Projectiology, XVI


XVI. (pp. 944-87) Scientific Perspectives

496 (pp. 947-9) Seven Minutes in Aeternity

p. 947

experience by "William ("Bill") Dudley Pelley ... in early May, 1928 ... in Altadena, California" :

p. 948

"he was dragged to the depths of a cold, blue space with a sensation of endless descent ... . Strange sounds rang out in his ears. Suddenly, a single thought ..., "So, this is death?" ... At this point, a calm, clear, friendly voice whispered into his ear, "... You’re all right. We’re here to help you." ... . ... a sparkling opaque light was diffused throughout the place where they had taken him. ...

p. 949

There was a pool off to one side ... . ... He felt overcome by a sudden whirlpool of bluish vapor, ... and something crackled inside his body. He instantly felt himself to be back in his human body".


This account was published in "The American Magazine, in New York, ... in March, 1929."

"Many hundreds of readers affirmed they had had similar experiences ... . The majority, however, ... were fearful of being considered insane."



presented Pelley’s account as __

in his __ book


Ernesto Bozzano

Case # 4

Xenoglossy – Polyglot Mediumship


Robert Crookall

Case # 92

The Study and Practice of Astral Projection

504. (p. 961) Individual Experiments with Lucid Projection

"The following is a list of ... projector-authors ... who have written analytical, descriptive communications or autobiographical works on the phenomena of human lucid projection. They are grouped here according to their ... countries of origin :

West Germany : Herbert H. G. Engel; Reinhard Fischer; Alfred Lischka. ...

Denmark : Johannes E. Hohlenberg.

Spain : Vicente Beltra`n Anglada. ...

Ireland : Eileen Jeanette Vancho Lyttle Garrette."

{There are also a great many such published autobiographical accounts from India, Tibet, China, etc.}

505. (pp. 962-4) Projective Public Opinion Research


country & year




England 1890

"Have your ever, when ... awake, had a vivid impression of seeing or being touched ..., or of hearing a voice; which ... was not due to any external physical cause?



N. Carolina 1952

"Have you ever actually seen your physical body from a viewpoint completely outside that body ...? (Duke U.)



England 1967

"experience in which they felt they were outside the human body" (Oxford U)



England 1967

" " " " (Southampton U)



USA 1971

"lucid projection"



England [year?]

"experienced the consciousness being outside the human body"



Virginia 1974

"lucid projection"



Iceland 1977

"lucid projection"



England 1978

"experience outside the human body" (Surrey U)



Virginia 1979

"lucid projection" (U of Virginia)



Virginia 1979

"lucid projection"



Australia 1980

"lucid projection"



England 1981

"lucid projection"

13% & 14%


England 1981

"lucid projection"



Brazil 1982

"lucid projection"



"Based on the existing coordinated, compared statistical tabulations, it is currently estimated, with complete confidence, that approximately 1 out of every 100 persons ... of existing humanity ... have had some form of lucid consciential projection experience ... during their intraphysical existence." {The author’s own estimate of 1% would indicate his distrust of the questionnaire results, which were all far in excess of this. Affirmations at rates of 1% or lower would have been more expectable – were the respondents to these questionnaires exaggerating? The figures reported look more like responses to quaestions as to what they might imagine humanly possible, rather than to what they themselves had actually already accomplished. There are, however, many persons who normally conceal all their personal doings, especially such doings as would be officially disapproved.}

506. (p. 967) Cases of Astral Projection

title of treatise


place of publicat.

date of publicat.



Phantasms of the Living

Gurney; Myers; Podmore





Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death

Frederick W. H. Myers





Les Apparitions Materialize’es des Vivants et des Morts

Gabriel F. M. Delanne





507. (p. 969) Laboratory Equipment in Projectiology

"basal skin resistance (BSR) machine;

the galvanic skin response (GSR) machine; ...

electroencephalograph (EEG);

electrocardiograph (ECG, EKG);

electromyograph (EMG);



514. (p. 977) Information Theory

"Some theorists and parapsychologists, including Joseph Banks Rhine, suggested that the mechanism of extrasensory perception, even when not directly associated with a lucid consciential projection, is related to the act of the mind projecting itself outside the human body and obtaining information in this manner." {The relatedness would actually consist in the likeness of the astral-body’s being extracted out of the material-body by a deity, to the deity’s personally fetching the information and directly praesenting it to the mind "even when not directly associated with a lucid consciential projection". The several mechanisms are related in that information-interested deities are personally necessary for each.}

"The lucid projection experience actually constitutes an exceptional resource for obtaining transcendent information". {Yes; any communication with deities ought to be employed as an opportunity for acquiring metaphysical lore directly from its source.}

