Tales from the Time Loop, III-IV


Level 3

Chapter 12 – No Time, No Place

p. 323

"I took the ayahuasca in the form of a drink ... . ...

p. 324

Out of my mouth, in a very different voice ... , came the words ... . ... A strip of light on the ceiling began to flicker on and off ... . ... Then

p. 325

the equipment playing music switched off and came back on again ... . ... I clearly felt an energy coming out of my heart chakra and arching from there to my head. The words I was speaking came from this source. ...

My words in the first ayahuasca session said that the ... ‘world’ that we daily experience is a ‘time loop’ that goes around and around basically repeating the same sequence in theme if not detail. ... I was told that the Matrix is a vortex, like a whirlpool in a river, with the Time Loop ... in the densest part of the spiral.

p. 326

Think of the Matrix as a whirlpool and the ... Oneness as the river. The Matrix ..., like a whirlpool or eddy, ... is operating in its own ... world to its own agenda. ...

On the first night I spoke the words loud and on the second I heard a powerful female voice as clear as can be that added much more detail. This is what I was told over those two nights in altered states lasting a total of some six or seven hours. ... The Time Loop is encased within a Matrix of ‘non-physical levels’ ... . These ... are symbolized ... by the ball of netting {= net of Indra} that encompasses the Time Loop. The ‘non-physical’ levels are the dimensions to which most ‘human’ consciousness returns after a ‘life’ ... at the moment we call ‘death’. It is free of the physical body ... . ... ‘Past’ and ‘future’ ... are different realities happening at the same moment, the same ... NOW. The apparent sequence of one era following another in passing ‘time’ is an illusion of the Time Loop. Subconscious mind had become imprisoned by ... the illusion of disconnection from the ... Infinite Love. ...

p. 328

The voice said that the key level of the Matrix is the repeating Time Loop that we know as the ... world This is the ‘power station’ that feeds the whole system. The loop was created to provide familiarity ... and was a very much more pleasant experience at first than it is in our reality. When people ..., the voice went on, ... find comfort in the familiar and predictable ... this happened on a collective level of ... mind. It was a way for the consciousness to whistle in the dark, giving itself comfort in the familiar."


"However, the thought projection itself took on a ‘life’ of its own when it gained access to an energy source independent of that ... . This energy source, the voice went on, was fear. The Matrix ... absorbed the energy of fear generated particularly within the ... Time-Loop and took on a life and agenda of its own. ... The created or projected thought field had accessed an energy source to become a creator and projector of its own ... reality. ...

p. 329

The reason why the Matrix projection needs the energy of fear to empower itself is that it is ... self-aware fear. ... The Matrix was a self-aware entity that was knowingly manipulating ... by generating the events necessary to produce the fear that empowered it. Humans were indeed ‘batteries’ or power stations for the Matrix ... . ...

p. 330

The voice said that when the Reptilians absorbed human fear {a kind of supernatural entity feeding on mortals’ fear in mentioned by Carlos Castan~eda} they were absorbing it for the Matrix ... . ....

p. 331

... energy of Oneness and balance through ... ‘people’ ... is represented ... by the hole in the Time Loop ... . ...

p. 332

... the most important level of the Matrix was the ... Time Loop. This was the densest level and it acted as an ‘anchor’, or like a light that captivates moths {a frequent S.ufi metaphor (for the Godhead attracting the souls of saints into fana>)}, and it provided most of the ‘fear energy’ that sustained the Matrix entity."

p. 333

"On the second night I took an increased dosage of ayahuasca and ... I began to enter an altered state ... . ... Then I began to hear a voice as clear as can be. ... It was female and spoke with great dignity, assurance and clarity. ... it said, "we are going to take you to where you come from, so you can remember who you are." With that I was taken to a realm of indescribable bliss. ... I had no body, I was only consciousness, and I was everything. {"Cosmoconsciousness : ... the consciousness feels the living presence of the universe and becomes one with it, in a single, indivisible unit." (P 46, p. 133)} ... . ... The energy ... I experienced ... as the waves of an ocean moving in slow motion and in perfect harmony. ... the voice said, "This is were you come from and this is where you shall return. ... Infinite Love is the only truth -- ... no buts, no exceptions ... ." ... Infinite Oneness is the only truth ... . Therefore, Infinite ‘Love’ is also Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Knowledge ... . ...

