Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions, 5

{Adscitious to the more-celebrated attestations of praeternatural abilities (in this circumstance, often a miraculous ability to heal ailments) in dreaming (as is usual in shamanry), there are also cases of such ability being acquired by being smitten by levin (in the material waking-world); which latter is a subject-matter of this book. We would tend to explain such instances as introduction, by means of the levin, of a levin-deity into a human body (whether on the material plane or some subplane thereof, or whether on some subtle plane or subplane thereof), wherein the levin-deity may take up residence, and while so ensconced may produce praeternatural effects. Likewise for ball-levin : a similar explanation for its effects on, or through means of, a mortal's body; as due to its deity's producing any praeternatural effects.}



Transformed by Lightning


p. 148 transformed by being smitten with levin

"As a result of being struck {smitten} with lightning ... is transformed into an intermediary between humanity and the gods, ... in the category of a ... shaman."

{N.B. The litteral meaning of /strike/ is 'attempt to smite' : such as, a baseball-batter's attempt (not necessarily with success) to smite the ball; or a labor-union's attempt (not necessarily with success) to make its demands heeded. The word /strike/ is cognate with Latin /striga/ 'groove (such as, fluting in a pilaster)', whence modern English /strigate/ and /strigose/ 'groovey'.} {The word /levin/ is evidently derived from Latin /levitas/ in this word's poietic, transferred meaning of "moveableness, mobility" (L&Sh:LD, s.v. "levitas") : cf. expressions such as "acted/moved with lightning-ease".}

L&Sh:LD = Lewis & Short : A Latin Dictionary.

p. 148 the 5 different ways of being smitten with levin

"A person can be struck by lightning in one of five different ways :

direct strike,

side flash,

ground current,

conduction, and


p. 152 Lichtenberg

"some lightning strike victims come away with reddish fern-like patterns on the skin, called Lichtenberg figures, though these vanish within days."

p. 163 as result of being levin-smitten : acquired psychic abilities

"Cases exist where people have been healed of medical conditions after being struck by lightning. Then there are cases where survivors have developed ... psychic abilities. Some survivors insist they are ... grateful they were struck."

pp. 163-4 permanent analgesia as result of being smitten by levin

p. 163

"After being struck by lightning ... 1969, ... in the driveway of his home

(in Lawson, Missouri), Deal

{Lawson (referring to "natural law"?) in in Ray County (referring to the "ray-of-creation"?, 4WS"RC" & CW"RC" & NDM"SM&NW"), MO, nigh the border with Clay County (referring to the Eddic leir-jo,tunn 'clay etin', who is smitten with a thunderbolt according to the Skalds-kapar-Ma`l -- PE, p. 117; see also ME"TVG", p. 253), MO.}

p. 164

... lost ... the ability to experience pain. ... He explains : ["WASSS"] "... I never wear a coat no matter what the weather is outside ...

I have worked outside in ... below zero, plus I have worked in weather with a wind chill ... below zero ... for up to seven hours at a time. ...""

{I order to accomplish this miracle, the Taoist-and-Bon feat of internal bodily heat miraculously generated by deities invoked though internal-alchemic yoga, is required.}

4WS"RC" = "Ray of Creation".

CW"RC" = "Ray of Creation".

NDM"SM&NW" = "The Secret of the Moon & the Nature of War".

PE = Snorri (transl by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur) : Prose Edda.

ME"TVG" = "The French Connection, or Þórr versus the Golem". MEDIEVAL ENCOUNTERS 20 (2014):238–260.

"WASSS" = "We Are All Survivors of Some Sort". INDEX-JOURNAL, May 10, 2006.

