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16 The Roadside View

17 More Work in Progress

18 The New Direction

19 Taking Timeout


The Monroe Institute

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16. (pp. 223-30) "The Roadside View".

p. 224 Creator

"The physical universe, including

the whole of humankind, is an ongoing creative process.

There is indeed a Creator. Who or what this Creator is lies

beyond the Emitter and the Aperture, and I have not been

there. Therefore, that part I do not know. Not yet. All I have

is the overwhelming experience in the ray near the Emitter,

and of the evolving creative process as it takes place in this

world and in myself. This I perceive with my Different Overview."

pp. 225-6 "small" & "incomplete"

p. 225

"I recalled my meeting with the nameless

great being near the Aperture. I was incomplete, I had been

told. I was too "small." There was not "enough" of me. And I

knew nothing of the "gifts" that were to accompany me

through the Aperture."

p. 226

"I understand now. Also I understand what "small"

meant, why I was "incomplete," and what the "gifts" were. I

know why I became involved in the "retrieval" process of

those who had left the physical. And I understand why I felt

the need to share my experiences through books and writing".

pp. 226-7 the Basic; the ingathering of parts

p. 226

"It was the Basic; the collection and unification of the

"parts," not only the errant and missing ones in my own

I-There, but the parts of the entire I-There cluster to which I

p. 227

am bonded. ...

Why is there this need for total unification? So that we

can become truly One. Complete, and with a multitude of

gifts of experience and love. Then we as a totality can wink

out and pass through the Aperture. ...

The schedule for this Earth departure is apparently in the

thirty-fifth century. But we cannot leave until we have gathered

back all of the parts of each I-There in our cluster—a

massive task. So we shall be in the retrieval mode as needed,

as parts of us drop out of the physical ...,

or fall through a crack in a belief system ... .

pp. 228-30 postmortem survival of the soul

p. 228

"What I have called the entry

ramps to the Interstate is physical death as perceived by most

Human Minds. These ramps lead past the edge of their

Known map, and the road signs are contradictory. ...

p. 229

Nevertheless, some of our greatest scientists have

deduced that we are more than our physical bodies, ...

that our mind is more than the output of our brain."

p. 230

"If it were possible

to cross the border, to visit the area of so-called Nothing

and return, and to describe it as it is in clear terms ...,
then this would in time lead to worldwide

Knowing and consequently the elimination of fear. ...

If we knew that each of us had the option to depart

when we were certain our physical future held no more light

for us, how our lives would be transformed! If we had the

assurance that, no matter what happens, we can continue our

love bonding beyond the Earth Life System and time-space—if

we were certain that when a loved one departs we would

know beyond doubt where we can find him or her—what a

wonderful freedom we would have!"


17. (pp. 231-44) "More Work in Progress".

pp. 232-4 "H-Band"

p. 232


was in the blackness outside and near my physical body. It

took a moment to home in on the edge of the H Band. ...

p. 233

I checked the "location" and found it was just

inside the H Band Noise barrier, within the human radiation

band of the (M) Field spectrum. ...

p. 234

As I moved slowly out of the top of the small building,

my perception changed back to purely nonphysical. I was not

surprised that the H Band Noise wave was not far away."

pp. 236-42 visit to a temporary station for souls of mortal medical doctors who had just died; and to another temporary station for souls of mortals who had just died

p. 236

"They examined me intently. George shook his head.

"You still have a living physical body?"

I hesitated. "Well, yes, I do. But . . ."

"And you know you're not dreaming?"

"Yes, I know. I'm trying to . . ."

"Amazing!" George reached out, grabbed my hand, and

shook it vigorously. "I've heard about people like you but

you're the first we've met! ..."

"But . . . exactly what is this place?"

... "This is a place where certain

people come when they've died. With a little help sometimes.

Most of them don't know it exists."

"What people?"

"Medical types. Physicians, surgeons, and so on."

"Why do they come here?"

"To calm down after the big change," George explained.

"They need it especially because they have been so locked in

to keeping patients alive. But they recover quickly in a familiar

environment. Look around."

