Psychic Explorer, 5.


section 5 "Psi Experiences".

5.1 (p. 116) Cannabis (marijuana/has`is`) : drug for inducing OBE

"none of my OBE experiences have been caused as the result of using drugs –

but one (when I got out within two seconds after smoking Cannabis resin ...)".

5.2 (pp. 117-20) in space beyond the Earth

p. 117

"(This is an account of my first OBE ... :)

I found myself hovering above the Earth at a distance of perhaps 15,000-20,000 kilometres. ... I was over the Southern part of the Atlantic Ocean; ... the outlines of the Eastern side of the Americas, the Western side of Africa ... were visible. ... . ... . ... one of my first thoughts was that this was a bit like a holiday from incarnation ... . ...

p. 118

(I was on the look-out for UFOs as well, because I’d seen one the year before – a pale green, quasi-fluorescent, slightly inflated disc-like object ... with a sharp, well-defined edge to its diameter). ... .

... I thought of Venus ...; and then suddenly I was moving. I was in a faintly visible grey tunnel, which had appeared out of nowhere, and I was apparently travelling very fast ... . ... it took me to reach the end of the tunnel ... a few seconds; then I found myself above Venus, at a distance of perhaps 5,000-7,000 kilometres from this planet. I could see the continuous golden-silver cloud layer above the surface ... . Very beautiful again --- and ...

p. 119

I decided to go to Mars. The same thing happened again – found myself in a tunnel, travelling very fast, and ... I just saw a rush of pale grey energy. A few seconds later ... I was actually standing on Mars, surrounded by a sandy, red-coloured desert ... . ...

Almost as soon as I had thought of space I was back out there ... . ... flying in a relatively straight line ... I travelled onwards for a while; then I thought I might be goint to far away from the earth; I looked back, and I could no longer see the Sun – or rather to be more exact I could not tell which pin-prick of light was the Sun. I panicked! ...

p. 120

After a few seconds I felt a gigantic force grabbing me (in the Solar Plexus area), and pulling me all the way back to Earth in moments flat; I re-entered my physical body with an almighty jolt, which took over six hours to dissipate. ...


I had not left my body consciously."

{On one occasion I likewise was hovering more than a thousand miles above the Earth, and looking down on it; I had not departed my body consciously either, and reckoned the event as a variety of dream.}

5.3 (pp. 120-1) divine enlightenment by deities

p. 120

"I had just woken up ..., and found myself in a cataleptic state – I could not move.

{This circumstance is commonly known as "sleep paralysis". It happened to me on one occasion.}


I could see my bedroom clearly ... . ...

p. 121

About 6 weeks later I experienced the woman ... . She touched me with two fingers on each temple, and began a drumming sequence of three beats which she repeated at four centimetre intervals down the side of my face, neck, and then down my front until she reached the level above my heart. She paused there momentarily, and then resumed the finger-drumming – this time upwards, until she got back temples; finally her fingers came together on my forehead, just above my eyes, and then I suddenly felt ... an incredibly powerful beam of white light either entering my head or leaving it ... . The next thing I knew I was levitating ... my body was lifted off my bed altogether ... . I still thought this was actual physical levitation, because this is what it felt like. ...

Later I reconstructed the experience ... ."

5.4 (p. 122) enlightenment {cf. "the light of sleep" in Bodish dream-lore}, with yaugik motile breathing

"One morning I woke up, and again found myself in a cataleptic state ..., yet this time I could not see the room I was in – instead I was surrounded by a diffuse white light.

I began to move in and out of my physical body in time with my physical breath, going up and coming down gently."

5.5 (p. 122) astral fire

[While tenting out-of-doors, to the south of a town,] "I ... woke up some time during the night (once again in a cataleptic state), only to find that my body was on fire! The blazing flames seemed to be fanned by a strong wind which was rushing at me from my feet towards the top of my head, but I could feel no heat whatsoever – I could hear crackling sounds, as a normal fire would make ... .

After a few seconds I projected upwards, and as I looked down I could see my tent about 100 metres below in the dim light of the road lamps – then I started to fly North over the town".

5.8 (pp. 124-5) switchboard-effect; rotatory deity

p. 124

"I found I could project serially during any one period, i.e. go in and out of my body repeatedly. The first time I managed to do this I went up to the window of my bedroom ... – only to be faced with a different scenery on each occasion ... . Some of these locations appeared to be outside England – Holland or Sweden, for instance;

others seemed to be part of the past ...; and

others yet appeared to be related to part of the near future.

I began to appreciate that,

(1) activities on the Astral Plane could precede similar events on the physical plane;

(2) the Astral Plane harboured several time zones;

(3) that a window could be used as a switchboard to reach any number of different, and for the most part unrelated Astral locations."

p. 125

"Toward the end of this sequence of projections (eight in all) I found myself confronted by what seemed to be the equivalent of the physical location where I was living, and yet it appeared to be slightly ahead in the future. I flew ... and noticed several models of cars – some of which ... I had never seen before.


