Psychic Explorer, 4.


section 4 "Encountres on the Astral Plane".

4.1 (p. 101) meeting astral entities

"Meeting an astral deva will seem a little different ... -- ... they can also remain unseen ... (and this is usually the case).

You can also meet friends, or their counterparts or analogue selves on this level.

There are other types of beings for which no concise definition can be offered ... -- ... they can present themselves in a variety of forms."

4.2 (pp. 101-3) astral dead human souls

p. 101

"At discarnation (i.e. physical death) people release their Astral Bodies, and therefore their consciousness, back to the Astral Plane. ... these people will tend to gravitate to the astral sub-level of nearest affinity, in other worlds, the one which best represents their state of consciousness at that time. They will live there awhile, and participate in the existing societies on that sub-level; there is no specific length or duration of their sojourn here – although by way of generalisation


the lesser evolved {viz., vicious} tend to stay here for long periods ..., whereas the more evolved {viz., benevolent} often tend to reincarnate sooner.

{To delay the incarnation of the vicious is to delay (and decrease the proportion of) their perpetrating harm in the world; to hasten the incarnation of the benevolent is to hasten (and increase the proportion of) their implementing benefit in the world.}

p. 102

Once they accept that they have in fact died physically, they will have the opportunity to review what they have done, or not done, during their last incarnation. In a sense one could liken this to a period of debriefing ... .

However, ... over a period of time usually, each individual then has to die astrally, and then mentally, ... before precipitating the fragment back downwards again with a view to seeking a new embodiment in matter. Each person will be helped in hir choice of future incarnation by beings who act as guides, teachers, or in some cases as facilitators. ...


There are seven sub-levels to the Astral Plane, which all dove-tail into each other; therefore discarnates can usually pass from one sub-level to another ... . Nevertheless, those who harbour too much negativity {ill-will} cannot usually rise beyond the first two sub-levels. ... the Astral Plane is much the same as ... the physical plane, ranging from"


__ individuals

who reside on the __ sub-plane



upper 3








"emotionally afflicted"





p. 103

"The Astral Plane ... appears to include concurrent time zones, therefore you can find yourself in the present, the past, slightly ahead in the future, or in what may seem like the far future ... . ...

{These so-called "time zones" are actually theatrical-style mock-ups, merely simulating other historical eras.} {An actual time zone is neither in the past nor in the future, but is merely labeled as if so.}


Therefore you can expect to experience these different time zones during the projected state."

4.3 (pp. 103-4) astral deva-s

p. 103

"Devas are the beings who are literally the embodiment of energy; they are responsible for the construction of the Planes. Those who are astral are the embodiment of the energies of the Astral Plane. There are various types of astral devas, and these range from small nature spirits to enormously powerful entities who preoccupy themselves with the organisation of various activities which regulate, maintain, inspire, and improve on the energy conditions to be found on this Plane ... .


... here is a shortened account ... of the activity of a small nature deva :

"... I saw a small, ovoid-shaped hemp deva ...;

p. 104

s/he was striated with rainbow-coloured bands of energy, and moving through the air with great, unhurried ease, about a metre from the ground. ... . ... then I found myself back in my (physical) body."


Here is another account, involving one of the Greater Devas :


"I emerged in an unknown astral location ... . Then suddenly a gigantic female form appeared

{Once, having entered a WILD (wake-induced lucid-dream) I immediately saw, at a distance, a gigantic nude woman (goddess).}


from behind the hill – as if she had been waiting for me to reach that particular place, knowing that I would arrive, perhaps even responsible in some unknown way for my projection there – she rose into the open sky ... and while still watching me, and smiling, then raised her hands and arms in a fascinating stroboscopic movement of rainbow light, high above her head until they met. ... Then I found myself back in my physical body ... .""

4.4 (pp. 105-6) meeting your solar deva

p. 105

"Solar Devas ... manifest themselves ... on the Higher Mental Plane and the Buddhi Plane. They represent a higher part of our overall Self/selves."

"your Astral Body can only assess what happens to the Astral self on the Astral Plane ... . Your Soul, or Causal Body, or Higher Mind, however can retain everything".

p. 106

"The Solar Deva becomes the Guardian (Angel) of the Soul, and the Soul becomes the Guardian of the personalities (i.e. ... from life to life). ... the Soul is the human half of the ... equation; the Solar Deva is the other, devic half.

The Solar Deva, and the Soul for that matter, are buffers between the Monadic Self (God-dess) and the human personality self, and they overshadow all the developments ... of that personality (... of many lives).

... the personality self merges with the Soul and the Solar Deva, who in turn merge with the Monadic Self, which permits the personality self to become conscious of and experience the Monadic Self directly—and thereby incur revelations ... leading in a relatively short time to transmutation, transcendence, and the realisation of immortality. Therefore your Solar Deva is an enormously powerful, and very personal friend – one who can lead you to that transcendence.


