Psychic Explorer, 3.


section 3 "Difficulties of Astral Projection".

3.2 (pp. 80-1) process of incarnation : vortex force

p. 80

"The bonding force which keeps the physical and Astral bodies together during periods of physical wakefulness is very strong ... . This force is the same one (in essence) as the one which draws an astral human down into incarnation; before birth it becomes a powerful vortex force whose effect can be felt on the Astral Plane, and the individual begins progressively to lose Astral consciousness, and then get pulled down into the developing foetus, to which s/he becomes firmly attached. ... Once the bond is formed it will hold the individual anchored to that particularly biological body, except during certain periods of sleep when s/he effectively projects astrally ...;

p. 81

then later at physical death, when the bond is ... snapped ... .

Therefore projecting astrally at a conscious level ... is an artificial induction".

3.5 (pp. 81-2) general energy turbulence

p. 81

"Once a projector has reached the Floating State {hypnagogia} the bonding force is usually quite negligible ... however, ... it can spring back to life quite suddenly ... .

p. 82

Powerful energies can begin to course up and down ..., preventing projection . The turbulence which ensues can feel like energy knots ... and these may ... give rise to .. feeling twisted within the physical body."

3.7 (p. 82) friction fire

"The advent of this type of force is like a raging fire which appears to be fanned from the feet to the head by a raging wind – very dramatic ... . This in effect charges up the Astral Body, and projection can occur quite spontaneously under these conditions."

3.8 (p. 83) magnetic fire

"magnetic forces can sometimes be seen clairvoyantly as fluid-like energy moving around within the periphery of the aura of the projector. These are very potent forces, and learning to harness these is part of the basic lessons of projection".

3.9 (p. 83) electric fire

"It does not normally come into play until certain esoteric connections have been made between a couple of power-points – one at the junction of the spine and the skull, and another a short distance above it (the Alta Major). When this connection or rainbow bridge, as it is often called, as been finally completed ..., ... the effect becomes electric".

3.10 (p. 84) fire-flares

Prior to projection you may experience flare-ups of one, two, or all three of these types of fire, producing a variety of conditions and effects".

3.11 (p. 84) crackling sounds

"During these flare-ups you may hear crackling sounds – these are ... etheric and/or astral in nature."

3.12 (p. 84) explosive sounds

"By the same token you may hear explosive sounds – either muffled, and usually of very short duration, or crisp and varying in intensity. ... Low frequency rumblings may also be experienced."

3.13 (p. 85) ringing sounds

"Before projections takes place, and before and after many other types of psychic experiences ..., you may hear ringing sounds in your ears – in both ears simultaneously, or in one or the other; and either near or distant, or else travelling nearby. These sounds can be ringing tones of your head chakras, or else they can emanate from the power-focus of an Adept who may be checking up on your ... progress. ... Very pure and very high-pitched frequencies can sometimes be heard as well – especially from the para-chakras above the head."

3.14 (p. 85) wrenching sensation

"Sometimes as you project and when the bonding force is still very strong, you may experience a wrenching-like sensation as the bodies separate, accompanied by fiery disturbances and tearing sounds ... all very dramatic".

3.16 (p. 86) eye of the storm

"The eye of a cyclone has a calm centre; in a manner of speaking you also have an eye through which you can project – this is your Ajna, or Third Eye. Whenever you experience these storms the best place to project from is this centre."

3.17 (p. 86) the moment after

"you may rise out of your physical body into a shower of bright light descending on you like sparks or globules of incandescence; your consciousness will unfold spontaneously like a flower".

3.20 (p. 88) diet

"A ... vegan or vegetarian diet is recommended – it ... produces much less by way of ... karmic ties with animals".

3.21 (p. 88) influences

"Anyone who is psychic in any way ... may become aware of the presence of a variety of astral entities around hir, prior to, and at the moment of projection. If these beings ... feel negative, however, then do not induce projection."

3.23 (pp. 90-1) playful spirits

p. 90

"Some of the beings you may encounter prior to projection are just playful ... . ... These may be astral humans, or they may other types of beings – of devic nature. Astral humans are most likely to get at you quasi-sexually; they may touch you, or hold you down, while others might try and initiate sexual (astral) intercourse with you;


this will usually have more to do with lust than it will have to do with love".

{The "lust" involved will be the astral humans’ demonstrating to deities that they would like to contract (of to extend) their marital relationships with deities of the opposite gendre from themselves. It is mere "lust" insofar as any other out-of-body person on whom they are so demonstrating is concerned; but it could entail proposals of "true love" for the divine beings with whom they are enfianced.}

p. 91

"Treating their efforts with tolerance and loving humour will usually win them over ... ."

