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Prodigies & Praecocity



Anomalous Knowledge



Dreams & Aspirations



Past-Life Healing



Dead Doppelgangers



A Seminal Experiment



Self-Learning Universe



Psychoplasm as Mechanism



Sources & Methods



Co-incidence through Memory



Cohorts in Consciousness


motto of this book

"[With the triumph of] the reincarnation hypothesis ..., all humans will come to have a different perspective on death. It will be seen as only a stage on a transcendent journey".

{The perspective will become different practically only for [erstwhile] Christians; for, almost all other religions (African, Qabbalah, Yarsani, Hindu, Amerindian, etc. etc.) already traditionally accept redincarnation.}


0. (pp. ix-xiii) Praeface.

p. x This book "threatens religions based on a single-lifetime view of divine redemption."

p. xi "many verified life histories cannot be as logically explained by other theories as they can by a "general reincarnation hypothesis.""

p. xii terms for 'soul'







Old High German


Old Norse




Old English


p. xxxi psychoplasm

"In this book, soul or psychoplasm means a genome-like, energetic and information biofield that embodies a single being's knowledge, feelings, and behavior patterns

that transcend space-time."

{The material genetic factors no more "transcend space-time" than do any other conserved factors. They are (like all conserved material factors) firmly located in ordinary space and in time, and rather definitely are not to be found outside of either.}

{The word "transcend" is not usually bandied about so freely. Although, indeed, the soul can just as easily occupy another sort of space (the space of the dream-world); yet nevertheless that other sort is, after all, simply a type of space, and cannot actually be treated as utterly non-spatial. Getting outside of time is even more impossible for even for the most immaterial of souls; although it may be the typical circumstance with transcendental deities.}


00. (pp. 1-10) Introduction.

p. 1 Stevenson & Tucker

"Aside from ... Ian Stevenson's legacy (1918-2007) ... and the ongoing work of his colleagues at the University of Virginia ..., most books dealing with the subject generally appeal to audiences who already share the authors' starting premises. ...

His tradition is being continued and further developed by ... Jim B. Tucker".

p. 9 Brian O'Leary

"Another self-identified case ... involves Brian O'Leary, astronomer, scientist-as-astronaut ..., and author of Exploring Inner and Outer Space [EI&OS] and The Second Coming of Science [2ndCS]. His lucid dreams, "unacquired" knowledge, and body stigmata suggest a case for further research."

EI&OS = Brian O'Leary : Exploring Inner and Outer Space, Berkeley : North Atlantic Bks, 1989.

2ndCS = Brian O'Leary : Second Coming of Science. North Atlantic Bks, 1992.


Parts I; II; III.

pp. 11, 53, 123 blurbs for "Parts"







Unsolved Mysteries

"Whence do dreams and visions of possible former lives and historical eras come? Why does past-life therapy help people heal chronic psychological and psychosomatic problems? Why do individuals living today look just like unrelated individuals who lived many years before they were born?"



Developing Hypothesis

"to posit scientific hypotheses dealing with a largely metaphysical subject such as reincarnation requires us to work with ... an interdisciplinary, cosmological approach to reasonably extrapolate from the known to deal with the unknown." "the growing scientific basis for a psychoplasm ... postulates how the ... psychoplasm becomes entangled in the conception of a new zygote."



Evaluating Evidence

"For each of the factors (categories of evidence), this section examines the value of the linear reincarnation hypothesis as an explanation for correspondences between our subjects and their proposed past lives." "not only are our personal lives affected by reincarnation, but ... many of our significant relationships may also have roots in previous incarnations."


1. (pp. 13-18) Prodigies and Praecocity

p. 16 young children's memories from the soul-genome

"Young children who also report memories of previous lives may indicate they came into this life to achieve a specific development objective (and from birth set about to do it)."

{This is the sort of quality that would more likely be derived from a soul-type rather than from any specific past-life experiences. Thus, it may be evidence of an invariant soul-genome.}


2. (pp. 19-25) Anomalous Knowledge

p. 21 spontaneous knowledge

"Often people talk about having walked around a corner in a strange place and recognized parts of the scene before them."