{The 'Mud-shankcalf' would be a parallel to the shankcalf (whence was birthed Dio-nusos) of Zeus, and where the 3-cornered (referring mayhap to the tripod containing the scattered cadavre-pieces at Delphoi, DCM, s.v. "Zagreus"; though not the pieces cooked in a cauldron, DCM, s.v. "Iacchus", p. 224a) heart of Hrungnir is aequivalent to the sacred-heart of ZAGReus [cognate with /YAJN~a/ god in the 1st manu-antara] retrieved from the titan [cognate with /citana/] by ATHENe [cognate with /svADHis.t.hANa/ of goddess Svadha polyandrous wife of the numerous pitarah.], who "enclosed it in a gypsum figure" (GM 30.b), which thereby became one of the "whited sepulchres" (Eu-angelion kata Matthaios 23:27); while the mare's heart of that leir-jo,tunn 'clay etin' would refer to Demeter, who "transformed herself into a mare" (GM 18.f). Whereas the self-levitator (according to the Clementine Recognitions) Simon (certainly a different name from the tribe-name /Simeon/ discussed in Eu-angelion kata Loukas 2:25-35 and called black at Antiokheia in Apostoloi 13:1 -- /Antiokheia/ being an alteration of /Io-polis/ (GM 56.d) of cow-heroine I[w]oi [designated, as treasure-city, /<iwwah/ = /Iwa/ the 9th cloud-layer according to the Puran.a] --, /Simon/ must be derived from Strong's 8082 /s^amen/ 'greasy', perhaps referring to "greased lightning") made "statues out of metal, which laughed" (ME"TVG", p. 254), these statues may have been depictions of Iakkhos; for, when, for the sake of Iakkhos, Dus-aules's wife Bauboi "tucked up her clothes and showed her buttocks" (DCM, s.v. "Baubo"), Demeter "was amused, began to laugh" : in like manner as it was for the sake of assembled gods in front of the cavern of reclusive sun-goddess Ama-terasu, that the goddess Ame-no-uzume pulled down her own skirt, causing them to laugh.} {The stauros-toting Simon (mentioned in Eu-angelion kata Markos 15:21), how-be-it, is from Kurene, Kurenai:ka being modernly known as Barqah ('levin'; but cf. Strong's 1303 /barqan/ 'brier', perhaps "crown-of-thorns" worn when nailed to that particular stauros), referring the Bney Braq 'sons of levin' (Yhows^uw<a 19:45 : there, followed by Gat-Rimmown 'press pomegranate', out of which pomegranate there emerged, according the 1001 Nights and as illustrated by Salvador Dali, a carp-fish such as leapeth at the Dragon Gate), distinct from the (Eu-angelion kata Markos 3:17; who used "to call fire down from heaven", Eu-angelion kata Loukas 9:54) "sons-of-thundre" (Bney Ra<am), apparently of the tribe Ra<mah from (B-Re>s^iyt 10:7) Kuws^, and thus respectively repraesentatives of S^ba> and Ddan.}

DCM = Pierre Grimal : The Dictionary of Classical Mythology. Blackwell Publ, Oxford (UK), 1986.

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

pp. 164-5 a woman healed by being smitten by levin

p. 164

"Betty Galvano of Sebring, Florida, a former high-fashion model ..., is ... healed by lightning. In 1993, Galvano

fell off a seawall ... . ...

{This could be considered comparable with water's falling in the waterfall ("LCBD") from atop the Dragon Gate.}

1994 ... The bolt of lightning that struck Galvano had entered via the open window. ... .

{Galvano was her husband's name; he witnessed the levin. This bolt was arranged by levin-deities so as to indicate, to (and thus to influence subliminally) mortals, their knowledge of input of electric charge into a galvanic battery-cell.}

p. 165

... not only did the lightning strike "miraculously heal" her leg, but ... she didn't suffer any ill effects from it ... . ...

At the moment she was struck by lightning

she saw "gold particles everywhere" ["FLSShS"] ... . ...

{indicative of an alchemic transmutation actuated on the mental plane-of-existence, possibly related to "Yu, the Golden Dragon" ("CKDG"), who activateth the Dragon Gate.}

According to Galvano, her unique relationship with lightning dates back to when she was a newborn in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1935. ... Galvano picks up the story :

["WhLSLACh", p. 202] "My mother looked out the window, and on the lawn she saw a ball of lightning. It floated up, came through the window, and rested on top of me. ... a nurse ... watched ... .""

"LCBD" = "Legend of Carp Becoming a Dragon".

"FLSShS" = "Florida Lightning Survivors Share Stories". USA TODAY, July 1, 2009.

"CKDG" = "Courageous Koi at Dragon’s Gate".

"WhLSLACh" = "When Lightning Strikes, Lives Are Changed". NEW YORK TIMES, Sept 1, 1998.

p. 166 miraculous recovery by man smitten by levin

"Robert Davidson ... on his way to Indianapolis ... was struck on the shoulder by a bolt of lightning. ... Both the physician and the team of ambulance paramedics desperately tried to restore Davidson's heartbeat, but with no luck. ... A woman carrying a Bible ... suddenly arrived at the scene. ... She proceeded to lift the Bible to the sky and muttered something that no one understood. ["WhLSLACh"] ... Moments later Davidson had a pulse."

pp. 167-70 praeternatural aftereffects of a person's being smitten by levin

p. 167

"many lightning strike ... survivors ... exert an odd effect on wristwatches. Furthermore, the claims ... involve all manner of electrical gadgets -- from computers to automatic garage doors to streetlamps."

