Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions, 6



Electric People and Poltergeist Agents


pp. 181-3 temporary Wimshurst effect from botulism

p. 181

"Published in the June 1920 issue of the Electric Experimenter journal ... an outbreak of botulism ... developed ... peculiar static electric power ... in the patients ... ."

p. 182

"The botulism toxin, which is produced by ... Clostridium botulinum bacteria, ... blocks the release of acetylcholine,

p. 183

the neurotransmitter responsible for triggering muscle contraction. An absence of acetylcholine means that the muscles cannot contract and so they they become paralyzed."

pp. 183-4 a woman whose body is able to cause failure of electrical equipment

p. 183

"reported in the Daily Mail newspaper ..., ... Mavis Price ... from Telford, Shropshire, ...

p. 184

electrical appliances ... have a tendency to malfunction when she touches or stands near them. ... . ... "every time touched the computer it would either freeze or shut down."" {"MMS-ChG")

"MMS-ChG" = "Meet Mavis, the Super-Charged Gandmother". DAILY MAIL Feb 22, 2008.

pp. 184-5; 188-9 women whose body is able oddly to influence electrical equipment

p. 184

"from Stockport, Manchester, ... Jacqueline Priestman. ...

p. 185

The radio would switch stations even though no one had touched it, and the television ["P-DC"] "would change channels or develop double images without warning." ... . ... on the night her two daughters were christened ..., two cut glass goblets, each of which bore the name of one of her daughters, suddenly and inexplicably shattered while sitting on a window ledge."

p. 188

"account ... from New Zealand's Kapiti Coast, ... Kate R. :

p. 189

"... Street lights go on and off, radios turn to static if I am close to them, watches go backward ... . A [magnetic] compass ... either just keeps spinning or insists that true north is wherever I am. ...""

"P-DC" = "Power-Full Curse". NEW STRAITS TIMES, June 8, 1985.

pp. 189-92 the book The Electric Connection

p. 189

"Michael Shallis's The Electric Connection is by far the most comprehensive study of cases of electric people written to date. ... He placed notices in magazines and newspapers asking readers to send him accounts of "electrical sensitivity" (his term for HVS). The replies he received numbered in the hundreds. ...

p. 190

One of the most extreme cases of HVS discussed by Shallis is that of ... Sheila. ... She's caused cashier desktop computers ro crash at her bank and deep freezer cabinets at her local supermarket

p. 191

to malfunction. ... In fact, his research revealed that many electric people possess psychic abilities of various kinds. Sheila, for example, can ... perceive auras around some people, is often aware of who's going to call her on the telephone, and has seen at least two ghosts."

"He explains : [ECIE, p. 27] "... in the sample cases of electrical sensitives I have studied, 23 per cent have been the victims of lightning strikes and one-fifth of those have been struck twice."

p. 192

"Also, as a child Sheila was allergic or intolerant to 160 different foodstuffs ... . Shallis ... explains : "Eighty percent of my sample were women, ... and

the majority were allergy sufferers. ...""

{Perhaps all their specific allergens were substances tabu to the particular divinities causing their electrical sensitivities.}

ECIE = Michael Shallis : The Electric Connection : Its Effects on Mind and Body. New Amsterdam Bks, NY, 1988.

pp. 194-5 a woman whose mediumistic trances resulted in electric and magnetic forces

p. 194

"case ... of Caroline Clare of London, Ontario, Canada".

"At age 17, Caroline ... began to slip in and out of mediumistic trances. First she'd undergo fits and spasms; then her eyes would become glazed and her body almost ridged {read "rigid"}; then she'd ["HEB"] "discourse eloquently and give vivid descriptions of far-off scenes ... ." Her condition ... left her with electrical and magnetic abilities. ...

p. 195

If anyone shook her hand ..., they {he or she} received a powerful shock. She was even able to send a sharp shock through 15 to 20 people joined holding hands. ...

As for Caroline's magnetic abilities, it is said that metal {specificly, iron} objects were powerfully attracted to her body but that ... non-metal objects showed no such attraction."

