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Appendix 2 bibliography

books by Alice A. Bailey

(published by Lucis Pr) :

Esoteric Astrology

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

Esoteric Psychology -- I

Esoteric Psychology -- II

A Treatise on White Magic

The Rays and the Initiations

Letters on Occult Meditation

Esoteric Healing

books by Vee van Dam

(published by Skoob Bks) :

The Psychic Explorer

The Power of Mind & Consciousness


sections 0-1A.


0. (pp. 1-3) "Introduction".

0. pp. 2-3 conventions in spelling of pronouns (to indicate either male or female gendre)

p. 2

s/he (‘she’ or ‘he’) & hir (‘his’ or ‘her’)

p. 3

"The pronoun s-he is used specifically to imply an hermaphroditic being."

also the word "god/dess" (either ‘god’ or ‘goddess’)

0. pp. 1-3 author’s experience in out-of-the-body events

p. 1

"years of personal psychic exploration, which started early one summer’s morning in 1967 when I found myself outside of my body, hovering in space over the southern Atlantic ocean – and looking down at a beautiful planet, the Earth ..., from about 20,000 kilometres up."

{I also on one occasion was looking down on the earth (specifically, Ceylon & southern India), from at least 1,000 miles above. I, however, was on that occasion disembodied.}


"And so ... I discovered several things all at once ... :

p. 2

(1) ... that I was having a holiday from incarnation ...

(2) That I could displace myself through space at colossal speeds, just by willing it ... .

(3) That other planets are accessible while out of the body.

(4) That there is a link between one’s body of projection and

p. 3

one’s physical body ..."

"Then several years later I learned how to induce out-of-the-body-experiences more or less at will".


section 1A "Methods of Projection".

1.17 (p. 12) scan ripples

"imagine a ring of force going up and down your body repeatedly from head to feet. This in fact may happen spontaneously, and if it does ... it feels usual or even fairly dramatic. You may feel yourself projecting shortly afterwards."

{This is a Manchu technique.}

1.18 (p. 13) popping sound

"Just before or at the moment when a projection occurs you may hear a popping sound also, or else a cracking sound".

1.19 (p. 13) circumambient light

"you may also experience an all pervading light all around you after a while. This may present itself to you as a pale, opalescent whitish glow, or as an orange light. This is a relatively sire sign that your Astral Body is ready to project."

1.20 (p. 13) sudden light

"Just before you find yourself projecting you may experience a sudden light turning itself on within your head – this is another indication that your Astral Body is ready to project, and it may do so without any extra effort on your part."

{The light within the head is likewise experienced by, e.g., Eskimo shamans.}

1.21 (pp. 13-4) astral-world anchoring

p. 13

"Once you begin to perceive things astrally your consciousness then becomes

p. 14

anchored in the Astral world ... . By focusing your attention fully on what you see of the astral domain you can keep your consciousness anchored there".

1.27 (pp. 17-8) planes of existence

p. 17

"the Astral Plane ... is the zone where we dream".


"The Mental Plane ... could be said to be structural".


"The Higher Mental Plane (or Higher Manas in Sanskrit ...), where things are very

p. 18

archetypal and often abstract in nature".


"The Intuitional Plane (Buddhi), ... producing a certain type of experiential ecstasy, and a feeling or conscious perception of at-One-ment with all Life."


"The Power Plane, or Plane of ... Purpose (Atma), on which ... is ... planetary and cosmic Purpose."


"The Seed Plane (Monad), where ... our perspective becomes God/dess-like and seemingly infinite in scope."

{"infinite Consciousness" is likewise the name of a Bauddha heaven.}


"The Systemic Plane (Adi), which represents the Consciousness of the whole ... System as a Spiritual Entity".

1.35 (p. 26) astral sexuality

"you may put out a welcoming beam to another astral, who may or may not respond to it ... . .. it is possible to use the magnetic energy of the heart power-point to attract a would-be astral lover, and then subsequently, if a meeting does indeed take place, to bind yourself in union with that being using the power of your heart ... . Many astrals will respond quite warmly to love and to sexual intercourse, and usually without any inhibition".

1.38 (pp. 29-30) shock

p. 29

"One of the notable effects of coming back into the physical body too fast after having been in the projected state – especially for a long while, or having gone some distance away – is a sensation of shock to the solar plexus, which can take several minutes, and sometimes hours, to subside."

p. 30

"Waking up suddenly can also produce this sense of shock to the solar plexus – a clear indication that the one who was asleep or dreaming was involved in astral activity."

1.41 (pp. 31-2) spiral

p. 31

"the Kundalini force, when it rises from its resting place in the Base chakra (at the bottom of the spine), spirals up the spine towards the higher power-points".

p. 32

"It is possible to spiral out of the physical body ... . However one of the drawbacks is that it can require a supreme effort of will and imagination to stop the spinning."

1.43 (p. 33) head-centres; rocketting in crown cakra projection

"the head centres are ...