{This would likely be a matter of absorbing telepathic knowledge of that locality from denizens residing there at that time.}

"One of the most widespread mysteries relating to reincarnation involves the spontaneous knowledge of foreign languages. In these cases, the small child typically, even before mastering his mother tongue, demonstrates skill in a foreign language."

{This would more likely be derived from telepathic osmosis of the language from native speakers in nearby countries. It could hardly be derived from a past life, for most past lives occurred on other planets with greatly differing languages.}


3. (pp. 26-32) Dreams and Aspirations

p. 26 praeternatural mental imagery

"Unbidden images universally pop into the human mind ... as a dream, deja vu ..., or second sight. Regardless of the label, ... people consider them to be special messages from the divine realm."


4. (pp. 33-36) Past-Life Healing

pp. 34-6 therapeutic cures by means of regression into past-life sequences

p. 34

"Roger Woolger, a graduate of Oxford University and a certified Jungian analyst, ... in his practice of regressing clients ...

p. 35

found that some slipped into memories ... come from earlier eras. Those memories, once awakened, ... allow the patients to cope with their ... unsociable ... tendencies. ... His book Other Lives, Other Selves describes cases ... of how clients have gained psychological relief through ... the remembering and re-experiencing of the events from past lives. ... The disappearance of physical symptoms is also frequently associated with reliving trauma in past lives. ... In each case, the ... remembering of specific lives enabled physical as well as emotional healing. ...

In the last quarter century, similar cases have been resolved in the offices of many therapists, including well-known practitioners like Bruce Goldberg ...; Edith Fiore ...; Brian Weiss ...; and Adrian Finkelstein ... . ...

p. 36

Hysterical physical symptoms, depression, phobias, and other psychological problems quickly and painlessly dissipate when the ... past-life information is revealed. ...

The insights of Carol Bowman's ... described in her book Children's Past Lives : How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child represent the essence of this past-life healing phenomenon."


5. (pp. 37-41) Dead Doppelgangers

pp. 37-8 recurrence of bodily markings, & of facial features, in another life

p. 37

"Ian Stevenson began his research on children who had memories of lives lived by people who had died before they were born ... . ... Several years into his research he became aware that many of these children had birthmarks or birth defects that corresponded to marks, deformities, or wounds on the bodies of the deceased individuals. In later years he also noted similar physical characteristics such as skin pigmentation, facial features, physiques ... .

p. 38

His book Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect provides the reader with detailed cases."

"Among Indian cases reviewed by Tucker, one-third had such past-life related birthmarks. ... Tucker further reviewed cases from Asia and Alaska where people sometimes either predict rebirths that include identifiable markings or actually mark the dead body to see if the predicted new-born carries them."

[quoted from WhR&BI, p. 165 :] "I have become convinced that in some cases unusual facial features of a subject correspond to similar features in the face of the person whose life the subject claimed to remember."

WhR&BI = Ian Stevenson : Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect. Westport : Praeger, 1997.

p. 41 married couples who re-marry in another lifetime

"Evidence[s] of similarities between the two couples point to a linkage of souls."


7. (pp. 55-61) A Seminal Experiment

p. 55 evidences for an integral hypothesis

"This effort to develop an integral hypothesis to account for the scientific evidence collected by ... Ian Stevenson, Jim Tucker, and Adrian Finkelstein, ... Walter Semkiw, and many psychologists, ... is to use a psycho-physical perspective to assess the evidence that people today have bodies and personalities based in previous lifetimes."

{The soul-genome for any particular soul is invariant, not dependent upon any particular events which occurred in any particular lifetime. This is similar to the circumstance of chemical properties : a specific variety of chemical will have specific properties independent of any past history of its whole or of its parts -- thus a soul's nature is not truly "based" in praevious lifetimes.}

pp. 55, 57-9 the author's training

p. 55

"Entering graduate school, I wanted to become an expert in the area of personality development. It now appears in retrospect that I wanted to become a specialist in that area in order to better understand myself."

p. 57

"My search for a more plausible theory led me to study ...

