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"Global Adversary"


pp. 91-2 Foederal Reserve Board

p. 91

In 1913, "America's right to issue money was handed over to a group of private bankers {multibillionaire families} ... calling themselves the Federal Reserve. The banking families also formed the Bank for International Settlements, or BIS".

p. 92

"The actual banks running the Federal Reserve have never been openly and officially revealed".

pp. 91-2 bloated profits of the hyperploutokratic banker-families

p. 91

In "2011, a Swiss scientific study ...

p. 92

proved that a staggering 80 percent of all money that was being made in the world was filtering into the pockets of the Federal Reserve [banking families] through very carefully disguised "interlocking directorates" of corporations. ... . ... 735 corporation controlled ... 80 percent of all the world's profits. ... With ... this ... ownership could be further narrowed down to ... only 147 companies." ("RCNRW")

"RCNRW" = Andy Coghlan & Debora MacKenzie : "Revealed -- the Capitalist Network That Runs the World". NEW SCIENTIST Oct 2011.

p. 111 cornering the world's gold-supply

"In his epic book, Gold Warriors, Sterling Seagrave reveals that the world's gold began to be confiscated on a mass{ive} level {scale} in 1895, where the Japanese invaded Korea and plundered the central banks. (... Japan was armed and financed as a British Empire proxy state ever since the Meiji Restoration in 1868.)

The Wall Street- {capitalist-ploutokrat-}funded Bolsheviks confiscated all Russian gold ... between 1917 and 1922, and they covertly turned it over to the {U.S.} Federal Reserve. [McMeekin 2008]

In Operation Golden Lily, in the 1920s amd 1930s, the Japanese systematically cleared out all the Chinese and {East} Asian gold on a truly industrial scale, and secretly turned it over to the {U.S.} Federal Reserve." (Guyatt)

"I synthesized ... research and insider testimony on this subject in Financial Tyranny, a full-length book that I released on my website, for free, beginning ... 2012".

Seagrave = Sterling Seagrave & Peggy Seagrave : Gold Warriors : the covert history of Yamashita's gold -- how Washington secretly recovered it to set up giant Cold War slush funds and manipulate foreign governments. Bowstring Bks, 2002; London : Verso, 2003. [subtitle of reprints : America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold] description of book :

McMeekin 2008 = Sean McMeekin : History's Greatest Heist : the Looting of Russia by the Bolsheviks. New Haven (CT) : Yale UnivMcMeekin 2008 . review of book :

Guyatt = David Guyatt : "Secret Gold Treaty".

Financial Tyranny with sections 5 & 6 at and final sections (8 to 10) at with earlier recensions and short earlier version at

pp. 112-3 Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

p. 112

"December ... 2011, ... David Hutzler sent me critical information ..., directing me to ... the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website. ...

Many of my dreams had urged me to conduct this investigation and had clearly indicated that I would be {divinely} protected it I did. ... I already had quite an extensive legacy of accurate prophecies from my dreams -- some of which I documented on my website. However, this ... was reality ... of a single unified group that controlled the Federal Reserve : running the United States, the United Kingdom, the USSR, Japan, Italy, the Nazi Party".

"David and Mackie Hutzler had been killed

p. 113

because of the information that had been passed to me".

{That specific information may have been classified "top secret" by the C.I.A.}

fates of D. & M. Hutzler at the hands of the C.I.A. (along with MSN disinformative 'spin')

"Unwanted Publicity Intelligence" with links to "Financial Tyranny" at

resume' of officer at "Unwanted Publicity Intelligence" (also known as "Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Annex")

pp. 115-6 international-banking system financial disclosures of Dec 2012-Jan 2013

p. 115

"REN-TV ... Financial Tyranny ... three-hour documentary aired January 16, 2013 ... . On the very day this show aired -- January 16, 2013 -- Germany shocked the world by demanding that the Federal Reserve return 300

p. 116

metric tons of its gold. The country's leaders also insisted that France return all 374 metric tons of its gold".

"The second REN-TV documentary, Shadow Gold, aired on January 30, 2013 ... . Then on February 4, 2013, the mysterious hacker group Anonymous posted private data from four thousand different Federal Reserve executives' accounts" ("AP4000BEC"). ...

Just twenty-four days after ..., Pope Benedict XVI resigned -- which was the first time such an event had happened in more than six hundred years. The very top of the Vatican dome was struck by lightning that same evening" ("LSV").

"AP4000BEC" = Violet Blue : "Anonymous Posts Over 4000 Bank Executive Credentials".

"LSV" = David Wilcock : "Lightning Strikes Vatican -- a Geo-Synchronicity?" DIVINE COSMOS Feb 28, 2013.



