3 Waves of Volunteers

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The Discovery


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Being from the Council








The Council




More Volunteers




The Family




Another Encountre








ET Volunteer




Care of Their Own




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Another Observer




Agenda for Earth




Alien is Abducted by Alien




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Another Aspect Speaketh








Barrage of Information




Keepers of the Grid




New Bodies





pp. 15, 17 some inaccurate allegations by D.C.

p. 15

"the Council decided to give us free will to see what we do with it."

{That which is most usually referred to a "free will" is actually an arbitary implantment of experience/culture/intuition composite, none of which is truly "free". The supposed existence of "free will" is largely an illusion; as much so as other such infamous illusions (such as, its close congener "randomness", which is actually based on lack of information concerning causative events).}

p. 17

"This was the main reason Jesus and the other great Prophets came to earth : to teach people how to get off the wheel of karma".

{The foolishly trusting in the vicious madness of Jesus (his opposition to having a family, his fanatic intent to destroy the world, etc. etc.) is a prime way deluded earthlings have managed to give themselves far worse karman than they would otherwise have.}

pp. 65-6 domed city containing a Council of Lights

p. 65

"A metropolis ... a city within a city ... it has a dome over it. Almost like a cake glass on top of the city. ...

p. 66

It's like a dome that retracts and opens. ... It opens and closes. ...

Now I'm inside a big room. There's laughter. There's a table. There are beings of light around the table. ... There are twelve chairs and it's the council, they say ... the "council of lights." ... lights? ... Each one has a different color of light."

pp. 66, 69 energy-ball; birthdate as gateway

p. 66

"I'm a ball of energy. ... I'm lavender. With red at the bottom and it moves to a lavender".

p. 69

"She was born specifically in ... a portal, an entryway with a walking activation or energy. Her birthday is a gateway. ... a gateway? It's a travel way for souls and consciousness."

pp. 110-2 Stargate

p. 110

"over 962 years have passed ... . ...

p. 111

14932-11 {3 Nov 1492 ChrE? -- 3 Oct 1492 was the date (according to the Julian calendar) of the discovery of Watling Island by Colombo} ... That's the name of a Star gate. ... . ... human beings ... go through this portal? Yes. If they are in their light body, the capability would come forward. ... We are light people. I see many light bodies and energy, and it smells beautiful. ...

p. 112

Earth stinks. ...

We teach. People need us on the astral plane. ...

[addressed to D.C. :] We have been watching you and helping you for a very long time on your astral plane."

pp. 113, 115 comments by possessing-spirits about the spirit-medium whom they are possessing

p. 113

[D.C. :] "I asked them if they knew they were speaking through the physical body [of the spirit-medium]. They said that they were aware."

p. 115

"She has ... memory in her body from ... parallel existences. ... She underestimates the power of the tools she had been given to share with the planet earth at this time."

pp. 169, 171 Lemuria & its aftermath (the repopulating)

p. 169

"when we got out of our bodies and looked down and saw how big Lemuria was, it was the size of a huge continent. ... I think they {ETs} were watching and maybe took some {Lemurians} on their {space}ships."

p. 171

"The Council of Nine took it upon themselves to help repopulate the Earth. ... They're able to be one with nature, and they're all connected to the universal mind. ... We came from the Sun."

pp. 180-1, 183, 185 incarnations of a Creatrix of living species; the 6 phases of creation of living species

p. 180

"I'm a Creator. You ... helped create life on Earth ...? I just helped. There was a large team. But then you decided to go and experience it? Yes, I decided to make myself small. To be in a microcosm. ... .

p. 181

... microcosm was at the smallest level of being, started at molecular with protocols. ... Particle ... the consciousness of a particle. ... smaller than nuclei ... . smaller than ... small. No word for it in this language. {quark?} ... It's a very huge thrill being this small. ... What kind of form do you move into after that? ... I was tree, was electron, was particle {quark?}, was wave of light, was nuclei, was star, was planet, was ocean, was water, was animal {mammal?}, was reptile, was human, was me {naked soul?}, was rock, was pebble".

p. 183

[creation of living species by the Council :] "Six windows in time ... When human and plant and animal could exist. Was not human the first two times. First two times was only other species. Not necessarily ones you would recognize in this space and time {extinct species?}. ... . and the human life form was in the last four experiments here."

p. 185

"I am one of he creators of this school. There are one thousand involved in the creation of the school."

p. 195 [remarks by D.C.] the ETs are protectors of the Volunteers

"the ETs are not the invaders, but the protectors. They are only protecting and watching their own {compatriots who had volunteered to become incarnate on Earth}. Although these types of volunteers are not aware of it, they are never alone. The people {ETs} they left behind {on their own home planet when they volunteered to become incarnate on Earth} are watching over them to make sure they are safe and adjusting well to this alien environment of Earth."

pp. 218-9 invisible spirit-helpers

p. 218

"I miss being with one of my kind. Someone we can meld spirits with and be at one. When I was there, we were all one spirit, but we had to separate. ... There are others that aren't with me, but the ones that are with me now, are with me always. ... I call them my friends. They themselves, us. And we are them from many. many years ago. ...

p. 219

I feel them right here, but I know you can't see them. ... They're here with me. I called them and I knew they would be here. ... Well, they travel in their dimension. But, they're here with me in this dimension right now. ... And we're here on a a mission ... . ...

