Synchronicity Key, 8



"Mapping Out the Afterlife"


pp. 163-6 clinical death; legal significance of testimony by eyewitnesses

p. 163

"Clinical death involves cessation of ... all brain-wave activity. ... Conventional scientists believe {conjecture, hypothesize} this electrical activity is the root of consciousness -- and {thus they conjecture, hypothesize} without it, you have no thoughts.

Nonetheless, many people report a continuing set of experiences that occur after they have been declared clinically dead and {before they} are then {thereafter} successfully resuscitated and returned to their bodies."

p. 164

[quoted from Univ SH "WL-E S N-DE" :] "A number of recent scientific studies ... have demonstrated that 10-20 per cent of people who go through ... clinical death report lucid, well-structured thought processes, reasoning, memories and ... detailed recall of events during their encounter with death."

[quoted from Lommel 2004 :] "survivors of cardiac arrest in ten Dutch hospitals ... (18%) reported ... recollection of the time of clinical death.

About 50% of the patients with an NDE reported awareness of being dead,

30% reported moving through a tunnel, had an observation of a celestial landscape, or had a meeting with deceased relatives.

About 25% of the patients with an NDE had an out-of-body experience, had communication with "the light," ...

13% experienced a life review".

p. 165

"these events were happening right their in the operating room as their brain-wave activity ... had gone completely flat. ... they successfully observed and remembered things that happened at distances that were significantly far away from where their physical bodies had been. They were able to bring back specific memories of things people said and did around them ... later ... proven correct. Most surprisingly, some people {whose material brains in the operating-room were then lacking wave-activity} actually appeared in front of their loved ones {who were then elsewhere} as ghosts -- partially visible images of their former {or rather, current material-body} selves. They were able to have full conversations {by thought-transference, or however} with their loved ones in this ghostly form." ("SESCAD")

"This data {read : "these data" or "this datum"} is extremely compelling. We use eyewitness testimony to establish proof in a court of law. ... However, in the case of phenomena like near-death experiences,

eyewitness testimony is consistently ignored, overlooked, or attacked with dubious-sounding and often ridiculous skeptical explanations. These attacks are much more akin to religious zealotry -- from the atheist's {or other materialist's} perspective -- than they are

{Such testimony is ignored by capitalist-hireling stooges of the plutokrateia, simply because to admit to the inadequacy of materialism, would utterly demolish the metaphysical basis of capitalism, causing the academic profession, and even the working-class, to repudiate and to abandon the ploutokrateia, and to vote for the thoroughgoing abolition of capitalism.}

p. 166

to the spirit of true science, in which the results of the data lead the investigation."

Univ SH "WL-E S N-DE" = University of Southampton "World's Largest-Ever Study of Near-Death Experiences". SCIENCE DAILY, Sept 10 2008,

Lommel 2004 = Pim van Lommel : "About the Continuity of Our Consciousness". In : C. Machado & D. A. Shewmon (edd.) : Brain Death and ... Consciousness. NY : Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publ. ; ADVANCES IN EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 550 (2004):115-32.

"SESCAD" = "Scientific Evidence for Survival of Consciousness After Death".

{So long as the soul is imprisoned in the material body, its consciousness must require (or more accurately, must induce) brain-waves. But when the soul is released from the material body, as, e.g., in "near-death" experience, then it can think without inducing brain-waves in the material body, which it hath abandoned. It is then encased in an astral body, and if it is to induce any brain-waves, such brain-waves must be in the brain of the astral body. Likewise, mutatis mutandis, for the mental body, etc. etc.}

pp. 166-8 hypnotism

p. 166

"people under hypnosis ... are not capable of lying {praevaricating}."

p. 167

[quoted from Newton 1994, p. 4 :] "I learned the value of careful cross-examination early in my work -- and I found no evidence of anyone faking ... to please me. In fact, subjects in hypnosis are not hesitant in correcting my misinterpretations of their statements."

[quoted from Newton 2000, pp. xi-xii :] "I also found out that it did not matter if a person was an atheist ... -- once they were in the proper superconscious state of hypnosis, all were consistent in their reports ... of ... the spirit world".

{There is no way a fanatic "atheist" (whether hypnotized or not) would admit to having viewed, nor conversed with, nor entred, the "spirit world". This hypnotism hath evidently contacted an independent praeternatural entity temporarily occupying the body of the hypnotized person. In this connection, do note that all of the extra-terrestrial cases resolved through hypnosis by Dolores Cannon involved an extraneous spirit speaking through an occupied Earthling. [written Jan 26 2015]}

"In fact, clients who never met each other in waking life often used the same words, colloquial sayings, graphic descriptions, and expressions for things they encountered in the afterlife.