I became aware that I was in a typical doctor's office—

waiting room, with chairs, coffee tables, and stacks of old

magazines. Through a glass window I could see the nurse's

desk and file cabinets. An inner office with desk and chairs

was visible through an open doorway, and on the far side of

this I glimpsed a room with examining table, scales, and other


I turned to the two men. "Who put this together? Did


"We don't know," Fred replied. "It was here when we

p. 237

arrived. It's an artifact created simply to help the medical

mind adjust to the change. It's so familiar. That's why it


"Are you the only ones here?"

"There are several hundred at least, just in the receiving

area. They are the ones that stay and help. They come and go

all the time."

I turned to George. "How did you get here?"

"Well, I was sitting in the Park, and ...

. . . What's the matter? Are you

all right?"

He must have seen the shock on my face as the wave of

memory flowed into me. The Park! Years ago, I had arrived at

the Park. ... There

had been a welcoming group of ten or twelve men and

women, who greeted me warmly and explained where I was.

It was a place to calm down in after the trauma of physical

death—a way station, for relaxation and decision as to what

to do next. ...

He waved his arm at the door behind him. "Just go out,

turn left, and follow the path through the woods. It's not far. ...

p. 238

I went outside, turned left, and there indeed was a woods

with tall trees, most of them familiar to me. A path led

through an opening, and I followed it. ...

p. 239

I came to a bend in the

path and the trees ended.

Before me was the Park. ...

p. 240

A woman rose from the bench as I approached. ...

I looked at her and saw that she was smiling. Could she

read my thoughts?

p. 241

"Yes, of course I can. And you can read mine."

"Who are you?"

"I am only the messenger. I am to tell you that you may

by all means bring people to us, those who are newly physically

dead. We will take care of them. That is why we are here.

And you may teach others to do this." ...

"And let them know they do survive the death process."

"Certainly." ...

p. 242

"What about those who simply want—or need—to return

to what I have called their I-There? I'm sure you understand

what I mean."

"I do. That is the destination of most who depart from



18. (pp. 245-64) "The New Direction".

pp. 245-6 Monroe Institute

p. 245

"our Institute ... for many years had shown that

it was possible to bring individuals right up to that transitional

point between physical life and death and enable some

p. 246

of them at least to see into the beyond. That our procedures

were safe and that our participants benefited enormously and

in so many ways had been proved".

pp. 247-8 program of the Monroe Institute

p. 247

"The program has certain goals. These are:

to release all fears related to the physical death process;

to establish a familiarity with different states of consciousness

until these states become Knowns instead of


to generate ongoing communication and relationships

with other Human Minds active in other states of consciousness; ...

p. 248

to insure upon the cessation of physical life existence,

for whatever reason, that such knowledgeable human

mind-consciousness will shift without interruption to

other forms of existence."

pp. 248-9 foci-levels

p. 248

"Hitherto, programs had taken participants

through Focus 3 (mind-brain synchrony), Focus 10 (mind

awake and alert, body asleep), Focus 12 (state of expanded

awareness), Focus 15 (state of no time), to Focus 21 (the edge

of time-space where it is possible to contact other energy systems).

Now, in pursuit of the program's theme of service to

those who have died, it was necessary to venture beyond. ...

Focus 22. Where humans still in physical existence have only

partial consciousness. ...

p. 249

Focus 23. A level inhabited by those who have recently left

physical existence but who either have not been able to recognize

and accept this or are unable to free themselves from the

ties of the Earth Life System. It includes those from all periods

of time.

Focus 24-26. This covers the Belief System Territories, occupied

by nonphysical humans from all periods and areas who

have accepted and subscribed to various premises and concepts.

These would include religious and philosophical beliefs

that postulate some form of post-physical existence.

Focus 27. Here is the site of what we may call the Reception

Center or the Park, which is the hub of it. This is an artificial

synthesis created by human minds, a way station designed to

ease the trauma and shock of the transition out of physical

reality. It takes on the form of various earth environments in

order to be acceptable to the enormously wide variety of newcomers.

