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Conscious Contact



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I Have A Heart



Approaching Enlightenment



It’s Time to Remember



There’s No Place like Home



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Dropping a House


p. 9 devils

the devils are really angels freeing you – from the earth.”

pp. 22, 145 Stonehenge

p. 22

A palpable sense of “high strangeness” pervaded the region surrounding Stonehenge.”

p. 145

Stonehenge was her connection “to those gods.””

p. 23-4 praeparing for encountres with UFOs

p. 23

We had been practicing Coherent Thought Sequencing on the beach nightly, determined to “vector in” a craft.”

p. 24

We placed the following advertisement in” a newspaper :


Join our ongoing ... group ... of UFO sightings and abductions.”

pp. 48-9 her general type of experience

p. 48

Intense vibrations started to course though her body. ... the bed and bedroom furniture were vibrating as well. ... Hayley found herself in a state of instant paralysis ... . ... There was a black, swirling movement approximately one foot above her face ... . [p. 135 : “she had seen a black swirling form when she was move in bed”.] ... As yet, it was ... a veil ... separating the two dimensions as well. Then abruptly, ... something had slashed or ripped through the veil ... . ...

p. 49

Hayley next clearly remembers floating two or three feet above the bed. Levitating.”

pp. 66-8, 87-8 particular episodes of her experiences

p. 66

[statement by Hayley :] “In my early 20’s, I started having experiences with luminous beings that ... were spirit guides who would wake me up at night {dream of false-awakening?} and tell me that it was time for my lesson. They told me ... that they were preparing me for ... the future. They would touch me and ... I was leaving my body as we would go up through the roof ... in what seemed ... to be a transparent lighted tube. ...

The sound of a swarm of bees, intense vibrations, paralysis, and what felt like a narrow beam of electricity entered the top of my head.`... The beam with a stinging sensation moved down through my body ... .

p. 67

The beam finally stopped in my chest ... . ... The sounds were like many different notes changing octaves very fast. ... .

... a wave of vibration started from my feet up to my head and back down again. This occurred almost nonstop for a day-and-a-half. ... I was flooded with memories of my life and the meanings of them. ...

p. 68

Species Shift were the words I kept getting -- ... the shift would run like a wave through our species – by some kind of inner connection we all share.”

p. 87

I will feel as if something wakes me up – then the vibration, and sound of a swarm of bees, and the paralysis which

p. 88

many times causes me to lose consciousness again. ... I will feel my body or spirit levitating up through the roof of the hose before I lose consciousness.”

pp. 77-8 list of varieties of experience

p. 77

paranormal experiences” :

Has felt at one with the world ...;

p. 78

Has had premonitions, ... knowing the future, ... which came true ... .

... have been in touch with someone when they were far away or dead.

Has left one’s body or had an OBE ... . ...


pp. 134-5 spiritual goals, spiritual exercises

p. 134

She has found that body paralysis {sleep paralysis} helps her to astral project ... . ... Hayley’s goals :

the ability to tune in to other realities;

to leave her body with ease;

to go into their realm consciously and to help the visitors come into our reality.

I am doing what I was told to do : unfold the colors of the tree” {maple tree?} (the tree is the bridge between humanity and the visitors).”

p. 135

exercise of asking questions while out-of-body :

Q. Who was I before I entered this physical body?

A. A spiritual master ... spending a lot of time on this plane.

Q. What is my purpose?

A. Bring’em home (to the source of Creation.) ...

Q. What action can I take to serve this purpose?

A. Learn to live consciously in two realms.

pp. 138, 143-4, 213 flying, levitating, pilgrimage

p. 138

going through “the door” in full consciousness, Hayley ... was pulled back into her body through a watery membrane similar to the doorway.”

p. 143

Hayley heard a whirring, ticking sound outside her window, ... “a UFO; they’re here.” ...

p. 144

They had both heard whirring sounds. Then Billy was paralyzed from the waist down {there is an anti-seizure drug which can render one’s body numb from the waist down} and levitated one foot above his bed. It lasted a few minutes!”

p. 213

[Gilbert] “She watched as her consciousness seemed to float inches above her body, appearing as a blue-white light.”

pp. 163, 185 praeternatural lightning-bolt

p. 163

she lay down to take a nap. She “awakened” {false-awakening?} in a dungeon, ... where her arms and legs were stretched and shackled to a slab of stone. ... huge boulders rolling onto the board which covered her body. She heard the sound of her own bones cracking and popping inside her skin. She even experienced the death sequence and released of ... the soul : [quoted from Gilbert, p. 110] “A fiery bolt of lightning raced up my spine. From the small of my back it shot out through my entire body, then out the top of my head. A white luminescent form suddenly was severed from my body. It was me! I was dead!”

