Tales from the Time Loop

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The conspiracy




Wakey, wakey




Web of conspiracy




The Is`ra>el connection




The extraterrestrial conspiracy




You mean reptiles?




‘Tails’ of the unexpected




Stalking from the shadows




It’s all an illusion




No time, no place




Prove it!








Transforming the illusion




Manipulated consensus




Heart of the matter



Level 1

Chapter 1 – "Wakey, Wakey"

p. 7

"I began ... on the Isle of Wight". "I also began to understand that often the councillors’ decisions on which way to vote were being agreed at the local Freemasons’ temple before the ‘debate’ in the council chamber had even been heard."

p. 8

"I was elected a National Speaker for the UK Green Party." "I wrote a book called It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This (Green Print, London, 1989)".

p. 9

"I could see that most journalists are some of the most uninformed, conditioned and imprisoned people you could ever meet." "I saw how many politicians who opposed and condemned each other in public ‘debate’ were very much closer in public."

p. 10

At a newspaper shop in Ryde on the Isle of Wight, "as I turned to leave, my feet were stuck to the ground as if two magnets were anchoring them to the floor. It was a very weird feeling, ... as if ... another reality had manifested around me." {"when she first began to notice that she was being possessed, her left side became stiff, and her left foot stuck to the ground." ("AGH")}


meeting with a woman who "was a professional psychic" : "I talked with her about other dimensions or frequencies of existence ... . I had always rejected ... the absurd idea pedalled [sic : read "peddled"] by ‘science’ that we are all ‘accidents’ of ‘evolution’ who cease to exist at ‘death’. Unbelievable rubbish, but that is largely still the claim of establishment ‘science’ despite the wealth of evidence and research, including that of open-minded real scientists, which demolishes such claptrap." {This claptrap is deliberately contrived by the class-enemy to deceive the working-class into not believing that there is a divine hierarchy capable (if besought to do so) of judging, condemning. and overthrowing all oppressive capitalist governments.}

p. 11

"When people say that everything is within you or, symbolically, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, this is correct." {Because Heaven is within one’s self, it is easy to communicate with (to tell it about the evils perpetrated by capitalist governments); to say that Heaven is a "Kingdom" is to imply that it hath the authority and power to overthrow capitalist governments.}


"when people say they saw a ghost or a ‘UFO’ and it ‘appeared’ out of ‘nowhere’ and then ‘disappeared’ ... such things ... are possible. ... The ‘nowhere’ from which such manifestations come and go is simply another frequency or wavelength of existence."

"On the ... visit to the psychic, I was lying on the couch during the healing session when I felt like a spider web on my face. I had remember reading in her book that his can happen when ‘spirits’ are trying to make contact. {"Spider webs" are one of "Four basic ... forms or patterns ... to frequently occur, in the hypnogogic state" (P 245, p. 501). These "auric couplings are reminiscent of the spider’s techniques of using the threads of its web" (P 362, p. 707).} ...

p. 12

She said she was seeing a Chinese-type figure in her mind, who said that "Socrates is with me"." {Sokrates quaeried (Aristophanes : The Clouds, ll. 345-7 – "SP", p. 67) of seeing clouds in the shapes of animals; cf. the "faces in the clouds" witnessed by the author (D.I.) on. p. 21 infra}

p. 16

"Through the latter months of 1990 I wrote my first book about these events, Truth Vibrations." [p. 31, n. 1 "Truth Vibrations was published by Aquarian Press in 1991 and by Gateway Books from 1993".]

p. 20

At "the top of" "a mound to the right" along the roadway from Sillustani to Puno in Peru`, "there was a circle of standing stones about waist high ... . ... Suddenly, I felt my feet being

p. 21

pulled like magnets into the ground again. {"The sexochakra initiates its action receiving geoenergies through the soles of the feet (pre-kundalini) and the legs." (P 133, p. 301))} It was the same as in the newspaper shop in Ryde, but this time it was far more powerful. My arms than reached up about my head without any conscious decision from me ..., slightly outwards at about 46 degrees ... for well over an hour and I felt nothing until it was over ... . I felt like a drill sensation in the top of my head and I could feel a flow of energy going the other way up from the ground through my feet and out through the top [of] my head. {"coronochakra, ... top of the cranium" : "Awakening of the coronochakra occurs" (P 133, p. 302)} ... I was seeing faces in the clouds, billowing ... . By now my body was shaking so fiercely from the energy passing through me that I could hardly stand." {"the very physical pulsations and movements in the human body" (P 133, p. 303)}

p. 22

"I became famous for wearing turquoise clothes ... . ... Years later when I met my now great friend Credo Mutwa, a ‘Sanusi’ or shaman ... of the Zulu ..., he was decked from head to toe in brilliant turquoise."

