Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions, 7



The Fifth Force


pp. 215-9 a woman from Ottawa, Ontario

p. 215

"from Ottawa, Canada, ... Sarah S. ... . ... Rattling plates, noises in the night, ... popping light bulbs seem to happen all the time around me," [PPh, p. 74] explains Sarah ... . ... "I get afraid ..., " she said. [PPh, p. 64] "... it sets off my RSPK. Glasses vibrate and light bulbs pop. ..." It's not uncommon for banging sounds

p. 216

to emanate from the walls of their bedroom ... .

Yet this only happens when she's asleep;

{This fact would indicate that the sounds are being caused by entities who are praesent in her dreams, and who, whenever she is out of their praesence (by her being awake), lose interest in her, and therefore cease from producing such sound-effects.}

the banging sounds cease the moment she wakes up. ...

Sarah's ... abilities include being able to perceive "lights" of various colors and glows {aurai} around people. She says the lights ... vary in appearance depending on the mood and personality of the individual involved. ... Associated with her ability to perceive "auras" is her ability to pick up other people's thoughts and feelings.

The latter ability tends to be activated when she's sitting in close proximity to others on the bus.

{It may be that the spirits, who temporarily impart this ability to her, enjoy riding the omnibus, and that therefore her riding the omnibus is the usual occasion for her to have such ability.}

She explains : "... it makes me uncomfortable; I can pick up too much information from them -- their emotions, whether they're hungry or not, and images of what they've been doing that day." ..

... Sarah has seen ghosts on numerous occasions and also hears the voices of a number of "imaginary {subtle, praeternatural, immaterial} friends," two of whom are male and help her to cope with her unusual experiences.

Sarah's abilities were "awakened" ... in 1995. ... She explains ... : [PPh, p. 62] "I was afraid ... but suddenly our house came alive. The lights came on and off; radios and TVs came on and off. There were weird lights that kind of looked like people." ...

p. 217

In 1993 ..., Sarah had a near-death experience. One winter's day, while driving ..., her car ... was ... sliced in half by an oncoming truck. During the NDE that followed, Sarah found herself ... in a heavenly place filled with a [PPh, p. 70] "soft beautiful light." She was told ... that she'd "have to go back.""

p. 218

"In ... 2010, Sarah paid a visit to Persinger's neuroscience lab in Sudbury. ... Persinger's ... said : [PPh, p. 68] "She has ... unique ... EEG patterns I have not seen previously and are clearly not in the obvious scientific literature." ...

p. 219

She says ... [PPh, p. 74] "I can feel ... in my body ... kind of an electrical feeling. My hands get pin-prickly. I see lights ... and sometimes I look at that." ...

Clarkson ... commented :

[PPh, p. 73] "When she goes near [electric] power lines, she feels disoriented, and yet thunderstorms can quiet her.

{Praesumably, it would be the ongoing magnetic field generated by the constantly-moving electric current in the electric-power cable that is causing the disorientation-effect.}

As well, geomagnetic storms can give her headaches, nausea and even hives." ... Persinger ... found that her anomalous experiences tend to correspond to periods of increased geomagnetic activity.

Furthermore, she ... has witnessed ball lightning on two separate occasions while living in the same house, and when she touches others it's common for them to receive from her a static shock."

PPh = Michael Clarkson : The Poltergeist Phenomenon : an In-depth Investigation into Floating Beds, Smashing Glass, and Other Unexplained Disturbances. New Page Bks, 2011.

pp. 221-8 a man from Cambridge, England

p. 221

"Matthew Manning ... is a world-famous healer ... .

p. 222

His first book, The Link, sold more than a million copies and made him ... famous ... . ...

p. 223

Manning was born in 1955 ... . In 1967, ... in Cambridge ... objects in the Manning household ... began to show up in odd locations. Next, inexplicable knocking, creaking, and tapping sounds were heard by members of the family in all parts of the house, both through {through both} the day and night. ... However, in mid-1971, at which time Manning was ... living with his family in an old house in Linton near Cambridge, called

p. 224

Queen's House, ... Again, objects in the house began to show up in odd locations. The "poltergeist" enjoyed surprising the family by performing "balancing tricks" with various items ... . Furthermore, beds were found stripped and overturned, ... scribbles and drawings done in pencil appeared on walls throughout the house, large pools of water ... appeared on the floor, and objects were ... thrown through the air. Perhaps the strangest phenomenon of all was the discovery of

"apports" (apparently materialized objects)

{Actually, apports are not "materialized" by being congealed from thin air (which is quite impossible), but are praeternaturally transported (by some immaterial divine agency) from some remote (and unknown) locale.}

on the landings and staircase of the house. These included an antique loaf of bread

