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Of Turtles, Cows, Mice, and Men



Electro-magnetic Pulse of Life



Allergic to Electricity



Fire from Heaven



Transformed by Lightning



Electric People and Poltergeist Agents



The Fifth Force


p. 287earlier books by Louis Proud (living in Darwin, Northern Territory; born in Laura, South Australia) :

Dark Intrusions.

The Secret Influence of the Moon.



Of Turtles, Cows, Mice, and Men


pp. 22-3 planet Earth's magnetic-pole reversal

p. 22

"Geological evidence confirms that the Earth's magnetic field flips, on average, once every 200,000 years, with the most recent flip

having occurred around 780,000 years ago. {This "magnetic reversal, called the Matuyama-Brunhes transition" hath recently more accurately been dated at ["EMFWHL"] "786,000 years ago."} ...

{With this figure of approximately 780,000 years, cf. the fact that Martian geological evidence is indicatory that that planet abruptly ceased its volcanic activity some 780,000,000 years ago (due to its planetary core's uranium-stockpile's having exhausted itself).}

p. 23

That the Earth is overdue for a magnetic pole reversal is well established by scientists; though ... this event is unlikely to occur for many hundreds of years."

{Wrong about "is unlikely to occur ... ."! A magnetic-pole reversal hath been in process for a full century : the north magnetic pole having already moved hundreds of miles northward (having started its northward migration about 1904, and accelerating its rate of migration in the latter half of the 20th century, as may be seen on the plotted map of its movement), is apparently due to arrive in Antarctica in perhaps two or three centuries from now.}

"EMFWHL" = "Earth’s Magnetic Field Could Flip Within a Human Lifetime".

"Earth's Inconstant Magnetic Field". (The title of this article is slightly inappropriate, for though the location of the magnetic pole is inconstant, the direction of its migration hath remained fairly constant over a good century.)

{Some aestimates would expect the pole-reversal to require a longer time-span (than merely two or three centuries) to occur (namely, a millennium or longer). Instance : ("GEICPMR") "The Earth’s field has alternated between periods of normal polarity, in which the direction of the field was the same as the present direction, and reverse polarity, in which the field was in the opposite direction. These periods are called chrons. The time spans of chrons are randomly distributed with most being between 0.1 and 1 million years. Most reversals are estimated to take between 1,000 and 10,000 years. [This 1,000 to 10,000 year period being labeled a "subchron" ("GR", p. 5).] ... But brief disruptions that do not result in reversal are called geomagnetic excursions."} {In the Palaio-zoic past, "Long intervals of single geomagnetic polarity (superchrons)" included "Kiaman (Carboniferous–Permian) and Moyero (Ordovician) superchrons" ("GRR").}

"GEICPMR" = Growth of Earth’s inner core may be a precursor to the magnetic reversal [It is not as yet certain as to whether this planet is now in the process of a full geomagnetic reversal, or of a mere geomagnetic excursion; nor even of when this could be determined -- because of "the genuine difficulty in identifying ... the time at which the field is irrevocably committed to reversing" ("GR", p. 5) --, though sufficient information on "proliferation of reverse magnetic field on the core-mantle boundary" may help to clarify it.]

"GR" = "Geomagnetic Reversals" (preprint, for chapter 4 of Earth's Core and Lower Mantle, in :- FLUID MECHANICS OF ... GEOPHYSICS series.).

"GRR" = "Geomagnetic reversal rates following Palaeozoic superchrons have a fast restart mechanism".



Electro-magnetic Pulse of Life


pp. 61-2 Di-Methyl-Tryptamine (DMT)

p. 61

"Ayahuasca is a DMT-containing ... brew that is traditionally used by the Indians of the Amazon basin for shamanistic purposes, who cite clairvoyance and contact with spirits as two of its remarkable effects. ... Brown in color and ... bitter ..., it's produced from a boiled-down mixture of the banisteriopsis caapi vine and other plants. ... As recounted in his memoir Broken Music, the musician Sting took ayahuasca under the guidance of a traditional shaman ... : [BMM, p. 11] "Closing your eyes transports you to this other world, as real as any other,

where sound becomes light

{via synaisthesia}

and light becomes color and color turns into geometry. ...

I am ... dreaming {while} awake ... ."

{as expounded in the book DWA}

... Rick Strassman ... is famous for his groundbreaking research on the effects of DMT on human subjects. Between 1990 and 1995, Strassman administered hundreds of doses of DMT by injection to ... volunteers ... . ... the volunteers reported ... seeing extraordinary geometric patterns and having

p. 62

profound encounters with non-human entities. ... In many cases the entities were elf-like or fairy-like in nature. Strassman came to the conclusion that the powerful visionary experiences induced by DMT are ... such ... as to facilitate access to "other planes of existence" ... of parallel universes ... [DSM, p. 316]."