Carl Jung's idea of a collective consciousness,

Edgar Cayce's reading of the Akashic records, and

Teilhard de Chardin's notion of a noosphere.

Their concepts suggested to me that

somehow human minds merge in space to form archetypes or morphic fields that influence future generations. ...

{Actually it would be the souls' guardian-angels who interact ("merge" some of their acrtivities) in accordance with tbe divinely established (i.e., established by common agreement among councils of deities) "archetypes or morphic fields".}

At the time, I thought of reincarnation ... as simply a soul who invaded the body of a fetus about to be born. ...

{If fact, the soul maketh its entry into the zygote at the moment of conception, not later (such as, when "about to be born"). This is the efficient doing of the guardian-angel.}

p. 58

I decided to review ... three 1983 past-life regressions I had done with psychologist June Steiner.

... they implied that living many times in roles that contribute to our current capacities makes us unique and powerful from birth."

{Although is true that "living many times" keepeth us "powerful", but that power is not so much due to any efforts of our own in praevious lives, as much as it is a renewal of our moral and mental strengths by our frawas^i (guardian-angel) in each lifetime, along with renewals conferred by deities encountred during our antarabhava (status between lives).}

p. 59

"About that time, our mutual friend Norm Shealy introduced me to physician Walter Semkiw and his book Return of the Revolutionaries. ... Using a channelled source and his own initiative Walter had identified a large number of postulated past-life connections for his subjects."

p. 60 personal meetings of the author with redincarnates, in 2005

"Several believed they were members of soul groups with past-life connections that had survived into this incarnation. ... I was heartened to find that the strongest cases reported at the meeting were much more complex than the published reports."

p. 61 metempsychosis website

"You can learn more ... by visiting the Reincarnation Experiment web site at <>."


8. (pp. 62-69) Self-Learning Universe

p. 62 simile of holography as model of universe

"Michael Talbot's ... book The Holographic Universe [HU] ... in 1991 ... synthesized research from physics, neuroscience, consciousness studies, and systems theory. His ... notion of the universe as a hologram --

each fragment containing the energetic patterns that represent the whole --

{This is a Maha-yana doctrine.}

has helped physicists and others understand the interconnectedness of entities and the role of information in shaping them."

Michael Talbot : Holographic Universe. NY : HarperCollins, 1991.

p. 63 reproductive helices in inanimate matter

"three world-class laboratories (in Russia, Germany, and Australia) announced that galactic ... helixes and double helixes ... had memory and the power to reproduce themselves. For the New Journal of Physics, these scientists wrote ["PC&HSLM"] the self-organizing ... forces ... could contain a code comparable to the genetic information embedded in living matter. These codes or "memory marks" are involved in self-duplication."

"PC&HSLM" = G. E. Morfill et al. : "From Plasma Crystals and Helical Structures toward Inorganic Living Matter". NEW J OF PHYSICS 9, no. 263 (Aug 2007).

p. 63 telepathy with plants & with animals

"Cleve Backster's biocommunication research, along with others, has demonstrated that human thoughts ... elicit responses in other species (plant and animal) and isolated human cells." [PP]

Cleve Backster : Primary Perception. Anza (CA) : White Rose Millennium Pr, 2003.

p. 64 pilot-waves are conscious

"while particles (the physical realm) must always travel at speeds less than the velocity of light, they are guided by superimposed pilot waves that must travel at speeds greater than light. These waves are known as "information waves" which ... may be the realm of consciousness."

p. 64 consciousness as a fundamental

"Dean Radin's books The Conscious Universe and Entangled Minds ... support the notion of consciousness as a fundamental element of the universe instead of as epiphenomena".

p. 65 hearing voices of supernatural entities

"Professional trance-channels like Kevin Ryerson [SC] ...; when using their subtle senses of ... clairaudience receive communications from nonhuman voices. Many of the nonhuman entities claim to be permanent centers of consciousness ... in dimensions invible to us.

