Synchronicity Key, 12-16



Joan of Arc Riseth Again


pp. 254-5 Franc,ois Masson

p. 254

translated by David Steinberg as The End of Our Century (chapter 6 is "Cyclology : the Mathematics of History").

p. 255

another translation as The End of Our Era (Virginia Beach : Donning Publ, 1983). This book is based on articles by Miche`l Helmer, published in LES CAHIERS ASTROLOGIQUES 75 (1958), 91 (1961), 100 (1961), 125 (167), 131 (1967), etc.

pp. 257-8 Miche`l Helmer

p. 257

based on the 539-year cycle (539 = 7 * 77), a # mentioned in the NIV translation of Matthaios 18:22.

p. 258

"Helmer chose as his starting point the year 1429 {N.B., with transposition of the final 2 digits, similar to year /1492/. In fact, my own internet-telephone # hath as its last 4 digits /1429/, where its praeceding 3 digits is the # of the traditional year of the foundation of Rome.}

Matthaios 18:22



The 2160-Year Cycle


p. 269 praesident Kennedy's death

"Everyone suspected that "the government" {i.e., some U.S. government agency under control by the Republican Party} killed Kennedy ... .

The media was {read "media were", or else "medium was"} humiliated by supporting the ridiculous idea of a single bullet that ... made ... two different gunshot wounds from completely different angles."

{Any real bullet would have lost its momentum after the first impact, and thus could not have produced two impacts.}

p. 273 Foederal Reserve

"by 2011 the Federal Reserve ... secretly had come to control 80 per cent of all money earned on earth -- as revealed by Dr. Glattfelder's team of scientists."

{The ploutokrats who own the so-called "Federal Reserve" (and who, incidentally, control the Republican Party) are, by now, threatening to enslave all people on this planet.}

p. 277 Operation Himmler

"we found out about Operation Himmler -- ... in which the Nazis created multiple fake, government-sponsored terrorist attacks against their own country." (Manvell & Fraekel 2007)

{The United States, however, hath engaged in such "false flag" operations more than any other country in history. Perhaps Himmler was acting on secret instructions from the U.S. Republican Party.}

Manvell & Fraekel 2007 = Roger Manvell & Heinrich Fraekel : Heinrich Himmler : ... His Life and Career. NY : Skyhorse Publ.

p. 283 the 2160-year cycle

"Khrushchev was ousted on October 14, 1964 -- exactly 2,160 years after the Macedonian War finally ended for Rome."

{Because he denounced Stalin (supra, p. 280), it would be possible that the same U.S. Republican Party which had secretly induced Stalin to perpetrate genocide, also (in punishment for his daring to oppose Stalin) contrived the demotion of Khrushchev.}



Fall of the Iron Curtain


p. 284 false flag

"North Vietnamese PT boats fired on the USS Maddox. This led to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution".

{"the ... attack ... Johnson used as an excuse for American intervention in Vietnam, as the documents confirm, didn’t even happen." ("PhShGT")} {"It was known quickly that no North Vietnamese ships had been in the vicinity, and no U.S. ships had been attacked. ... Though LBJ knew there was no ... battle, he kept this information secret" ("GTIFF").}

"PhShGT" = "Phantom Ships In the Gulf of Tonkin".

"GTIFF" = "Gulf of Tonkin Incident : False Flag For War In Vietnam".

p. 286 a prophecy fulfilled

"Spanish conqueror Herna`n Corte`s began ... causing the Aztec prophecy of "nine hells" of fifty-two years {apiece} to begin." (Garci`a 1996)

Garci`a 1996 = Katie Garci`a : "Uncovering the Secrets of the Maya Calendar". ATLANTIS RISING 9.



"The Sky Is Not Falling".


pp. 316-7 flying saucers jam thermonuclear guided-missile launching facilities

p. 316

"on October 23, 2010, a cigar-shaped UFO appeared over F. E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Fifty Minuteman III missiles powered down and went completely offline for twenty-six hours. This was the largest missile failure in American history -- and represented fully one-nin[e]th of the entire arsenal of {U.S. thermonuclear-warhead guided missiles}. I summarized the evidence in "1950s ETs Prepare Us for the Golden Age."

p. 317

[quoted from INDIA DAILY Feb 20, 2005 "EUHCDANMW"] "Indian scientists are slowly understanding that the extra-terrestrials have the very unique power of jamming the operational characteristics of any ... nke missiles in the world ... .