BMM = Sting : Broken Music : a Memoir. Random House, NY, 2003.

DWA = David Jay Brown : Dreaming Wide Awake : Lucid Dreaming, Shamanic Healing, and Psychedelics. Rochester (VT) : Park Street Pr, 2016.

DSM = Rick Strassman : DMT : the Spirit Molecule. Park Street Pr, Rochester (VT), 2001.

pp. 64-7 circadian rhythm maintained by Schumann Resonance

p. 64

"a dramatic desynchronization in the circadian rhythms of participants living in the "shielded" room ... . This indicated that

isolating oneself from the electromagnetic environment of the Earth causes one's circadian rhythms to become ... desynchronized.

{These circadian rhythms apply, of course, only to the planet's surface, so that deep-rock-residing elemental spirits (viz., gnomes) would not be involved in transmitting the rhythms. Therefore, the surface-dwelling animals plants and animals may, instead, be transmitting (to any isolated beings) their own biological rhythms imposed as information on the Schumann-resonance carrier-wave.}

Wever ... then introduced various electrical and magnetic fields into the shielded rooms a 10 Hz electrical field (at 2.5 V/m). The result was remarkable : the participants began to exhibit virtually normal circadian rhythms. Aware that 10 Hz is a "frequency of the Earth" because of its significance in relation to ... Schumann resonance, he came to consider it the prime timer of biological cycles. ...

{The various plants and animals whose waking-and-sleeping cycle must follow along with the day-and-night cycle (along also with the consequentially-influenced various spirit-guardians of these various species) may be transmitting on a pulsing electrical field information which is capable to automatically able to be picked up by any other carrier-wave on the same frequency and thus to influence the waking-and-sleeping cycle of any thus-exposed planet-dwelling mortal inhabitant who hath no access to daylight. [written 24 May 2017]}

In the 1950s, ... German scientist ... Winfried Otto Schumann (1888-1974) ... predicted that electromagnetic signals resonate in the cavity between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. ...

p. 65

Schumann calculated mathematically that the fundamental frequency of the Earth-ionosphere cavity is 10.6 Hz, with harmonics ... . ...

p. 66

Wever's discovery that a 10 Hz electric field can restore normal circadian rhythms in people living in isolation from natural sources of electromagnetic radiation takes on immense significance when examined in relation to Schumann's discovery ... . The similarity between the two frequencies ... suggests that we -- and by extension all living things on the planet -- are tuned to the Earth's 10.6 Hz ... .

p. 67

... the brain waves known as "alpha waves" have a frequency of between 8 and 13 Hz ... . The alpha wave state ... occurs during daydreaming, hypnosis, and meditation."

p. 68 sunspot-cycle

"In 1843, ... German pharmacist and amateur astronomer ... Samuel Heinrich Schwabe (1789-1875) came forward with a ... discovery : sunspots vary in number in a cycle of about 10 years. Today we refer to this as the sunspot cycle and we know it's an average of 11.1 years ... ."

p. 69 Carrington Event

"The largest geomagnetic storm ever recorded, known as the Carrington Event, occurred on September 2, 1859 ... . ... So powerful in magnitude was the Carrington Event that it brought the northern lights [aurora borealis] as far south as Cuba and Venezuela and the southern lights [aurora australis] as far north as Queensland, Australia. In fact ..., ["SFBKSS"] "people in the mortheastern U.S. could read newspaper print [out-of-doors during a moonless night] just from the light of the aurora.""

"SFBKSS" = "Solar Flare : ... Biggest Known Sun Storm ...". National Geographic News 2012.3.12.



Allergic to Electricity


pp. 78-81 how chronic exposure to a "smart" electricity metering device can be deleterious to human health [infra, p. 99 : such device is operating at microwave frequency]

p. 78

"smart meters are digital, wireless, two-way communication devices ... . ... . ... a smart meter had been installed in our home without our consent ... . ... .

p. 79

... I noticed a gradual decline in my ability to concentrate [mentally] ... . ... The problem appeared to stem from an intense feeling of agitation ... . ... My wife revealed to me that she, too, was plagued by a feeling of deep-seated agitation and was experiencing concentration issues {difficulties}. It didn't take us long to recognize that the {commencement of} the problem coincided with the installation of the smart meter in our home. ... throughout the ensuing months, I came upon a series of online articles concentrating on cases in the United States and Australia of people ... to have suffered health problems as a consequence of living with a smart meter in their home. Among the health problems frequently cited were "agitation" and "inability to concentrate" ... . ... Other shared symptoms included nausea, headaches, ...

p. 80

heart palpitations, and insomnia. These symptoms would disappear when they left home and reappear as soon as they returned home. ...