During the last projection I was just about to go towards the window again, when an unbelievable being came through the wall towards me – his shape was that of a thin, grey spiral, rotating clockwise (from bottom to top); ... I could identify counter-movements in the loops which would slow down, and then catch up with themselves to rejoin the main movement".


"During this series of projections I began to notice for the first time that ... my Astral consciousness was beginning to phase back to physical consciousness".

5.9 (pp. 126-7) projecting into the body of a person of opposite gendre

p. 126

"At the moment of projection I called out the name ... . I went out of the body, and the very next thing I knew was that I was inside her body! ... I could feel her body and the texture and weight of the bedclothes around her.; I was conscious of her breathing; I could see the room clearly : and I could feel her boyfriend’s body-heat on her left. She did not appear to be in her body at the time.

I went back to my body, tried again, and the same thing occurred; once more I returned to my own body, projected, and for the third time I found myself superimposed inside hers. ... Then I went back to my own body. ...

I believe this happened because ... we both felt we had known each other as friends in other lives -- ... we felt that in one of those lives we had toured around what is

p. 127

now Turkey ... . We also knew that we used the same predominant Ray energy."

5.10 (p. 127) changing one’s gendre

"During another cluster of projections I had just rolled out of my body ... . I went out of my bedroom, and decided to fly down the stairs, instead of

walking down, which I usually did;

{When I have gone the staircase during a dream of false-awakening, it hath been by walking.}

in mid-flight I thought of trying to change the shape of my Astral Body from male to female – and my Astral Body complied within a split second. ...

Subsequently I found that every time I induced or else spontaneously experienced a female Astral Body, it was the same one – long blond hair ... . Later I realized that this process was being influenced by my Solar Deva."

5.11 (pp. 127-8) a hole in the air

p. 127

"I saw a dark hole in front of me, about one and a half metres in diameter, and I knew instantly that it was some sort of gate which would lead me elsewhere if I chose to project through it; so I did. At that very same moment I perceived another projector enter the hole with me ... . We went through a tunnel and we both emerged at exactly the same location. ...

p. 128

Then the dark hole returned to hover about a metre off the ground, and ... we had to go back to our world by using this gate. ... as the two of us went through the tunnel I exited into my room, but my fellow projector disappeared from my view; the hole vanished as soon as I was back in my body."

5.12 (pp. 128-32) space folk

p. 128

"I found myself travelling in space; I had not consciously projected out of my body’ Within seconds I perceived a sphere-shaped spaceship which appeared to be silver-coloured, yet far away from any star ... . I went straight through the hull, only to find myself in a domed room whose walls were fluorescent – the panels were of different prismatic colours, and they appeared to be made from

p. 129

some sort of plastic energy-metal ... . ... I was facing about 12 to 15 Extra-Terrestrial beings who were all smiling at me; they seemed to have been expecting me.


They were androgynous,

{I have been told (by an experienced contactee) that such beings are actually of 2 distinct gendres; but that their gendres are difficult to distinguish while they are clothed (much as are the Mayas etc.).}


of slim human-like build, and about 5 feet 2 or 3 inches tall; they all had long golden hair; and they all wore a type of skin-tight garment which was rainbow-banded, although


each suit was slightly different with regard to the colour sequences and the widths of those (horizontal) bands.

{This color-coding is evidently intended to encode personal names.}


One of them came towards me -- ... and then we joined our foreheads at the Ajna points ... . Suddenly I became infused with telepathic, global impressions which were informing me – better yet were reminding me –

that first of all I was one of them; the sense of belonging was very strong and undeniable.

Secondly, that we came from a planet and solar system in the galaxy Andromeda (M31/NGC224 ...);

and then I was flooded with other impressions ... . I was shown that we were multi-dimensional beings;

that our primary purpose was to unite the Consciousness of the Galactic Beings of Andromeda and this galaxy, plus one other .. .

Then I was told that I could not be allowed to stay with them any longer at a conscious level, otherwise ... I would physically die.

p. 130

In retrospect I can understand this fully – if I had remembered much more {scil., about having been one of them prior to the current incarnation on Earth} I wouldn’t have wanted to return to Earth and the constrictions of a human body ...! Since that time I have received their communications in channellings {viz., by telepathy} and have been shown certain visual impressions of our planet of origin (Atales-in {cf. /ATALa/ & /ATLaNtis/}; we have a spoken language which is used for song and magickal ritual – otherwise we use impulse and open telepathy).

