3 Waves of Volunteers, 22-36

pp. 306-7 in centrifuge; bilocation

p. 306

"My whole body is spinning like I'm in this centrifuge. ... It's like everything is orange and my whole body is spinning and I can't stop the spinning."

"I'm looking at the ship from the outside, It's flat on the bottom and it has a dome top and edges that come out like a bowl that's turned upside down on its top there's something underneath. Lights. ... I think it's a room I'm in. ... The room is inside the ship. ... I am in two places at once. I'm in the room, and I'm

p. 307

seeing the outside of the room. ... I can see ... other beings ... smaller ones. ... They're little and kind of bluish ... . They're blue, and the other one is a different color, like orange."

p. 311 swirlings in spine

"You feel things in your spine. ... Just swirlings. This body is feeling it now. ... that's just the Kundalini."

pp. 313-4, 317 extraterrestrial programs for the evolution of human consciousness

p. 313

"He ... was observing two spaceships that had landed on the snow. ...

p. 314

That's their common goal. ... The evolution of human consciousness. ... . ... they are at a higher level of consciousness where they can see each other's thoughts. ...

p. 317

So how do we introduce that there's the possibility of free will without affecting their free will? ... So it has to happen within their collective consciousness ".

p. 323 incarnations by free-will in accordance with belief-systems

"The people that believe they have to reincarnate ... can continue to perpetuate this reality indefinitely. The beings that allow themselves to be more receptive to other ideas and beliefs will have an opportunity to ... move into different realities."

{Those who "move to different realities" likewise of course do so by redincarnating, albeit into a different plane-of-existence than the material-plane.}

pp. 328-30, 333 view from a spacecraft; being sucked into another spacecaft

p. 328

"Right now I'm in open space, and I'm seeing the curve of the planet in front of me. I see the stars. ... . ... the window is semi-spherical in front of me, rounded with a curve on the top and straight on the bottom. ... And it looks like I'm flying inside this vehicle

p. 329

"I see myself .. in front of ... a space ship that is vertical. This vehicle is a silver color and it's standing on the ground. .... . ... somebody is coming down from the ship. His color is kind of greenish but with a large head ... thin arms ... . ... .

p. 330

... suddenly I am lifted off the ground and I feel like I am floating horizontally with my legs facing the ship. ... I feel the energies sucking me in from the ship, ... I'm moving into it. Now I'm inside".

p. 333

[comment by D.C. :] "it appears that an alien can also be abducted ... . ... It does not appear to be a strictly human Earthling phenomenon."

pp. 336-7 tunnel in a spacecraft in space; recording-device in the spacecraft

p. 336

"the tunnel walls became clear glass and she could see through them. She saw that she was in space in some type of craft, and was looking down at a planet ... . ...

p. 337

We are looking at the planet. They are taking notes. ... Are you taking notes ... ? ... When you touch the glass and look out, the information goes through you and to this object, and this object will keep a record of what you are seeing. ... What does the object ... that you transfer the information into? It's solid black and yet it's tiny. It has little lights coming through it."

pp. 336, 340-1 formable body; white home

p. 336

"her body" : "It looks like a sort of plasma ... a jelly formed thing? ... . ... my face ... feels like a flower, the texture of a petal. Soft and silky like that. ... And as it moves it can change and it creates these tentacle things, and I can change very silky."

p. 340

"Now it's taking past somewhere like I'm on a roller coaster. I'm in this shape of plasma jelly-like body, and

p. 341

it's fun to take this ride. I have stopped ..., and my plasma can stretch itself to form arms or legs if it wants to, or it just floats. ... This is a white platform where I stopped. And it's home. ... . ... the walls are a mixture of metals and crystals ... . ... And when you touch it lights will appear ... . You don't walk. You float".

pp. 349, 354 tracking-wisdom; came from the beyond; communications-connected

p. 349

"It's pulling me up into this light now. ... It's flashing as though it's in my third eye. They're putting something into my third eye. ... Getting this crystal wisdom. ... Tracking. ... It's how I communicate. ... I'm from that ship! I want to get back. ... I'm a vibration of something that's so huge -- ... it's like a big strobe light."

p. 350

"I came from beyond, from space, and they put me in a horrible body. ... So I had a decrepit body, but I knew everything. ... They didn't give me a good body when they sent me down here, but they gave me the wisdom. ... I share constant communication with space. ... And they visit me and they bring me back. ...

p. 351

I go with them. I go on the ship. ... I go up and I go in, and I see the beings now. I love them and they're my people. ... I have to be able to get out of the body quicker. ... I have to be able to change into light faster ... . ...

p. 352

They want you to know that they're shifting, and they're shifting you. ... And they're circling the planet with so much light ... because they're so much more advanced and so much faster."

p. 353

"I'm just a channel. ... They're empowering people. ... They're doing it by vibrations. ... They have to have us because we're ... giving them feedback. ...

p. 354

I'm a beacon. ... And they're flowing us ... in order to get us to the safest places ... . ... They want us together. ... We're connected to them."

