons, or for the average person, or indeed for any person – unless perhaps for the author and for his associates, who may be quite exceptional in this regard. (It is asserted in some quarters that persons of exceptionally vicious character may have unpleasant dreams; and that such unpleasant dreams are sent by Heaven as a warning to such vicious persons to mend their ways. Do the author and his associates, possibly, belong in this category, of persons who are being continually reprimanded by Heaven?)}

442. (p. 843) Extraphysical Traumas

"Sudden and visible alterations occur in the colors of the extraphysical aura of the extraphysical consciousness with the weakening of the luminous irradiations of its psychosoma, which appears to become more opaque." {The auras of deities may appear opaque, because their motivations are opaque (inscrutable) to mortals.}

"There occurs an instantaneous process of aging in the visual appearance (paratransfiguration) {N.B. any transfiguration is usually an indication of Godhood, as in the case of Christ} of the psychosoma of the same deceased interlocutor corresponding to the physical age at which it left human life." {An aged appearance is a likely indication of divine status, such as in the "Aged of the Aged" (an aspect of the Godhead, according to the Qabbalah). Mimicry of mortals (especially of dead ones) is another feature of deities.}

443. (pp. 844-6) Factors Favorable to Lucid Projection

p. 844

"factors can ... produce a lucid projection : ... hypnopompic state; ... parapsychic trance; hypnotic trance; ... awakening of the kundalini".


"factors that are favorable or specifically predisposing to lucid projection ... are ... : ... certain types of developed parapsychism; precedent of being aware of dreaming during a dream".

p. 845

"The more elevated the manifestations of the projector’s ... talents of intelligence – whether the intelligence is linguistic, mathematical ..., musical, or spatial intelligence – the greater will be the possibility for him/her to ... expand the average quality of extraphysical perceptions (paraperceptiology) and lucid projections (projectiology) generally."

p. 846

"Irrational beliefs are based upon emotion." {Actually, they are based on calculating hypocrisy and on intentions to deceive, as in the case of that hypocritical, deliberately deceitful system known as Christianity.}

445. (pp. 849-50) Projective Existential Recycling

p. 849

"Projective existential recycling : change for the better of the entire course and perspective of human life of the consciousness – caused by the impact of lucid projection – which therefore adopts a new set of values regarding the universe."

p. 850

"In the past, ... existential recycling {though not "projective" because not due to "projection"} blossomed after visions, mystical ecstasies, and diverse states of expansion of the consciousness or self-transcendence."

450. (p. 861) Harms of Lucid Projection

"Alienation toward physical life is an inconvenience that can appear when there is a super-assimilation of extraphysical experiences in the consciousness of the projector (you)."


Waldo Vieira (transl. from the Portuguese by Kevin & Simone de La Tour) : Projectiology : a Panorama of Experiences of Consciousness outside the Human Body. Rio de Janeiro : International Institute of Projectiology & Conscientiology, 2002.