Psychic Explorer, 1B-2


section 1B "Advanced Methods of Projection".

1.67 (pp. 57-8) kinetic triangle

p. 57

"see a bright white light ... and make it flash ... . ... . ... increase the speed of the moving light ..., and keep this going ...

p. 58

-- until it is so fast that the image of the light is continuous".

1.68 (p. 58) point within triangle

"As the Triangle duplicates itself and tapers off ..., it creates a vanishing point ... – especially if you have manage to switch it into astral mode. It has also created a tunnel which an impart energy to your Astral Body."

1.69 (p. 59) circle-spiral

"STAGE 1 As the tapered triangulated tunnel forms itself and before/at the moment of/or after projection takes place you can DELIBERATELY allow or initiate the tunnel to twist (clockwise) – while keeping your flight linear ... . ... As the tunnel twists (under your full control), and as it does so faster and faster, it will create a geometric kaleidoscope ... . ...

STAGE 2 ... Increase the speed of the rotating light, until the circle becomes a continuous light ... . Alternatively, when the circle becomes a continuous light turn it into a tapering SPIRAL – feel the Kundalini force within you projecting through the spiral at high velocity, and move with it".

1.70 (pp. 60-1) variations

p. 60

"You can also learn to bend the tunnel so as to derive extra energy from the curvature – long, easy curves are the most useful for reaching far-way places. The longer you stay in the curved tunnel and charge up your Astral Body, the further away you can project – in this way it is possible to access other star systems; and if you are singularly adept you can access other galaxies – although this is usually undertaken as a Spiritual group, and not as an individual.

Short curves will either drive you to relatively close-by locations, or into oblivion ... . Oblivion or The Total Void (or the Abyss, as it is often referred to in traditional esoteric texts) is a perfectly safe place to be in providing you do not allow your fears to overwhelm you. ...

p. 61

With a much greater ability than you are likely to develop immediately you can learn to use short curves in order to access totally alien and totally bewildering levels, which have little if anything in common with the human consensus of reality."

1.71 (pp. 61-2) infinity vanishing-point & kinetic "whoosh"

p. 61

"The Infinity Vanishing Point ... is called the bindu point ... . ... The Infinity Vanishing Point is an actual representation of the focusing power of the projector – if s/he unleashes the Kundalini force ... s/he can then focus it on this Point, and vanish! ... . The resultant effect is a whoosh of energy and speed, and our projector finds hirself elsewhere".

p. 62

"You will need humour to tackle the Beyond."

1.73 (pp. 62-4) bubble-projection

p. 62

"at the moment of projection you will need to bundle all your energies into a ball of astral fire...

{likewise, "shamans of the Alaska Eskimos may metamorphose into a ball of fire and fly through space" (D&IS, p. 206)}


an Astral Body which is a ball of fiery energies -- ...

{this is actually the "fiery causal body" (KYOD, p. 127)}

p. 63

one which can see globally through 360 degrees three-dimensionally; one which can extend energy-feelers in any direction in order to touch things. Now ... you can feel the axis of this miniature sun-star; its spine, if you will. Around this sun-star there is an invisible energy-field – its aura; the aura in centred on (1) the midpoint of the sphere, (2) the polar axis of the sphere. ...

At the moment of projection you must encapsulate your astral energies into the sun-star shape, without leaving any gaps – i.e. you need to create a perfect energy seal. ... If you want to increase the power of your conscious resolution, speed up the rate of the energy cycling through your fireball and increase the size of your aura-field."

p. 64

"The second bubble technique involves becoming aware of the aura-field around your Astral Body projected in human shape."

D&IS = Holger Kalweit (transl. by Werner Wu:nsche) : Dreamtime & Inner Space. Shambhala, Boston, 1988.

KYOD = Elizabeth Clare Prophet : Kuan Yin Opens the Door to the Golden Age. Summit U Pr, 1982.

1.74 (pp. 64-5) using anima or animus as guide

p. 64

"If you are presently incarnated as a man then you have an anima, and you are a woman then you have an animus. Essentially it is the counter-polar part of yourself at the sexual level. ...

{According to Zaratustrian doctrine, one’s guardian-angel is of opposite sexual gendre from the sexual gendre of one’s material body.}


You can learn to meet up with your anima/animus during projection and allow yourself to be guided by hir. .. Hir sense of reality is quite different to that of your personality self, and s/he operates and lives on the Higher sub-levels of the Mental Plane, at the fringe or boundary of the Buddhic Plane. As the human side of an individual spirit evolves towards a conscious contact with the inner Planes s/he ...

p. 65

begins to shower the personality self with Buddhic information and energies."