Focus 28. Beyond not only time-space but human thought.

Residence in 28 or beyond limits any return to a physical

human body."

pp. 249-51 based in the divine world Focus 27, shamans assist souls of the newly dead who are in Focus 23

p. 249

"Those who are trained in the Lifeline system become familiar

and comfortable with these different states. Each individual

is invited to create his own personal and special place

within Focus 27, a place to which he may return at will. The

forms that these places take are as varied and unique as the

p. 250

participants themselves, ranging for example ... to ... palaces

of crystal, and corners of one's heart. Return to one's place in

Focus 27 is facilitated by the use of a personal identification

signal code, a self-chosen symbol or representation which the

individual creates and installs. It functions as a kind of resonant

homing device to guide the individual back.

Once participants are familiar with the range of Focus

levels they are advised how to assist those no longer in physical

existence who need help. They phase gradually into Focus

27 and there they may ask for help and guidance for themselves.

Then they return to Focus 23, sometimes accompanied

by a guide or helper, where they may be attracted to a situation

in which their assistance is needed in order for someone

to move onward. It may be that the someone refuses to accept

the fact of his or her physical death, or is unwilling to let go

owing to some perceived gain from continuing to be attached

to the physical. The participant seeks to communicate with

this individual, encouraging him to release and move onward.

If this encouragement is successful, as it often is, the two,

perhaps accompanied by the guide, move together toward Focus

27. On the way, some individuals will slip away into the

Belief System Territories of Focus 24-26, where they will be

welcomed by those of their own particular creed or faith.

Others will continue to the Reception Center in Focus 27,

where they may be greeted by loved ones no longer in physical

existence. Here they have the opportunity to be counseled as

to the next step to take along the path to growth.

p. 251

With regard to this next step, several options are available

to the new arrivals, among them the following:

reunion with loved ones who have previously made the


communication with those who are still alive in the physical


renewal of contact and return to the Original Self (the


return to experience another Earth human life;

meeting and discussion with those of the same belief,

which may involve departure to that Belief System Territory;

assuming temporarily the "retrieving" role; .

assuming physical life activity in other forms (nonhuman)

at other sites (elsewhere in this universe);

participating in studies and exploration of other phases

of the Consciousness Continuum.

When the decision is made, the individual is free to move

along the chosen path."

p. 252 personal information communicated to shamans from souls of the dead during soul-retrieval


is generally nonverbal and often by means of a ROTE

a ball of thought.

Where the information received is sufficiently full, it is

passed later to the Lifeline Research Department, which sets a

process of verification or validation in motion. In most instances

it has not so far proved possible to obtain enough of

this kind of information to make the effort worthwhile; this

type of formal questioning is often inappropriate to the circumstances

of the retrieval. But on a few occasions enough

information has become available for secure verification to be

made: a person of that name, age, and place died in that

manner at that time."

p. 253 retrieval by shamans (Lifeline participants) of soul-fragments of their own selves [cf. p. 259]

"What surprises many participants, however, is that while

they are engaged in their mission they discover that at the

same time they are retrieving lost parts of themselves. These

may appear as past-life selves who remained in Focus 23.

Some are found who settled in the Belief System Territories of

Focus 24-26 and who had begun, through gradual doubt of

the beliefs they once had held, to "fall through the cracks," as

it were, of that particular system. Others may appear as fragments

of current life personalities, aspects which had fled or

been torn away from the Core Self; for example, child selves

who had escaped from the trauma and pain of physical or

emotional abuse in their families and now seek to be reunited."

p. 253 various guises of shamans' (Lifeline participants') divine spirit-guides

"The guidance that may be requested in Focus 27

manifests, according to our participants, in many different

forms. It may appear externally or sensed internally; it may be

constant through all the experiences or may change from time

to time. Reports include mention of "a glowing white shape,"

an individual called "Sam,"

"Is this the Zaratustrian deity of that name (/S`am-/ in Samskr.ta)?}

a hooded figure who revealed

himself as a famous film star, a little dog, the color blue, a

human hand, and voices saying "we are here." Some participants

do not see guidance as separate from themselves in any

way; "guidance and I are one," as one report says."

p. 254 souls of the newly dead in Focus 23 or elsewhere

Many souls of the newly dead

"accept their transition without difficulty and are not to be

found in Focus 23. This number includes those who have

prepared themselves beforehand, or been prepared by others,

so that they may easily sever their ties with the Earth Life

System, as well as those who are strongly fortified by their

beliefs. They move past Focus 23 of their own accord, to

Focus 24-26, 27, or beyond.

