Tales from the Time Loop, II


Level 2

Chapter 9 – You Don’t Really Mean Reptiles?

p. 231

"the Nefilim or Nephilim are not the sons of the gods (beni ha-Elohim), but the offspring of the interbreeding ... . ... They were also known in ancient times as the Rephaim, Emim, Zazummim {read "Zamzummim"} and Anakim". {The Npili^m (‘Fallen’, ‘Epilepsy’) of B-Re>s^it 6:4 were "an extinct (mythological, only semihuman) race, inhabitants of the earth before the Flood" (JE, s.v. "Giants"). In B-Midbar 13:33, "The Spies use that name to heighten the effect of their description of ... the sons of" <anaq (P&H, pp. 625-6).

p. 239

"The Bible says that when Moses died he was buried in the land known as ... Merab". {This "Merab" is apparently intended as Mribah (‘Strife’), which is mentioned along with Massah (‘Testing’) in S^emo^t 17:7 and in Thilli^m 95:8. This was not usually regarded the place of the interrment of Mos^eh, of whom "no man knoweth his sepulchre unto this day."}"

p. 251

"the very name "Zulu" means "People from the Stars"". {"The word "Zulu" in the language of the Zulu literally means High Heaven" ("OHML"); "Zulu - meaning heaven or sky." ("ZSP")}

p. 257

"In Media, ... the Iranians knew their kings as Mar, which means snake in Persian." {The title /mar/ is ‘saint’ in >aramaic.}

p. 258

"the Book of Dzyan, one of the oldest Sanskrit accounts". {"According to Reigle, ‘Dzyan’ is a Tibetan phonetic rendering of the Sanskrit jñâna (wisdom)" ("BDz"); but there is apparently also a pun on the name of the Qabbalistic book Siprah di-S.enyutah (‘Book of Concealment’), which hath some likeness to it in content ("SDz").}


"Pendragon = "Great Dragon". {rather, /pen-dragon/ is ‘head dragon’}


"the Greek term for menstrual blood, Ambrosia". {Ambrosia is sometimes designated "the red wine of Hera". At the Heraion in Samos, "With the blessing of Hera, the lygos encouraged the flow of their menstrual blood" ("MM&L", citing Z&H)} {Menstrual blood "was euphemistically called the "supernatural red wine" given to the gods by Mother Hera in her virgin form, as Hebe." ("MB") (But Hebe was usually regarded as a distinct goddess from Hera.)} {"Taoists said a man could become immortal (or at least long-lived) by absorbing menstrual blood, called red yin juice, from a woman's Mysterious Gateway, otherwise known as the Grotto of the white tiger" ("SMB").}

p. 259

"the Mormon-controlled state of Utah has a beehive at the centre of its seal ... . The bee or beehive is ancient symbol of the Merovingian ... royalty." {In Hellenic myth, honey is involved in the resurrection of the dead son of Minos, via the cow who changed her color thrice daily – cf. the "Promised Land" "flowing with milk and honey".}


"The themes of serpent and honey can be linked can be linked to the ‘Tribe of Dan’ ... . ... Genesis says that the Danites did not have known genealogy and were not related to the early Israelites." [the reference for this statement, on p. 274, n. 75, is "Genesis 49:16-17"] {B-Re>s^it 49:16 hath "Dan shall judge his people, one (>eh.ad)of the tribes of Yis`ra>el". Commentators take the judge involved to be S^ims^o^n (GE), who found honey – from a lion, much as a lion was tussled with by mother of the bee-keeper Aristaios. A possible implication of the word "one (>eh.ad)" may be that S^ims^o^n was judge of merely one tribe; or else that he was of singular (paramount) importance amongst the judges; or there may be an allusion to "On that day, God shall be One and his name One".}

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Chapter 10 – ‘Tails’ of the Unexpected

p. 276

"in Mineapolis, a gifted psychic woman told me how see sees people in power ... turn into Reptilians all the time. Once again she is accessing their frequency levels ... beyond the ‘cover’ of an apparently ‘human’ form. {This would be a level suks.ma kaya (‘subtle-body’).} I recalled at this stage that I had read something about Reptilians in a book called Trance-Formation of America [p. 299, n. 1 : "Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips : Trance-Formation of America (Reality Marketing Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)".], which details the life of a remarkable woman ... . ...

p. 277

She described how leading US politicians she worked for in her mind-controlled {spirit-possessed} state appeared to take a reptilian form before her eyes and then return to ‘human’."

p. 278

"The Mayas say the first settlers of the Yucatan ... were the Chanes {"Chanob" would be the correct Maya plural} or "People of the Serpent" . They were led by the god Itzamna, a name that apparently comes from the word "itzem", which translates as lizard". {"Eric Thompson originally interpreted the name Itzamna as "lizard house", itzam being a Yucatecan term for an iguana and naaj meaning "house". However, Thompson's translation has gradually been abandoned. ... The otherwise unattested, agentive form itzam could thus mean "asperser"" ("IN").}

p. 279

"She said that ... the Prime Minister ... began to transform into a reptile and ... eventually became a full-bodied reptiloid". "the Windsors were a reptilian hybrid".

p. 280

"To be honest, the royal family ... it’s lizard ... . The different bodies are just different ... vibrations and they have got that secret; they’ve got the secret of the micro-currents {subtle micro-currents in the subtle body}; ... these radio waves {beyond the physical plane-of-existence} that actually create these bodies. These are the energies I work with ... . ... All these aliens, ... they looked like reptiles originally, but they look like us when they get out through the ... vibration, that key to life ... . They can manifest how they want to."

