Synchronicity Key, 19-21



"History Getteth a Case of De'ja` Vu"


pp. 385-6 death of Joseph Stalin

p. 385

"In 2003, a joint group of Russian and American historians concluded that Stalin had been assassinated with a powerful, flavorless rat poison known as warfarin." (Brent & Naumov 2004)

p. 386

"In his 1993 political memoirs, Vyacheslav Molotov claimed that Beria told him ... that he personally assassinated Stalin that night." (Montefiore 2004, p. 571)

Brent & Naumov 2004 = Jonathan Brent & Vladimir Naumov : Stalin's Last Crime. NY : HarperCollins.

Montefiore 2004 = Simon Sebag Montefiore : Stalin : the Court of the Red Tsar. NY : Vintage.

p. 388, 390 cycles of political history

p. 388

"The movement {to discover cycles in political history} in Russia began with Nikolai Morozov (1854-1946) ... . ... Morozov [1926-32] ... wrote seven large volumes of investigative research on this unique subject."

"Fomenko ... at Moscow State University ... sought to verify and further develop Morozov's model."

p. 390

"Fomenko wrote in 2002 ... how events in Byzantine Roman history were reappearing as very similar events in the British Empire." (Fomenko & Nosovskij 2002)

Morozov 1997-8 [Russian 1926-32] = Nikolai Morozov : The History of Human Culture from the Standpoint of the Natural Sciences. Moscow : Kraft & Lean.

Fomenko & Nosovskij 2002 = A. T. Fomenko & G. V. Nosovskij : "British Empire as a Direct Successor of Byzantine-Roman Empire". New Tradition.

pp. 393-4 alleged drastic falsification of chronology

p. 393

Fomenko agreed with Morozov's original conclusion. He believed that the historians had to be faking their data and were actually reusing the same information over and over again ... . ... "These parallels suggest that the traditional history ... consists of multiple recounts of the same events, scattered ... at various times."" (Kawciewicz, Nosovskij, & Zabrieko 2002)

{Instead of assuming that mere historians (under command by governments) would insert repetitions of events into history (rendring it redundant), would it not be more likely that the historical persons themselves imitated the timetables of lifetime-actitivies participated in by their praedecessors? To imitate timetables in this fashion could have been intended to attract favorable attention from the divinities who had protected their praedecessors; and would typically be done secretively. [written Jan 28 2015]}

p. 394

"in 2000, Fomenko had concluded that we were only living in the year A.D. 936. He believed that large parts of our history have been "faked.""

Kawciewicz, Nosovskij, & Zabrieko 2002 = Wieslaw Z. Kawciewicz; Gleb V. Nosovskij; & Petr P. Zabrieko : "Investigation of the Correctness of Historical Dating". New Tradition Sociological Soc.

{More realistically, it would appear that there is only perhaps a single verified case of deliberate major falsification of chronology of European history : the substitution, at the command of imperator Augustus, of a 4-year Olympiad for the earlier 5-year Olympiad.}



Fomenko's Cycles of History


p. 400 purpose of the Renaissance

"According to Paul Robert Walker in his 2003 book, The Feud That Sparked the Renaissance, this ... revolution can be timed to start precisely in 1441. This was the year that Ghiberti and Brunelleschi competed over who got to design the bronze doors for the Florence Bapistery."

{Utterly absurd! The basic intent of Renaissance was (and as yet remaineth) to "rebirth" classical (pagan, heathen) philosophy by thoroughly destroying every trace of Christianity (literary, artistic, and otherwise), and by replacing it with entirely pagan, heathen structures.}

{The Renaissance had begun some centuries earlier, and in not in Europe, but in the Levant, with <arabi adaptations (translations) of primarily Neo-Platonic philosophies, which were gradually (over a period of centuries) introduced into various European countries through translations into Latin etc.}

pp. 406-7 sum of 1 + 2 + 1/2

p. 406

"And I heard him swear by the one who lives forever that it would be for a time, two times, and half a time -- ... all these things would be accomplished." (Daniye>l 12:6 sq)

p. 407

"In his book The Inner Reaches of Outer Space, Campbell suggested that the "three and a half" represented

the tipping point between the third and fourth chakras".

{There is known to be a minor cakra betwixt Man.ipura and Anahata.}

[quoted from Mason 1999 :] "Revelation 11:9 and 11:11 ... speak of the two olive trees/lampstands that lie dead for "three days and a half," and then stand up on their feet when a breath of life ... reaches them".

Mason 1999 = Joe Mason : "Symbols of the Chakras and the Midpoint".

p. 408 Dream-Voice {"still, small voice"}

"the "Dream Voice." ... this ... he could hear in his mind when he first woke up".

"write them down ... without paying any attention to what the words were actually saying. That was a very important element of the Dream Voice protocol.

As soon as you start following or understanding the words, they will quickly be distorted."

{because one's own personal intentions will thereupon interfere with one's reception of the message}



Cycles & 4th-Density Shift


p. 413 rainbow-body

"There are more than 160,000 {probably an over-aestimate} documented cases of people transforming into the Rainbow Body in Tibet and China alone. [ZhZh"RB"]

This phenomenon has continued straight through into modern times." (NN 1992, p. 67)

"their bodies gradually shift into pure rainbow light over the course of seven days, while they {their mortal remains} are wrapped in a shroud. ...