"the Alta Major (just above where the spine meets the base of the skull),

the Ajna (pineal ...), and

the Crown chakra (pituitary relationship, which projects itself to the top of the head)".

"Projecting through the Crown chakra tends to induce rocketting – the Astral Body departs at high speed and it is usually almost impossible for the projector to control ... . The effect is usually one of being surrounded by intense white light and of moving extremely fast".

1.45 (pp. 34-6) target-projection

p. 34

"Target design can be ... a yantra – a number of interlocked triangles with specific angles,

p. 35

and with a black dot at the centre. ... The ancient Tibetans used these yantras for astral star travel and inner Plane journeys".

"Targets can be ... specific places around the world, or even ... on other planets ... . ... At a more personal level, you can focus on the image and feeling of a friend, and thus reach hir at the location where s/he is. This may also result in an encounter with this friend on the Astral Plane; however, do not necessarily expect this friend to be conscious of this meeting at the physical plane level. Conversely, ... in the process you may also enter into a form of telepathic exchange,

p. 36

... and maybe even a fusion of consciousness. ... for instance, one can foresee that some of us will be in a position to procure advance information for the star travellers of the future – projectors such as Ingo Swann have already proved this point ... . The matter of star travel raises new technological questions, such as


how to raise the vibrational frequencies of a spacecraft and its occupants in order to access the Astral Plane and then travel at the speed of thought, and subsequently re-enter physical space at the end of a journey by lowering the vibrational frequencies back to the physical state. ...

{This procedure is done quite routinely by UFO mother-ships, which have often thusly transported human passengers in round-trips to distant star-systems.}


It is in this field that Science will leap ahead .. to speed up vibrational frequencies by using consciousness and power-input – including the para-electrical energy of the Monad. Meanwhile some of us may learn how to transmute our own body frequencies ... , and dematerialize and rematerialize at will, and go wherever we wish!"

1.47 (pp. 37-8) windows & doors

p. 37

"If you go up to the same astral window repeatedly you might be surprised to find that different views present themselves each time around. ... In this sense windows and doors are very useful because they permit instant access to different places – all you have to do is move through the window or door, and you are there, in that location. ...

One of the oddities of moving through windows is that, on the one hand, you might find that you cannot penetrate through

p. 38

the window pane, or else you will find yourself able to move through it and then you may find yourself stuck midway ... . ... Likewise you may experience difficulty in opening doors."

1.48 (pp. 38-9) holes & tunnels

p. 38

"A hole may present itself hovering in the air – you can fly into it and find yourself immediately elsewhere. Or maybe you will yourself going through a tunnel, which may be long or

p. 39

short, and eventually find yourself in another location – tunnels often prove to be very useful in order to access far away places, particularly off-planet. ...

While tunnels are usually tube-shaped they can also be

square-shaped or hexagonal, or triangular.

What these tunnels consist of ... -- ...

some seem primitive and rugged, or even soft and spongy,

while others may appear highly polished and dense-looking; ...

others seem to be made of light, and

others are so darkly lit that they can scarcely seen at all."

1.52 (p. 43) cluster-projections

"Cluster projections are a number of sequential OBEs which all happen within a short space of time – i.e. by going in and out of your physical body repeatedly."

1.61 (p. 51) signature

"another stellar system is where newness becomes truly apparent; each system has its own feeling and ambient energy signature."

1.62 (pp. 51-3) Mental Projection; aitheric projection

p. 51

"Mental Projection ... is possible to project one’s consciousness anywhere in the world, and beyond the world while retaining part of one’s consciousness active within the physical body simultaneously."

{This would be bilocation.}

p. 52

"Mental Projection dovetails eventually into Buddhic Projection".

"Another kind of projection ... is Etheric Projection – where ... you can perceive the physical world and physical people. Your etheric hands, etc., will usually go right through physical objects ... .

In fact most people when they physically \die can still see the physical plane, or a while, but they can no longer interact with it ... . ...

People who go out of their bodies while these are under the influence of anaesthetic ..., or subsequent to ...

p. 53

accidents, and so on, can also find themselves temporarily in an etheric projected state."

1.64 (pp. 54-5) Monroe Institute

p. 54

"Robert Monroe at the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences (USA) has done ... more ... to explore the practical value of Astral Projection ... . An article in OMNI magazine, Vol. 6, No. 10, July 1984, gives a brief glimpse into his work ... . His book, JOURNEYS OUT OF THE BODY (Corgi, ISBN 0 552 09531, paperback, and Souvenir Press,

p. 55

hardback), is considered a classic in this area ... .

There are already devices which can help you project, such as Monroe’s hemi-sync audio machines, which feed, for instance, a 100 Hertz frequency into one ear, and a 104 Hertz frequency into the other ear – the difference, 4 Hertz, represents the predominant brain frequency at the moment of projection."


Vee van Dam : The Psychic Explorer. Skoob Bks Publ, London, 1989.