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11. (pp. 141-62) "Turning Inward".

p. 143 memory-layer

"Turning inward and penetrating the I-There of me, I immediately

encountered the expected: a layer—or file, library, or

mainframe—containing every moment of my life to date, with

more pouring in that matched exactly my thoughts and actions

as I conducted the investigation. Other signals were still

coming in from my physical body. ... This was the reception

point of the uplink from the present I-Here—the I that functions

in the physical world—now only an operating physical

body without consciousness.

I tested the storage system several times with great fascination.

Upon selection of a given point in the past, I relived

the event in every detail, down to each minute sensory input,

thought, and emotion."

pp. 148-9 dream resultant from being tested for sleep-patterns

p. 148

"a near-identical dream that had recurred monthly at least for a

number of years" : "Crossing from one side to the other overhead was a

network of cables and wires, much like those still found in

older downtown business areas. Try as I might, I couldn't find

a hole or gap in the network through which the aircraft could

fly. ... This dream did not recur once my OBEs began."

p. 149

[explanation of that dream :] "As professionals in sound, having produced

several hundred network radio programs, we tried a number

of different audio patterns with various subjects to study the

effect of these patterns upon sleep. Beginning in 1956, I had

been the chief subject in this testing and underwent at least a

hundred sessions lying in a darkened booth and listening

through headphones."

pp. 151-2 multiple personalities syndrome

p. 151

"What was the barrier made of? Earth Life System addiction

and the multitude of belief systems generated therein. ...

Beyond the barrier there were hundreds

and hundreds of what appeared to be waving beams of multicolored

light. ...

p. 152

Immediately another brightly glowing beam, mauve in color,

came close. This voice was female! ... Now I realized

that every beam of "light" was one of me, one of my I-There

personalities complete with a different life experience. Lodged

within my I-There was a corresponding life pattern of each

personality in great detail. ...

When I phased over into the I-There of me, finding each

one required merely the thought of that pattern in my present

life activity."

pp. 154, 156 secret sexual ritual

p. 154

"This I-Then was an initiate, at some indeterminate time,

about to participate in a secret confirmation ritual in the deep

p. 156

recesses of an old stone temple or church. He—or rather I—

had eagerly looked forward to this moment without knowing

the procedure as it meant wide acceptance and advancement

within the culture.

The ritual began with the priests forming a circle around

a flat stone altar, chanting in droning tones. A frightened

young girl was brought in, stripped of her clothing, and tied

spread-eagled on top of the altar. Although shocked, I-Then

could not help becoming sexually aroused.

The high priest motioned I-Then to move in and possess

the girl. I stepped dutifully forward ... . ...

Immediately there was a bright flash of white light ... . ...

Who was the girl? My wife, Nancy."

pp. 158-9 vibrationist

p. 158

"I had assumed this facet of me to have sprung from the

energy system that was my origin, which I had loosely labeled

KT-95. ... They have and use the ability to

manipulate matter to suit whatever need through mental vibrational

energy. The "music" they create is the utilization of

nonphysical energy, but not the electromagnetic field. Not

only does it induce moods and emotions of every sort, but it

p. 159

instills or inhibits a variety of sensory patterns somewhat resembling

our physical input, yet not nearly so limited."

pp. 160-1 the Original-I

p. 160

"This one I had become familiar with through my final

visit to KT-95 and was definitely not a physical being as we

understand the label. My understanding still is that I became

curious about human existence while a "tourist" visiting

other realities ... . ...

But now I see the light behind it and the thought of that

part of my I-There brings pounding thunder. ...

p. 161

Then within me I heard a voice. ... Take this ROTE with

you and come back when you have unraveled it.

The shock of the voice and the laughter brought me fully

phased back into Earth Life System time-space and my physical

body. Wonders had been done for my Different Overview."


12. (pp. 163-78) "Inside the Inside".

pp. 163-74, 176 dialogic communication with the I-There [I-There's assertions in italics.]

p. 163

"What follows is a compendium or abstract of many sessions

with the I-There of me, beginning with the second meeting.

All I had to do was phase in gently, pass through the

broken barrier, and I was inside, in the dome of light beams,

in ... my I-There. ...

We are what is meant by "the total is greater than the sum of

the parts."

p. 164

... We are highly organized. You know the memory

layer when you moved in? ...

It's neatly set up in serial form, and also by category. So are

all the other existence patterns we've been through. You can

look up what you want immediately. ...

p. 165

You finally worked your way in here after all those years.

There were so many times when we helped you along and you

never looked backwe were sure you would come and investigate.

But you didn't. So we had to use more direct methods,

like the physical body pain echoes and the pulls you called

help signals. ...

p. 166

Let me get this straight. You've been helping me all my life?