515. (p. 977) Theory of Rehearsal of Biological Death

"It can be seen that an inauthentic scientific theory can least us to a great number of true conclusions and show itself to be of great value and usefulness." {Yes; and this observation would apply likewise to the author (W.V.)’s inauthentic hypothesis that "extraphysical helpers" are dead persons (rather than immortal angels/deities as they really are) – despite (and not because of) this hypothesis the author and his associates have achieved "a great number of true conclusions ... of great value and usefulness."}

516. (p. 979) Working Hypotheses

"The mechanism of lucid projection, within the individual or psyche, triggers

the psychopetal {"centring down", some meditators designate it} movement of the consciousness, first through relaxation, centralizing the conscniousness ... especially in the mnemonic center, and the loss of motor manifestations, with the subsequent torpidity of the entire human body.

Secondly, psychofugal movement occurs, wherein the consciousness leaves the restriction of the physical ... and expands beyond the force field of the human body, or exteriorizes, overflowing to the extraphysical dimension.

In other words, there is first an implosion,

followed by an explosion.

From the human animal {animation} point of view, there is first a retreat into concentration, wherein the consciousness prepared itself ... .

It then advances and expands, ... leaping toward the unknown extraphysical world."

"To what extent do mind-expanding drugs predispose these movements ...?"

{According to the "vibhu" doctrine, however, the consciousness is never restricted to any local confines, but is always universal. (This would apply to a higher plane-of-existence.)}

517. (p. 980-5) Harmonic Series Model

p. 980

"in stationary oscillations progressing to higher frequencies – 7 initial or basic suppositions can be made :


1. Chakras. ... based on the monochrome condition that some {all of the genuine ones?} chakras present—each of them being at a fundamental frequency ... – various states are established in which each of the chakras can be encountered ... . The state of condensation of the fields associated with each chakra determines its ... frequency, as well as determining the stage of interaction with condensed ... matter. {The set of furrows extending outward from the centre of each waterliy as the waterlily’s petals is (according to the Theosophical Society) that which is able to generate the vibration, when rotated. The term "cakra" would refer a relationship to the set of nad.i-s extending still further outward.}


2. Idea. A fundamental frequency can be associated with each idea, which propagates itself through resonance, starting from its outflow from the mental ... in the mentalsoma, ... and finally arriving at the more condensed plasmas ... . ... Many ideas or thoughts trigger other ideas or thoughts through the phenomenon of resonance, where ...

p. 981

the original idea excites other fundamentals. ...


3. States. These states of vibration might be associated with ... stages of the vibration of fields, ... arriving at ... the increase of lateral packets of experiences of the various consciential bodies or meta-organisms. ...


4. Packets. The blocks or packets of disciplinary, associative and lateral ideas gradually become refined by taking advantage of the experiences of successive lives (existential seriation), gradually becoming disciplined, purified and controlled through ... the central idea ... . ... The individual, with the aid of rationality, good intentions, self-discernment, greater knowledge and a good utilization of personal experiences, can gradually transfer ... allowing reason or intuition of the higher parabodies to become purer. In the same way, and in the opposite direction, if one works toward improving oneself in the denser bodies, one will automatically be improving, in detail, the less dense bodies through other reverberations".


5. Timbre. ... the projector – wishing to leave the human body (soma) with continuous self-awareness – mobilizes the energies of the chakras using a strong will and reinforces, with a greater intensity, the fundamental frequency of the psychosoma, which is interiorized within the body along with the holochakra, thus provoking a projection of the consciousness in the psychosoma through the vibrational state. ...


6. Ambiguities. ... It is truly the ... principle of personal conduct ... dominating and controlling all the bodies (or the soma and the parabodies) of the intraphysical consciousness, making them vibrate together, due to a common goal, which will afford the greatest possible strength. ...

p. 982

7. Projection. The main, complementary and sole route to the cleansing of each of the bodies ... lies in lucid projection. It represents the act of knowing yourself fully, confronting and modifying your own self deeply in all the bodies, without ... hypocrisy and egotism, toward the efficient use of the mentalsoma and the experience of the most ample universality that is possible." {Lucid-dreaming may be a supplementary, subsidiary method for accomplishiug the same effect – provided that it is done in conjunction with deities (as the lucid-projection ought likewise to be done with deities as much as possible).}


"Holomemories. Penetration into the mental archives of other consciousnesses (holomemories of consciential micro-universes) can occur up to the level of internal archives ... . The depth of penetration is a function of the sensitive’s

p. 983

control of consciential frequencies, upon acquiring ... the consciential energies, certain packets of which are located {stored, as in a capacitor?} in the ... consciousness.