They ... see their own greater identity as the One Infinite Creator." (INS"RB") {Meaning that they understand atman as brahman; which, however, is an Astika, and not a Vajra-yana, doctrine .}

{Actually, the Vajra-yana theology is a polytheism (with no particular "One ... Creator"), having many thousands of named deities (and acceptance of vast numbers more, whose names may be unrecorded in the literature). Nor do mortals regard themselves as unities either, for according to the doctrine of skandha-s, the person/mind is a composite. Neither are their cosmologies wont to assert the existence of true infinitudes of anything, any completed "infinity" being (according to all logicians, antient and modern) a logical absurdity; and furthermore, all Bharatiya dars`ana-s (Indian philosophies) regard the elements of existence as aeternal and therefore uncreated and uncreatable.}

ZhZh"RB" = "The Rainbow Body".

NN 1992 = Namkhai Norbu : Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light. Ithaca (NY) : Snow Lion.

INS"RB" = Gail Holland : "The Rainbow Body". INSTITUTE OF NOE:TIC SCIENCES REVIEW, May-March 2002.

pp. 415-7 Three Books of Sibylla; Eclogue by Vergilius

p. 415

"These books contained ... cryptic descriptions of the events ...

p. 416

considered highly classified. It was buried deep in the Temple of Jupiter and guarded by 15 different priests called the Decemvirs".

(quoted from the 4th Eclogue by Vergilius :)

"Now ... the majestic roll

Of circling centuries begins anew :

... returns old Saturn's reign, ...

The iron shall cease,

{iron = material body}

tthe golden race arise, ...

{golden = mental body}

p. 417

He shall receive the life of gods, and see

Heroes with gods commingling, and himself

Be seen of them".

p. 418 severely limited (in inadequate inclusiveness) Confoederation of Planets

[quoted from LO6, quaestion 24] "There are approximately fifty-three civilizations,

{This # 53 is the count of the number of deities in Tu:rkish systems of divination.}

comprising approximately five hundred planetary consciousness complexes in this Confederation."

{There are, in the universe as a whole, a great many (billions or more) of such Confoederations, organized into various hierarchies (in a manner similar to that outlined in the Urantia Book).}

LO6 = Elkins, Rueckert, & McCarthy : The Law of One, session 6.

p. 420 tzolkin/tonalamatl of 260 nychthemera

"Peden, an Australian ..., found that 260 days is the smallest number that interlocks all the orbits of the inner planets together."

Robert D. Peden : "The Mayan Calendar : Why 260 Days?"

p. 421 orbit?

"I realized that our sun was very likely orbiting a brown dwarf companion star, as certain scholars have argued." {Though this may not be true on the material plane, could it not be true on some more subtle plane[s]-of-existence? Could it not be also true of other inhabited planets, in regard to their non-material countreparts?}

{Reasons for doubting this for the material plane :- If our sun were orbiting around anything, the resultant wobble would be visible in its orbit (which it is not), just as such wobble is visible in telescopic photography of orbits of binary star-systems. Beside, any such alleged "brown dwarf" (which if existent would be visible during solar eclipses, which it is not) would be so tiny that it would effectively orbit around the sun, not the sun around it.}

p. 422 gravitational transferr of angular momentum

"our sun is generating geometric energy waves {a potential for acceleration of angular momentum, which need not be in wave-form} that drive {i.e., gradually accelerate} the orbits of the planets in our solar system."

{This effect of the sun's rotation for orbital motion of planets was designated by Albert Einstein as gravitational "frame-dragging". Its correlative in the effect of a planet's rotation on its satellites is employed for accelerating artificial satellites sent to pass nigh the planet's aequator in the direction of the planet's rotation.}

p. 424 "big secret"??

"The big secret is that "dark matter," "dark energy," {as if "energy" (i.e., light/luminance) could ever could be "dark"!}

{The real secret is that so-called "dark matter" is a fraud : this ridiculous hypothesis is based on nothing more than faulty aequations for the gravitational forcefield, not taking into account that, according to quantum-mechanics, all energies have minimal quantities (quanta), so that, like all other forces, it cannot diminish to lower than a certain value; and this fact (not any conjectural "dark matter") would amply account for the continued praesence of the same level of the force at galactic distances.}

the "quantum foam," and so on -- ...

{Actually, the "quantum foam" postulated in quantum-mechanics is a description of a factor in non-gravitational interactions among subatomic particles; and is quite unrelated to gravitation.}

the energy most scientists now believe must be creating matter ... ."

{Wrong! According to the rules of physics, matter can neither be created nor destroyed. No scientist can believe otherwise (every one of them is too knowledgeable to do so), though some may feign to, for such feigning can lead military research far astray (and virtually all scientists are covert pacifists, glad to deceive the military).}

p. 425 model of the nucleus of an atom

"Moon ... discovered this geometry in the nucleus of the atom in 1987. ["WhWRM"] ... In Dr. Moon's model, ... Each proton in the nucleus is simply one corner of a geometrical shape. ... The nucleus of the atom also has "shells" in it in Dr. Moon's new model." ("MMN")

"WhWRM" = "Who Was Robert Moon?"

