Projectiology, XV


XV. (pp. 863-943) Relationships of Lucid Projection

466. (pp. 888-9, 891) Lucid Projection & Drugs

p. 888

"These ... plants of knowledge, drugs and plants of power, are used :

for divining purposes;

to discover lost, hidden or stolen objects;

in order to find distant, lost or deceased persons who have not been heard from; ...

in the undertaking of aerial journeys to unknown regions;

to produce a trip through

p. 889

a previous consciential life;

to visit uninhabited regions".

p. 891

"Healthy and ideal consciential expansion does not occur through drugs. ... Biochemical happiness does not exist." {Such drugs as nutmeg and similar spices, and to a lesser extent even such a drug as chocolate, are able to eliminate mental depression and to stimulate joy and happiness. The praesent writer was in an almost constant condition of mental semi-depression (partly out of grief over the hideous oppressions of humanity brought about by capitalism and by Christianity) for decades, until beginning to take such drugs regularly in quantity – then the drugs were able to bring about joy and happiness through the saving grace of anarchism and of the Devil.}

468. (p. 894) Lucid Projection & Psychological Contagion

"lucid consciential projection is an experience that is transmittable through psychological contagion." "the most easily detected psychological contagion occurs at a meeting or gathering where someone relates a personal projective experience. An unexpected consequence is the first spontaneous lucid projection by 1 of the listeners ... that night at home." "Frequently, the first reading about lucid projection ... motivates and induces the uninitiated reader who ... ends up producing his/her first lucid projection". {Hearing a or reading a description of "astral-projection" may be witnessed by a deity praesent invisibly; in such cases, the deity may be so impressed with the piety of the reader or listener as to bring about (at the earliest opportunity) actual "astral-projection" as a deserved reward for such evidence of piety.}

470. (p. 896) Lucid Projection & Yoga

"The videha, the Sanskrit term which literally signifies "one which has no body"{The literal meaning of /vi-/ is ‘asunder, apart’; so that /videha/ would imply one’s having gone apart from, one’s having sundered from, one’s material body.}, corresponds to the spontaneous lucid projector, ... according to yoga practitioners."

"Among the psychic abilities, powers, achievements or siddhis ... that address yoga ... : ...

to see and hear distant events, or traveling clairvoyance; ...

to introduce oneself into the human body of any intraphysical [human] being ...;

to make the body die at will, or intentional desoma; ...

to acquire ... knowledge of the future, or precognition; and

to read the thoughts of others, or telepathy."

471. (pp. 897, 899) Lucid Projection in Total Institutions

p. 897

"Cases of lucid projections with those confined in restrictive total institutions are well-known ... . This is particularly the case for those entering involuntarily, as occurs in ... hospitals for the mentally ill." {So-called state "hospitals for the mentally ill" are largely de-facto prisons immuring those falsely accused [under so-called "observation" by the "psychiatrist"-doctors, usually without any evidence ever being found for any suspicions] of being mentally ill.}

p. 899

"The projective phenomena modifies the conditions of life that is planned for confined projectors ..., ... shielding them from moral and even physical pain".

472. (p. 900) Lucid Projection & Personal Movement

"triggering a lucid or even nonlucid projection ... : the person seated in a gyrating chair; the cavalo ("horse") in the gyrations of Umbanda; ... the mambo, or voodoo priest, in the whirling of his/her spasmodic pirouttes; the dervish in his/her gyratory dance movements."

474. (p. 902) Lucid Projection & War

"the author here records his vehement protest against the worrisome absurdity of war, irrespective of which war it might be".

475. (pp. 903-5) Lucid Projection, Espionage & Business

p. 903

"In 1973, ... the United State of America performed fully conscious long-distance experiments with the well-known North American sensitives Ingo Swann and Patrick H. Price, ... at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the State of California, obtaining results which were auspicious and extremely positive for them."

p. 904

"specialized firms address ... performing research in a parapsychic manner, or through animic (intraconsciential) and parapsychic (with the intervention of another consciousness together with the intraphysical consciousness) processes, such as :

1. ... The tracking of missing persons.