The opportunity to move arose when ... my wife secured a job in Darwin, Northern Territory (where ... smart meters haven't yet been introduced). Our health problems vanished for good soon after we relocated to Darwin. ...

Another health problem I experienced during my period of exposure to smart meter radiation was lowered immune function. ...

p. 81

My immune system regained its strength as soon as my wife and I moved."

p. 86 uselessness of official governmental sources of information of health-concerns

"My research in this area has taught me that it's futile to expect to receive from the authorities a truthful, straightforward answer as to ... harm to our bodies. To get to the truth of the matter, we are left with no other choice but to by{e-}pass official sources of information ..., and seek out genuine sources of information."

p. 86 how chronic exposure to microwaves is damaging to human health

"in the years following World War II, ... it was found that radar operators have a tendency to suffer from internal bleeding, jaundice, leukemia, cataracts, brain tumors, and {malignant} heart conditions."

{Radar emissions are entirely in the form of microwaves (infra p. 111).} {Bodily damage is done to anyone standing in the path of the microwave-beam produced by the radar transmitter's antenna while it is transmitting.}

pp. 90, 92 mental difficulties can result from exposure to microwaves

p. 90

"The study, conducted by William Bise of Pacific Northwest Center for the Study of Non-Ionizing Radiation, ...

p. 92

mentions that during one of the pulse-modulated tests performed in the X-band (microwave region) with a power level of only 10^-12 w/cm^2, he, {and} the subject, and the technician experienced severe headaches. The following day all three ["LPRF&ME"] "felt mentally and physically sluggish ... to the extent that they could do no work.""

"LPRF&ME" = William Bise : "Low Power Radio Frequency and Microwave Effects on Human Electroencephalogram and Behavior". PHYSIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY & PHYSICS 10 (1978):387-98.

pp. 93-4 the sympathetic nervous system

p. 93

"the hypothalamus ... communicates with the rest of the body through the autonomous nervous system (ANS).

The nervous system is made up of two components : the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS). The CNS

p. 94

consists of the brain and spinal chord ... . The PNS is the portion of the nervous system that lies outside the brain and spinal chord. Although the ANS is classified as part of the PNS, it is actually controlled by centers located in the hypothalamus, spinal chord, and brain stem.

The ANS is divided into two components : the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). ... Whereas the SNS activates the physiological changes that occur ..., the PSNS dampens the ... response, calming the body down ... . ...

The first system in the body to be activated by the hypothalamus during ... response is the SNS. ... Next, the hypothalamus activates ... hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis)".

pp. 99-101 power-density of conventional microwave-pulses

p. 99

"Devices that operate at or near the same frequency as smart meters include Wi-Fi modems, any cordless phones, baby monitors, remote controlled light switches, and household microwave ovens. ...

{That is to say, such devices all operate on (transmit at) microwave-frequencies, which are known to be be damaging to bodily health.}

p. 100

Smart meters ... emit ... in the form of sharp, extremely brief pulses. ...

p. 101

["ASMD"] "It's an enormous, short pulse. ... You become a walking [receiver-]antenna." ... .

pp. 101-2

The pulsed aspect ... is significant, because ... pulsed EM radiation is considerably more harmful than continuous EM radiation."

"ASMD" = "Are Smart Meters Dangerous, Too?" EAST BAY EXPRESS, July 21, 2010.

pp. 102-3 an instance of hypersensitivity of microwaves, resultant in ill-health to a man

p. 102

"his job was ... to fit already installed, live meters with communication cards and aerials. After working in this role for ... months, he began to experience ["FSMIS"] concentration and and memory issues {difficulties} accompanied by a feeling of "general fatigue" and "a sense of creeping anxiety." ... .

p. 103

... his health problems multiplied to include heart palpitations, ... eyesight problems, constant tinnitus, and headaches. ... From that point on, ... he had no other choice but to leave".

"FSMIS" = "Former Smart Meter Installer Suffers from Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS)". Stop Smart Meters website, 2012.10.10.

pp. 105-6 another instance of hypersensitivity of microwaves, resultant in ill-health to a woman

p. 105

"cellphone antennas were installed ... positioned directly on the roof of ... apartment. ... Not long after the antennas were installed, ... began to feel ill, with symptoms that included "a hissing or buzzing or high pitched

p. 106

ringing" in the ears, numb hands and feet, persistent headaches, dizzy spells lasting for days, short-term memory loss, concentration problems, heart palpitations, and nausea. ["VCMS"] ... Aware that both her health and that of her daughter would continue to suffer if they remained where they were, ... abandoned the apartment".

