Projectiology, XVII-end


XVII. (pp. 988-96) Open Epistles

518. (pp. 988-9) To the Reader

p. 988

the praesent society of capitalistic materialism : "this still pathological, superconsumeristic, anti-ecological intraphysical society".


a solution to the problem caused by materialistic philosophies, the solution being to become a revolutionary subversive : "The practice of lucid projection gradually makes the lucid projector become quite a revolutionary within materialist society".


"personal conditions that the lucid projector achieves :"

"freed", "self-sufficient", "self-discerner", "self-lucid consciential epicenter".

p. 989

"The stance ... regarding projectiology ... is probably the most defendable in an imperfect world (deficiencyland)".

519. (pp. 990-1) To Skeptics of Projection of the Consciousness

p. 990

"Restraint. We are aware that everything which is official, ... orthodox or fundamentalist {in capitalist-controlled society} constitutes a powerful restraint toward any and all intention for renewal. ... In general, scientists ... routinely negate everything they do not see or become used to not seeing. {The scientists, like all other workers, would be fired from their jobs immediately if they were to notice anything forbidden to them by their capitalist employers. They are afraid to admit this fact publicly, however, for the same reason.}


Taboos. There are still areas which are protected against scientific investigation by taboos because the dogmatic {frightened by capitalists} scientist – cloistered in orthodoxy {cloistered at the command of capitalists, just as monks and nuns are cloistered at the command of plutocratic nobility} ... – lives enslaved {by the capitalist-class, like all wage-slaves are enslaved} ... within the current extremely closed and corporate cultural world that goes not allow divergence.


Discovery. It is generally accepted that no discovery can be enthusiastically received if it conflicts with some existing interest {of the capitalist-class, or the plutocracy}, when it contradicts a point of view {not a view, really, but a rule enforced by the capitalist-class} of a scientific hierarchy {which is actually appointed by the capitalist-class, just as the ecclesiastic hierarchy is appointed by the plutocratic class of nobility} or when it collides head-on with scientific dogmas {which dogmata have been given their imprimatur by the capitalist-class}. ...


Scientist. ... Even renowned scientists can show themselves to be [irrational] and behave as irrationally {if not wishing to lose one’s job by contradicting one’s capitalist-masters can be designated as "irrational"} ... even when confronted with rigorous and irrefutable proof {which, if admitted to be valid proof by any "scientists", would cause such admitting scientists to be immediately fired from their jobs by their capitalist-masters} ... . ...

p. 991

Infallibility. ... These more stubborn and obstinate negators, compulsive skeptics and incredulous, unsubmissive individuals who always make anticipated judgements, are so convinced of their infallibility that they even doubt their own senses. {Such capitalist-dominated feigned "doubters" would rather praetend to "doubt" their own senses than be fired from their jobs and be ostracized by capitalist-controlled society.} One generally wastes time, logic and the effort expended with experimentation on these persons of retrograde mentality and narrow views ... .


Knowledge. The majority of authors of articles for technical magazines, unfortunately, do not have a more ample, multidisciplinary or universalistic knowledge ... in regard to international parapsychic research through the ages ... . They are therefore sometimes not able to realize the full significance of their own discoveries in terms of interdimensional exchange between consciousnesses. ...


Individualism. ... Radical or systematic skepticism blocks the possibility of any knowledge." {The only actual knowledge valued or used by capitalist-stooges is the knowledge of how to fabricate deliberate mendacities.}

520 (pp. 991-2) To Apriorists

p. 991

"Apriorism. ... with the method of pre-conception or ready and pre-fabricated rejection, any fact can be considered to be almost anything".

"Negation. The following are 5 absurd attitudes that cannot be taken seriously ... :

p. 992

1. The apriorists’ systematic, unfounded negation of the occurrences ... .

2. The act of negation due to sheer intellectual cowardice ... .

3. Negation ... in an ultra-orthodox complacence that is impermeable to experimental evidence or any rational argument.

4. Negation of facts that are persistent, ... because they affect other interests ... . {These facts affect (conflict against) the plutocratic interests of the capitalist-class.

5. Negation in order to feed an allergy to the future, evidencing retrograde tendencies, neophobia, misoneism [/miso-neism/ ‘hatred of the new’], opposing everything that is new."


"Psychologists. Certain psychologists still do not value, and even come to fear, the revolutionary implications of parapsychology".

"Magicians. There are professional ... illusionists ... who fear the real magic of parapsychology which, in some ways, turns all of them into real charlatans".

521. (pp. 993-4) To Parapsychologists

p. 993

"Principles. The 4 principles of parapsychism, namely transtemporal, transpacial {transspatial}, transphysical and transpersonal principles, constitute the characteristics that define the procedures of projectiology." {Of these 4 principles, the one most detested by capitalists would be the "transpersonal", which is incompatible with capitalists’ overwhelming personal greed.}


"Studies. ... Projectiology ... does, however, constitute a theme of study devoid of ideological-religious connotations". {The author (W.V.)’s philosophy hath [as explained by himself in other contexts] quite definite "ideological-religious connotations" (albeit ones strikingly unconventional in the capitalist-Christian world), namely the ideology of "cosmo-ethics" (faith in universal ethical principles) and the religion of "serenology" (collaboration with, or working alongside of, deities).}


"Perspectives. The researcher – parapsychologist ... psychotronist – who is a puzzle solver, must consider the field of projectiology to be an experimental science ... still undergoing inquiry."