Karman is Real


p. 125 Secrets of Shamanism

"I read Secrets of Shamanism : Tapping the Spirit Power Within You by Jose and Lena S. Stevens. ... . ... this knowledge soon generated profound insights."

pp. 136-7 transcending the illusion of the material world

p. 136

"life on earth may be a vast, meticulously balanced and fastidiously maintained illusion, a school for spiritual masters in training.

{The material universe is the basic illusion (maya); the souls constituting the life on it are, however, not so illusory.}

... this illusion is guided and watched over by countless {very many; they are actually in principle countable} intelligent entities who are much more advanced than ... us ... far more intelligent than we could ever be".

{Wrong! The illusion is being guided by the organized totality of all intelligences : therefore, because such sum-total is vast in its capabilities, no individual intelligence within it actually need be any higher than ordinary mediocre human intelligence. [written Jan 13 2015]}

"everything we think, say, and do is known to these people, moment by moment.

{Immortals know, by means of universal telepathy, the thoughts of mortals.}

p. 137

... these people have nothing but the greatest love and compassion for us ... with absolute love and respect so that we can be restored to perfect balance."

{True. Is is no intellectual defect of mortals that mortals lack the power of telepathy; but it is lack of the universal knowledge to be gained by means of telepathy which is the cause of some mortals' failure to understand the universal teleology which is the basis of universal compassion. [written Jan 13 2015]}

"a great deal of effort is involved in constructing the illusion that life on earth {not just on this planet, but (of course) in the entire material plane}, and the things that happen to us,

appear to be random -- because if it were too obvious, there would be nothing for us to learn." {a very lame excuse conjectured randomly by the author (D.W.), and not capable of explaining anything!}

{That which we are endeavouring to learn concerning "things" of "it" is the operation of the subtle planes with their divine denizens -- which would be more easily understood if those planes and their denizens were to reveal themselves more openly. But so many impious materialists would deride any witnessing of the divine worlds as "illusion", that the attrition-rate of materialists defying the divine worlds to their own detriment would be so extreme, that (in pity for foolish materialists) the deities have hitherto been reluctant to disclose their worlds very openly. [written Jan 13 2015]}

{Foolish materialists do have a function from the divine standpoint : namely, the function of so enraging the pious (i.e., believers in universal government by universal telepathy), that the pious are therewith motivated to strain themselves intellectually to find every possible means of refuting materialism, and in the course of refuting materialism, finding a viable replacement for capitalism (greed-maddened capitalism being the principal mainstay of greed-promoting materialism). [written Jan 13 2015]}





pp. 139-40 remembred past incarnation

p. 139

"Dr. Ian Stevenson, a University of Virginia professor ..., interviewed more than three thousand children from all over the world who remembered having lived before, often in great detail. ... The children's memories were extremely specific, including names, dates, places ... -- and even where and how they died. Dr. Stevenson thoroughly fact-checked ... and time after time, he discovered that their memories were astonishingly accurate. ...

Dr. Jim Tucker, ... at the University of Virginia, worked with Dr. Stevenson for years and continued his research. ... In Dr. Tucker's book Life After Life, he presents a wealth of evidence

p. 140

from twenty-five hundred of Stevenson's best cases, as well as new profiles he investigated himself".

p. 141 redincarnation as one's own descendant

Carole Bowman's "research was summarized in her second book, Return from Heaven : Beloved Relatives Reincarnated Within Your Family."

{This redincarnation as one's own descendant, though commonly accepted among AmerIndians of many tribes, is based on evidence which might otherwise be interpreted as merely the same guardian-angel's adopting successive family-membres, often specifically a descendant of a defunct praeviously adopted family-membre.}

pp. 142-3 various alterations in official Mediterranean European doctrines about origin and destiny of the soul

p. 142

"In the Second Council of Constantinople, in A.D. 553, the Roman government ... edict reads,

If anyone asserts the fabulous pre-existence of souls,

{By "pre-existence of souls" would be intended : existence (in heaven) of souls before they entred material bodies in the material world.}

and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it,

{By "restoration which follows from it" would be intended : restoration to existence in heaven (instead of staying in the corpse until resurrection-day, as the New Testament teacheth). The restoration is characterized as "monstrous" simply because is is non-necrotic.}

let him be anathema ["excommunicated"].""

"in A.D. 1274, ... the Council of Lyons decreed that the soul goes promptly to Heaven or Hell after death. Then in A.D. 1439, the Council of Florence reaffirmed this".