S/he will usually present hirself as a man if you are female and as a woman if you are male --

{This is the Zaratustrian description of the guardian-angel : of opposite gendre from that of the person whose guardian-angel s/he is.}


this produces a polarity differentiation which will produce a fusion of the lower with the Higher, which in turn will give way to ... human-devic consciousness."

{This would be more a clienthood (or even marriage) than an integral "fusion".}

4.5 (pp. 107-8) super-humans

p. 107

"A super-human is a human being who has transcended (the lower worlds), who may be helping others to achieve a similar state of liberation ... . ... These are sometimes called Masters {and Mistresses} ... – they are Shamans and Shamankas whose prowess has led them towards a greater measure of personal freedom; and these beings no longer require the experience of incarnation. ... The are perfect human beings ... . ...

p. 108

Each may be specialised in one or more areas of knowledge – not knowledge as we know it, but as ways of seeing, and ways of being. ... They can present themselves in bodily guise, or else as points of force; or they can mastermind certain events from another level of existence."

4.6 (pp. 108-9) space-beings

p. 108

"Many Space Groups are highly evolved – these do not live on the Astral Plane ... . ... There are Intermediate Groups who will lower their frequency and even bring their own starships into Astral space, primarily to help those of their own Group who may be active on this Plane ... .

Once you have encountered your own Group you will be able to ...

p. 109

interact with these beings; ... and you will find that your life will lead you ever increasingly toward their point of highest affinity."

4.7 (p. 109) group-beings

"Many, if not all these Space Groups are Group Beings – i.e. one single Being fragmented into a varying number of individuals, and these may live or be active on various levels simultaneously. ... Each one of us belongs to such a Group ... . It is easier to meet members of one own Group on the Astral Plane than it is to meet them on the physical plane, although some of these members will only be found on the Higher Planes."

4.8 (pp. 109-10) synthesis

p. 109

"The various individuals involved ... are capable of merging with the Group’s Unitive Consciousness ... whenever necessary ... .

p. 110

This step toward Group synthesis leads towards a greater Synthesis – between Group Beings; and then Groups of Beings fuse with Others, forming even Greater Groups ... and so on, until eventually the whole Cosmos becomes United in Its Consciousness. ...

Synthesis is a Life-Principle, and is governed by the First and Seventh Rays ... . This is a function of the Spiritual Will and of Natural, or Rhythmic Magick."

4.9 (p. 110) temples on the astral plane

"There are various Temples on the highest sub-level of the Astral Plane which act as Beacons and as Meditation Places for those who want to immerse themselves in the Universal Wisdom. ... these places are also repositories for the Ancient Wisdom in the form of crystal-encapsulated information which can be read psychically".

4.11 (p. 111) reality vs. illusion

"Much ... is deceptive and illusionary ... . ... . ... the physical plane can also be interpreted as a zone of dense deception ... . ...

As the Power conceals Itself behind the forms, these seem real until they are seen, and are thereby revealed, as unreal – the forms are just masks for the Spirit."

4.12 (pp. 112-3) disguised beings on the astral plane

p. 112

"Whenever you meet other beings on the Astral Plane you will, in a similar way, have to see behind their appearance in order to know if they are really ... something else.

You may encounter beings who seem to be human, when they are not;

you may interact with Devas who will project themselves as one thing, when they are another; ... etc. ...

There are many beings on the Astral Plane who ... may be trying to teach you something ... (however, there are many others who will attempt to lure you into sexual intercourse ...) ... ."

p. 113

"There are also a number of animals on the Astral Plane which have no direct equivalent on the physical plane. Some of these appear to be hybrids on known animals; others would seem strange to you. Most of them are friendly."

4.13 (pp. 113-4) changing one’s values through encountres

p. 113

"your tales of power ... share ... only with trusted friends who have similar interests. Nevertheless, keep records of what you have experienced".

p. 114

"Interaction with Space Beings in particular can be so potent that you may feel a need to clarify your association with these further. You will start to experience a multi-levelled identity which you will have to come to terms with".


"the notion of transcendence will ... become more prominent in your mind. ... It will demand every bit of life-experience you have, and much more which you have yet to discover."

4.14 (pp. 114-5) one’s astral identity

p. 114

"your experience of ... self will depend largely on the sort of body-form which you find yourself using during the projected state -- ...

if you use a body of the opposite sex, then the difference will be complementary;

if you use no body at all (for instance, when projecting as a point

p. 115

of force or consciousness), then the difference will seem more radical;

if you use a body which resembles that of the space body you may have had another life on another planet, then the difference will seem almost exotic, and yet familiar ... and so on ... . ... .

... during physical wakefulness ..., you may experience openings from time to time during which you remember what it is like to be out there."


Vee van Dam : The Psychic Explorer. Skoob Bks Publ, London, 1989.