p. 334

The voice ... said that the illusion of ‘time’ was necessary to maintain the imprisoned consciousness in a disconnected state. ... The ... entity, ‘self-aware fear’, had created the illusion of time to trap its prey, its prisoners, in a state of disconnection in which they would forget who they were. I was told that the ... Time Loop created the illusion of ‘time’ moving ‘forward’ most powerfully within the Matrix, the other ‘non-physical’ levels also had versions of this. The voice said that human psychics and mediums may make contact with entities that ... do not have ‘time’, as we know it, and those who have had so-called ‘out-of-body’ and ‘near death experience’, may say that in their out-of-body state that there was no ‘time’. ... The out-of-body experiencers often spoke of being in a place of ‘no time’ because what they were feeling was such a different version of ‘time’ to that of the Time Loop. ... Everything in the Time Loop was geared to indoctrinating the ‘time’ illusion. ...

p. 335

Nothing aged in truth because there was no time, no past and no future. ... The ‘universe’ was a figment of our conditioned imagination, the voice said, and it was part of our reality only because we believed it was. {This is Veda-anta, the doctrine that the material universe is maya (‘illusion’).} ... I was told that the ‘laws’ of physics were also illusions. "There are no laws of physics", said the voice. ...

p. 336

Our bodies are ... illusions that did not really exist ..., the voice said. ... . ... those in the Time Loop ... identify who they are and their sense of possibility with being a physical ‘personality’ subordinate to illusory ‘laws’ and not being what they really are – the Infinite ‘One’. ...

p. 337

The ‘laws’ of nature were also illusions, said the voice. ... The voice explained to me that the vast majority of ‘incarnate’ consciousness that left the ‘physical’ body at what we call ‘death’ ... moved to other ‘non-physical’ dimensions of the Matrix. ... Reincarnation was the cycle of consciousness moving in and out of the Time Loop from other levels of the Matrix. ...

p. 338

The voice said that because consciousness in the Matrix was caught in a cycle of moving in and out of the Time Loop through ‘reincarnation’, they ... were conditioned by endless experiences in the Time Loop and between these ‘physical’ excursions ... . ... When psychics ... were communicating with the deceased ..., they ... communicated about going to ‘Halls of Learning’ in their non-physical world and how the Earth was a spiritual ‘university’ where people came to learn ... . {This is taught by, e.g., the Association for Research and Enlightenment.} ...

p. 339

Psychics were extremely useful in showing people that ‘death’ is an illusion ... . ...

p. 340

Stop asking questions, the voice said, and start knowing the answers. It didn’t mean rhetorical questions to illustrate a point, but those that come from a belief that we don’t know something. ... When we ask questions we are accepting that we don’t know the answer. {An exception to this would be the quaestions asked by Sokrates in the Platonic dialogues : there, the quaestions are so posed as to disclose that the respondent did already know the answer (subliminally).} ... Stop asking the question and you will know the answer, the voice said ... . The psychiatrist, R. D. Laing, once said : "If I do not know that I know, I think that I do not know." People so lack confidence in themselves that they look to others to tell them what to think, but ... they could ... simply ‘know’."

p. 341

"Whenever I checked the ‘time’ on my watch I was kicked out of the altered state".


"Stanislv Grof, the author of The Holotropic Mind [p. 343, n. 4 : "HarperSanFrancisco, 1990"], ... realized immediately that the unyielding ‘truth’ of the scientific establishment, taught as fact in the schools and universities, was a fantasy ... . ... Stanislav Grof conducted ... LSD sessions and ...

p. 342

his subjects and clients ... have even experienced being an atom ..., seeing inside the Sun, and what it was like for them in the womb and birth canal."

Chapter 13 – OK, Prove It!

p. 346

"The mystic, Sri Aurobindo Ghose, also said that most human possess a "mental screen" that keeps us from seeing behind "the veil of matter"."

p. 348

"Albert Einstein ... also said : "Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistence one.""

p. 353

"I have quoted in almost every book the words of the ... American comedian, Bill Hicks ... "... we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively; there’s no such thing as death ... .""

p. 354

"Amit Goswami writes in the Self Aware Universe : "... all things, including atoms, are made of consciousness ...!""

p. 356

"The Robin Williams movie, What Dreams May Come (Polygram, 1998), ... shows how, after ‘death’, we create our own reality with our thoughts and beliefs." {This is a notion contrived by John William Dunne, distinguishing lifetime as "Time 1" and afterdeath as "Time 2" : "in our Time 2 "after-life," we shall be able to blend, combine, build, with all the elements of our Time 1 existence" (M&T, p. 260b).}

p. 357

"Psychiatrist Carl Jung coined the word "synchronity" to describe the amazing coincidences that happen to us ... . It is as if some ‘force’ was guiding such events."

p. 358

"In one of the books of Carlos Castan[~]eda, he quotes ... : "... We are awareness; we are not objects ... . We are boundless ..., forget [this] and we thus entrap the totality of ourselves in a vicious circle from which we rarely emerge in our lifetime.""