{This is consistent with the praeternatural entities' contacted through hypnosis having already conversed with each other in some otherworldly transcendent plane-of-existence, as concerning what to say if quaestioned by a mortal hypnotist about these matters. [written Jan 26 2015]}

This, coupled with the fact that everyone went through the same stages of events in the

{Unlikely! Far more probable than "that we all know the afterlife very well" would be that the sort of praeternatural entity contacted through hypnosis is knowledgeable about affairs pertaining to transferral of a soul from one body to another : thus knowledgeable on account of controlling the process, i.e., a Netherworld-deity.}

p. 168

same order, suggested that we all know the afterlife very well once we are hypnotized

into the superconscious state."

{Only deities (not mortals) could be designated as "superconscious", for they control (for the sake of the welfare of all, and at the advice by vast councils in the hierarchies of deities maintaining the various planes-of-existence) the consciousness of mortals.}

Newton 1994 = Michael Newton : Journey of Souls : Case Studies of Life Between Lives. Woodbury (MN) : Llewellyn Publ.

Newton 2000 = Michael Newton : Destiny of Souls : New Case Studies of Life Between Lives. Woodbury (MN) : Llewellyn Publ.

{It need not be assumed that the Netherworld-deity's employing the identity of the hypnotized person is any indication of impropriety : for, it may the the perpetual right, privilege, and custom of such Netherworld-deity thus to function, thereby expediting and facilitating the processing of the concerns of the soul of the defunct under consideration. Indeed, it may even be that while such process is underway, the Netherworld-deity temporarily thinks of itself as the defunct mortal, without distinction. [written Jan 26 2015]}

p. 168 death

"You find yourself floating over your body. You see people around your body {evacuated cadavre} who are grieving your death. You often find yourself trying to convince others -- without success -- that you are still there, only in another form. Soon you feel a pulling sensation that draws you away from your body {abandoned cadavre}. There is an ecstatic feeling of freedom and brilliant light. Some people see the light all around them".

p. 169 accessible memories of past lives

"the average person has an astonishing ability to reveal dates and geographic locations of past lives, which can often be verified. Even ... the specific details have consistently proven to be correct." (Newton 1994, p. 9)

pp. 169-70 witnessing the crystal palace in Heaven

p. 169

"Almost immediately after their death, most people do hear beautiful music ... -- which continue to be audible as they move through th early stages of their entry into the afterlife."

p. 170

"a man ... reported seeing ... as soon as he came out of the tunnel ... a staggeringly large "ice palace" made of gorgeous crystals. He said that ... the crystals were ... colors in glittering mosaics. He could see no end to this gorgeous city; ... it seemed to stretch on forever." (Newton 1994, pp. 22-4)

pp. 175-7 Transition : netherworld-tunnels maintained by the Directors

p. 175

"We move into an enormous area where we see souls coming and going, much like at a train or subway station ... .

{This is also stated in Kurt Leland : Otherwhere.}

Gravity does not apply in the afterlife,

{Inaccurate! Usually, gravitation is praesent in the Netherworld, just as it usually is in dreams.}

so there will often be a vast, interconnecting web of energetic tunnels leading souls to to their eventual destinations.

{These tunnels through the Netherworld, and the souls hurtling through those tunnels, are likewise mentioned in Carlos Castan~eda's The Art of Dreaming.}

... referred to as {likened unto} the hub of a great wagon wheel -- ... once you reach the tunnel of your destination, you move out of the {the hub of} the wheel and begin traveling down one of the spokes.

People ... typically... at this stage ... find themselves traveling along "lines of light."

{A similar ray of luminance may accompany, or function as, the tractor-beam which may lift one's subtle- or dream-body out of one's bed wherein one hath awoken, into (often through the interior of a hollow boarding-tube) the flying-saucer hovering just outside one's bedroom-window, in cases of "abduction" by a flying-saucer.}

There is no darkness here -- everything is glowing with light at various levels of brightness. ... As we think about people, we telepathically connect with them ... before we actually leave the tunnel. These people ... compare notes in the afterlife, often with a great deal of humor.

p. 176

... The tunnels naturally bend as we go along, and ... higher entities {Kharon and the like, according to Kurt Leland : Otherwhere} are responsible for guiding the movement. [Newton 1994, p. 75]

These [higher] entities are often called "the directors," ...