Americans and Russians have experienced the same phenomenon several times in the last sixty years. The {Mainland} Chinese have experienced the effect ... . They {Americans, Russians, and Mainland Chinese} have moved their nuke operational theater way below the earth's surface, but the jamming effects have not gone away.

According to Indian scientists, if the extra-terrestrials ever get to know that {the government of} a country is trying to use nuke missiles that will impact over the whole world to a catastrophic extent, they will immediately disable the nukes. ...

Reports from the UK say that the extraterrestrials know every nuke installation very well -- and their exact locations in the world."

{These reports need not be mere surmises nor conjectures, nor even deductions from circumstantial evidence : they may be based on directly on authentic telepathic messages from the flying-saucer crews themselves to certified mortal human contactees.}

"these unmanned, robotized UFOs visit in so many numbers on the earth ... to locate all the nukes that human beings are making". {The only actually "unmanned" vehicles are the tiny ones (inches in diametre) : "fu-fighters" and "orbs", none of which even have saucer-like shape!}

{The standard-sized flying saucers are always seen (wherever viewed at sufficiently close range) to have a crew aboard; and wherever they land for some times, their crew-membres are witnessed temporarily disembarking. The demonstrably false allegation that the flying saucers are generally "unmanned" may be intended to excuse (rather ineffectively) national governments for declining and refusing any and all diplomatic overtures by the flying-saucer command.}

"According to sources, all the Governments with nuke capabilities know that their delivery systems can be disabled by these extra-terrestrials".

{This knowledge is likely to be the main deterrent against the U.S. of A.'s using such weapons to seize control of the world. U.S. warmongers are evidently waiting for extra-terrestrials (angels or whoever) to cease such surveillance; which cessation would be promptly be followed by a war of aggression, terrorizing and enslaving the world's population (as the capitalist-ploutokrat conspiracy is malignly plotting in absolute secrecy).}

"1950s ETs Prepare Us for the Golden Age"

Robert Hastings : "Huge UFO Sighted Near Nuclear Missiles During October 2010 Launch System Disruption".

Robert Hastings : UFOS and Nukes,_EPITOMES_OF.html similar events occurring in The U.S. of A. decades earlier

"EUHCDANMW" = "Extraterrestrial UFOs Have the Capabilities to Diable All Nuke Missiles in the World".

{50 electronically jammed at a single event is a much large figure than any recorded decades earlier : evidently the flying-saucer high command is approaching a capacity to jam the entire arsenal of thermonuclear weapons of aggression wherewith the U.S. of A. is terroristically threatening humankind; the U.S. of A. is threatening all life on the planet; and the U.S. of A. is evidently intent on shamefully threatening the universal government of omnipotent deities which had initially granted the capitalist-ploutokrats' ancestors such financial power centuries ago (a universal government which is now sending flying saucers as servers of legal notice that such financial power is on the brink of being retracted on account of intended destructiveness against the planet and of insolent rebellion against divine benefactors).}

pp. 326-7 #216

p. 326

"Neil Keenan filed a huge lawsuit ... on November 23, 2011 -- the forty-eight {for stars on the flag, koan-s in the Mumonkan, etc.}-year anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. ... A 57-nation alliance ... supported this campaign to ... provide full disclosure. ... Keenan's alliance-led lawsuit was filed two hundred years and sixteen days after the Prophets's alliance of Native American tribes ... in ... Tippecanoe on November 7, 1811. There are 216 cycles of one hundred years in each Age".

p. 327

"the Treaty of Versailles occurred exactly 2,160 years after Carthage was defeated in the First Punic War".

pp. 327-9 steps toward tyranny undertaken by the Bush administration

p. 327

"a fascist coup was plotted against the US government {i.e., against the Democratic party} in 1933 -- and the {Hitler's Nazi Party} Germans were secretly financed by ... Walker, Harriman, and Bush and their corporations

p. 328

throughout World War II."

[quoted from BBC News Nov 21 2005 "PPDSM"] "President Truman signed Project Paperclip into law as of August 1945, and ... Germans came to America ... of numerous Nazi organizations, ... their ... crimes covered up, and their backgrounds bleached".

p. 329

[quoted from THE GUARDIAN April 24 2007 "FA10ES"] "there is essentially a blueprint for turning an open society into a dictatorship. That blueprint ... has already been initated today in the United States by the Bush administration".