The main planet was ... warmed by the white-hot sun (Alrang – a bigger star than Sol); the sky was blue-turquoise ...; we had crystal cities with tall conical spires (for certain types of magickal practices {cf. "cone of power"}), and large domes, etc. There was also a testing ground – a portion of land which was full of ... demon-like creatures, who for the most part were quite playful ... . ...

The main planet had a moon, which we had terraformed, and it was about half the size of Atales-in, which was the fifth planet in that system.


About 21 millions years ago we departed from there, spreading out through the Andromeda galaxy, then on to other galaxies – allying ourselves with the Purpose of our parent Galactic Being. ... I have been told that those of our own planet are now represented in 89 galaxies;

p. 131

my own Group came to this galaxy, and I was shown the process of approach that we used -- ... travelling at a staggering number of parsecs per second, in what can only be called Hyper-Space. ... my Group has visited and then anchored itself to a number of planets in this galaxy, before we came to the Earth about 25,500 years ago. The Group Being, which we are, has sent different fragments of itself down into incarnation from time to time, and as individuals we take turns overshadowing each other while those of us (few) who are incarnated during any one period work our way out of ... interacting with much denser energies than we are normally accustomed to. We have made our inputs and contributed to the Earth’s civilisations, yet ... I have been told that there are over 12,000 different Groups presently around the earth – some interacting, yet most on standby, just observing and monitoring humanity’s evolution and progress. ...

I have also been told that our Group will remain here for another 400 years {400 years is a Maya "cuc"-cycle} or so before it will travel on to another planet, which apparently is in a far worse state than the Earth; thus progressively we go from worst to worst, and ... help out the evolution of any given planet ... . Although we are not human {the Buddha likewise denied being human} – we are a fusion of devic and original Race energies and consciousness -- ... we also have retractable, highly sensitive antennae, just for good measure, which we use for fine-tuning into certain energies. ...


Our spaceship is as much a being on its own right as it is the expression of a mental and Spiritual technology ...;

p. 132

although this ship could be lowered down into the physical wavelengths of energy/dense matter we have absolutely no intention of doing so -- ... it is prohibited by Cosmic law – to which all Space Groups subscribe ... .

Presently we have amalgamated our forces with those of other Groups so as to coordinate our energies in such a way that various events will be precipitated ... – according to the request of Earth Planetary Spirit; these changes will benefit humanity immensely."

5.13 (p. 133) a confirmation

"one night, just before going to sleep, I asked for some sort of sign to re-affirm ... the whole thing. I wanted something clear-cut to happen, not another subtle transmission of ... vague assurances about needing to be patient, and that everything would unfold in its own time. ... One morning, when I had just woken up, I saw one of them walk towards me -- ... smiling at me ...; ... wearing the same rainbow-banded suit I had seen them wear on the spaceship."

5.14 (pp. 133-4) space-power

p. 133

"I was having a type of lucid dream one night in which I was in large sectional tunnel, apparently somewhere underground; I was in a line of people who were all walking very fast ... .

p. 134

... I suddenly found that my consciousness changed from the dream state into a vivid Astral sequence – I was entering a square-shaped room, the walls of which were made of the same fluorescent plastic energy-metal substance that I had seen on the spaceship (5.12); there was one Space being facing me, with a helmet whose visor was tinted, so I could not see the face; ... wearing a spacesuit ... – just over five feet tall. ... I was hit by a wall of power ... . I found myself absolutely galvanised with energy."

5.15 (pp. 134-5) ball of light to heal the body from a damaging psychic event

p. 134

"I woke up to find that I had a visitor – a ball of white light about 30 centimetres in diameter ... . It went instantly to the top of my head, sank into my brain, and I thought I was going to die ... . But I didn’t. I felt this presence doing something to my energy field, working its way through my throat, then re-emerging over my heart. It stayed on my chest for a few seconds and then departed. ...

I had projected as a ball of light myself, so I presumed that this was the chose Astral Body form of a being ...; the day before this happened I had experienced a psychic event which appeared to have damaged my nervous

p. 135

system in some way.


My neck had felt twisted;

{I have encountred a case (in the Holy Order of Mans) of a practitioner of self-work on the heart-cakra, whose neck had started on that account to twist somewhat, involuntarily.}


and now I felt fine again."

5.16 (pp. 135-6) another solar system; cloud-goddess

p. 135

"I found myself out of my body, but this time somewhere far away -- ... in another solar system. To my right there was a huge star, whose colour was ... a combination of red tinged with blue, lilac, cerise, mauve and violet .. . I was mildly surprise to notice that space was blue here instead of black ... . I travelled onwards into the system ... . ... Shortly afterwards I came across a planet, perhaps the first one orbiting the star of that system. It had an atmosphere, and it was covered with white cloud formations, although I could see part of the underlying surface which was predominantly dark blue, verging on indigo.