"MMN" = "The Moon Model of the Nucleus".

p. 425 levitation

"you can create your own geometric vibrations ... with your own thoughts. As you become more advanced, you could use this same power to levitate objects with your mind".

{The vibration, and likewise the levitation, is actually performed for one by a divinity (imp) whom one hath befriended.}

{This (levitation) is seldom performed. Blaine, in his autobiography (p. 96), described his having "levitated" himself publicly only once.}

David Blaine : Mysterious Stranger : a Book of Magic. Villard Bks (imprint of Random House), NY, 2002.

p. 426 oscillation of sun's surface

"solar seismology ... Guenther [2010], a professor ... at St. Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, mapped out. The original observations ... were made in 1962, by Leighton, Noyes, and Simon ... . They found that

the surface of the sun appeared to be moving up and down in cycles lasting about five minutes. ...

{Because this time is likewise the approximate duration for light to travel from sun to earth, if some artefact of measurement be not involved, then perhaps this could be a telekinetic effect of Earth-divinities on the sun.}

These "vibrations" within the sun create ripple that move ... in our solar system. The waves then bounce off our solar system's outer gravitational boundary and reflect back toward the sun again.

{In order for such gravitational waves to interact thus with gravitational the boundary between stellar systems, the boundary would need to contain its own oscillation of a frequency (and of suitable intensity) able to resonate with (i.e., some propre fraction of) the sun's gravitational-wave frequency.}

Along the way, these ripples collide with each other and form interference patterns."

{This is apparently intended as an analogue for the cymatic patterns (produced by vibrating a fluid) mentioned on pp. 423-4 supra.}

Guenther 2010 = David Guenther : "Solar and Stellar Seismology".

Leighton, Noyes, & Simon 1962 = Robert B. Leighton; Robert W. Noyes; & George W. Simon : "Velocity Fields in the Solar Atmosphere". ASTROPHYSICAL J 135:474.

p. 427 three-dimensional time

"Larson ... proposed in the 1950s that there is a parallel reality in which time is three-dimensional." ("RS")

{There have since then been further developments of the theory of 3-dimensional time, by  Xiaodong Chen, Ari Lehto, William G. Tifft, Alexander Mayer, et al. ("ITIM").}

"RS" = Dewey Larson : "The Reciprocal System".

"ITIM" = Zenmaster : "Is Time Intrinsically Multidimensional?"

{Perhaps some resolution to this could be achieved thus : 3 dimensions of time and 1 space might be compatible with a causality proceeding from future toward past; but 3 dimensions of space and 1 of time compatible with a causality proceeding from past toward future. A causality proceeding from the future could imply a universally agreed-upon future, with a dubious, indeterminate past, with no agreement nor concern as to the past's significance, nor purpose, nor meaning : and because it is very much the nature of cognitive consciousness to care only about the future, and of intelligent consciousness to hold to the value of potential for universal consensus concerning plans only for a future, thereby the 3-dimensional time and 1-dimensional space must eventually achieve universal vogue in all meaningful systems of consciousness (i.e., amongst all thinking beings). The 3 dimensions of times could relate, distinguishably, to the 3 basic planes-of-consciousness : astral, mental, and causal, with the 3 lineal intersections of these 3 planes in the aitheric to be correlable with the hypothetic lineality of space. This this way (confined, as line-segments, to the actual intersections of said planes) space must be limited to a definite finitude of fixed mensurability, where its single co-ordinate must be its radial distance-measure in polar-co-ordinate from the point-of-origin (which could be taken as the locus of a consciousness, where such consciousness is a solution to a set of aequations describing the necessary conditions for interaction with its logical replicates). [written Jan 29 2015]}

p. 430 Black Sun

(Author's spurious misidentification of the mythic "Black Sun" as a material star.)

{In India, there are r.s.i-s (saints) who stare at the sun, which (because they are devotees of the solar vimana communicated with through deities controlling the solar-plexus) at that time appeareth as a black disk in the sky. I also have witnessed this.}

p. 431 gravitational repulsion

"once you have objects with as much mass as a planet or star, their gravitational forces will naturally repel each other."

{This may be the nature of things in the subtler planes-of-existence (though not quite so in the material plane).}

pp. 446-8 4th-density & beyond

p. 446

[quoted from LO, session 40, quaestion 11] "The vibratory nature of your environment ..., green ... is at this time heavily over-woven with the orange ray of planetary consciousness."

p. 447

[quoted from LO, session 16, quaestion 50] "fourth density ... is not of words, unless chosen."

p. 448

"We will have telepathic powers that are so strong, and so fast {swift},

that speaking with our mouths is ridiculously slow."

{Actually, because the pace of our reasoning out of understandings, and of solutions to problems, is slower than our ability to speak (the pace of our reasoning being more nearly aequal to our rate of writing or of typing), therefore our speaking with our mouths is superfluously swift.}


David Wilcock : The Synchronicity Key : the Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You. Penguin Bks : London & NY, 2013.