"When I was walking in an altered state on the ‘magic mushrooms’, ... The voice said to me that the analogy of the horse and the rider, body and consciousness, was valid." {In West Africa (and likewise in Haiti), horse and rider are considered as analogues of spirit-medium and possessing-spirit.}

p. 360

"The bigger the lie and the more it is repeated, the more will believe it. This process of indoctrinated reality has convinced ... people ... that the ‘world’ around them is ‘real’."

p. 365

"A woman I knew allowed a room in her house to be used by serious meditators ... . One guy went in and ... when she looked at him the bottom half of his body was ‘invisible’. {There hath been an occasion (in B., GA) when I looked as the (naked) body of my wife (while she was standing in the same room as myself) the top half of her body was invisible.} ... In 1905, the psychic, Indridi Indridason, was part of a project by leading scientists in Iceland into the ‘paranormal’. When he went into deep trance the scientists saw different parts of his body disappear and reappear. [p. 375, n. 19 : "Erlendur Haraldsson and Loftur R. Gissurarson, The Icelandic Psychical Medium : Indridi Indridason (Society for Psychical Research 1989)"]"

p. 367

"The guy who ‘lost’ half his body meditating in the room went into another state of consciousness – reality -- that his ... body began to follow." {Inasmuch as no material object can be transferred between human consciousness-states (such as being taken from a dream into the waking-world), a more feasible exposition would be that temporary visiting divinities from a divine (dream) world shielded half the body from visibility. This (continued praesence of the whole body in the waking-world) can be readily confirmed by noticing (as I myself regularly have done under such circumstances) that the ‘lost’ part of the body is noticeably provided with a blurry backdrop behind it (it cannot be seen through with any distinct clarity).}

p. 368

"everything is here and everywhere." {"ubiquity of the extraphysical form." (P 310, p. 624)}

M&T = J. B. Priestley : Man and Time. Doubleday & Co, Garden City (NY), 1964.

Chapter 14 – Mysteries? What Mysteries?

p. 382

"Michael Talbot tells in The Holographic Universe [Harper Perennial, NY, 1991. p. 180] how he saw a ... image of a werewolf form around his body when he was writing a novel about them : "... the ... image that enveloped my body was real enough that ... I could see individual hairs in the fur and the way the canine claws protruded from the wolfish hand that encased my own hand.""

p. 383

"consciousness itself goes not vibrate. Only illusion vibrates."


"Those who have left their bodies also speak of the feeling of Oneness, of being everything. ... Another constant report from NDEers and OBEers is that they can go anywhere in an instant." "Those who have experienced life without the body invariably tell of a beautiful world of love and bliss from which they do not want to return. They talk of going through a ‘tunnel’, meeting dead relatives and beings of light, who tell them it is to their ‘time’ to die and they must return."

p. 392

"Lyall Watson, the biologist and author of Supernature, tells [p. 399, n. 10 : "Lyall Watson, Gifts of Unknown Things (Simon and Schuster, New York, 1976), pp 203-204"] of watching an Indonesia woman ... and a sort of ritual dance and gesture began. ... the grove of kenari trees disappeared and a few seconds later came back again. ... She proceeded to ‘switch’ the grove on and off several times as Watson looked on".

p. 395

"Past, present and future are different realities happening together in the same NOW. ... There is only NOW."

p. 398

"Schizophrenia is when people switch between different ... realities, the same as those with multiple personality disorder do." {Schizophrenia (alias dictus "multiple personality disorder") is commonly diagnosed simply on the grounds of hearing a spirit- (or deity-)voice, as the author (who would automatically be so diagnosed by any conventional psychiatrist) did with the "female voice" (of Chapter 12 & p. 358 supra).}


Level 4

Chapter 15 – Manipulated Consensus

p. 412

"The Statue of Liberty is a symbolic image of the goddess". {"Horat. Libertina, a freed-woman." (NCLLL, s.v. "LIBERTINUS") (A ‘freed-woman’ was formerly a slave-woman, having been set free from slavery.)} {This is goddess "Volusia, under the appellation of Libertina. ... . ... the ancients ... believed the goddess Libertina to correspond to Aphrodite Epitymba of Delphi." (ALRH, p. 70)}

p. 413

in "Freemasonry ... the ... eternal flame". {The aeternal flame is Zaratustrian. Freemasons tend highly to esteem Zoroastrianism.}

p. 414

"The myth of Father Christmas or St Nicholas is an old Pagan tale". {St. Nicholas (without the reindeer) is a Christian saint reputed by have donated dowries to young women in Anatolia so that they could marry.}