1.75 (pp. 65-6) becoming the anima or animus

p. 65

"you can also elect to merge into the apparent body of projection of your anima/animus, and explore things astrally as a merged entity. ... .

p. 66

... as things progress from there you will find yourself not only accepting this process of fusion with your complementary-opposite polarity and your essentially androgynous nature, you will also become flexible enough to be one things on one level (man or woman), and another on the Higher Planes. In this way you can ... eventually emerge transcendent as an androgynous being on the Buddhic, Atmic and Monadic Planes."

[1.76 ("Addressing the Higher Self") & 1.77 ("The Extra-terrestrial Factor") are omitted from this (Skoob) edition.]

1.78 (p. 67) the 7 Cosmic Planes



its nature



"Solar Plane"



"Central Point in the Spiritual Triangle"






"Androgynous Consciousness"



"Spiritual Intellect"



"Astral Psyche"





section 2 "Dreams and Astral Projection"

2.1 (pp. 68-70) the link between dreams & astral-projection

p. 69

"if you want anything all you have to do is create it mentally, use it, and then let it dissolve".

{Actually, anything created in a dream must be created by the dream-deities; who may, however, create without disclosing themselves, and even [quite politely] use the dreamer’s wishes as basis for their creations.}

p. 70

"The natural energies of the Astral Plane ... are a function of a higher Deva called Varuna, who is the Astral Plane Deva."

{Varun.a is, according to the Veda, an Asura.}

2.2 (pp. 72-4) the astral dream-world

p. 72

"The world of astral dreams is like a dream-scape of bubbles, or each bubble belongs to a sentient being (whether human, or no-human)."

{Actually, the enclosure-bubbles are of the causal plane.}

p. 73

"our personal dream worlds are composed of the following ... :

-- the dreams of the elemental groups within both our physical and Astral bodies

-- the dreams of other types of elementals

-- devic information".

p. 74

These personal elementals are "microscopic being which surround us, and which compose the energies of our lower (lunar) bodies."

"Astral humans can also invade our dreams, and take part in the dream dramas we experience."

2.3 (pp. 74-5) taking dreams over consciously

p. 74

"you have to be aware first of all that you are dreaming -- ... this will awaken your second attention ... and lead you into a state of lucid dreaming; then to full Astral consciousness. ... . ... as soon as you

p. 75

realise that you are dreaming, then grab this opportunity immediately and ... as soon as your attention is fully awake you will perceive the external Astral world."

2.4 (pp. 75-8) psychology

p. 75

"much which passes for psychology, even today, ... bears little resemblance to reality.

p. 76

For as long as certain branches of psychology deviate into purely biological/animalistic/behaviourial interpretations, the mysteries of the psyche will not be known.


The psyche is the domain of the Mental Plane ... . ...

It is possible to interpret the elements of a projection ..., and related these to specific conditions which we have experienced as individuals ... . However, this interpretation can be ... erroneous ..., for almost everything which we experience at the physical level is first experienced in essence on the Astral level – therefore it becomes not so much a case of working out which physical experience has given rise to which astral experience, but which astral experience has given rise to which physical experience. ... If our physical experiences are symbolic representations of what happens to us on the Astral Plane, then it follows that much of the science of psychology is way off beam.

Before we come into incarnation we are individuals who have set patterns ... . When we come into incarnation we carry these patterns with us, and they immediately determine ... the sort of parents we choose ... . ...

p. 77

All of us live on several levels simultaneously, and ... can co-exist quite separately, without interfering with experiences we have on the physical plane. ... Our personalities, as we experience these on the physical plane, may well be influenced by aspects of ourselves living on other Planes ... . ...

In fact as soon as we are in a conscious state of projection other rules take over ... – as projectors we do not ... even question this fact ... . The adaptation or change of mental state is

p. 78

immediate and automatic ...; it is not a ... decision on our part".

"It is only as we grow in our awareness of these other Planes that our lives begin to become more complete, and eventually more truly holistic or synergistic. ... the conscious experience of Astral Projection affects our normal consciousness ... –

it turns our life about;

it questions everything we have been taught or led to believe;

it opens up a vast horizon of possibilities at the conscious level;


it makes an absolute mockery of practically all religious dogmas

{What it makes mockery of is Christianity; but it confirms Taoist and Hindu dogmata. It is also identical with mediaeval European witchcraft (transvection of witches).}


... and that is my no means the end of it. ...

What all this represents in psychological guise is tremendous ... – it is beyond the framework of human society ...; in the future, when Astral Projection and Higher States of Consciousness will have been universally recognised as fact ..., it will become incorporated into the matrix of societal concerns and experience, and then everyone will be presumably busy at it!"


Vee van Dam : The Psychic Explorer. Skoob Bks Publ, London, 1989.