After returning from India, Joy later learned that in medieval Europe {western Europe only}, condemned witches were indeed crushed to death with boulders.”

p. 185

Joy saw a bolt of lightening crack through the atmosphere without a sound and strike the top of her head. ... Joy experienced the lightening bolt descend into her, “splitting me in half, [with] a brilliant shaft of iridescent blue-white light ... .””

Gilbert = Joy Gilbert : It’s Time to Remember. Eugene (OR) : Laughing Bear Pr, 1995.

pp. 165-7 officially nnacknowledged rendevoux with UFOs by ranking religious authorities

p. 165

“ “People would come to me and say that Maharishi was going out in the middle of the night and meeting ships.” {Billy Meier used to do likewise.} ... “Space ships!””

p. 166

[quoted from Tweedie, pp. 216-8] “I was looking at ... one of those things people call a flying saucer ... . ... .

p. 167

... one should avoid useless talk.” Comment by authoress (J.E.C.) : “Useless talk? I had been incensed upon reading that. So ..., I asked “Why the conspiracy of silence on the part of the Enlightened Masters?”” {The reason for this “conspiracy of silence” on the part of religious authorities is that if they were to expound about their own contacts with UFOs, they would be in peril of their own lives, about to be murdered by the ultra-rich who control the governments of their respective countries, inasmuch as it would be sufficiently evident that the UFOs could quite readily at any time be requaested (by whomever is in contact with the UFOs) to overthrow the governments.}

Tweedie = Irina Tweedie : Daughter of Fire. Nevada City (CA) : Blue Dolphin Publ, 1986.

pp. 206, 209-10, 213 experiences of divine light, or of silvery region

p. 206

Three huge floodlights streaming down from the treetops met Joy’s eyes.”

p. 209

[Gilbert] “Luminescent blue-white light pulsated inside me while particles of light burst in space around me.”

Suzanne “was gripped by a tremendous power, like a huge magnet, that pulled me into a tunnel of light at infinite speed.” [Segal, p. 51-2]

p. 210

[Gilbert] “her physical body slowly levitated off the bed. ... In a flash, she found herself walking down a silvery corridor with curved walls.”

Segal = Suzanne Segal : Collision with the Infinite. San Diego : Blue Dove pr, 1996.

p. 220 mystical cosmic awareness

[(told by Joy’s brother Billy) quoted from Clift, p. 235] “The being ... approached ... . Telepathically, he told me that it was now time to remember. Remember everything that I’d known when I was first born into this form ... . He touched my forehead. A vacuum of light quickly propelled me into the core of creation and the center of “beingness.” I was without body ..., suspended in the nothingness of pure essence and love.”

[quoted from Moss, p. 25] “In that moment, all of creation became a single consciousness, a state of indescribable glory and unspeakable peace. ... I was suffused with a current of aliveness so transcendentally blissful ... a living bliss, but it was also the most profound intelligence. There was a flood of knowing, of understanding as though all of existence stood before me in its totality with its secrets uncovered and revealed.”

Clift = Billy Clift : Everything is Going to be Just Fine. 1998.

Moss = Richard Moss : The Black Butterfly. Berkeley : Celestial Arts, 1986.

pp. 254, 257-8 identity as a golden being

p. 254

My friends {deities} told me that we manufactured ... bodies in order to enable enlightened Beings to enter different dimensions of form in the phenomenal worlds. I understood my body ... is not who I am. My body, like others here on Earth, was created ... for this dimension. This was not the only dimension. These were not the only forms.” [quoted from Gilbert, p. 113]

p. 257

she was standing on a non-earthly terrain, ... On this planet, Joy met with six golden beings of light, and ... Joy herself was the seventh golden being of light. ...

p. 258

The final experience found Joy soaring over the red landscape, flying with great speed and precision ... . . As she moved further away from the planet’s surface – the planet, a living being made itself known to Joy.”

Slowly, bit by bit, my golden particles converged into the red rock formations ... . A ... dazzling essence fused into me. I remembered that we were One.” [quoted from Gilbert, p. 150]

pp. 258, 264-5 siddhi-s

p. 258

The Sanskrit word viha:yasa ... means the ability to move ... directly through ..., without being impeded by gross physical obstacles.”

p. 264

a mystic power called laghima-siddhi ... enables one to overcome the force of gravity.

p. 265

Another means of mystic travel using the powers of the mind – mano-java – is described ... . Citralekha thus ... carried with her the sleeping body of Aniruddha.”