(thought to be 70 years old),

(but which could have been baked the day praevious by some antiquarian sorcerer maintaining antique customs)

an old beeswax candle, several gramophone records, ... and other ... odds and ends. ...

p. 225

It was while writing an essay in his study at boarding school that Manning discovered he could produce automatic writing. He found that whenever he engaged in automatic writing the poltergeist activity ceased for a while. "it became clear ... that the energy ... used for writing had previously been used for causing poltergeist disturbances." [ThLEG, p. 66]

Manning also succeeded in channeling the "poltergeist energy" into automatic drawing, producing impressive works of art in the styles of Francisco de Goya, Pablo Picasso, and Albrecht Du:rer. ...

Today, ... He believes {more accurately, "he feigneth to believe"} the poltergeist phenomena he experienced as a child and adolescent [PPh, p. 215] "was caused by my own energy. It was {such that it had} nothing to with spirits."

{In modern-day European countries, persons operating with praeternatural abilities are commanded by ploutokrat-dominated governments never to ascribe such abilities to divinities; and this command is obeyed withour revealing to the general public its governmental source. Ploutokrats dread that if the general public were to discover the praeternatural power of divinities, then the working-class could easily overthrow the capitalist class by simply conjuring such divinities.}

In mid-1974, ... at the New Horizons Research Foundation in Toronto, ... Manning was hooked up an E[electro]E[ncephalo]G[raphy machine] while he attempted to bend a key using PK.

As Manning focused on bending the key, his brainwave pattern showed a large increase in low theta and delta waves.

{This occurred while he was communing with the dhvaras ('bender goddesses'), putting in the requaest to them, that they bend the key.}

Moments later, the key was observed to bend -- not while in contact with Manning's hand but while lying on a table in a adjoining room.

This "delayed effect," whereby the object responds after the psychic has focused on it, is a common feature of PK. {It is also a definite proof that no mortal is able to perform any miracle, but only divine entities, instead, are thus capable.}

{In all such cases, a prayer-requaest is issued by the mortal "psychic" to divinities who, while after briefly conferring among themselves, consent to satisfy the requaest by means of a praeternatural miracle. [written 20 May 2017]}

p. 226

Whitton was astonished by Manning's unique brainwave pattern -- which he dubbed "the ramp function" ... --

because low delta and theta waves are characteristic of deep sleep, yet Manning was wide awake throughout the experiment.

{The delta waves and theta waves were imparted by divinities by the act of their communicating from the dream-worlds.}

The ramp function, he discovered, originated in Manning's limbic system, the oldest part of the human brain. ... .

{The limbic system must be the dream-divinities' portal-of-communication into the waking-universe.}

... the limbic system, which is made up of the hypothalamus, the hippocampus, and the amygdala, plays a role in the body's autonomic functions. ...

In another experiment, conducted with Nobel Prize winning British physicist Dr. Brian Josephson ..., Manning used his PK abilities ... to influence a [magnetic] compass. By moving his hands above the compasss he was able to make the needle "wave around." ... Furthermore, while Manning was projecting his "energy" toward the compass, Josephson reported a peculiar ocular effect whereby he felt as though he were

seeing [IMM, p. 7] "through a heat haze, such as you get rising from a bonfire." ...

{This effect, which can also be viewed when looking through a telescope during a hot day, over torrid terrain, is a waveriness of anything seen; and is also to be noticed for the first few seconds (as I have witnessed it once) when returning into the material universe from a trance-state (induced by sudden peril) which had been involving spirit-possessed walking overland for some miles.}

p. 227

While a student, [Matthew] Manning made frequent car trips with his father ... . On a number of these trips, he says, the engine of the car inexplicably cut out ... . ... He comments : [ThLEG, p. 99] "The remedy we found after some experience of this was for me to get out of the car, after which the engine would start immediately. This has occurred in three different cars and never happened [in any of those three cars] when I was not a passenger." ... .

pp. 277-8

... Colin Wilson's book Mysteries ... elaborates : [MIOP&S, p. 444] "I spent a morning trying to record Matthew, but my cassette recorder -- which had worked perfectly up till then, and has worked perfectly ever since -- developed a whole series of baffling faults; tapes that should have contained conversation were blank.""

ThLEG = Matthew Manning : The Link : Extraordinary Gifts of a Teenage Psychic. Colin Smythe Ltd, 1973.

IMM = Matthew Manning : In the Minds of Millions. W. H. Allen & Co, 1977.