Certainly we have. Sometimes you appreciated it, sometimes

you didn't.

How far back does this go?

Before you were born.

... Does this happen

with everyone—with all humans?

As far as we know. ... Some work up from being animals. ...

p. 167

Do any come in and go out with just one human lifetime?

We have heard so, but we haven't met one. Or we couldn't

identify any.

Why are there all these repeats and recycles—these multiple

lifetimes? ...

You ought to know.

What do you mean, I ought to know?

Remember your guided visit far into the future? As we saw it,

the whole thing there was certainly organized and efficient.

You go in, select the experience you wantand off you go! ...

Only one more return after

this, into that life you visited up ahead, and then we're free.

So my Executive Committee has it all mapped out . . .

We certainly have.

A committee is made up of parts. Which part are you?

p. 168

... I was chosen to meet with you. ...

Most of the time we just watched you. ...

p. 169

I think I'm beginning to understand. You are sort of my

guardian angels—or that's what some people would call you.

Oh no. We aren't your anything. We and you are the same.

{They are more alike to the internal deities of Taoist alchemy.}

You've been helping yourself all the time. We are just the part

that helps you remember.... And it's your ride—you're in charge.

We're not much more than a cabin of screaming passengers

hoping we'll find it and shouting advice.

p. 170

Find what?

The way out. Escape velocity. ... We shall support

and help you all the way. We can't do everything, but there's a

great deal we can do. Encouraging you to think what you call

"out-of-body" finally worked. ...

You remember those dreams beforehand? How you were trying

to fly an airplane off the ground but there were always

wires overhead? ...

Those were practice sessions we had when you came here

during sleep. ...

p. 171

Then . . . I'm no more than a surrogate of you . . . ...

This is something I shall have to get used to. ... Tell me,

is there anything you—we—can't do?

We shall let Asha deal with that. He's a good technician. He

will communicate with you now.

Asha . . . ?

[There was a slight change in the frequency.]

I am Asha. Can I help you?

I . . . I was asking about the limits . . . what we can and

cannot do . . .

/ do not know what we cannot do, but I am aware of what we

may achieve.

Well . . . I have often wondered why I can't seem to perform

certain actions that apparently others can.

What actions are they?

Seeing radiation from people, reading minds, having what we

call psychic ability. All I can do is phase out-of-body.

Do you wish to perform these other acts?

p. 172

... We did not believe those were needed. But if you do want one

of us to use your body and talk while you go somewhere else,

just relax and go to sleep. {This would be similar to Edgar Cayce.} ...

This drive I have . . . to help humankind. Where does this fit

in? ... I need to know.

... The more we improve humankind, the more our prospects

improve. One major improvement is equal to one hundred

minor ones. ...

p. 173

Every possible situation is here, every emotion. There is nothing

you can encounter in an Earth life that isn't stored here

. . . in fifty different ways.

p. 174

... I have

an idea that there's another one being human here at this time

another one out of this I-There of ours.

That is so. That is your reserve or substitute, you might say. A

backup. But you are first in line.

This other . . . is it—she—female?

She is. {This may be the guardian angel of opposite gendre from one's own gendre, as known in Zaratustrianism (or as one's "soul" in Jungianism).}

p. 176

... We learned so much from those

other lives that this time we believe it can be made to work.

Made to work? What can be made to work?

The building of what you call escape velocity."

p. 176 discoveries

"It is impossible to describe the sum of the love energy

distilled from more than a thousand lifetimes, which, as I have

learned, each I-There of each human has in store. Moreover,

the discovery and working knowledge of the existence of my

"Executive Committee" within the I-There of me, as well as

the structure of my I-There, radically altered my own Different

Overview. ...

So I am now sure that every human has his or her own

individual I-There, complete with a particular self-grown Executive



13. (pp. 179-90) "Fine Tuning".

p. 180 assisting the dead

"Many of our tasks involved helping through, or retrieving,

after the physical death process. ... Those who were

not part of our I-There cluster slipped away and disappeared

into the Belief System Territories. In these cases we were assisting

as a kind of courtesy those who for whatever reason

were not met by a representative of their own I-There, or who

had missed the entry points to their particular belief system. I

soon became accustomed to their disappearance when I had

them in tow. Like the sex addict, each phased out when we

encountered the radiation of a belief system with which they


The major task of my I-There was to pick up previous

life personalities who had been overwhelmed by Earth Life

System addictions or various belief systems so that the essence

of the personality was unreachable. When the individual Human

Mind finally broke the grip of the belief, or found a crack

in the system, one of our I-There members went on a retrieval


p. 181 assisting during the waking-state

"In waking hours, contact with my I-There is immediate. I

need only think of my EXCOM and indicate the performance

desired. Instantly, memory echoes of similar events or situations

from previous existences flash through my awareness.