p. 177

with the Council of Elders."

pp. 177-8 Placement : Inner Circle's Book of Life {aspect of the Akas`ik Record}

p. 177

A transmigrating souls' coterie "called the Inner Circle ... stays consistent from lifetime to lifetime. We also come into some degree of contact with a much larger secondary group of souls who incarnate with us to varying degrees. ... these secondary groups are never seen to have less {fewer} than a thousand souls and can often be significantly larger than that. ... entire towns, cities, nations or ethnic groups can keep moving, in clusters, through different locations and eras."

p. 178

"a "life book." ... this ... large ... book ... acts ... like an advanced holographic {i.e., 3-dimensional, with depth-vision possible} technology once we open it. Each "page" of the book represents a given period of time in our lives. As we go through the book, we review all the different experiences we went through in our lives -- in vividly realistic detail."

pp. 178-9 (Newton 1994, p. 123) colors of energy-bodies

p. 178

pp. 178-9

Level #

its color

its character



p. 178 beginner


"reddish yellow"

lower intermediate





dark-yellow "with traces of blue"

upper intermediate





dark-bluish purple {indigo}

highly advanced

p. 179 "the sages"



p. 179 "old ones"

{Some 2-color combinations are indicated : "reddish yellow" is most areas yellow with a few areas red; while dark yellow "with traces of blue" is most of the area dark yellow, with some streaks of blue amid it.}

p. 183 thoughts of planets and of stars

"The "concentrated energy of the Old Ones" -- those at Level VII -- was required to make ... planets and stars ... by the focused thoughts and energies of advanced souls, who could also be experiencing incarnations on earth."

[quoted from LO13, quaestions 16, 18, & 21 :] "Thus

the Logos ["the mind of the galaxy"]

{Hermes is guide for souls of the dead, psychopomp (Odusseia 24.1 sq), and "The Stoics made Hermes the "Word" of Zeus" ("RL-T", p. 389); while according to many AmerIndian tribes the galaxy is a path for souls of the dead.}

moves ... according to ... patterns and vibratory rhythms, ... with first density, which is the density of consciousness ..., the awareness of being."

LO13 = Elkins, Rueckert, & McCarthy : The Law of One, session 13.

"RL-T" = Geehardus Vos : "Range of the Logos-Title". PRINCETON THEOLOGICAL REVIEW 11 (1913):

pp. 185, 187-8 incarnation of mortals on other planets

p. 185

"Many souls develop a fondness for certain planets and continue returning to them between incarnations."

{Actually, such "fondness" could not develop, because (1) the self is [usually] unconscious between incarnations into material bodies; and (2) one's spirit-guides (including transporters of the unconscious self to another planet for incarnation thereat), though remaining conscious while the self is unconscious, do not engage in frivolous or unnecessary activities.}

"Natural stargates, or "time doors," ... which exist throughout the universe and allow us to travel to different times ..., are routinely used by souls. ...

{Dead wrong! It is not actually possible to move around erratically in time, for that would involve contradictions to causality (including karmic causality) and possible logical nonsequitur-type contradictions -- such as passing the same point in time on multiple occasions, or jumping from one point in time to another point in time without (and/or in defiance of) causal links, in such a way as also to contradict the causal linkages with and/or among other persons and their karman-s.}

Traveling through different times is ... easy in the spirit world."

{The variety of experience whereto the author is alluding is, in reality, dreaming about being in a different historic epoch, thereafter returning from it by awaking. This is similar to a theatrical play-act, and is in no way any indication of actual zigzagging around in time, which is, frankly, not feasible.}

p. 187

"Some souls move on to other worlds if the world they had been living on is no longer available to host physical human life." (Newton 1994, p. 202)

p. 188

"It is also interesting that Newton observed every color in the rainbow spectrum appearing in his clients' souls fairly routinely, except for green -- which is almost never seen.

{Because in the aura, green is the color denoting medical curing, this may denote simply that Newton lacked clients who could perform miraculous healings. Shamans who routinely perform miraculous curing with the assistance deities of healing, would surely display much green in the "soul".}

In Law of One terms, the earth has to make a quantum leap into the green-ray level before any of its inhabitants can become "activated" -- which is when their souls fully transition into the green-ray density."