2. ... Archeological investigation.

p. 905

3. ... The location of sunken ships.

4. ... The location of underground cities.

5. ... The location of subterranean reserves of minerals, natural gas and petroleum."

476. (pp. 905-6) Lucid Projection & Art in General [lists of novels, poe:ms, science-fiction stories, etc. involving the theme]

477 (p. 907) Lucid Projection & Extraphysical Music

"The most diverse types of music can be heard by the projected intraphysical consciousness, ... in passages of ... melody ... in unknown patterns and arrangements beyond human musical staffs". {Such praeternatural music is being played by the gods known as Caran.a-s, and is distinguished according to musical instrument heard, according to the literature of the RadhaSoami.}

480 (p. 909-10) Lucid Projection & Naphology

p. 909

"Naphology : the branch of science which studies, deals with and examines the phenomena and events ... for which there is no scientific explanation ..., including ... UFOlogy or navexology."

p. 910

"The nature and effects of ... projectiology, in particular, have a relationship mainly with UFOlogy, or para-UFOlogy".

"the following ... are observations and characteristics showing similarities between the experiencers of porjected projectors and the individuals who allege to ... navexology reports.

1. Amnesia of entire periods of extraphysical or extraterrestrial manifestations.

2. Instantaneous translocation ... .

3. The paralysis of the ... victim is reminiscent of projective catalepsy and the state of slow motion.

4. The appearance of a diversity of lights of various colors ... .

5. The appearance of forms coming out from points of light.

6. The flotation of bodies ... . ...

7. Extraphysical, or non-terrestrial locations ... with curved surfaces.

8. Beings (ufosapiens ...) having appearances or forms (morphology) which are different from humans, ... with helpers or extraterrestrials.

9. Beings with eyes that are larger than ordinary human eyes.

10. Telepathic dialogues with mental explanations."

481 (p. 911) Lucid Projection & the Theta Phainomemon

"Theta phenomenon : that phenomenon which refers to survival of the personality or continuation of the consciousness after biological death".

482 (pp. 912-3, 915) Lucid Projection & Successive Intraphysical Lives

p. 912

"Successive Intraphysical lives : the form of survival in which the ego, or the consciousness, returns to human life using a gody of flesh and blood, after having experienced the biological death ... . ... In botany, revegetation occurs. Insects ... go through reinsectization."


"the acceptance of the theory of successive intraphysical lives, which currently reaches half of the terrestrial population, besides bringing profound implications for human beings, alters their general philosophy".

p. 913

"The main purpose of the lucid projection of the intraphysical being is the gradual elimination of the need for the consciousness to undergo resoma, thus freeing it from the cycles of successive intraphysical lives. The anti-existential-seriation function of lucid projection makes it the liberator from the cycle of rebirths and redeaths or resomas and desomas."

"Existential seriation ... gradually disappears on its own, on each planet, through lucid projection. The average inhabitants ... continue to ... intimately identify with, the physical dimension, and this, in turn, with the physical dimension, such that one gradually absorbs the other. ... At this point, the average inhabitants of the planet will have already reached the 7th stage in the scale of continuous consciousness. This is the case from a collective point of view because, with regard to the individual consciousness, evolution can be performed ... through petifreeness, evolutionology and serenology."

p. 915

"Consanguineous lifetimes can predispose animic-parapsychic phenomena between individuals, including auric coupling, joint lucid projection and others. ... When the consciousness still finds itself "

483. (pp. 921-2) Existential Series

p. 921

"Existential series : the condition of continuous alternation of [death and life] comprising the incessant evolutionary itinerary of the consciousness until it frees itself from the compulsory cycle of intraphysical rebirths.

Synonymy : Abred circle (Druidism)".


"Groupkarmality. The criterion applied according to the expression of the group karmic account (groupkarma) ..., with the group karmic debt being greater than the its [total] personal karmic debt."

p. 922

"Equality. The criterion applied to average consciousnesses ... having a personal karmic debt (egokarma) greater than their group karmic debt (groupkarma). It is ... where the intraphysical life is equal [in duration] to the intermission".