p. 28

"I embarked upon a daily journey of almost staggering synchronicity in which I would meet people or have experiences that would continually increase my appreciation of ... the nature of life itself. ... I have been guided with a synchronistic precision that is often breathtaking."


"By mid-1995 I had completed the manuscript for And the Truth Shall Set You Free".

P = Projectiology, by Waldo Vieira (transl. from the Portuguese by Kevin & Simone de La Tour). Rio de Janeiro, 2002.

"AGH" = http://www.rubedo.psc.br/artingle/afrohait.htm

"SP" = "Spirit Visions", by Marina Warner. 1999. http://www.tannerlectures.utah.edu/lectures/documents/Warner_01.pdf

Chapter 2 – "Web of Deception"

p. 34

"The official story of September 11th is a monumental lie, as I reveal in Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster".

p. 40

"a genealogical website, www.Myfamily.com, revealed the bloodline links".

p. 45

"we are seeing unfold by the day the very Big Brother society described by George Orwell (real name Eric Blair) in his famous book, 1984."

p. 48

Capitalists "create factions within the herd and set them at war with each other. This is done by creating ‘different’ belief systems (which are not different at all) and bringing them into conflict. ... These beliefs are perceived as ‘opposites’ when, as I pointed out in my book, I Am Me, I Am Free, they are opposames."

p. 51

"How many know that the Bush family and the Bin Laden have long been extremely close?"

p. 53

"The same force manipulates through both ‘sides’ to control the outcome and produce the outcome and produce a ‘movie’ version of events to fool the people".

p. 54

"The Bushes and Bin Ladens are long-time bosom buddies".

p. 64

" ‘The Crown’ is actually a committee of 12 or 14 men who rule the independent sovereign state known as ‘The City’, which is not port of England and is not subject to the Sovereign nor to the rule of Parliament. It is headed by a Lord Mayor who is elected for one year and is always a Freemason. The sitting monarch has to bow to the Mayor ... . ... I have included more background to the City and its secret society web in

p. 65

The Biggest Secret [p. 90, n. 35 : "The Biggest Secret, Bridge of Love Publications, 1998"], but this is where the United Kingdom ... is governed from". The king of England is a "prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire."

Chapter 4 – The Yis`ra>el connection

p. 93

"the overwhelming majority of ‘Jewish’ people ... originate from ... the Caucasus Mountains." {This notion, derived from aequating the term /<IBRi^/ (Strong’s 56 76-7 /<EBeR/ ‘beyond’) with the name of the /IBeRoi/ tribe in the Caucasus (apparently the same as the /Kabard/), is no more feasible than an aequation with Hellenic name /IBeRia/ = Latin Hispania + Gallia; or an aequation with the /ABoR/ tribes of northern Assam. One of more of those names might instead relate to Strong’s 84 />EBRah/ ‘feather’ and thus with />abraham/.}


"In a series of wars, the first from 642 to 652 AD, and the second from 722 to 739 AD, some Khazar ... prevailed against ... Muslims." {Such minor skirmishes occurred, in, e.g., 737 and 762; with, however, more usually treaties including intermarriage of nobility between H^azar and <arab dynasties ("Kh&KA", p. 47).}


The H^azar "must have seemed to the rabbis ... as a ... unicorn." {The name /H^ZR/ is ‘swine’ in all S^emitic languages. The myth of the unicorn, however, may be of Caucasian provenience. The connection of unicorn with swine may be through the Chinese likening (TB&RhH, p. 120) of the rhinoceros to a pig. According to the Kantha Puran.a ("Th"), Emus.a the "single horned Pig went to the underworld, ... made the earth stand and function as it was." In "Yuddha Khanda" 117:14 of the Rama-ayana, Nara-ayana is lauded as "the unicorn boar" (eka-s`r.nga varaha) ("K&UIVS").}

p. 95

"Names like the Russian Cossack ... came from ‘Khazar’ ". {The name /Kazah^/ is derived from the earlier Tu:rkish tribe-name /Kizik/, apparently a different word from /H^azar/.}