"In ... 1989, Steve Melvin of Ohio ... happened to get struck by lightning at the precise moment he was taking a photo. ... Remarkably, the photo he took at the moment he was struck by lightning shows

the ghostly outline of a human surrounded by lightning,

{This would likely be the image of a levin-deity.}

even though neither he nor anyone else was situated in front of the lens at that time." ("UL")

p. 168

"Friedman presents a number of cases where [OBHL, p. 186] "lightning survivors have ... electrical or magnetic powers ... . ... .

... Nina Lazzeroni ..., 1995, ... was struck by lightning ... in Troy, Ohio ... . ...

p. 169

Of those symptom that remain ... : Lights of all kinds, particularly in public places like streetlamps and billboard signs, have a tendency to switch off in her presence ... . She explains : [OBHL, p. 187] "They come back on after I leave the area and turn off again if I return. It's not uncommon to have three or four go out while I'm driving somewhere at night. ..." ...

Kurt Oppelt, who with Sissy Schwartz won a gold medal at the 1956 Winter Olympics in the pairs figure skating event, was struck was lightning in 1989 ... . ... And yet, explains Oppelt, [OBHL, p. 187] "audio receivers ... and computers broke when I touched them ... . ...""

"UL" = "Unlucky Strikes". THE INDEPENDENT, 7 Nov 1999.

OBHL = John S. Friedman : Out of the Blue : a History of Lightning ... and Amazing Stories of Survival. Random House, NY, 2008.

pp. 170-1 praeternatural abilities amongst levin-smite survivors

p. 170

"Missy was struck by lightning through a landline telephone ... . At the moment the strike occurred, she ... noticed at her feet "a bright white light ... which was football-shaped and had spikes." (This is a ... ball lightning, which can indeed emerge from telephone handsets and assume a "spikey" appearance.) ... She then experienced a strange "numbing feeling" work its way up one side of her body. ... After the accident ..., she developed ...

extrasensory perception (ESP).

{praecognition of events pertaining to herself}

She explains : ["SSM"] "There have been times where {when} I speak someone's name, someone that I haven't heard of or seen in many years and all of a sudden they walk {he or she walketh} in the door. ... I've had eerie feelings about things just before they actually happen. ...""

"Thais was struck by lightning ... in ... 1985, ... the bolt of lightning ... orange in color ... . ...

p. 171

The second strange aftereffect is that her psychic effect became heightened. She comments : ["SSTh"] "... I found myself somehow {praeternaturally} knowing things about folks I didn't {naturally} know well."

"SSM" = "Survivor Story : Missy ... Supernatural Side Effect?"

"SSTh" = "Survivor Story : Thais ...".

pp. 171-2 how a woman, who afterwards assisted in locating missing cadavres, obtained this praeternatural ability

p. 171

"Greta Alexander (1932-1998) of

Delevan, Illinois,

{DELEvan (cf. /DELEctable/) is located in Tazewell (i.e., 'TASTE WELL') County, IL. Was she assisted by the delectitious tastes possessed by connoisseur-style deities?}

was ... Born on a farm in

Manito, Illinois ... .

{/MANITO/ is the word for 'deity' in the languages of Algonkin tribes (including of the Illinois tribe).}

One night in ... 1961, while ... she was lying in bed ... "a white light came at me through the window ... burning a hole in the bed." ... It was soon after the lightning strike that ... psychic abilities were "awakened." She found herself answering the telephone moments before it rang, and noticed she was able to "read" the minds of others. She eventually established herself as a professional psychic, being paid by clients ... .

p. 172

Her work assisting police with missing persons cases (for which she received no payment) began in 1974."