Yes, they want us all connected. I feel these intense crystal vibrations coming down, and we're connected straight up so far".

pp. 355-6 mother-ship; longevity; advancement

p. 355

"They're getting their instructions from the mother ship, the mother source. There's a big source, that's like the mother of invention. ... There are little blue crickets on this ship."

p. 356

"Seven hundred years from now they'll be able to look back. That's how long they live, seven hundred years." "It's an integration of societies. ... They want to advance us. ... They're wanting ... to advance us to their level. I'm multidimensional while I'm here."

pp. 356-7 transmitting wisdom to the 3rd eye of other persons

p. 356

"I have the ability to share this with others by using my hands. I have the ability to put my energy onto someone's forehead. ...

p. 357

I'm supposed to be transmitting wisdom ... . ... Work with the third eye. It's all about the third eye."

pp. 364-5 entry into the material plance-of-existence; symbiotic unity in the higher world; parade of forms

p. 364

"once they had left the light they didn't look like light anymore. They started looking brownish ... . Those were the energies leaving to go other places ... . Some came to Earth and they would penetrate down into the Whole, the mass. And they would make holes and separate the energy. ... Some of us came here, but they all go t o different places. ...

p. 365

When I left the light, this is just where I came. Other ones did, too."

"I can see a parade of forms, actually, where some are skinny and tall, and some are just filmy, and some are wispy."

pp. 367-9 spirit-helpers from place of reflective substance : divine energy-beings travel abroad

p. 367

"I'm seeing a place that looks like a reflective substance. And there's a bluish green light coming off it. ... Many of the energies came from this reflective substance place. ... It's far away. ...

p. 368

But the energies that are coming from that reflective substance are coming to help. ... What I'm getting is that when we're in our energy state, we all feel that we can help, regardless of where we go. And we all chose to separate, at various times, to go to different places because we feel our energy would be an asset to where we're going. And most of the time, I would say that it is. So I'm getting that we -- I say "we" ... -- ... go to many different places where we think we can be uplifting ... . ... I need to stay, and do what I came to do. ...

p. 369

Now I'm seeing many craft. ... That's the craft that we travel in. ... I say "we" because I'm thinking of the ones that came {to incarnate} -- we didn't have any craft when we came to the Earth {in order to incarnate here}. We just came down in our energy form. ... There's guidance. Everything is guidance."

p. 369 our energy must be contained

Spacecraft are for "going to other places where you need to travel with your own kind of energy. ... So when you travel outside of your realm, you need to travel in a craft that is of that energy that you live in, that you are."

[comment by D.C. :] "this unique energy has to be contained, or it would merge with other energies that it was passing through."

p. 377 orb-body; human energies are polluting

"I feel like an energy ... humans call it an orb. However, we are able to morph into different shapes depending on where we travel to."

"human beings ... when they project their energy out, ... foreign energies that go into the universe and pollute the whole universe."

pp. 393, 396 in pyramid; teaching magic

p. 393

"she went immediately to a large pyramid in Egypt. She saw a large door opening into the pyramid and she ... went inside and down a dark tunnel. ... "... I ... go up the ladder, and into this room. So ... in this room ... are two statues of black cats ... guarding a doorway. ... Well, there's another door. I take a key and I open the door. ... I just see purple light everywhere. ... This is a purple light ... imparting wisdom of the ages.""

p. 396

"I was teaching magic. ... It had to do with the big, black cats."

pp. 400-1 forcible impraegnation

p. 400

"I remember laying {lying} on a really cold table with no clothes on. They're all around the table. ... They have held me down. ...

p. 401

They poked something up my vagina. ... Embryo ... . They're saving it for me?"

pp. 407-8, 410-1 a cleasing, windlike divine energy will transmute human attitudes for the better

p. 407

"energy particles in it like energy forces built into this wind ... not only would clean the air, but it would clear the vibrations. It would blow through the human body like an energy wave, cleaning it and all the mountains, rivers and animals ... . It has many hundreds of components. ...