The denizens of Focus 23 vary as much as humanity itself. ...

A few have been "waiting" for two or three centuries or more,

but most have left physical existence quite recently, during the

last twenty or thirty years. Many of them were victims of

accidents or natural or man-made disasters, and sudden

deaths figure frequently."

pp. 255-6 emotionless mental state needed by shamans during soul-retrieval

p. 255

[Instruction to shaman by divine spirit-guide :]

"my guide told me that all the emotion was not


p. 256

"But as you become more accustomed to the process,

the more natural it seems to be. That this young child was

killed in a road accident, or that mother died leaving two

young children, becomes somehow acceptable, and the reports

contain very few references to misery or tragedy. In

Focus 27, all will be as it should be, and the only emotion is


p. 259 retrieval of aspects of one's self [cf. p. 253]

""Perhaps because I believe that one cannot give meaningful

guidance without being balanced and whole oneself, I

viewed that Lifeline process of retrieval as reuniting with aspects

of my Total Self to which, for one reason or another, I

had no conscious access. These aspects would include past

lives or simply powerful emotional thought forms that were

keeping some of my energy blocked and limiting my awareness.

The definition of the three levels beyond Focus 21 was

highly suitable to this application, whereby Focus 22 and 23

were a reflection of any type of turmoil, Focus 24 and 25

were the source of the belief system or misinformation on

which the confusion was based, and then Focus 27 provided

the pure clear light of one's essence."

p. 260 soul-retrieval in other contexts

"Many find that when they return

home they are able to continue with the process, usually during

sleep. And there are some who were involved in the process

before joining the program—and there may be many

more who have also been involved but do not remember.

These accounts make a fascinating collection, much of it

highly poignant and moving. Outside the context of the program

itself, many of the reports may seem to stretch into the

realms of fantasy. But ... to ... those who

experienced these events ... they were ... absolutely



19. (pp. 265-70) "Taking Timeout".

p. 270 forthcoming end of human civilization on the planet

"at final departure ... we

wink out in the thirty-fifth century."


Robert A. Monroe : Ultimate Journey. Doubleday, 1994. https://www.dmt-nexus.me/doc/Ultimate_Journey-Robert%20A%20Monroe.pdf

criticisms of R.A.M.'s doctrines : He frequently claimeth that astral projection is located in neither "space" nor "time" : but both of these allegations are quite false, for it is always located in its own space (which can be in another plane-of-existence) and in its own time (each of which is closely correlable with other systems of space-time). He also frequently claimeth that the material brain (with distinction between the two hemisphaires of the material brain being, according to him, somehow crucial, as on pp. 102-4) is necessarily involved in astral projection, but this cannot be the case if it be a process of a non-material body separating from the material one, for it is the non-material body which is actively doing the separating (and not the material one, which is inactive in the process) that would be involved in performing the separating of the astral body from the material body. Indeed, all his explanations are virtually useless.

The extreme crudity of his typical astral projections (which sometimes involve military combat, as on pp. 111-3) is typical of the crudity of his understandings in general -- a decent person would not be experiencing such crude instances of violence. Howbeit, his crudities of violence are quite on a par with his lack of accurate metaphysical understanding of the nature of astral projection.

Another instance of his sweeping generalizations (which are not actually so generally true) is his frequent denunciation of "belief-systems" in general -- though his own methodology of understanding is very much a "belief-system" (including his mentions of his own ethical principles, which are, of course, of the nature of a "belief-system").