"Sandor Nagy writes in The Forgotten Cradle of the Hungarian Culture, ... that while there are only two hundred Magyar words related to the Finno-Ugric language, there are two thousand words related to Sumerian." {Various Hungarian authors cite a large number of agreements between Hungarian and Sumerian in both vocabulary and grammar ("AHL"). Since Sumerian is apparently related to the prae-Indo-European languages of southern Europe (including Euskara), it may be that borrowing into Magyar of items from the language repraesented by the prae-Roman Venetic-Rhaetish inscriptions may re responsible for these agreements.}

p. 96

"The legend claims that Nimrod and Eneth had two sons, Magor and Hunor. It is said that Magor is the ancestor of the Magyars and Hunor was the ancestor of the Huns". {"In the Hungarian account, the son of Tana is Ménrót or Nemere (Nimrod), who had twin sons called Magor and Hunor. Also Nimrud's wife, Anuta/Bau, has similar names in the Hungarian version, Eneth/Boldog-asszony." ("AIH")}

p. 97

"Khazars took their Judaistic or Talmudic faith {In reality, the H^azar stated : "We have never heard what the Talmud is." ("Kh&KA", p. 63) The Talmud-rejecting Qara> now occupy the Krimea, and their historical records date back to the 14th century Chr.E. ("Kh&KA", p. 50) and perhaps the 13th century Chr.E. ("Kh&KA", p. 51). The Qara> were (as of the 9th century Chr.E.) "influenced by Samaritans." ("Kh&KA", p. 60)}


and settled in ... Poland-Lithuania. {Rather than to Rabbanites (Talmudists) this could (at the most) describe how while some of the Qara> (anti-Talmudist) "refugees reached the Krimea, others escaped to ... the Grand Duchy of Lithuania." ("Kh&KA", p. 53)}


There are many ancient place names in Poland ... inspired by the name "Khazar"". {"Critical of Yitzhak Schipper's toponymic arguments that place-names in Slavic lands sounding like Khazar were named after Khazars. ... Doubts that the etymologies of certain Polish placenames derive from the Khazars." ("DKh")}

p. 98

"In fact, the Bible refers to the Ashkenaz as a people living in the region of Mount Ararat ... and Armenia." {"Josephus identifies Ashkenaz with the Rhegines, a people otherwise unknown. Modern scholars since Bochart have connected Ashkenaz with Ascanius, which occurs as the name of a Mysian and of a Phrygian prince, and in Homer as the name of a river also; there was likewise a district Ascania inhabited by Phrygians and Mysians; and an Ascanian lake was located in Phrygia and in Bithynia." (JE, s.v. "Ashkenaz") Perhaps the term "Rhegines" may intend (as a similitude to Rhegium at the strait of Italia) Khalkedon-Khrusopolis at the Hellespont strait; this is in Bithunia, as is lake Askanias.}

p. 106

"President Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, was involved ... in the funding of the Nazis through a company called the Union Banking Corporations (UBC) and virtually all the Nazi trade with the United States was under ... the stewardship of Prescott Bush. ... The UBC was closed down for trading with the enemy ... . The Bush-Nazi connection has been highlighted by John Loftus ..., a former prosecutor in the Justice Department’s Nazi War Crimes Unit".

p. 110

"There are people who follow the Jewish faith all over the world. There are white ‘Jews’, brown ‘Jews’, black ‘Jews’ ". {As still another color, there are also red ones : "WESTERN JEWS in the Middle Ages called Khazars 'red Jews,'" ("ThKh") a term which may indicate a praeference for that color (instead of blue) in litourgical paraphernalia.}

p. 111

The " "Jewish nose" is found in far greater numbers today among the Caucasian tribes and Turks of Asia Minor." {Within Tu:rkiyeh itself, this is known as the "Armenoid nose".}

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