(The voice changed.) ... And she knows deep down what her mission is".

pp. 220-3 projection, in subtle body, into a spacecraft

p. 220

"I heard a humming noise ... . And then I got up out of bed and I reached out and grabbed him and I just went with them. ...

p. 221

We went up. Up and up and up ... . Went in. ...

p. 222

I left my {material} body back here. ... The helper beings escorted me back from there. ... Because they have to help me with the transition from out of my {material} body. ...

p. 223

They have to help me come out and help me go back in because I have become acclimated to this body, and it's hard to get in and out the way I need to."

p. 222 unconscious projection during sleep

[comment by D.C. :] "So while you think you are asleep, the real part of you is going anywhere it wants to go, having all types of adventures. Flying all over the world, returning to the spirit side for more instructions, and exploring other planets. Many are doing important work at night when they think they are asleep."

p. 232 multi-dimensional

"Multi-dimensional is a being who is aware of all of its lifetimes at the same time : past, present, an future. One being can be many beings all at the same time. ... You could be in the future. Now, that means that one being can be many different things. ... You could have many, many lifetimes out there, all interacting with the you that exists now."

pp. 241-2 being part of the universal consciousness

p. 241

"I'm in some kind of bubble. It keeps me safe or protecting me, transporting me. I'm floating in this thing."

[D.C. :] "Then she realized she was no longer in the bubble because she was walking."

"Somebody's telling me I'm not supposed to be asking questions. I'm hearing, 'You do not need to know.' ... They say ... information is too vast ... beyond comprehension. ... I'm hearing this ... about being a small cog, ... I must be part of ... a larger something. ...

p. 242

It has something to do with universal consciousness."

pp. 242-4 taken to the Source aboard spaceships

p. 242

[D.C. :] "Now the voice switched, and I know we were in touch with something that could supply more information".

"She was being taken to the Source as a gift. ...

p. 243

It was a jarring experience ... . ... Like she was ready to be pushed out of the nest. Was this a ... place that she went to? It was a {space}ship. She has gone to {space}ships. ... In prior lives, this has been ongoing. ... She's ... to help to others in the universe ... . ...

p. 244

There's a vastness to this project that is hard to explain".

pp. 252-3 former incarnations as a grey space-alien

p. 252

"They said that I was one of them! ... I was for a while, so they still keep track of me. ...

p. 253

I was there for many lifetimes. I was where they live ... their planet ... their home base. They're showing me. What I'm seeing is ... kind of gray like them. But they're very, very benevolent. They're very kind. They're very intelligent. They're very efficient, very organized. ... They ... on their planet ... have buildings ..., and the buildings are at {oblique} angles instead of circles or rectangles or squares. It's sort of on a slant ... tall and things on a slant."

pp. 260-1 out-of-body projection; biological vehicles

p. 260

When "they saw three UFOs" : "That was a real event that occurred as you would say "out-of-body." ... It was an agreed upon "out-of-body." ... They agreed to meet. ... They astrally met to observe UFOs. ... She had to leave and return to her body, and she left quickly. ...

p. 261

The UFOs are not flying saucers only. Some vehicles are biological. They look five feet tall and you step in and they extend for five miles."

pp. 274-7 medical energetics to bridge species : assimilation

p. 274

"She sees herself as human, and she sees herself as another species. She was at one time of the species she works with. ... She has bridged the gap between these species. ... An energetic bridge is being formed. ... Bridging identities. ...

p. 275

We agree she can assimilate, and request is being made to higher levels to create path for completion for assimilation. ... Integration complete."

pp. 276-7 little grey space-aliens

p. 276

"The little greys ... doing the actual work are usually described as being very busy and very concentrated on what they are doing. ...

p. 277

Even though they are described as ugly and often extremely wrinkled, they exude a beautiful and calming energy."

pp. 280-1 transparent spacecraft; eyen

p. 280

"It's a craft. It looks like a glass ball. ... But it's transparent, it looks like it has a little top on it ... . It's kind of shimmery, but you can see through it. ... .

p. 281

... there's someone inside of it? ... The only thing I can see are eyes, It's like beings with eyes. They're up in the sky and they've been watching me. ... They told me they've been watching me."

{An illustration from the Rupertsberg Codex of a quadrangular object containing "eyes" was cited by C. G. Jung (FS, pp. 110-3).}

FS = Carl Gustav Jung : Flying Saucers. 1958.

p. 281 [comment by D.C.] small chambre with expansively commodious interior

"Also I have found other cases where the object looked smaller than anticipated, as though it would not be large enough to hold very many people. But when they went inside the object, they found this to be deceiving. The inside was much larger compared to the size from the outside."

{Various instances of this occur in Mahayana Vaipulya-Sutra-s; and (concerning magical gourds) in Taoist literature.}

pp. 288-90 crystal's facets as body's energy-points

p. 288

"everybody has an energy in their body, ... an aura. And when people walk into my aura, they are changed ... on a soul level. So people are affected, not only mentally, but ... spiritually ... . ... I came in with the facets in my body to do this. ...

p. 289

And it's like they are different energy points in my body. And they run up and down my spine. And these energies, they can use a computer on the ship, and they can make things happen in my body to affect things on the planet and the people around me, It's all controlled by a little thing that they have on the ship."

p. 290

[comment by D.C.] "The aliens are able to break down the molecular structure of the body so it can pass through solid objects."

{The astral body's vibration can be easily so adjusted (by deities) as to pass through ceiling or walls.}

Dolores Cannon : The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth. Ozark Publ Co, Huntsville (AR), 2011.