Some of them who say they have already lived human lives reportedly expect to do so again."

{The mode in which supernatural entities may live lives as humans would be by becoming a "walk-in".}

SC = Kevin Ryerson & Stepahnie Harolde : Spirit Communication. NY : Bantam Bks, 1989.

p. 68 autodidaktic universe

"In Our Solarian Legacy, I suggest that we live in a multidimensional universe that is a self-conscious and self-adapting organism. I believe it is self-learning ... always in the direction of new levels of complexity and self-realization."

{This is the Cosmic Mind of NeoPlatonic metaphysics.}


9. (pp. 70-82) Psychoplasm as Mechanism

pp. 70-5 psychoplasm (= psychophore + soul-genome)

p. 70

"Ian Stevenson ... felt ... to postulate an intermediate energy body that he called psychophore ... the memories and DNA

{According to Platonic metaphysics, the psukhe ('soul') is transported within a container (sometimes depicted as a barrel), between lives.}

p. 71

patterns revealed by his research [into metempsychosis] being transferred between lifetimes in such a container. [WhR&BI, p. 183] ...

I have used the Greek psychoplasm instead of psychophore to suggest both the container and its contents."

p. 72

"souls experiment with their ... accumulated experience, to learn to ... reproduce themselves ... in successive acts of incarnation.

p. 73

... The psychoplasm offers a hypothesis that plausibly explains the imprinting in such cases ... . ...

p. 74

A reincarnation mechanism must be ... capable of activating genetic off/on switches beyond or different from those normally identified with inherited traits. ... My hypothesis that a bioenergy field independent of the parental legacy has influence on the developing zygote by ... biofield ... control over which mutations manifest ... . ... a biofield psychoplasm could exert ... control over which genetic patterns manifest in the zygote from one lifetime to the next.

This system of selective and reversible control is known in science as epigenetic modification. In this process, anomalous features show

p. 75

up in an organism even though the basic genome has not changed. ... Which parts of an organism give these on/off commands is unknown. Perhaps it is in the DNA we now call "junk." Could ... the psychoplasmic patterns ... activate the on/off switches? ... Students of the history of evolution theory may notice that the psychoplasm concept resembles somewhat the notion of eighteenth-century French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. A proponent of evolution ..., he was perhaps ahead of his time. The biofield may prove him right."

pp. 75-6 the transfer-process (of the soul's traits into the zygote/embryo)

p. 75

"In his time, Stevenson ... mused that the nonhuman personality must select its parents to match itself,

{This is choosing of parents-to-be by a soul who is awaiting redincarnation is described at length in the Bodish book Bar-do bTags-grol.}

... choose the right ovum,

{After one hath chosen one's parents-to-be, there will be (in any given month) only one particular ovum available. There will, however, always be a wide choice among spermatozoa available.}

or directly shape the body for the desired effects. ...

{This is rather nonfeasible. Not even a deity can alter the shape of a living material body.}

All these three options reflect the idea of a soul selectively acting outside the natural process.

{Although these may not be entailed in any "natural process" for the soul of a mere mortal, yet nevertheless they could be naturally (easily, readily) performed for the soul by that soul's frawas^i (guardian-angel).}

I consider the psychoplasm to be an as-yet-unrecognized natural entity or process that extends in two directions beyond our current understanding of the genome's role in evolution. The psychoplasm could interact with what is now referred to as "junk" DNA ...

p. 76

the on/off switches that give us the epigenetic effect ... . The psychoplasm could also embed the genome within a nonphysical, biofield set of patterns."

p. 77 criteria for establishing past-life matches

"On Semkiw's web site, he states, "I use three criteria ... to establish past-life matches." These criteria are described as

facial architecture,

personality traits such as demeanor or habits, and

membership in a soul cohort".

p. 80 Jeffrey Mishlove

"Psychologist-philosopher Jeffrey Mishlove has formulated an alternative hypothesis based on Carl Jung's concept of archetypes to account for the phenomena associated with reincarnation. ... Mishlove's concept of Synchronistic Archetypal Resonance (SAR) implies ... archetypal form in the collective unconscious. He posits that individuals may activate an archetype associated with someone who lived in another era ... with a surprising set of coincidences or synchronicities."