{Howbeit, in tribes wherein shamanic curing is honored, the green-ray level is surely already praedominant. Most souls already transited into the green-ray density during the praehistory of this planet; but capitalist materialism hath repressed true spiritual healing, which may not praevail again here until capitalism shall have been annihilated. (And so mote it be!) [written Jan 26 2015]}

{That which praeternatural portals are actually available for, would (instead of suppositious "time-travel") be, travel between planes-of-existence and between subplanes : such as, travel between the universe of waking minds and the universe of dreaming minds.}

p. 188 timing between incarnations

"Dr. Newton found that during Neolithic {sic! : read "Palaiolithic"}-type time periods, ... thousands of years can elapse between physical incarnations.

Once we see agriculture {this is the Neolithic} and animal husbandry {its Mesolithic origins antedating agriculture}, reincarnation begins to happen more often -- but lifetimes can still be separated by as many as five hundred years.

Dr. Newton's clients lived an average of once every two hundred years between A.D. 1000 and A.D. 1500, and

after A.D. 1700 they lived once per century.

It is very common for souls to incarnate more than once a century as we pass into the 1900s.

{evidently implying that they redincarnate promptly after death}

All this research very neatly parallels what we learn in the Cayce readings."

{Now-a-days, every worthy soul is needed and being summoned and enlisted, as the class-struggle is entring its final phase. The development of the class-struggle required many millennia to evolve to this point, intensifying as more extensive reserves became increasingly called forth to engage in successive phases of the ongoing struggle. More frequent incarnations into the material universe can rendre a soul more aware of the nature of the material universe and thus of the material universe's limitations and defects; and therefore can rendre a soul more eagre to employ praeternatural methods native to other planes-of-existence in order to overcome capitalism, an abominable evil which is grounded wholly in the ethically defective material plane. [written Jan 26 2015]}

pp. 188-9 ring-of-destiny

p. 188

"The main ... Life Selection stage is ... called the "Ring of Destiny," which often appears as a sphere of bright light. ...

p. 189

Different screens float around us, giving us visual impressions of the different lifetimes we could choose for our next incarnation. We also have a control panel that allows us to review these different screens, including fast-forwarding and rewinding the events that will happen in these lives. The screeens are in dynamic, fluid-like movement within the sphere of light."

{All this sort of phantasmagoria is perhaps only a mockery (contrived by mocking divinities, to ridicule the delusions of foolish mortals) : for (according to standard occult doctrine, as, e.g., in RadhaSwami as well as in most denominations of >islam) "free will" is shewn to be only a nonsensical illusion, inasmuch as there is always only one possible praedestined future (symmetrical with the fact that there is only one past), namely the future which is most conducive of welfare for all, as intuitively perceived by a consensus of the universal collectives within the universe-wide telepathic government of canny deities.} {Otherwise, it is entirely possible that the "different screens" repraesent (instead of "choices" for one's self) the praedestined futures of as many specific persons as there are screens. In the case, it is merely the misdescription (again by mocking divinities) of the screens as choices that constituteth the ridiculing deception/mockery.}

p. 190 choosing a new body

"In this stage, on the screens that float around in this cockpit-like area, we are presented with various bodies within which we can choose to incarnate. We can see how the bodies will look and feel, how they function".

{Again, it is likely that these bodies are (not possible "choices" for one's self, but instead) praedestined futures for as many specific persons as there are screens.}

pp. 193-5 praeparation & embarkation

p. 193

"Many synchronicities we will experience are planned out at this point, in order to ensure that we take certain steps at certain times.

{Synchronicities are so fateful in nature that they are more likely to have always been in existence as a praedestined future, though activated (manifested) only when they overtly occur. The ensurance involved is often an abandonment of plans devised by ourselves, so that we leave our lives open to the antique traditions instead.}

Higher-level guides help us plan out the symbols and events that will help steer us through these key moments. ...

{Nay! We mortals cannot influence praedestination, which is in the keeping of the Nornir/Moirai goddesses. The key to the moment is the striking into mortals of dread of the Nornir/Moirai.}

p. 194

After planning out these synchronicities to keep us on track, we ofteh have another meeting with the Council of Elders before we head into the Rebirth stage. ... On page

p. 195

261, ... Dr. Newton's [1994] reports the Elders as all being hairless, with oval faces, high cheekbones, and smallish features -- much like the appearance of certain types of extraterrestrials people have reported seeing. ... The Elders are bathed in light, and there is a strong sense of divinity."

p. 195 rebirth

"Once we finally depart, we have a sense of plunging downward, through areas of luminous energy. ... As soon as we exit the tunnel, we find ourselves in the body of a baby within our new mother's womb."


David Wilcock : The Synchronicity Key : the Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You. Penguin Bks : London & NY, 2013.