p. 284

"the Queen ... shape-shifted into a reptilian. When she shape-shifts, she has a long reptilian face ... and she’s an off-white colour. ... The Queen Mother looks basically the same".

p. 291

"But reports of women being raped by Reptilians are far from rare. ...

p. 292

Credo Mutwa tells of the scores of African women he has met who have reported the same experience of being forced to have sex with a Reptilian".

p. 295

"A woman known as "D" claims to have seen the underground facilities at China Lake Naval Weapons Center in the California Desert ... . ...

p. 296

"D" said she was taken underground at China Lake ... . ... Under China Lake, she said, a Reptilian sexually assaulted her".

p. 297

"Michael Mott has produced an excellent collection of these stories on underground dwellers in folklore and myth in his book. [p. 300, n. 24 : "Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures"]"

"IN" = "Itzam Na" http://de-de.facebook.com/pages/Itzam-Na/143550708993730

Chapter 11 – Stalking from the Shadows

p. 303

"Credo Mutwa, the Zulu Sanusi (shaman) ..., ... said. "... the heaven between heavens ... that’s where the reptiles are."" {Two "California tribes, the Southern Nissenan people, and the Chumash, have myths that tell of Sky Coyote leaving footprints and Sky Lizard leaving five-digit impressions in a large white rock in primeval times before humans" ("PNDF", p. 248b). These hand-prints must have been intended as personal signatures (much as thumbprints are often used as personal identification now-a-days); and the Californian "large white rock" is similar to "a white stone, and in the stone a new name written" (Apokalupsis of Ioannes 2:17).} {The "Chumash ... 'Lizard' ... constellation was supposed as one of many constellations encountered as one went to the Land-of-the-Dead" ("L"). The Apokalupsis of Ioannes may be intended to imply sites (similar to Stations of the Cross) along the route for souls of the dead into the abode of the dead souls.} {"The Chumayel manuscript, however, writes it Itzam-kab-ain ("lizard-[with]-crocodile-legs"), and states that it was fecundated by Ah Uuc-chek-nal ("lord seven-fertilizer-of-the-maize") (Roys, Chilam Balam of Chumayel, 101)." (CD-CYML) This fertilization by mean of maize-pollen may allude to the likes of the Hopi Pollen Path, where the dead attain life after "days of being dead" ("PP").}

p. 306

"The Emerald Tablets also say : "Only through blood could they form being, only through man could they live in the world."" {Only through living beings of flesh-and-blood can the transcendent deities form a substantive (material) world (a world of meaningful purposive activity, that is to say); only through intelligent beings (such as humans) can the deities participate in a world of meaningful activities.}

p. 307

"at Bohemian Grove {Bohemian Clubs are liberalizing movements, often functioning in association with alchemists} ... the Underground Lounge, spelt as U.N.derground on the sign." {Perhaps intended as a joke, with ‘–DERGround’ alluding to Irish ‘Fear DeARG’, "the practical joker of the Otherworld." ("NS")}

p. 308

"an ‘effigy’ ... at Bohemian Grove ... is placed under the giant owl and set on fire." {This imprisonment under an owl may repraesent Demeter’s treatment of Askalaphos (‘horned owl’) : she "pinned him down with a heavy rock in Haides’ realm." (Apollodoros : Bibliotheke 1:33 – "Askalaphos")}

p. 310

A "Bohemian Grove member ... shape-shifted into Reptilian form during the ceremonies. ... The Reptilian hybrids ... are ...

p. 311

very much like those of birds." {The myth of Askalaphos is very much like that of Askalabos, who "was changed bodily into a multi-coloured gecko (askalabos)" by Demeter (according to Nikandros, cited in Antoninus Liberalis : Metamorphoses 24 – "Askalabos"). (But according to Ovidius : Metamorphoses 5:444, Askalabos was transformed into "a starry-spotted newt".)}

p. 312

"The low vibration of fear and its associated emotions like ... guilt produce frequencies that pour into the interplanetary plane and this has become these energy source of these Reptilian and other entities." {Christianity is able to generate much fear (of the "wrath of the Lamb" – Apokalupsis of Ioannes 6:16) and much sensation of guilt : upon which feedeth the Son-of-Man ("as ... the Serpent in the Wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be" – Euangelion kata Ioannes 3:14). Inasmuch of the Gospel according to John, proclaiming this, was especially favored by the Cathars, ought not the Cathars be regarded as peculiarly Reptilian?}

p. 315

"Some researchers suggest that the Reptilian faction ... was banished ... by closing the interdimensional ‘portals’, which allowed them to move into this reality or density very easily. These portals are vortex points on the Earth where dimensions connect and these are often the places held sacred by the ancients. I have been told a number of times over the years that the Caucasus Mountains are the location of a major portal." {According to the Qur>an, Juj and Majuj (Gog and Magog) were confined by du->l-Qarnayin by a wall to the north. These two tribes (Gog and Magog) are identified ("MQKhJ") by Christian of Stavelot as GaZaRi, a name from the >aramic /GZaR/ (Strong’s 1505) ‘to quarry’ -- an illusion to the prisoners-of-war who were (according to Thoukydides : The Peloponnesian WarHPW, p. 410; PW 7:86-7, p. 613) confined within a stone-quarry. But according to the Qur>an (sura ">al-Kahf") had the iron-and-lead wall constructed (verses 94-97) only after he had visited the places of sunset (verse 86) and of sunrise (verse 90). The places furthest west and furthest east in the world were both visited by (according to the Odusseia 1 & 5) god Poseidon, who personally participated in building the city-wall around Ilion (GM 13.c; CJ, p. 260).}

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