[p. 220, n. 9:14 : "explained in more detail on the Reincarnation Experiment web site."]

p. 81 Ervin Laszlo

"Philosopher Ervin Laszlo supports a concept somewhat analogous to the SAR model in his 2004 book Science and the Akashic Field ... [S&AF] ... . ... he hypothes[iz]es that an individual's experience of being the reincarnation of a historic person results from tapping into the deceased being's memory bank. He calls these memory banks "holographic vacuum-traces of another person's consciousness"".

{Actually, the divine guardians of the Akas`ik Records would not allow access to such Records to any person who is liable to be misled (by reading them) into any sort of misidentity. (Edgar Cayce was allowed to read them because he was too cautious to be so misled.) If a person be given information (as to personal identity) by the highly reliable divine guardians of the Records, that identity is sure to be accurate.}

S&AF = Ervin Laszlo : Science and the Akashic Field, Rochester (VT) : Inner Traditions, 2004.


12. (pp. 109-121) Sources and Methods

pp. 110-1 self-reporting

p. 110

"Information about possible previous lives comes unbidden, and often undesired, through intuitive flashes of insight, dreams, meditations, or spontaneous memories."

p. 111

"Material gathered through hypnotic regressions is a form of self-reporting."

"Some of the most compelling evidence comes from self-reporting by young children."

p. 115 superhuman sources of information

"Much of what the public hears about reincarnation comes from nonhuman {superhuman, supernatural} sources, such as

ethereal records

or channelled beings. ...

In the first instance, it is translated by psychics who tap into information ... .

In the second, the original source is an advanced being (AB) who is reinterpreted through a trance channel.

{Usually cases are not of anything being "interpreted", for the spirit is speaking directly though the medium's mouth. A scientist will always interpret; a spirit-medium, never.}

p. 116 Edgar Cayce

"The renown psychic Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) "read" past-life records for thousands of individuals. Archives of the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia contains transcripts of these readings."

p. 118 Afterlife Experiments [AE]

"The methodology used by Gary Schwartz in his groundbreaking book The Afterlife Experiments may be helpful ... . In testing extradimensional messages to humans from nonphysical beings, he used several psychics in a double-blind experiment in which each psychic had no knowledge of the person for whom the otherworldly message was intended."

AE = Gary E. Schwartz : The Afterlife Experiments. NY : Pocket Bks, 2002.


18. (pp. 181-193) Co-incidence through Memory

p. 181 unapparent connections among events

"a coincidence ... may have an invisible connection to something else. Referring to this phenomenon, Herclitus wrote in 500 BCE, "The unapparent connection is more powerful than the apparent one." ... The results of what Heraclitus called "unapparent connections," Carl Jung called "synchronicities." He used this term to suggest ... that there is some unknown connecting link. Some interpret such events as the work of spiritual beings."


19. (pp. 194-205) Cohorts in Consciousness

p. 194 soul-cohorts

"souls do not reincarnate in isolation. Several researchers have noticed cases where groups of individuals who are connected with one another in this lifetime also appear to have had connections with some of the group in a previous life. ... Some of them believe they have returned together for a specific social purpose. ... This "cohort hypothesis" postulates that souls who ... interact in joint endeavors ... may decide to return in human form ... to continue to evolve together."

p. 196 soul-families

"Between the non-intimate soul cohort and intimate soulmate ideas lies the concept of soul families. Being a member of a "soul family" implies a group of mutually attracted souls who have been biologically or legally related at one time."


pp. 215-6 Endnotes.



author[ess] of website


John Jones


Candace Smith

Linda Backman


Paul von Ward : The Soul Genome : science and reincarnation. Fenestra Bks, Tucson, 2008.