485. (pp. 923-4) State of Continuous Self-Awareness

p. 923

"State of continuous self-awareness : the extremely rare condition of the ... consciousness, which has achieved continuity of absolute, lucid awareness during the entire period of biological as well as integral consciential life ... in the state of "immortality" of self-discernment." {with no loss of consciousness nor of memory during dreamless sleep? if so, this is likewise a Bodish ideal.}

p. 924

"The human being currently endeavors ... distinct steps in his/her development ... : ...

Homo psychicus, which is anxious {eager} to amplify its own self-awareness. ...

Projectius. ... the status of Homo projectius, that in which he/she is able to be temporarily liberated from physical life, producing the projection of the lucid consciousness from the rustic body ... in a voluntary manner ... through the exercise of his/her own will."


"According to the theory {hypothesis?} offered here for research, the state of the state of continuous self-awareness, at an advanced level, provides a simultaneous panoramic perception {viewed thus as "interpenetrating worlds" (MSB, p. 38), so that "bodies interpenetrate" (CAS)} of all existential dimensions, regardless of where the consciousness may be temporarily headquartered."


"In the future. lucid projection ... will tend to substitute the human being’s sleep state, until attaining the condition of continuous self-awareness, ... in an existence with no break in continuity. This will bring a concomitant expansion of attributes of the mentalsoma, ... which mankind is destined inevitably to achieve, as a natural acquisition".


"The initial high point of projection with continuous awareness is in the spontaneous elimination of recollection on the part of the lucid projector. {This is accomplished in order to free the memory of useless clutter.} This more advanced period of the consciousness has its beginning in the experience of ordinary lucid projection, subsequently passing through an ascending scale with various basic stages. The condition of continuous self-awareness allows the consciousness to participate in the team of awakened lucid projectors and represents the main superior activity".

MSB = Ou-i (transl. by J. C. Cleary) : Mind Seal of the Buddhas. (Commentary to the Amitabha Sutra.) 1996.

CAS = Hua (transl. by nun Heng Hsien) : Commentary to the Flower Adornment Sutra.

486. (pp. 925-9) Scale of the State of Continuous Self-Awareness

p. 925

"Conscientiogram : the system of evaluation of the evolutionary flow of the consciousness, or intelligent principle, established from the self-awareness of the lucidity of the ego itself (consciential holomaturity)."


"Following the orientation of {exposition by} an extraphysical helper {deity}, this evolutionary scale of the lucid consciential projector was elaborated. ... The stages were organized into only seven steps ... :


1. Tests. In this stage are included ... those who have projections while the human body is in movement ... . ...

p. 926

2. Impact. ... It includes ... fakirs who have themselves temporarily buried alive, remain projected in the proximity of the human body during the period of internal human hibernation and ... have pure lucid projection in the mentalsoma ... .


3. Admission. Mixed consecutive consciential projections arise, alternating the vehicles – the psychosoma and the mentalsoma – with ... continuation-projections. The flight range of the projected intraphysical consciousness is already between one and two hours of absence from the human body. The projector begins to maintain greater emotional stability (serenity) ... . ... Psychophonic monologs appear in which the specialized, assistential extraphysical consciousness {deity} orients the tasks of the intraphysical lucid projector who perceives ... in all aspects of existence ... unmistakable signals of parapsychism (signage), ... and, especially, the energetic shower that starts at the coronochakra. ...


4. Ethics. ... . ... the habitual viewing of the auras of beings ...; clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, self-retrocognition, precognition and ... the grandiose expansion of the human aura. ...


5. Affiliation. The projector begins to have ... consecutive lucid projections in the mentalsoma over the whole night. ... The flight range of the consciousness surpasses two hours of absence ... . ... the consciousness dives more deeply into the archives of its past intraphysical existences and intermissive periods, through periodic self-retrocognitions ... . ...

p. 927

6. Refinement. Consecutive projections in the mentalsoma of an entire night frequently begin to occur ... . ... The interviews with genius extraphysical personalities ... are intensified ... . ... The mentalsoma is amplified ..., and both categories of consciential self-projection become similar. The serenity of serenology predominates in this stage.