"Control. Based on the supposition ... that everyone is potentially disposed toward parapsychism, it is then necessary that scientific research find a way to transform this aptitude into something more controllable, systematized

p. 994

and accessible to everyone in order to utilize it at will. This will result in incalculable practical benefits".


"Hypotheses. ... we suggest that parapsychologists ... conduct a long-term, panoramic, multidisciplinary, exhaustive survey ... regarding the essential aspects and phenomena of ... : telepathy; precognition; poltergeist; parapsychic therapies; ectoplasmy; and existential seriation."

522. (pp. 994-5) To Projectors

p. 994

"the most intelligent approach is not to fear the cooperation of qualified persons in their experiments;

the ideal is to allow their projective capacities to be tested;

allow erudite researchers to document the activities ...; ...

take advantage of those valuable periods of more intense lucid projections in series ... before the period of projective recess sets in."


"remind novice projectors: :


not to __

because (for, as) they __


"expect to exclusively produce fully lucid projections in the mentalsoma,

will inevitably also experience interspersed projections in the psychosoma"


"expect only to explore resplendent ... extraphysical communities and environments,

will also visit ... paratropospheric environments"

pp. 994-5

[p. 994] "expect to satisfy only their personal wishes in the extraphysical ...,

[p. 995] will have to assist others if they wish to progress extraphysically"

p. 995

"expect to continuously experience only projections in series,

[will also experience] periods of recess or inactivity"


"expect to sleep and always project with full lucidity,

are not able to eliminate ... dreams ... that ... coexist"


"Let us not try to force the honing of our projective capacity exclusively toward a singular objective, whether trying to project only in the psychosoma ..., or only in the mentalsoma, or wishing to solely achieve the goal of the supreme and immediate expansion of the consciousness through cosmoconsciousness. ... The efforts of the intraphysical projector should be simultaneously directed toward these 3".


"In view of existential programology and cosmoehtics, the more lucid intraphysical consciousness needs to seek out ... and ... achieve megafraternity and rationally justified abnegation."

"all consciential evolution ... is achieved gradually, step-by-step, projection by projection, strong trait by strong trait, interweaving this intraphysical existence with the next through consciential self-relays."

"The manner in which one approaches projectiology will always be more constructive for the projector and for everyone involved when it is universalistic, from a philosophical point of view".


XVIII. (pp. 997-1095) International Bibliography of Projectiology

523. (pp. 999, 1002-3) Clarifications

p. 999

periodicals :-




LIGHT (London)






p. 1002

authors of books on topics :-

"internal autoscopy" Sollier

"cosmic consciousness" Bucke

"near-death experience" Sabom

"panoramic vision" Bozzano

"exteriorization of motricity" Rochas

"exteriorization of sensitivity" Rochas

"human parateleportation" Fodor

"xenophrenia" Tart

"human aura" Kilner

"extraphysical invisibility" Richards

"extraphysical clothing" Crookall

"helpers" Crookall

"animism or mediumship" Bozzano

p. 1003

books, written 1986-1998, on lucid projections :-

Atwater, P. M. H : Beyond the Light. NY :Birch Lane Pr, 1994.

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pp. 1098-9, 1101-2, 1104--12 Glossary of Projectiology



its meaning



"The thosene specific to the ... male.



"The thosene specific to the ... intraphysical consciousness."



"The deactivation and discarding of the holochakra after the first desoma".



"The thosene having a sluggish flow".


clarification task

"The advanced assistential task of elucidation".



"The hypothetical unit of measurement of lucidity of the ... consciousness."



"(con + for) – The interaction of content (idea, essence) with form (presentation, language)".



"The telepathic, non-symbolic idiom that is the native language in the consciential dimensions".



"The thosene specific to conscientese".



"The same as the holochakra, the specific vehicle of the intraphysical consciousness’s consciential energy (CE)."



"The principle of cause and effect ..., when centered exclusively on the ego itself."



"The didactic technique of processing texts based on informative self-critiquing."


free consciousness

"The free consciousness is situated in the evolutionary hierarchy above Homo sapiens serenissumus."



"Immanent energy (IE) deriving from the and absorbed by the intraphysical consciousness through the pre-kundalini. ... telluric energy."



"the condition of evolutivity in group."



"The state of individual free will, when connected to the evolutionary group."



"The thosene specific to feminine".



"the unit of measurement in telepathy".



"Heuristic thosene; ... unit of measurement of invention".


immanent energy

"(IE) – Energy that is ... diffuse and dispersed in all objects or realities of the universe, in an omnipotent fashion. ... It is too subtle to be discovered and detected by existing technological equipment."


intraphysical consciousness



locked existence

"Human experience or lifetime without the production or lucid projections (LPs); ... human life with only unconscious ... projections that are characteristic of ... paracoma".