MIOP&S = Colin Wilson : Mysteries : an Investigation into the Occult, the Paranormal and the Supernatural. Granada Publ, 1979.

pp. 228-31 a man from Tall 'hill' (DMWA, p. 116a) >abiyb 'ear of grain/corn' (Strong's 24)

p. 228

"Born in Tel Aviv, [Y]is[`]ra[>]el, in 1949 {in 1947, according to other information}, [Uri] Geller is ... most famous ... . ... . During ... 1976 ..., [Colin] Wilson asked Geller ... to explain how he ... gained his psychic abilities. The story that emerged ... was one that Geller hadn't shared with anyone else ... . ... Through a tiny hole in the sewing machine could be seen a bright blue spark. At the age of five, Geller poked his finger through the hole ... to touch the blue spark. ... . ... his abilities manifested ... after this incident."

p. 229

"during the early-1970s, Geller ... participated in ... experiments at Stanford Research Institute ..., in Menlo Park, California, under the supervision of ... physicists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff. ...

{"Uri could accurately pick up three-digit numbers from Puharich’s mind when the men were in different rooms. And he could deflect a compass needle by thought." ("UGMP")}

p. 230

These ... results were published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature in October 1974, with Targ and Puthoff concluding : "As a result of Geller's success in this experimental period, we consider that he has demonstrated his paranormal ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner."

On two occasions in 1974, Geller participated in PK experiments under the supervision of John Taylor (1931-2012), a particle physicist and Professor of Mathematics at King's College, London. ...

p. 231

In his popular 1975 book Superminds, Taylor discussed in detail the experiments he performed with Geller ..., as well as similar experiments he performed with a group of children of 16 years and younger who possessed PK metal-bending and other abilities similar to those of Geller. (The children, known as "mini Gellers," developed their abilities after seeing Geller perform on TV.)"

"UGMP" = "Did a UFO Give Uri Geller Magical Powers ...?" (from The Secret Life Of Uri Geller by Jonathan Margolis)

pp. 228-9 [celebratory parties attracting divinities who bend metal implements. (Parties on behalf of divinities are a commonplace variety of religious celebration in Haiti.)]

p. 228

"That ordinary people can, under certain conditions, bend spoons and other metal objects using PK is attested to by countless reputable individuals. During what are known as "PK parties," ... people get together ... to bend cutlery in a fun and light-hearted manner. ...

p. 229

In his autobiographical book ..., ... Michael Crichton describes ... spoon bending ... using PK. In his words :

[MC:T, p. 320] "... You just rub the spoon for a while and pretty soon it gets soft, and it bends."

{"you just rub the spoon for a while and pretty soon it gets soft, and it bends." (}

Dean Radin had a similar experience at a spoon-bending party he attended. [SSY, p. 220] ...

PK parties demonstrate that everyone possesses psychic abilities but that they normally lie hidden. {More accurately, the divinities, who are actually performing the bending on the mortals' behalf, normally remain undetected by those mortals, but that a certain mental attitude on the part of those mortals, is able to induce those divinities to produce the bending as a discernable result.}

{That which such parties actually demonstrate is that the divinities, who bend the metal for mortals, enjoy, and are attracted by, "a fun and light-hearted manner" on the part of those mortals. Evidently, such divinities must have a relationship with the class of spirit-guide known in U-mbanda as "reveler".}

MC:T = Michael Crichton : Travels. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 1988

SSY = Dean Radin : Supernormal : Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities. Random House, 2013.

{Thus, according to the author (L.P), some three conditions necessary for achieving bending of the metal : (1) "assigning some consciousness to the metal" -- not merely that, but even assigning to the metal ability to understand one's language; and, furthermore, assigning to the metal capacity to follow suggestions delivered in that language); (2) to be in the company of some persons other than those with whom one is compelled (by the employing agency, such as the U.S. Foederal government) to feign a materialist disbelief against the praeternatural; and (3) to be in a celebratory mood. Yea; this ought to be clarified by the fact that assigning consciousness to the metal (metal being reckoned an element in Chinese traditional lore) may be accepted, by the elemental spirits involved, to mean assigning intelligence to themselves.