"PPDSM" = Andrew Walker : "Project Paperclip : Dark Side of the Moon".

"FA10ES" = Naomi Wolf : "Fascist America, 10 Easy Steps".

p. 331 Praesident Carter & flying saucers

"In October 1969, Carter had a breathtaking UFO sighting. During his 1976 campaign, he made a bold statement : "If I become President, I'll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and to the scientists.""

{He did not, however, succeed in doing so after being elected, because the C.I.A. insisted on classifying all significant flying-saucer sightings as "top secret". No praesident of the U.S. of A. would dare defy the C.I.A. on this nor on any other issue; nor would any praesident of the U.S. of A. dare explain publicly of having to violate political-campaign promises on account of being commanded by, or being forcibly compelled by, the C.I.A.}



"Both Sides of the Veil"


pp. 337-9 doings of the Bush family

p. 337

"On September 24, 2001 ..., the USA PATRIOT Act was handed to Congress. ...The bill was a total blueprint for a fascist dictatorship in America, stripping the people of all the most important rights and freedoms they were granted by the Constitution."

p. 338

[quoted from TRUTHOUT May 20 2002 "UPAPB"] "Similar ... legislation ["as the USA PATRIOT Act"] was enacted in ... 1996 ... . Many provisions had either been declared unconstitutional or were about to be repealed ... . ... ["The USA PATRIOT Act"] allows for indefinite detention ... without probable cause of a crime, without a hearing or an opportunity to defend or challenge ... . The USAPA expands the Secretary of State's power ... without any court or congressional review -- and ... without probable cause."

"According to several insiders I am in contact with, the US military quickly realized that 9/11 was an inside job. ...

p. 339

However, if they were to openly reveal what they knew, they would never


{remain alive, or remain in their military careers?}

"UPAPB" = Jennifer van Bergen : "USA PATRIOT Act Was Planned Before 9/11".

p. 341 considering Masonic Order

"I was seriously considering joining the Masonic Order."

{However, it is typical for FreeMasonic lodges to praefer that their membres remain more secretive about liberal/radical sympathies than the author (D.W.) had been.}

pp. 344-5 at AR&E

p. 344

"I ... organized my move to Virginia Beach through the A.R.E. ... . As soon as I arrived there, people began recognizing me as the spitting image of Edgar Cayce as a young man. ... it was true that I was Edgar Cayce's reincarnation ... . ... .

... I checked the astrology, ... between the positions of the planets at the time of Edgar Cayce's birth and my own. The sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars were all in almost exactly the same positions. Later one, an astrologer ... calculated that my exact birthdate ... featured the best possible alignment with Cayce's

p. 345

{natal/genethliac} astrology, in a 127-year period after his death. ... . ... Edgar Cayce's son, Edgar Evans Cayce ... admitted to me that ... I was the best".

pp. 348-9 Bush administration's sabotaging of United Nations's peace-keeping effort; and that administration's imprisonment of a woman who revealed this sabotage

p. 348

"the [<]Iraqis offered complete, total, and unconditional surrender. They were ready to open evey facility, pay every fine, and sacrifice every concession just to prove that they did not have WMDs. ... Susan was about to testify before Congress and reveal everything she knew about the Bush administration's effort to sabotage peace negotiations with [<]Iraq. ... .

... she was arrested under the Patriot Act. She was imprisoned in a Texas military base ...

p. 349

for five years without a conviction or a guilty plea. All charges against her were dismissed ... [when] Obama was inaugurated as ... president of the United States."

"Susan revealed her full testimony in her groundbreaking book, Extreme Prejudice."

Susan Lindauer : Extreme Prejudice : the Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of ... Iraq. CreateSpace Publ, 2010.

p. 351 industries having excessive profits

"Pharmaceutical companies earned an incredible ... profit margin ... . ... The only other industries that can meet or beat these fantastic profits are oil and gas producers".

p. 353 controlling the news agencies in order to spread false information

"The health insurance and pharmaceutical companies also have controlling interests in eight of the top nine {news}media corporations. Therefore, the mainstream media would be very unlikely to tell the public the truth about ... the pharmaceutical/health care industry".


David Wilcock : The Synchronicity Key : the Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You. Penguin Bks : London & NY, 2013.