"The thosene specific to FCs or free consciousnesses."


orgastic aura

"The holochakral energy of facies sexualis of the man or woman at the precise moment of sexual orgasm or the climax of the sex act."



"Ample and sophisticated multimodal parapsychic writing."


penile aura

"The sexochakral energy around the penis, notably when in erection".



"The rudimentary thosene of a plant".



"The principle of cause and effect .., when centered in the sense of and the experience of cosmic maxifraternity, beyond egokarma and groupkarma."



"The secondary plantar (sole of the foot) chakra. There are two plantochakras in the holosoma".



"the primary cause of the universe".



"The emotional parabody ... : astral body."



"(sen + e) – Sentiment and consciential energy."



"The rapidly flowing thoseene, pertaining to the tachypsychic (quick-thinking) ... consciousness."



"The same as holothosene."



"(theor + ice) -- ... combined theory and practice".



"(tho + sen) – Thought and sentiment."



"The state of human consciousness outside the ... pattern of the ordinary, physical waking state ...; altered state of consciousness."



‘The thosene of the sub-human animal".



p. 1207 Consciousness Research Groups (CRGs)




Intraphysical Society





sympathic de-assimilation

Information Technology Group


leading-edge communication

Group of Existential Inverters

existential invertology


Group of Existential Recyclers

existential recyclology




interdimensional assistance

Leading-edge Research Group



p. 1212 IIPC Research Complex

"The IIPC Research Complex ... in ... Brasi`lia – is ... IIPC’ official research headquarters ... . The first segment is the Public Library of Conscientiology".

The Po`lo Digital is the electronic bulletin of the Complex distributed by free subscription".

p. 1213 International Academy of Conscientiology (IAC)

"The International Academy of Conscientiology ... was founded in 2000 ... . ... IAC is situated in Evoramonte in the Alentejo regionj of southern Portugal ... (the Alentejo region is considered the largest cork producing region in the world)".

pp. 1215-6 Center for Higher Studies of the Consciousness (CHSC)

p. 1215

"The Center for Higher Studies of the Consciousness (CHSC) ... was established on July 15, 1995, in Iguassu Falls, State of Parana`, Brazil. ... With a seating capacity of 600, many activities are conducted in the Exhibition Hall".

p. 1216

"The Consciential Self-Research Laboratories are among the tools offered by CHSC ... . ... Although seemingly simple from an intraphysical standpoint, the laboratories are sphisticated in terms of paratechnology (extraphysical technology). ...

There are currently 16 Consciential Self-research Laboratories at CHSC :

Vibrational State (VS),

Energetic Signage,

Existential Programming,

Penta (Personal Energetic Task),








Waking Physical Immobility,


Evolutionary Duo,

Projective Techniques and


p. 1217 other locations

"There are three Theorice cooperatives in operation in Brazil : in

Iguassu Falls (state of Parana`),

Venda Nova do Imigrante (state of Espiritu Santo) and

Sa~o Paulo (state capital)."

"Founded in April 2001, ... ARACE^ will pass on information generated by the Theorical cooperatives to intraphysical society. Its headquarters are located in Venda Nova do Imigrante".


Waldo Vieira (transl. from the Portuguese by Kevin & Simone de La Tour) : Projectiology : a Panorama of Experiences of Consciousness outside the Human Body. Rio de Janeiro : International Institute of Projectiology & Conscientiology, 2002.

N.B. The author (W.V.)’s terminology is misleading, his usage of terms being quite different from the accepted conventions (used, e.g., by the Theosophical Society), as well as from their literal expected meanings. Thus, /desoma/ ought to mean (instead of ‘death’, which is properly /thanatos/) going ‘out of body’, a meaning which he labeleth /projection/ instead. /Projection/ ought literally to mean ‘throwing (or ‘being thrown’) forth’ as a projectile – this could properly imply being released from the cycle of metempsychosis, as indicated in the Qabbalist figure-of-speech of the soul’s being ‘whirled around as is a slingshot [before its being released from the sling]’ to signify ‘cycle of metempsychosis’.

The author’s term /sexochakra/, defined as the residence of the Kundalini, is not a site usually regarded as that of any cakra. The author’s /coronochakra/ is, properly, not a cakra (‘wheel") either, for it is never repraesented in the form of a wheel.

The author’s term /holochakra/ is not anything regarded as a "cakra" (and if it were, it ought to be termed /sarvacakra/ instead), but is actually instead what is usually termed the /pran.a-maya-kos`a/. The author’s /holosoma/ is the /dehakaya/ (material-body + subtle-bodies).

The author maketh mention of the genuine cakra-s only as a means for "self-desoma" (a praeternatural mode of suicide, advocated by the author). All the cakra-s, however, permeate all the kaya-s; and are responsible involved in most praeternatural effects.

The author’s macaronic Latin praeposition +Hellenic substantive compounds are neologisms, unlikely ever to come into widespread usage; some of his other neologisms (the sort confined to a single language) may, however, prove more felicitous.