... If I need the response to

be clear-cut, moving slightly out-of-phase is all I need to do. I

still wonder how many humans are hospitalized and drugged

because they "hear voices." From I-There?"

pp. 185-8, 190 the M-field

p. 185

"There is a broad field of energy which for convenience is

called (M). It is virtually unrecognized in our contemporary

civilization. ... Because of the tendency

of (M) to accumulate in living organisms, LIFE—or Layered

Intelligence-Forming Energy—is a useful acronym for one

band of the (M) Field spectrum.

In the Earth Life System, (M) is present in greater concentration,

ranging from "inert" matter through microorganisms

to Human Minds. The variance and spectrum of (M)

radiation is extremely wide by local standards, yet is only a

small notch in the total breadth of the (M) Field.

All living organisms use (M) to communicate. Animals

are more aware of (M) radiation than humans, who, with few

exceptions, have no awareness of it at all.

Thought is a much-used perturbation of (M), and emotions

are bands of (M) adjacent to thought. Love is also a

band of (M) adjacent to thought. Thought-induced phenomena,

willful or autonomic, are side-band couplings of (M), and

thought affects and modulates (M) radiation. ...

p. 186

Nevertheless, humans are subject to constant (M) input from

other sources, including human sources, without the conscious

knowledge of either sender or receiver.

The I-There is composed solely of (M), "There" being

outside time-space but within the (M) Field. Humans who are

not mind-active in time-space, who are phased out during

sleep, unconscious, or otherwise, are operating in the (M)

Field with a lesser phase relationship to the physical. Except

for those proficient in the process, most are fully occupied

with coping in the (M) Field and have no more awareness of

(M) energy systems than they had in the physical environment.

Those who are proficient in (M) techniques rarely find

Earth Life System applications worth the effort. There is more

excitement elsewhere.

Bonding effected during physical lifetimes is strictly (M)

Field imprint. It continues between individual I-There clusters

during any mind-consciousness state. Those who have moved

completely out-of-phase with time-space—those who have

died—may initially seek to retain contact with the Earth Life

System. Their lack of skill precludes all but the most rudimentary

attempts. After a short time by Earth standards, this communication

drops low in priority. However, the new bonding

from life experience does add to the interaction between

I-There clusters. The stronger the bonding, such as a love of

major proportions, the closer the continuing interaction between

the clusters.

The influence of (M) Field thought radiation induced by

Human Minds would be overwhelming were it not for the

inherent phase relationships involved. As in consciousness

p. 187

phasing, the entire individual system of awareness is in phase

tuned in—with only parts of this radiation. If there is no

alignment of a given frequency, there is no reception. (M)

Field influence continues not only in time-space but also in

(M) Field residence, temporary or permanent. Through experience,

methods that prevent reception of undesirable thought

radiation may be learned, often painfully. It is a matter of

phasing. Shut off the aligning receptor thought-form and

there is no influence. This holds true both in physical and

nonphysical environment.

Group thought, especially when it is primarily emotioninducing,

can be highly contagious, owing to the extreme amplitude

of the radiation. Conversely, the organized (M) Field

radiation of a single individual can, if broad-banded enough,

be many thousand times greater than that of the group. Whatever

the source, reception can influence any mind and/or body

that contains resonant receptors. ...

Throughout human history, there have been those who

have possessed degrees of control of their (M) Field thought

radiation. ...

p. 188

By control is meant the willful selection

or rejection of incoming thought radiation through manipulation

of receptor phasing. The quality and amplitude of

the thought radiation expressed by these individuals were directed

by the human mind-consciousness to serve planned

purposes. ... The most successful

have gone unnoticed owing to the deliberate lack of continuity

in their activities. The latter have the means to couple

other (M) Field bands with that of thought to produce a variety

of experiences within the receptor, to alter matter both in

structure and form, and to vary time-space energy fields.

Expressions of minor (M) Field control have abounded

throughout recorded human history. They include medicine

men, mind readers, witches, magicians, soothsayers, early

kings and emperors, hypnotists, mediums, healers,

psychokineticists, to mention only a few."

p. 190

"What of those who apparently are well versed in (M)

Field techniques but are very quiet about it? ... By

interpretation of the ROTE it would seem that at least six

thousand, who will never be publicly known, possess what

may be called incredible ability. This figure can be reduced

even more, leaving us with six hundred humans in physical

existence at this moment who are on the loose and unrecognized

and who can do covertly anything imaginable—and

much that we cannot imagine."


Robert A. Monroe : Ultimate Journey. Doubleday, 1994. https://www.dmt-nexus.me/doc/Ultimate_Journey-Robert%20A%20Monroe.pdf