Long-distance mind control – vasita-siddha – is said to be a power possessed naturally by many humanoid races”.

pp. 273-4 mystical cosmic awareness

p. 273

[(told by Christina’s grandmother) quoted from Grof, p. 32] “I was lifted our of myself, and I became one with everything that is.”

p. 274

[quoted from Cohen, p. 31] “Suddenly the doors of perception opened. ... the walls of the room had disappeared and suddenly there was infinite space. And this infinite space was full of energy. And this energy was conscious, it was aware of itself. ... Then ... I realized that this energy which was aware of itself was intelligent ... and the nature of it was love”.

Grof = Christina Grof : The Thirst for Wholeness. NY : HarperCollins Publ, 1994.

Cohen = Andrew Cohen : “A Meeting with the Absolute”. WHAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT?, vol. 31, Fall-Winter 1998.

pp. 289-91 transcendental bodies; routine telepathy

p. 289

Looking at people’s physical image, I no longer saw just their form. I saw an egg shaped radiant light

p. 290

surrounding them. {This is described also in the writings of Carlos Castan~eda.} ... My consciousness floated out from my body, and merged in and out of everything, both animate and inanimate.” [quoted from Gilbert, p. 88]

“ “Physically,” Joy said, “you look like a shadow to me. {cf. the likening of the observable physical world to shadows, in the “Myth of the Cave” by Platon.} But what I see inside them – the energy and the light – that’s what’s important.” ...

When you first enter this realm, you become very aware of people’s thoughts. And at first, it’s a bombardment, and it’s busy and it’s nauseating. ...

p. 291

And then it becomes second nature. It’s no longer in the forefront; it’s assimilated. ... You don’t pay attention to it.”

pp. 292-3, 295 a particular case of a woman’s being “abducted” by “aliens”

p. 292

Betty Andreasson ... Under regressive hypnosis ... related being paralyzed in a pasture upon seeing a large ball of light that came up over the top of a hill,

p. 293

whereupon she inexplicably found herself in some kind of room. ... “You’re going for a ride,” they told her. “We’re going to take you home.” “Home is where the One is,” they said. [Fowler, p. 97-103]

She was transported via a disk-shaped craft. ... Betty was thus taken to an unearthly realm where she ... went in through the door to a wondrous bright light. [Fowler, pp. 135-40] ...

p. 295

One of the tall, humanoid beings then placed Betty inside a shell-like enclosure, seemingly made of “mirrors and mirrors and mirrors.” ...

For when Betty was asked about the Great Door, she stated, “It is the entrance into the other world. The world where light is.”” [Fowler, p. 156]

Raymond E. Fowler : The Andreasson Affair : Phase Two. Englewood Cliffs (NJ) : Prentice-Hall, 1982.

pp. 302-6 public statements by the women-contactees

p. 302

[statement by Joy Gilbert, on the Art Bell show] “As I’m standing there, looking at those people sitting in the audience, I begin to tell them my story. And as I look at them ... I can see beings {deities} around them. I can see layers of creation. ... There are thousands of layers of creation. And ... the seeing is not with the eyes as much as with the mind. ... And there’s a tremendous light.”

p. 303

[statement by Hayley] “one of the beings {deities} then told me a long involved story ... . ... And the being told me

p. 304

again that I wasn’t supposed to remember it all, but that some day it would all come back to me and make sense.” ...

p. 305

And over those years, I became angrier and angrier at the Church. ... It’s just hard for me to believe that Christianity is followed so devoutly by so many people. How can it be so off-base ...? ...

p. 306

But how can such a large portion of the world’s population be so wrong? ... Where did all of this come from? {This wrongness cometh from the capitalist’s class’s maddened greed, fabricating tricky mendacities to be foisted upon the working-class with deliberate intent to deceive.} ...

But how can a natural part of our existence be wrong? ... What if the demons are just a symbol for that other part of ourselves that we’re suppressing ... that the Church is pushing down. ... It’s like the Church is all for ... suppressing the whole other realm.” {The Church is thus a purely worldly (materialisitic greed-promoting) institution, implacably hostile to all [the good-will and “peace that passeth understanding”] that is “not of this world”. It hypocritically contradicteth every word of its own sacred scriptures.}

pp. 316-7 encountre by woman with a luminous deity

p. 316

[statement by Connie] “One of my memories is walking through a ... hall. ... next to me was a being ... . ...

p. 317

I would say he somewhat resembles a praying {preying} mantis. When I looked up at his head, I saw only a bright white light.” {cf. the ordinary preying mantis “capturing hapless insects which are attracted to, and blinded by the light.” (“PM”)}

PM” =

Janet Elizabeth Colli : Sacred Encounters : Spiritual Awakenings during Close Encounters. XLibris Corp, 2004.