7. Purification. In this stage, consecutive lucid projections in the mentalsoma ... are produced ... from infancy, which makes ... execute final self-projection by him/herself, at the correct moment, through a cardiochakra or umbilicochakral self-desoma. As the last part of this stage, the free consciousness (FC) is born – the living-freed (moksha, freedom ...) {"living-freed" is /jivan-mukti/}, which discards the now deactivated psychosoma, transcending all the ... parabodies of manifestation ... . Now free from ... the subtle (psychosoma) – it is definitely removed from the gears of compulsory successive rebirths ... . It continues to exist in the mentalsoma in the resplendent communities (mentalsomatic dimension), intensifying its relationship with cosmic extraphysical consciousnesses ... in cosmic extraphysical spaces, visitors from other ... galaxies, becoming occupied with intergalactic extraphysical processes, with the ... architects of galaxies."

p. 928

"Potentiality. The extraphysical consciousnesses that permanently live in the mentalsoma find themselves potentially capable of maintaining awareness of the energetic auras of galaxies; make the consciousnesses located on evolved planets go into a vibrational state; promote the positive auric coupling of groups of stars; trigger transcendent orgasms or galactic holo-orgasms, and the state of joint, simultaneous, cosmic self-awareness (cosmoconsciousness) of entire ... extraphysical populations, when necessary."


"3 types of intelligent civilizations, based upon their control of energy sources :

Type 1 is that which is capable of exploiting and controlling ... the total energy sources of its planet;

Type 2



"is that which is capable of exploiting and controlling ... the total" __



"energy sources of its planet"



"energy production of its native star (sun)"

pp. 928-9


"energy production of its galaxy" [p. 919 "Type 3 civilization would ... be at the 6th stage of the scale ... of continuous self-awareness?"]

488 (p. 931) Self-Desoma

"Self-desoma : ... mahasamadhi; ... parathanatosis; ... self-metathanosia".

"There are two basic, parabiological types of self-desoma : cardiochakral and umbilicochakral, ... voluntary self-combustion."

490. (pp. 933-4) Voluntary Self-Combustion

p. 933

Spontaneous human combustion ... – a phenomenon referred to in ancient oriental texts, of which there are currently hundreds of registered cases – is one of the mysteries of the universe and of parapsychic phenomenology."

p. 934

"Extranormal combustion is described as a small, but intense, flat, bluish flame ... leaving an unexplainable sweet smell".


"Voluntary self-combustion ... is provoked by ... a deep mental concentration upon the solar plexus, umbilicochakra". {"Can.d.ali blazes at the navel. She burns the Five Tathagatas, She burns Locana ... , AHAM is burned" (HT, quoted in BTA 192, p. 254). "Can.d.ali is ablaze; ... it enters the sky through the peak of Mount Meru" (YIF, p. 246).}


"Among the effects of spontaneous human combustion, as well as that which is voluntarily provoked, is the transformation of the human body into a pile of ashes, ... without burning – and almost always without even singeing – the surrounding flammable substances with which the organism was in direct contact during the occurrence. ... Incidentally, in order to reduce the human body to ashes ... a temperature of over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit ... is needed ... in order to reduce the bones to dust."

HT = He[la]-vajra Tantra.

BTA = Edward Conze : Buddhist Texts Through the Ages. Harper & Row, 1964,

YIF = Mircea Eliade : Yoga: Immortality and Freedom. Bollingen Foundation. 2nd edn, 1969.

494. (pp. 942-3) Consciential Nomadism

p. 942

"Consciential nomadism : the healthy condition of the consciousness, when lucid and errant, which constantly moves itself from one locus to another, in search of experiences".

p. 943

"The condition of consciential nomadism gradually eliminates the effects of the cycle of successive resomas and desomas, allowing the consciousness to achieve the state of liberation of {from} the multi-existential cycle, the third desoma or moksha, the main goal of the objective application of lucid consciential projections."


Waldo Vieira (transl. from the Portuguese by Kevin & Simone de La Tour) : Projectiology : a Panorama of Experiences of Consciousness outside the Human Body. Rio de Janeiro : International Institute of Projectiology & Conscientiology, 2002.