"VCMS" = "My Story". So We Grounded, YolaSite, March 20, 2010.

pp. 111-2 microwave auditory effect

p. 111

"the "microwave auditory effect" ... gets its name from ... Allan H. Frey ... . ... In 1960, ... When Frey ... stood in radar beam he ... heard the microwave-induced sound. Actually, the phenomenon was nothing new : it had been reported by radar technicians ever since World War II yet had not been taken seriously by experts. Frey conducted an extensive investigation in the microwave auditory effect, even testing the phenomenon on human volunteers ... . He obtained positive results with both clinically deaf and normal hearing volunteers ..., using pulsed microwaves ... . He found that, depending on such factors as pulse rate and frequency, the induced sound varied from a ["HASRMEE"] "buzz, clicking, hiss, or knocking." All

p. 112

of the volunteers described the sound as being located within the head or just behind the head."

"HASRMEE" = Allan H. Frey : "Human Auditory System Response to Modulated Elecromagnetic Energy". J OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY 17 (1962):689-92.



Fire from Heaven


pp. 126-7 sources of levin

p. 126

"the highest amount of lightning activity is ... the Congo ... village of Kifuka, located ... in the eastern mountains ... . ...

Snowstorms, sandstorms, volcanoes, very intense forest fires ... -- all can give rise to lightning. There are even cases in which lightning seems to strike from a clear blue sky. This

p. 127

phenomenon, known as a "bolt from the blue,"

{""Zeus," he [Minos] roared out, "cast down your bolt!" A white lightning shaft shot down from the blue sky" (MAG).}

is made possible by the fact that a bolt of lightning can travel up to 25 miles (40 km) from its point of origin."

{A levin-bolt might well need to be praeternaturally direct/guided in order to travel so very far, however.}

MAG = Richard P. Martin : Myths of the Ancient Greeks. New American Library, NY, 2003.

p. 145 St Elmo's fire

"A strong atmospheric electric field has the potential to cause pointed objects, such as church spires, masts of ships, and airplane propellers and wingtips, to emit a coronal discharge. This faint, bluish-white plasma is known as St. Elmo's fire and is sometimes accompanied by a crackling or hissing noise.

It was named after St. Erasmus of Formio (also known as St. Elmo),

{Because /Elmo/ is likely an abbreviated form of (Strong's 1678) the name /Elmodam/ (Euangelion kata Loukas 3:38), which in some versions (e.g., G&A, "GL", p. 17, col. 2) is given in the form /Almodam/; therefore, it is furthermore not unlikely an adverbial form (derived from Strong's 4128 /muwd/ 'to measure') of the name />almowdad/ ('immeasurable') of (B-Res^iyt 10:26) a son of ('becoming small'), and therefore originally a self-resizing pagan deity (such as is described in the 1001 Nights as emerging from a bottle committed to the sea by Sulayman, i.e., by S^lomoh -- such a bottle perhaps somehow intended as a Leyden jar).}

the patron saint of sailors ... . As it tends to manifest toward the end of a storm, they considered it a good omen."

G&A, "GL" = "The Gospel according to St. Luke", in :- The Gospels and Acts, in English and Hindusthani. Calcutta, 1837.

{As for the statement in B-Res^iyt 10:30 that the progeny of dwell from Mes^a> (Strong's 4855 /mas^s^a>/ 'usury', referring to the numeric accretion of monetary significance) even unto mt Separ ('numeric count'), which could allude to calculating the temperature as per cricket-chirrs; for, the pelesit ('imp') residing in such bottles is described, in Malay magical lore, as the spirit-cricket (S:MM, p. 329; "OMS", p. 300); there is also a "vampire cricket" ("G&ESDM") attracted by the biting-off of the tongue of a resurrected cadavre (in like manner unto the biting-off of the tongue of a Bodish ro-lans vampire).} {"Bottle spirit traps are believed to have their origins ... from Northern Africa and the Middle East where blue is a prevalent sacred colour. ... Another spirit trap is the well known witch bottle of Europe ... . ... The spirit caught is often a witch’s familiar." ("C&BS")}

S:MM =Walter William Skeat : Malay Magic. London : Macmillan & Co, 1900. & also

"OMS" = Walter William Skeat : "On Malay Spiritualism". PROCEEDINGS OF THE SOCIETY FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, Volume 17 (1901-1903).

"G&ESDM" = R. O. Winstedt : Shaman, S`aiva and S.ufi : a Study of the Evolution of Malay Magic. Constable & Co, London, 1925. -- "II. Gods, Spirits And Ghosts" -- "(C.) Good And Evil Spirits Of Dead Mortals".

"C&BS" = "Catching and Binding Spirits".


Louis Proud : Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions : the Science of the Unexplainable. New Page Bks (division of Career Pr), Pompton Plains (NJ), 2015.