"Santa lives at the North Pole ... . ... The flying reindeer and sled symbolise the interdimensional flying craft" [p. 436, n. 18 : Stewart Swerdlow : Blue Blood, True Blood. Expansions Publ Co, 2002. p. 76]. {The reindeer and sled are employed by certain Siberian shamans to transport souls of the dead into the world of souls of the dead. In Christian Siberia, this function is often syncretized with St. Nicholas, patron-saint of Russia.}

ALRH = Ettore Pais : Ancient Legends of Roman History. Transl. from the Italian by Mario E. Cosenza. London : Swan Sonnenschein, 1906. http://books.google.com/books?id=dxEWAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA70&lpg=PA70&dq=goddess+Libertina&source=bl&ots=yetsgYAPdz&sig=NaLYgSxcvL33cuhZ4_-0V5OOBHA&hl=en&ei=pNeDTY3xOqbe0gHtk9m_CA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CBQQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=goddess%20Libertina&f=false

NCLLL = F. P. Leverett : A New and Copious Lexicon of the Latin Language. Boston, 1838. http://books.google.com/books?id=8VoSAAAAIAAJ&pg=PA489&lpg=PA489&dq=

Chapter 17 – Heart of the Matter

p. 459

"The heart chakra or vortex is the balance point for the other six chakras ... . ... Oneness does not vibrate; it is still. Thus, spiritual people talk about the stillness of the heart. They are speaking of the stillness of Oneness that we express through the vortex."

p. 460

"Wilson Bryan Key [The Age of Manipulation. Madison Bks, 1989. "Epilogue"] writes : "The moment one accepts an objective reality, ... they have become vulnerable ... . They have ceased to function as an autonomous, creative, thinking individual, living in an integrated, interdependent, world.""

p. 462

"Belief is an illusion of the mind."

"We are not our bodies. We are not our brains. We are not our minds. We are not even our thoughts. We are the silence, the stillness, between them."

p. 463

"Sri Aurobindo said : "To discover the new country within us, we have to leave the old one behind.""


"visualisation is concentrated thought (like "prayer") and ... creates reality. Visualising what you want to create ... can be extremely effective".

p. 464

"Scientist and philosopher Buckminster Fuller said : "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.""

p. 465

"The voice that speaks to me is full of fun and laughter and having experienced where it comes from, I am not surprised. There are no tears in ‘heaven’ ... . And, anyway, isn’t is all such a ... hoot? What can we do but laugh? On the second night of ayahuasca in Brazil, I could hardly stop laughing at what the voice was saying. For ... the nature of human reality ... is so hilarious. Here we are running around a Time Loop like a mouse in a wheel ... . ... What a laugh. ... In the words of a Chinese saying : "Finally, at the end when everything is finished and all questions answered, there is nothing left to do but sit down and have a good laugh.""

p. 466

"It’s all good and if it’s not it will be because it always is in the end."

David Icke : Tales from the Time Loop. Bridge of Love Publ, Wildwood (MO), 2003.


on-line books by David Icke :-

The Biggest Secret. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/biggestsecret/biggestsecretbook/biggestsecret.htm#contents

Children of The Matrix. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/biggestsecret/matrix/matrix.htm#Contents

Tales From Time Loop. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/biggestsecret/tales_timeloop/tales_timeloop.htm


The author’s somewhat uncharitable attitudes toward Illuminati and Freemasons are rather unwarranted, in view of the fact that these organizations are liberalizing institutions (having functions not contrary to those proposed by the author) as aspects of the movement for the Renaissance. Any adequate discussion of them would be in context of a history of the Renaissance (as of the 17th century Chr.E.). (The Illuminati had a somewhat similar program in Germany as the Rosicrucians had in France.)}

{The author’s (somewhat derogatory) use of the term "five-sense world" for the material world is misleading, inasmuch as the supernatural world is likewise sensed in terms of the same five senses (because the subtle bodies – aitheric body and astral body – each entail the 5 senses, and because usually "extra-sensory" perception involveth sensing in terms of the 5 senses).}

{The author also hath overworked (overdrawn) the (rather weak) analogy of spiritual percepts with holograms. Other authors (with greater cautiousness), tend to mention this analogy only briefly in passing, such as P 306 (p. 620) : "Generally speaking, the extraphysical consciousnesses which are seen ... seem to them, in principle [i.e., in analogy], to be veritable living holograms or virtual realities."}