{This was in gross contradiction of both praevious Church-Councils and also the Old Testament, the Gospel, Acts, and Epistles, none of which claim that persons go to heaven or to hell (though possibly to purgatory) at death, but which instead state that souls of the dead remain in their corpses until resurrection-of-the-corpse day.}

p. 143

"According to Josephus, the souls of people who live a positive life are

"removed into other bodies" so that they will have "power to revive and life again."

{These "other bodies" must be "bodies caelestial and bodies telestial" (subtle, immaterial bodies), which will have power to "life again" in the immaterial heaven.}

p. 148 Edgar Cayce's (and his spirit-guide's) modus operandi

"When Cayce had clients there in the room with him, his source {control/spirit-guide} would often read their minds and answer the questions they were thinking before they had a chance to speak them out aloud. Although Cayce spoke only English in his waking personality, his source also had complete conversations with his clients in their own native languages. ...

Upon awakening, Cayce could not remember anything he had said, and the wording was often cryptic".

pp. 149, 151 Edgar Cayce's life-readings concerning redincarnation

p. 149

"Cayce's client readings dealt with past lives ... . Obscure historical details included in the readings were found to be accurate. ...

Cayce's readings often gave the exact names of his clients in their prior lifetimes -- and occasionally these names were verifiable."

p. 151

"according to Cayce, ... souls of a given era in general incarnate in a later era together. In the intervening centuries, other groups of souls are on earth -- taking their turns, so to speak. This proceeds with orderly and rhythmic alternation ... . Consequently most of the souls on earth today were also together in previous ages of history. Also, souls related to each other by family ties, friendship ties, or the ties of mutual interests were likely to have been related before in similar ties in previous eras".

{Instead of these temporally-proximate personalities' necessarily being souls, they may instead be guardian angel/spirit-guide groups who work together on similar batches of souls -- whereas the souls themselves may incarnate in unrelated places (and immediately, without any "taking turns").}

pp. 154, 156 repercussions of malevolently taunting others; absolution from such repercussions by discovery of one's ill-will during praevious lives, and repenting therefrom {Such absolution is akin to that offered by the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, as well as that in the cult of Aztec goddess Tlazol-teotl, eateress of sins.}

p. 154

"the Cayce readings revealed that mocking others can carry strong karmic repercussions, particularly if those persons are suffering or dying in the process."

{such as, vicious slave-owners who are mocking their slaves whilest torturing to death those slaves; or operators of concentration-camps treating prisoners similarly}

p. 156

"The Cayce readings often said that karma is a function of memory, and the key to breaking this cycle is to forgive ourselves for what we may have done to others in the past. ... Forgiving ourselves can be just as important as -- if not more important than -- forgiving others."

{Such discovery (but of supposed subconscious will-ill from earlier in the praesent life, instead of from a past life) with condign repentance is the basic cure (albeit less successful because less realistic, in fancifully accusatorial Freudism) likewise offered in so-called "psycho-analysis".}

{The instances cited by Edgar Cayce (on p. 154, from Cerminara [1950], pp. 58-9) were occasioned by vicious policies of the antient Roman government; so that the "Forgiving ourselves" advocated by Edgar Cayce must entail shifting the guilt (by shifting the blame) from ourselves to the government (which in Roman society was under control by ploutokrat-slaveowners -- a society very similar to modern capitalism under control by ploutokrat-capitalists) : though Cayce did not explicitly state this fact that guilt must continue, though it can be transferred; for, like karman, it deriveth from that of another person and must persist as a burden upon one's own self until it can successfully be transferred.}

Cerminara 1950 = Gina Cerminara : Many Mansions : the Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation. NY : Sloane, 1950. (reprinted 1978 & 1999 NY : Signet; reprinted 1983 London : Neville Spearman)

p. 160 Lives of Edgar Cayce

"The Lives of Edgar Cayce by W. H. Church is ... the fascinating story of ... past lives of Edgar Cayce ... . ... Cayce's ... list of his own past life-names is : ...

the Persian warrior-king Uhjltd ...;

the Greek soldier Xenon ...;

the famous ... Pythagoras;

the Greek chemist Armitidides, who knew Alexander the Great;

Lucius of Cyrene, who wrote the book of Luke in the Bible; ...

Ralph Dahl, the illegitimate son of Louis XIV's daughter Gracia".

W. H. Church : Many Happy Returns : the Lives of Edgar Cayce. San Francisco : Harper & Row, 1984. (revised edn. 1995 as The Lives of Edgar Cayce. Virginia Beach : Assn for Research & Enlightenment Pr.)


David Wilcock : The Synchronicity Key : the Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You. Penguin Bks : London & NY, 2013.