[quoted from "PKP"] "I, personally, had a very hard time shouting at the metal in the early days of the PK Parties because it just wasn't scientific and it is like assigning some consciousness to the metal. Tough idea to accept with our current understanding of physics. However, at the PK Parties, we just let go of our inhibitions and everyone shouts the command "BEND" at the metal. It is really the goal that we want that we are using as the command. It is easy to act silly when you don't know everyone at the party. My next to the worst PK Party was for a group of nine Ph.D. physicists and their families at Los Alamos. All the wives and children bent silverware, but none of the physicists bent. It wasn't that they were physicists because many physicists have been to PK Parties and bent. But these scientists all worked together in a very closed environment and, in a sense, their subconsciouses would not allow them to deviate from the norm." [There may have been a subconscious feeling of collective guilt in their working together for an organization which is shamelessly promoting materialist scientism, not to mention promoting aggressive-warfare-oriented technology.]}

"PKP" = Jack Houck : "PK Parties".

pp. 233-4 discoveries of praesence of electric field at wrist of a human psychokinetist

p. 233

"Taylor theorized that PK is achieved by means of an EM "intentionality field" emitted by the subject. ... He did not detect a magnetic field, though he did detect an electric field. ... Taylor explains : [SIP, p. 169] "The apparently active area was a disk no more than two or three centimeters across about the same distance [2 or 3 centimetres] above [i.e., away from the hand] above the wrist on the inner arm ... . At times ... sensations of static electricity were building up over this arm; to relieve these he would put his hand in water, sometimes experiencing an electrical shock when he did."

p. 234

Taylor's finding of an electric field from the wrist area of the subject takes on great importance when viewed in relation to the case of Ange'lique Cottin. ... her abilities were due to a "gaseous current" or "fluid" that emanated from ... particularly around the wrist and elbows region of her left arm. When Dr. Sanchon put his hand near this region,

he felt a cool breeze "similar to that made by the lips."" {False! His report doth not contain any such word as "cool". It readeth simply (supra, p. 197) : "I distinctly felt a momentary breath upon my hands, similar to that made by the lips."}

{The breath being exhaled from the open mouth is at internal body-temperature, i.e., some 98 degrees Fahrenheit. And the reference to lips would guarantee this torrid meaning : for, "hot lips" are proverbial.}

SIP = John Taylor : Superminds : an Enquiry into the Paranormal. Macmillan London Ltd, 1975.

{Our exposition of this phainomenon would be that some divinity (namely, the divinity actually producing the so-called "psychokinetic effect") hath temporarily imparted such a field to the wrist, perhaps by securing a subtle cosmic-plane electrical device thereat. Such a device may appear similar to a handcuff, as in the myth : [GM 67.g] "Sisyphus ... cunningly put Hades himself in handcuffs by persuading him to demonstrate their use, and then quickly locking them."}

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

p. 243 "Michael Persinger's famous "God helmet" experiments."

"The God helmet, a modified snowmobile helmet with solenoids placed over the temporal lobes, subjects that region of the brain to weak but complex magnetic fields, in some cases causing the wearer to experience ... an out of body experience (OBE) ... ." {This device is also known as the "Koren Helmet" for "Shiva Neural Stimulation" ("ShGH" & IW"GH").}

{The material body (especial the brain thereof) is an effective device for confining (restraining from taking trips out of the material body) the subtle bodies (astral, mental, and causal). It hath, ever since antiquity, been well-known that certain herbs (such as, henbane and wolfbane), when applied as an ointment to the skin, temporarily set free the subtle bodies to make such trips. This so-called "God helmet" is apparently an electromagnetic device which can accomplish similar effects.}

"ShGH" = "The Shiva God Helmet".

IW"GH" = "The God Helmet".

pp. 245, 247-9 ball-levin

p. 245

"Ranging in size from one-half inch to many meters in diameter, ball lightning can occur in a variety of different colors, the most common being red, orange, and yellow. ... Most instances of ball lightning last only ten seconds or less; instances of more than a minute are rare. Often the object is accompanied by a hissing sound and distinct odor resembling ozone, burning sulfur, or nitric oxide. ... "Occasionally a ball lightning has been observed to break up into two or more smaller balls." [AAL, p. 129] ... It can even enter a room by squeezing through the keyhole of a door ... ."

It can even enter a room by squeezing through the keyhole of a door ... ."

{Entry, by squeezing his body through a keyhole, is ascribed variously to A-nanda (MPPS` : "1BC", p. 264; HsH:SDhPVS) or to Gavam-pati (T25.68b17- 69a7), either or both of whom may repraesent the intelligent consciousness residing in ball-levin.}

p. 247

"By far the strangest ball lightning reports are those where the object displays apparent intelligence. According to Paul Snigier (1943-2008) in his book ..., [BLPPh, p. 3] "... many balls ... exhibit puzzling behaviour that seems almost supernatural and quasi-intelligent. Some balls chase people across fields and up or down stairs. A few circle people, spiralling up from the knee level to the head and then dart out ..., then explode." ... . ...

p. 248

" ... fireballs might be a transient life form with some form of 'alien' intelligence," Snigier adds. ... In fact, a number of erudite ... researchers view both ball lightning and their "cousins," earth lights, as

p. 249

"plasma-based" life forms indigenous to Earth ... ."