p. 408

It's like a foggy, clean, clear energy. They are going to neutralize ... bad energies, poison, misery, depressions, money ... . When his wind goes through the planet, people would forget things that happened in the past. ... They will have a new beginning. ... Whatever they had, ... they will see things much differently now ... a different perspective, a different view, a different understanding, a different consciousness. ...

p. 410

It's just that these wind vibrations will brush through inside and outside. ... The vibration of the planet will be higher. ... Changes will come from the light ... . People will be living in more peace with the environment and with their bodies. ...

p. 411

They will be ... more conscious of their body, more conscious of the mind, and more alert and awakened ... . ... They going to be bubblier ... more vibrational. ... Well, you're going to stop killing animals to eat them ... . ... The roots of the plant you put in the ground, you plant it in a higher vibration because your hands and your thoughts, your mind, mentally higher vibration, go into planting so everything is aligning with a higher vibration."

p. 411 body may lag mind in raising its vibrations

[comments by possessing-spirits concerning their mortal spirit-medium] "She wants to raise the vibration faster, so the body is not compliant ... . ... We can't synchronize the body properly."

p. 412 gross ignorance on the part of mortals vs. divine omniscience on the part of possessing-spirits

"I understand. ... We don't really understand why we have to say everything in words to you people. ... Yes, ... we know everything because we tune into the counselor, the God knowledge, the light that will blind you if you say that" {scil., say "I understand" without actually understanding well enough by divine standards?}.

pp. 414-5 a praediction of ultimate enlightenment

p. 414

[assertion by possessing-spirits concerning their mortal spirit-medium] "One night she will remember the light. ... It's her origin. It was always there. It was just covered up ... Then as she brings energy into the conscious mind, she will also spread it all around. ... That knowing and the particles that she spreads is part of the wind. ... The energy of it, even if it doesn't project it from the whole body, but

p. 415

from the mind, that will be part of the wind. But spreading this is a full knowing and it goes from your third eye part mainly as well. ... Once you project that, that knowing, everything and nothing becomes part of the wind."

pp. 415-6 body of light of constituting the visible form of a deity

p. 415

"I'm not a body. I'm a light. The image I project is a projection. ... It's just for the eye to see ..., but it's not really me ... no. ... You need to give humans pictures. ...

p. 416

And we are familiar with people who came here to work with the light as a person."

pp. 419-20 [comments by D.C.] danger; entry by the soul piecemeal into a foetus

p. 419

"It is very courageous and brave for a pure or advanced soul to volunteer to come because it is exposing itself to a very real danger of being trapped here."

p. 420

"Sometimes only a small portion of a soul can enter at the beginning because it would be too much for ... the fetus ... . As the child grows, more bits of the entire soul can be allowed to integrate. ... The ET body on the craft is intended to stay alive so the soul can return."

p. 420 [comment by D.C.] splintred soul

"Other ETs have been observed going about their work on spacecrafts (and not put into suspended animation) while a splinter or part of them journeys to the Earth as a volunteer and lives life in a human body. This type can continue its life and is essentially in two places at once. This goes along with the idea that we are living many lifetimes simultaneously. Yet each part is not consciously aware of the other."

pp. 428-9, 433-4, 440 aitheric colored pyramids; crystal; Earth-grid

p. 428

"You can adjust refractions with crystals to generate different healing frequences. We do this through intentions. ...

p. 429

The color pyramids are etheric. They're etheric energies that are generated through the manipulation of the crystals."

p. 433

"And you can activate the Earth grids through the crystals ... . ...

p. 434

As they're keys and they hold energy frequencies and if you activate the keys, then the grids will realign and reassemble. ... There are different places in the Earth where the grids are locked. Crystals have the information like a key to open the gridlocks."

p. 440

"any of the factors of threes are the key for activating the grids ... triangulations of energies. ... They should do this outside near water. They will work with the others in the etheric. The ones holding the etheric grid in place. They are beings of consciousness and light. ... The grid keepers."

p. 535 [comment by D.C.] alleged possible collapse of the universes

"The various universes are so interwoven and interconnected that if the rotation or trajectory of one is disturbed it affects all the others. In an extreme case, this could cause all the universes to collapse on themselves and disintegrate."

{Because the material plane-of-existence is controlled by a series of subtler planes-of-existence, and because of conservation-principles intrinsic to those planes, such collapse and disintegration are not actually possible.}

Dolores Cannon : The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth. Ozark Publ Co, Huntsville (AR), 2011.