{Despite the North American location of MANITO in ILLINOis, nevertheless, there is likewise a connection betwixt the similar pair of heroi:nes' names /MANTOI/ and /ILIONe/ : Mantoi went to Kolophon (with the term /colophon/ referring to the end-information in books; cf. the end put, by herself, to most of the Sibylla's oracle-books) so as to marry the king of Karia (GM 107.i); while Pod-aleirios went first to Kolophon (GM 169.c) and afterwards to Karia (GM 169.d), postmortem sharing (with another hero) "a dream oracle" (loc. cit.) : similarly to how Mantoi's son shared (with another hero) "a common oracle ..., and the responses are given in dreams" (GM 169.e). On account of a certain hero's having "appeared in dreams" (GM 168.i) there occurred the immolation of a woman (GM 168.k) subsequent to whose demise there was "found the dead body of" (GM 168.n) a boy being "reared" by (GM 168.l) queen Ilione. This boy had been "stoned to death beneath the walls" (GM 168.m) : 'wall of soft clay' being in Latin /maceria/ (L&Sh:LD), cognate with Hell. /masso/ 'I knead', the etymon of French /mac,on/ 'mason', whence the name of Mason County wherein Manito, IL, is located -- the term "stone-mason" evidently deriving from the stoning beneath the walls, an act very reminiscent of how, dropped from the tower, "a piece of a millstone ... all to brake his skull" (S^apat.iym 9:53) of him who had been enroyaled by (S^apat.iym 9:6) the house of MiLLow> (Strong's 4407 'filled'), a meaning reflected in the expression "Fullness (pleroma) of Khristos", viz., of him who perished at Golgotha ('skull'). [Hence the Valentinian Pleroma as the Khristology of Freemasonry, with spear of centurion Longinus aequivalent to the jewelled spear of long-nosed Saru-da Biko-na, the S^into aequivalent to Yaca-tecuhtli ('nose lord'), Aztec aequivalent to ("BGP", p. 102) Maya god "M", whose decapitated head (thus suggesting the skull of >adam allegedly at Golgotha) is depicted (in the Madrid Codex, p. 33b) at ("BGP", p. 105, Fig. 13) the waist of Maya god "Z" the wielder (in the Madrid Codex, p. 32a -- "BGP", p. 105, Fig. 12) of a spear (thus indicating Longinus's wielding this spear-of-destiny displayed by Charlemagne and by the Habsburgs).]}

"BGP" = David H. Kelley : "The Birth of the Gods at Palenque". ESTUDIOS DE CULTURA MAYA, vol. 5 (1965):93-134.

pp. 172-3 praeternatural ability acquired by being smitten by levin in the material world (waking world) is paralleled by praeternatural ability acquired from levin witnessed in dreaming, or acquired from levin-deities encountred in dreaming

p. 172

[quoted from ShH&MM, p. 46] "The Greeks believed a person struck by lightning was in possession of magical powers ... and in tribal cultures throughout the world lightning shamans are often venerated ... as the mightiest of shamans."

p. 173

"among ... the Sioux ... when a person has been struck by lightning or has visions {read "dreams"} featuring Wakinyah ("thunderbirds" or "thunder beings") it can indicate they've {he or she hath} been chosen to become ... a Heyoka ("thunder dreamer").

A Heyoka differs from a conventional medicine man in that he does everything in a contrary fashion. ...

{The word for 'contrary, opposite' is (DMWA, p. 628a) /d.idd/, identical with the TL-MRJ word for 'spinal column', which determinant-hieroglyph is the emblem of ("CDjS") WSJR.}

The powers with which Heyokas are gifted derive from the thunderbirds. ... They produce lightning from their beaks; they produce thunder through the beating of their wings. ...

{These may relate to the falcon-gods H.R, one a brother of, and the other the son of, WSJR.}

"Only those who have had visions {i.e., dreams} of the thunder beings of the west can act as heyokas ... .

{WSJR is "foremost of the Westerners" ("EFD").}

They have sacred power, and they share some of this with all the people, but they do it through funny actions." [BES, p. 149] These "funny actions" can include ... answering "yes" when one actually means "no"; and wearing one's clothing ... back-to-front."

ShH&MM = Holger Kalweit : Shamans, Healers, and Medicine Men. Shambhala Publ, 1992.

DMWA = Cowan (transl.) : Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic. 4th edn.

"CDjS" = "Concept of the Djed Symbol".

"EFD" = "Egyptian Funerary Deities".

BES = John G. Neihardt : Black Elk Speaks : Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux. State Univ of NY Pr, 2008.

p. 178 Wimshurst machine

"the Wimshurst machine, a type of electrostatic generator that consists of two parallel insulating disks that revolve {rotate} in opposite directions.

{These two oppositely-revolving disks could be paralleled, in the structure of a subtle component of the human body, to the opposition, of downward-facing blossom, to upward-facing blossom; matched by oppositely-facing (and therefore contrariwisely-rotating) cakra-s ('wheels'), as described for Kun.d.alini Yoga. [written 16 May 2017]}

(The machine is named after its inventor, the British engineer James Winhurst [1832-1903].)"

{"In 1880 James Wimshurst, an English engineer and inventor, ... used ... a machine with two counter rotating disks rather than the single rotating disk previously used."}

{"When demonstrating the properties of electrostatics with the electric kiss, the two volunteers would stand on insulating surfaces. Each would touch one of the two charge collectors of the Wimshurst machine and then they would ... bring their lips together for the inevitable "tingle" of electricity." ("JWM1")}

"JWM1" = "Jake’s Wimshurst Machine and How to Build It! (Part 1)".


Louis Proud : Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions : the Science of the Unexplainable. New Page Bks (division of Career Pr), Pompton Plains (NJ), 2015.