"HEB" = "A Human Electrical Battery". St John DAILY SUN, June 23, 1879.

pp. 195-9 a woman performing praeternatural table-tilting in the mid-19th century ChrAira {This was an early case of this praeternatural phainomenon, which became widespread in western Europe (and in the U.S.ofA.) late in that century.}

p. 195

"1846, in the village of Bouvigny, northwest France, 14-year-old Ange'lique Cottin, a solidly built girl of short stature ... was ... in the company of three other women when the oaken table at which they worked moved of its own accord. ...

p. 196

As soon as Ange'lique resumed her place at the table, it moved again. Whenever she touched the table, it suddenly retreated from her ... . ... A table retreated from Ange'lique the moment she touched it; and a chair on which she sat began to rock madly ... . ... Ange'lique's parents arranged for their daughter ... to be brought to Paris in order to be studied by members of the French Academy of Sciences. The famous physicist Franc,ois Arago (1786-1853), then Secretary of the Academy of Sciences, headed the study. ...

p. 197

Dr. Sanchon discovered that Ange'lique's abilities were most active during the evening from 7 to 9 o'clock. ... He goes on to state that her left arm continually quivered ... . He also states that when Ange'lique caused items to be "thrown" it was because she'd touched them with her left hand as opposed to her right. ...

p. 198

Dr. Sanchon also made the interesting discovery that Ange'lique's abilities ceased to function if her feet were prevented from making direct contact with the ground, either by having her seated on a chair with

p. 199

her feet raised in the air, or by placing a piece of glass or some other insulating material beneath her feet. ... Continuing ..., ... Ange'lique received a powerful electric shock whenever she touched the north pole of a magnet with the end of her finger, but not when she touched the south pole."

pp. 200-3; 206-7 praeternatural interference with streetlights

p. 200

"people in many different parts of the world ... [SLIE, p. 4] "... involuntarily, and usually spontaneously, cause streetlights to go out. ..." ... paranormal scholar Hilary Evans, ... of the UK-based Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP), ... defined SLI as [SLIE, p. 7] "... phenomenon in which ... certain people, passing near a street light at night, cause it to spontaneously extinguish (or if off, come on)."

certain people, passing near a street light at night, cause it to spontaneously extinguish (or if off, come on).""

{This phainomenon might as aptly be defined as a communicatory signaling, by a jinn residing at the streetlamp, to catch the attention of the guardian angel associated with the mortal passer-bye.}

p. 201

"Richard M., a professional magician ... who lives in London, England, recalls the moment he became aware of his SLI ability. A 17- to 18-year old teenager at the time, ... he noticed "that lights were going out when we walked under them and then flickering back on when we had passed." He continues :

[SLIDERS, p. 12] "... I remember walking under them trying to make them go out but couldn't.

{This is extremely strong evidence that the jinn of the streetlamp is interfering with the mortal, and that the mortal is not interfering with the streetlamp.}

The moment I stopped willing it to happen, it would start again -- like someone catching me out. ...""

{The jinn who controlleth the streetlamp is demonstrating that the mortal hath no control of anything; that jnuwn have the control instead.}

"from Harrogate, Yorkshire, England, ... Dan C. Dan's history of SLI began early one morning in 1991. Then 19, he was heading home from a steamy "smooching session," when the streetlamp went out as he approached it. ... Yet the lamp did same the following night."

p. 202

"Robert L., ... from Great Falls, Montana ... was dating a woman ... to whom he paid frequent evening visits. It was while making these nightly trips that Robert ... saw rows of streetlamps switch off as he passed them in his car ... .

p. 203

Robert notes that the phenomenon always occurred on those evenings when he and his girlfriend had {sexual} intercourse."

"Diana B., ... from Copperas Cove, Texas, ... can hold a [magnetic] compass in her hands and the needle will start spinning wildly ... ."

p. 206

"Corby F. ... from Los Angeles, California, ... explained : "When I was a child, I was indirectly struck by lightning ... ." He adds : "I was a teenager before noticing the streetlight phenomenon, mostly because I grew up in the country[side] without streetlights. ... usually I am driving when it occurs.""

p. 207

(SLIDERS) "from Plano, Texas, ... he first began to experience SLI after undergoing a serious accident with an electric welding machine".