AAL = M. A. Uman : All About Lightning. Dover Publ, 1970.

MPPS` = Maha-Prajn~a-paramita S`astra.

"1BC" = "The First Buddhist Council". MONIST.

T25.68b17- 69a7

BLPPh = Paul Sagan (pseudonym) : Ball Lightning : Paradox of Physics. iUniverse, 2004.

{"Mahakas`yapa informed him, "We will not open the door for you. You come in through the keyhole." Ananda agreed, "It can be done that way." Then, using spiritual powers, he went in through the keyhole" (MPPU).} {"But the Arhats inside just said, “Really? If you’ve certified to the Fourth Fruit, you don’t need to have the door opened. Climb in through the keyhole.” Ananda did just that." (HsU:SDhPVS)}

MPPU = Maha-Prajn~a-paramita Upa-des`a.

HsU:SDhPVS = Hsuan Hua's Commentary on the Sat-dharma-Pun.d.arika Vaipulya-sutra.

p. 249 "earthquake-lights"

"earthquake lights are unusual luminous phenomena that appear in the atmosphere in association with earthquakes. They can manifest either prior to, during, or following earthquake activity. ... They vary in form{,} from bluish flames, to floating, glowing orbs, to

shimmering, multi-colored clouds.

{Multi-colored ("five-colored") clouds are often mentioned in Taoist descriptions of Heaven.}

The majority of [earthquake-]lights reported have an aurora[-borealis or -australis] appearance."

pp. 249-50 "earth-lights"

p. 249

"earth lights belong in a class of their own. ...

In the United States they're known as "spook lights"; in Australia, the "min min" lights; while in Ireland and other parts of Europe they're usually associated with the faerie.

{"Earthlights, telluric lights, amber gamblers, spook lights, ghost lights" (U"E").}

Earth lights tend to haunt specific locales,

places that are geologically "special" in one or more respect ... .

{This could indicate that "earth-lights" repraesent the temporary alternative material bodies of divinities praesiding over local geologies : whereas, those divinities' subtle (praeternatural, otherworld-residing) bodies may be more stable/permanent.}

Such places include Marfa, Texas; in the valley of Hessdalen, Norway; the Boulia region of western Queensland, Australia; and the Pennines of England.

{"Hessdalen, in Norway; the Min Min Lights, in Australia; the Bang Fai Phaya Naga, in Thailand; and the Hornet Spooklight and Marfa Lights, in America." ("ES&Gh")} {within the U.S.ofA. : "Places where such phenomenon is observed are Marfa, Texas; a sector near near Joplin, Missouri; Uinta Basin, Utah; and at Brown Mountain, North Carolina; Sedona, Arizona" (U"E").

p. 250

In addition to being seen around Boulia, which lies within ... the Channel Counbtry, the min min lights have been spotted ... within the Nullabor Plain [on the coast of the border-district shared between South Australia and Western Australia], and in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The lights are said to be named after a former staging post between Winton and Boulia, named the Min Min Hotel ... . ... .

... earth lights ... in the Kimberley region of Western Australia ... [U&U, pp. 153-4] "... were associated with ... 'poltergeist'-type events."

U"E" = UFOlogie "Earthlights".

"ES&Gh" = "Earth Lights : Spooklights and Ghost Lights".

U&U = Paul Devereux & Peter Brookesmith : UFOs and UFOlogy. Blandford, 1998.

pp. 251-2 "foo [otherwise "fu"]-fighters"

p. 251

"during World War II, ... the baffling "foo fighters" ... red, gold, green, silver, or white balls of light, varying from a few inches to a few feet in diameter, ... pursued and toyed with military aircraft, evading all attempts to be ...

p. 252

outmaneuvered. The objects, which either appeared individually, in pairs, or in groups, reportedly exhibited basic signs of intelligence" (SCMEU).

"The term "foo fighter," said to have been coined by a pilot and operations officer named Charlie Horne, was derived from [EEE, p. 577] a catchphrase features in te Smokey Stover comic strip that stated,

"where there's foo, there's fire.""

{Here, /foo/ is evidently an abbreviation for Latin /FUmus/ 'smoke'.}

SCMEU = Keith Chester : Strange Company : Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII. Anomalist Bks, 2007.

EEE = Ronald D. Story : The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters. New American Library, 2001.


Louis Proud : Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions : the Science of the Unexplainable. New Page Bks (division of Career Pr), Pompton Plains (NJ), 2015.