3.26 (p. 92) grey spirits

"There are numerous beings who are neither of the Light nor of the Darkness ... . ... Some transcend duality, and they appear to be paradoxical in their nature".

3.27 (p. 93-5) alien spirits

p. 93

"The Cosmos is peopled by innumerable types of beings – an Occultist, who will also be a projector, may encounter beings who live on this Earth unbeknownst to the better part of mankind. Other beings originate from elsewhere. ...

p. 94

Some of the more evolved Space Groups are immensely powerful ... . Their radiance is so great that to interact with them has a tendency to ... supercharging our auras ... . What his can do to our consciousness has to be experienced to be believed ... . Much of the information has to be globally assessed, because the details are too numerous to be held in – even during states of

p. 95

accelerated consciousness. These beings have ways of mitigating the effects ..., yet the mere intrusion of their presence into our Planes of existence can supercharge these levels as well ... some of them (notably a Being/Group referred to in certain esoteric circles as Synthesis) been approaching the Earth ... to give us a chance to adapt to their energies ... . ... there is absolutely nothing anyone can (or should try and) do to stop them coming here – they are part of the intention of the planetary Earth Spirit".

"Certain Intermediate Groups are far more accessible ... . Exchanges with these can be strong enough to totally revolutionise one’s life".

3.28 (pp. 95-8) difficulties during projection

p. 95

"Many of these difficulties are perceptual ones ... . Visual difficulties are the most prominent. One can project, only to find that


one’s astral eyelids have remained closed, either obscuring sight altogether, or reducing it substantially --

{cf. "the fate of Grandfather Sleep, whose eyelids had grown to enormous proportions" (MFB, p. 71).}


it is possible for the Ajna {/ajn~a/ ‘pineal gland’} to see when the astral eyes are shut,

{Balor : "the men that were with him would lift the eyelid with a ring of ivory." (G&FM, pt. I, bk. II)}


yet the visual sense is likely to be somewhat foggy; things appear indistinct, or else muted or washed out. ...

p. 96

On occasions only darkness will be seen, and yet it is possible to project blind and go about touching things in the Astral environment – if this happens to be one’s bedroom or some other known place ... this is ... not ... disorienting ... . ...


If you try and open your astral eyelids you may provoke a spontaneous reaction on the part of your physical body ..., thus terminating the projection {exploding and disintegrating it} --

{Balor’s eyelid was lifted : "Trees exploded to his left, rocks disintegrated to his right" ("BEE").}


unless you consciously bi-locate, and find yourself in both your Astral and physical bodies simultaneously ... .

This reaction is a communication of intent between the bodies, via the energy-umbilical cord. It takes a bit of practice to prevent this from happening ... . If you want to see objects more clearly ..., yet without trying to open your astral eyelids ..., hold an object in your (astral) hands, and feel its shape and texture. Then suddenly you may find that you can see perfectly without any further difficulty – your astral eyelids have opened of their own accord."

p. 97

"There are powerful beings on the Astral Plane which can only be described as fantasist, and they may subject you to a series of absolutely illogical situations just to see how you deal with them ... . Some of these events can be very beautiful and colourful".

p. 98

"Your mind may develop a tendency ... which may plague you repeatedly from projection to projection – such as ... getting stuck in walls or window panes as you move through them".

MFB = Jonathan D. Hill : Made-From-Bone. U of IL Pr, 2009. [Wakue`nai myth]

G&FM = Lady Augusta Gregory : Gods and Fighting Men. 1904.

"BEE" = "Balor of the Evil Eye"

3.29 (pp. 98-9) turbulent re-entries

p. 98

"If you think of your physical body, returning to it is often immediate – there may be occasions when you find it difficult to line your bodies up so that they coincide perfectly; your Astral Body may slip around a bit ... . ...

p. 99

Sometimes you may end up feeling twisted within your physical body – take a cold shower or bath".

3.30 (p. 99) collision with one’s own material body

"If you have projected over a great distance (for instance, to another planet, or somewhere in deep space, but not necessarily that far away), and then suddenly your energy-umbilical cord reacts and draws you back at some enormous speed, you may end up slamming into your physical body. This may produce a great shock to your system which may take several minutes or hours to wear off."


Vee van Dam : The Psychic Explorer. Skoob Bks Publ, London, 1989.