I was astonished to find that


this planet seemed to arrange its cloud formations to make up a face ... – and it was female. ...

{NePHELe?} {I myself dreamt of a cloud-headed goddess on the night before reading this by V.v.D.}

p. 136

I was seeing a perfectly well defined face, yet I could not understand why a planetary being should react to my presence in this fashion".

{Is the cloud-goddess necessarily "planetary"? If so, is the NiBELung family a race of planetary demi-deities?}

5.17 (pp. 136-7) shower of light

p. 136

"As I lifted out of my body I found myself showered by a downpouring of ... sparks, globules, and streams of brilliant light substance ... . ...

{This sort of "shower" is mentioned often by Vieira; but always in the context of having returned into the physical body just after a lengthy and active absence out-of-body.}


I instantly felt an immense love for what I recognized as the Planetary Spirit ... .

p. 137

... Then I saw two words in letters of fire against the apparent void – two names

{"letters of fire remained ... spelling God’s name." (TS 511, p. 397)}


with a sign of equation between them.

{"then separated exactly into two halves." (LB, p. 380)}


One of them I knew well; the other was a symbolic Spiritual name."

TS = Howard Schwartz : Tree of Souls: the Mythology of Judaism. Oxford U Pr, 2004.

LB = Louis Ginzberg : Legends of the Bible. Konecky & Konecky.

5.18 (p. 137) a black hole

"I saw a hole form in the air, within my room ... . I could see psi energies becoming warped, and disappearing down its central vortex ... – the power of the vortex was absolutely crushing. ...

The experience had generated so much energy that my psi field ended up feeling unstable for hours ...; I saw a great variety of psychic visuals after than, as if I could tune in to almost anything."

5.19 (pp. 137-8) astral blue sky; day/night reversal

p. 137

"The perfect blue skies of Astral day-time has always struck me; alternatively he lack of any clouds has always puzzled me. Conversely at night I have almost always seen clouds. ... .

p. 138

... also I noticed that sometimes I would project during the day, and out of the window I would see night; and vice-versa.

{This day/night reversal is explained by Veira as projection to the opposite side of the world.}


The number of bright day-time experiences I had have been countless -- ...

Finding myself on a beach in my female Astral Body – and almost getting raped ...

Meeting a group consisting of a sorcerer and three sorceresses in an unknown, alien part of the world ...

A plaza with bronze statues, and a full Moon, still visible, overhanging snow-capped mountains ...".

5.20 (pp. 138-9) the dreaming whence astral projection is achieved

p. 138

"Prior to achieving a projected state I have often become astrally conscious and been able to see ... an astral scene ... .

p. 139

... An enormous warehouse, not of human construction, with nothing in it – which I saw at 90 degrees to the physical plane ...

I saw a mask hanging on the wall, with one great big red eye – I concentrated on this eye, and used it as a draw-point for projection ...

I became aware of ... male and female ...; one of them took my penis in one of her hands – which hand was very cold ...

Powerful vibrations bubbled on my forehead – fairly low, sub-sonic vibrations ...

I woke up and was still astrally conscious, and was greeted by a chorus of overlapping, youthful voices ... -- I couldn’t help but laugh".

5.21 (p. 140) controlling, and projecting into, an unoccupied body of opposite gendre

"On one occasion I became astrally conscious, but without projecting. I thought of the shape of a young woman lying on top of me, and she appeared – almost instant The body ... felt like a shell, i.e. empty of any individual life. ...

Later I did the same thing, but this time I tried to impart something of my own life-force to the form; almost immediately it took on life, moving the way I wished. Then I projected my consciousness into the form and I found that I was looking out through its eyes, down at my male body; then I went back to my male body, then back to the form again; then I attempted to spread my consciousness into both bodies at once. Suddenly I had dual vision; I was seeing myself from both points of view."

5.22 (pp. 140-1) one’s astral body’s becoming caught

p. 140

"I went out of my window one morning, and was about to take flight when my Astral Body froze at 45 degrees of inclination, with one foot still on the window ledge ... .

p. 141

... A couple of years ago I was filtering my Astral Body through a window pane when I got caught in the glass and found I couldn’t move.

On another occasion I was spinning through the air, and I was unable to stop the spin."

5.23 (pp. 141-2) analogue persons

p. 141

"One night I projected, then went down a corridor into a bedroom ... . I saw her sleeping on her bed, and tried to wake her up – telling her that it was me, and that I was in a projected state. ...

p. 142

The next morning I learnt that ... I had seen, woken up, talked to, and made love with her analogue Astral self instead!"

5.24 (p. 143) life is seemingly a game, a maze; until it is realized to be a joke

"the backdrop of existence is a game, a maze ... until one knows what is what – until one can see the joke of it all".


Vee van Dam : The Psychic Explorer. Skoob Bks Publ, London, 1989.