Stages. The base-bodies – due to their diverse natures and functions – evidence the necessity of levels of stability in each process, passing from body to body, in order for the evolution of these stages to be processed ... . This causes our mental organization to be oriented within these limits ... .


Inspiration. It is common that persons, upon finding themselves absorbing diverse energies (holothosenes), ... perceive changes in the energies ... of their vehicles of manifestation, ... according to the direction of their thosenes (tho) toward questions or problems that they wish to solve, is such a manner that they are able to amply ... up to those of the mentalsoma (parabody of self-discernment). At this point, the consciousness – in a process analogous to that of clairvoyance -- ... transfers itself to ... achieving the highest states of inspiration.


Precognition. These states of the amplification of the waves of the mentalsoma can also occur in the sense of waves traveling through time, explaining the phenomena known as presentiments (self-precognitions). {Could not a more reasonable explanation of praesentiments be a reception of divinely-distributed information about details of the divine plan for the future?} ... The sensitive is sometimes able to single out this ..., locating it while in the waking state, in the manner of a presentiment that comes to the fore, thereby characterizing precognition. ...


Will. ... the action of the will – the externalizing pointer of the memory banks and processes ... – the intensity of which is dependent upon the vibrational harmony {actually, harmonization (adjusting into agreement) of personal ideals and purposes} of all bodies of the human being, who evolves while learning how to control them, understand them, operate them and finally harmonizes them in a single way, ... that of balanced, correct and cosmoethical will.


Processes. ... for more subtle processes, a lot [acreage] of cultivation and a long period and a long period of balance are necessary, removing the priorities of ... the waking state and substituting them with processes of the mentalsoma (... mentalsomatics).


Learning. ... it is necessary to bring these learnings to the ordinary waking state through the improvement of theories and a great deal of study ... .

p. 984

Apparatuses {Apparati}. One of the points in favor of this model is the interference produced by certain individuals and sensitives in electronic apparatuses ..., e.g. : telephone switchboards. These individuals are therefore not able to work in such places. ...


Human diapason. ... The "human diapason" would vibrate with greater intensity in the fundamental, ... as occurs with the sensitive who sometimes controls or receives these ... spontaneously. ... This is why it can be affirmed that every human personality ... is, potentially, a medium or sensitive, or even an animist.


Vital. The presence of the vital body, or holochakra, ... brings with it the harmonic frequencies that are characteristic of the parts of these bodies ... . This makes it difficult for ... lucidity, when faced with such a variety of frequencies ... which the projector is not able to organize and balance. All this must produce dissonances in one’s lucidity, which subsequently reduces. ...


Nullification. ... If the sensitive is sufficiently balanced in regard to his/her consciential energies, he/she will maintain ... a state of constant energetic compensation (holochakral homeostasis). ...

p. 985

Holochakrology. Through transmissions of consciential energies (magnetic passes, laying on of hands ...), the extraphysical helpers can reinforce ... an individual, ... thus turning him/her into a sensitive; ... helping him/her produce a lucid projection; ... amplifying his/her extraphysical vision; or the amplification of the frequencies of the mentalsoma, thereby provoking the projection of the consciousness of the individual toward one of these frequencies, thus occurring {incurring} projection in the mentalsoma. ...


Coupling. In the consciential conditions of auric coupling, a type of common resonant junction {beating together of frequencies?} might occur between the frequencies of the thoughts and attitudes that are cultivated ... and the frequencies that are common to other ... consciousnesses, with or without the perception of the wakeful consciousness of the individual ... . ...


Objects. Objects that are impregnated with certain attitudes and sentiments ... by their owner, can affect persons who subsequently come to own them. This is because they resonate (... affinity) with the with the waves of sentiments that emanate from them (psychometry)."

{No actual harmonics would be involved in the propagation of thought (as erroneously stated by the author under "Idea"), since any harmonics would introduce disruptions and confusions into the thought to the extent of rendering it useless – the author in another context (under "Vital") even admitteth to this fact. (Harmonics are spurious vibrations at different frequencies from the originals, and usually have to be eliminated whenever they arise in electronics.) Resonance (vibration of something else at the same frequency as the original), however, can be useful; and so can the process of beating distinct frequencies together to produce another, difference frequency.}


Waldo Vieira (transl. from the Portuguese by Kevin & Simone de La Tour) : Projectiology : a Panorama of Experiences of Consciousness outside the Human Body. Rio de Janeiro : International Institute of Projectiology & Conscientiology, 2002.