SLIE = Hilary Evans : The SLI Effect : Street Lamp Interference. ASSAP, 1993.

SLIDERS = Hilary Evans : SLIDERS : the Enigma of Streetlight Interference. Anomalist Bks, San Antonio (TX), 2010.

p. 208 are praeternatural events generated by divinities or not?

"since the existence or otherwise of spirits is such a thorny issue, there are no tools available with which to investigate the spirit hypothesis ... .

{More actually, the existence of the material universe is entirely open to doubt, since there are few or no spiritual tools wherewith to investigate it. The spirits, on the other hand, can be thoroughly investigated by all manner of spiritual tools, including verifiable mediumship.}

The RSPK theory ... actually ... suggest that human beings are capable of remarkable feats of mind over matter".

{Actually, he only actual feat of "mind over matter" which can be reasonably attributed to mere mortals is nothing more than merely the control of one's own material body by one's own mind.}

pp. 208-10 a woman whose poltergeist produced praeternatural electrical effects

p. 208

"the Bavarian town of Rosenheim, ... in ... 1967, in the office of ... Sigmund Adam. Light bulbs exploded in their sockets. Neon tubes unscrewed themselves from their sockets. ... Sometimes all four telephones in the office would ring simultaneously with no one on the other end of the line. ... Worst of all, the office was billed for hundreds of calls that the office employees ... hadn't made.

p. 209

... technicians from the local utility company ... recorded deflections ... to coincide with disturbances observed in the office and they continued even when the office was disconnected from the mains power supply ... . Furthermore, monitoring equipment ... revealed a huge number of calls ... had been made when no one was in the office using the phones.

... Dr. Hans Bender (1907-1991) of the University of Freiburg, a ... poltergeist investigator, arrived ... to investigate ... such ... phenomena as paintings rotating on their hooks, plates jumping off walls, and cabinet drawers opening themselves. ... It soon became apparent to Bender ... that the disturbances focused around a ... secretary named Annmarie Schneider. The disturbances occurred ... only when Annmarie was present. ["PEP"] ...

p. 210

The poltergeist disturbances in the office ceased when Annmarie was let go by her employer. The disturbances resumed at her next place of employment ... . ... This so disturbed Annmarie's fiance'e that he decided he didn't want to marry her.

Bender offers ... : "My own interpretation is that Annmarie unconsciously knew {it is dubious, however, whether there is any such a thing as "unconscious knowing"} that he wasn't the right man for her and used PK to discourage him.""

{What would be more moderate and at least as reasonable to deduce would be that her own guardian-angel knew that the fiance'e was not the right man, and therefore induced a poltergeist to do the discouraging.}

"PEP" = "Pursuing the Elusive Poltergeist". THE PITTSBURGH PRESS, Jan 2, 1974.

{Where a sufficiently-devout Catholic might assume that a guardian angel would be involved in any poltergeist-style effect, a mind-bending Protestant would (because refusing to consider any guardian angel) be compelled to assume, in the same circumstance, the existence of some hypothetical "unconscious knowing" (however self-contradictory such an oxymoric expression might be).}

pp. 210-3 a girl whose poltergeist habitually bent pieces of metal

p. 210

"in the mining town of Sosnowiec, in Southern Poland ..., 1983, in the tiny apartment occupied by 13-year old Joasia Gajewski and her mother and father.

Despite ... the recent death of her grandmother, ... Joasia ... spent the evening ... with ... visiting grandfather. ...

{Most likely, the former guardian angel of the defunct grandmother had summoned the poltergeist in order to please the grandfather.}

p. 211

... 3 a.m., ... a straw mat ... began to dance around. ... Minutes later, ... plates and glassware began to fly around in all directions. ... The "poltergeist" also caused windows to rattle and furniture to shake. ... Later that evening, ... Jach saw [PCS, pp. 235-6] "glasses, plates, pots ... smash into the wall," as he later described it to a Japanese journalist. "The noise ... . Those dishes ... you couldn't see them until they fell." ...

It soon became clear that Joasia was the poltergeist agent. ... Interestingly, friends and family members observed that her body became highly charged with static electricity ... . ...

p. 212

Later, after coming to the attention of Polish scientists, ... tests revealed ... that her body was indeed highly charged with static electricity. ... her body remained highly charged even when grounded. Also, thermographic studies showed that Joasia exhibited unusually wide and rapid changes in her overall body temperature, and, further, that she possessed unusual thermal spots (warm areas) around her head, toes, fingers, and slightly above her solar plexus. ( ... a very similar phenomenon was observed with respect to Ange'lique Cottin.)

While studying Joasia, Dr. Gadula and his team ... watched with amazement as the armchair on which Joasia sat cross-legged (meaning her feet weren't touching the ground) began moving around. The chair continued to move even after Joasia had removed herself from it. At one point it lifted off the ground and rotated rapidly. An attempt by three men to hold the chair down proved futile ... .

As for controlled P[sycho]K[inesis], pieces of metal Joasia was ... able to bend pieces of metal cutlery in a similar matter to the famous Israeli-born psychic Uri Geller.

Although the researchers saw her bend numerous pieces of cutlery, they failed to capture the phenomenon on film; Joasia was unable to perform when the camera was rolling."

{It may be that the poltergeist performing this action for her was making use of some manner of energy-field which would be visible on a photographic plate, but did not wish for any of the praeternatural apparatus to be visible, and therefore declined to perform when a camera was focused on the scene.}

p. 213

"Sosnowiec is located in an area rich in minerals and geological fault lines".

{This fact may suggest that the poltergeist involved is a divinity praesiding over metal-ores and/or over geological faults.}

PCS = Richard S. Broughton : Parapsychology : the Controversial Science. Random Bks, NY, 1991.

pp. 213-4 an electrical poltergeist-ghost

p. 213

"2002 in the West Midlands [of England] ... in a town house occupied by a family ... . The complaints made by the family included ... the sudden activation of battery-operated toys. ... . ... investigators identified Ronald as the primary focus ... . He'd been struck by lightning once as a child ... . ... the family ... reported hearing

loud banging and hammering sounds emanating from the ceiling. {This might possibly imply coming from the floor of an attic or upper storey.} {Hammering on heated metal (such as, on a horseshoe) is done order to bend the object into the appropriate shape : cf. /DHVARa/ (f.) 'bending' (M-W:S-ED).}

{Hammering could occur in the smithy of the dwergar, whose name may relate to /DHVARas/ ''N. of partic. female demons or noxious beings RV." (M-W:S-ED; cf. also WW"DWERgaz"), praesumably cognate with /Do>r/ (Yhows^uw<a 17:11, Melekiym A 4:11 -- Strong's 1756), possibly /dar/ 'tree-bark' (DMWA, p. 311a, s.v. "dar s.ini"). Certain arboreal spirits wear tree-bark clothing.}

On one occasion they saw a ["IP-PC"] "bolt of lightning with five arcs discharge itself from one wall to the other." ... .

{Cf. the 5-pronged thunderbolt-replica tool employed in Vajra-yana ('levin-career') rites.}

p. 214

... the investigators inspected the property for strong E[lectro]M[agnetic] fields and ultrasonic sounds. Having traced ... to

the central heating system,

{Dwergar, who operate heating metal-forges, would be likely to be employing a central heating system as their chief lurking-place.}

they discovered that ... it acted as a receiver and transmitter for radio signals."

"Ronald had been struck by lightning as a child ..., making him a likely candidate".

M-W:S-ED = Monier-Williams : Sanskrit-English Dictionary. 1899.


Strong = Hebrew and Aramaic Dictionary of Bible Words.

DMWA = Cowan : Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic. 4th edn.

"IP-PC" = "Investigation of a 'Pseudo-Poltergeist' Case in the West Midlands". PARASEARCH, 2003.


Louis Proud : Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions : the Science of the Unexplainable. New Page Bks (division of Career Pr), Pompton Plains (NJ), 2015.