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Hail and Farewell

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Inside and Outside

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The Hard Way

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17 More Work in Progress

18 The New Direction

19 Taking Timeout


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5. (p. 59- 69) “Recoup and Regroup”.

p. 63 capitalist ("the Earth Life System") lack of ethical decency

Any awareness not related to physical survival is denigrated.

Any emotion expressed is an aberration as it does not

relate to the prime survival directive. ...

Honor, ethics, empathy, and the

like are nonexistent. Every participant is a predator”.


6. (pp. 71- 81) “Inside and Outside”.

pp. 72-4 the self as distorted by capitalist hypocrisy

p. 72

"the ... brain, ... signals taint almost

every facet of human life".

"The next layer can be identified as what you think you are,

which is entirely different from knowing what you are. ...

p. 73

The conscious mind

may be wholly accurate; but in some areas local concepts and

customs give an opposite interpretation from that of your

Core Self. ... This layer is

further complicated by belief systems; for many of us the complexity

becomes a maze. It is no surprise that most don't find a

clear way out."

"The next outward layer is what we think others think of us. ...

In this section, which is controlled heavily by cultural

context, we develop artificial and synthetic drives and motivations

which probably lead to most mental and physical dysfunction.

Attempting to keep up, or leading a totally reactive

existence—which is what many people do—can, if you allow

this lifestyle to take over, lead to a veritable hell on earth."

p. 74

"Moving outward, you have ... what you want others to

think of you. ... Mostly it is set by

the acceptability and needs of the world around you, superimposed

hopefully with waves and pulses thrusting out from

your inner core. The presentation of self is careful and usually

covered with a sheen of deception. In hard cases, no sign of

the inner layers ever appears, even under great stress. Such

cases die with their false faces on, grimly and stoically."

pp. 76-7 ethical emotions & empathy are squelched by capitalist hypocrisy

p. 76

"In the Earth Life System there is no emotion beyond survival

responses ... which

are purely aggressive or defensive in motivation. The nearest

simulations include possessiveness, dominance, jealousy,

pride, etc."

"Empathy is a recognition of oneness beyond physical

species. ...

The Earth Life System has no knowledge or understanding

of this area. The closest approximation may be herd or

pack instinct, which is strictly survival-based."

p. 77

" "Joy" and "fun" are

... widely used to manipulate. ...

Again, ... in the Earth Life System

..., anything similar is a warning or prelude

to predation."

p. 81 love

Love "does not

diminish with physical death and you cannot extinguish it

during physical life. Out of necessity, propriety, or for reasons

beyond your control you may sublimate it, yet it will always

be there, glowing quietly within you. Why the expression "till

death do us part" became part of our culture is a mystery.

... . ... it makes no sense."

{The expression "till death do us part" is no part of, e.g., the Mormon creed.}


7. (pp. 83-96) "Tour Guide".

p. 85 mental superiority of humans over animals

"It is our left brain activity that makes

us different from animals."

{In fact, animals have just as much activity is the left hemisphaire of the brains as do humans, so it cannot be any such mere hemisphairic distinction that would allegedly account for the differences between mental capacities of humans and animals.}

pp. 88-90 hints about resisting capitalism

p. 88

"Always know and remember that you are "more than your

physical body. ...

p. 89

Maintain your transient status. You are being human at

your own option in the strictest sense. ...

p. 90

Get through being angry at

how the system works, the seeming inequities, the unfair advantages,

the brutalities, the callousness, the deceit. It's a

predator world by design—and it's a superb teaching machine."

{It is superb at teaching about the evils of praedatory capitalism.}


8. (pp. 97-104) "Recall and Review".

pp 97-9 subliminal sounds

p. 97

"sound could be used to induce sleep easily and comfortably.

... certain patterns of sound will induce different states

of consciousness not ordinarily available to the human mind.

p. 98

... a continuing program of research

brought additional verification of the effects produced

by these states and of the specific sound combinations and

frequencies needed to produce them. Methods and techniques

were found to enable the individual to maintain and control

various mind patterns. In 1971, The Monroe Institute was

created out of the Research and Development Division to supplement

the research effort. Later the Institute became an independent

educational and research organization. Thanks to

the cooperation and input of hundreds of specialists and volunteers,

including scientists, doctors, psychologists, educators,

computer programmers, corporate executives, artists,

and many others, the Institute is now internationally known

for its work in this field. ... .

p. 99

... subjects are able to learn conscious control of many different

and productive states of consciousness ... . ... The process,

known as Hemispheric Synchronization, or Hemi-Sync

for short, provides its users with a self-controlled tool to accomplish

their own goals".

p. 100 spectrum of consciousness

"The spectrum of consciousness ranges, seemingly endlessly,

beyond ... into other energy systems. It also

continues "downward" through animal and plant life, possibly

into the subatomic level. Everyday human consciousness is

active commonly in only a small segment of the consciousness



9. (pp. 105-24) "The Hard Way".

pp. 105-6 "quick-switch" out-of-body, wih clicks as signals from INSPEC

p. 105

"moving into out-of-body no longer had for me what could be

called "movement." Experienced subjects in the Institute laboratory

had reported this many times, but it was not a part of

my personal pattern until I began what I called the "quickswitch"

method. Thereafter what happened was a fading out

of one consciousness state into another. ...

p. 106

This time, what shook me out of my complacency was a

series of incidents that began to occur more and more frequently

when I phased out-of-body during the sleep state.

They were remarkably similar to the "tests" I had encountered

years before. These tests were learning procedures

whereby, when I was in an out-of-body state, a given experience

was repeated several times until a particular response

was evoked in me. The experience was not repeated thereafter.

These tests were nonverbal and were apparently conducted

by a nonphysical, presumably my INSPEC friend. We

would meet shortly after I left the physical state, and I would

be asked if I were ready. With complete trust, I would agree.

Immediately there would be a loud click, and I would find

myself fully immersed in the experience. Gone and forgotten

was the fact that it was not "real," and I would live it totally.

At a crucial point where a significant decision had to be made,

I would make it. Then there would come another loud click

and I was back with the INSPEC. If I had performed satisfactorily,

that particular test would not be repeated. If I had not

done so, I would have to go back and try again until I did."

p. 107 new version

"This new version seemed much the same, except that

there was no supervising INSPEC that I could determine. The

episodes occurred months after our last meeting and there had

been no sign of the INSPEC's presence despite my continuing

hopes. As before, the identical situation would be presented in

various forms, all with the need for a decision. It would have

been easy to dismiss them as simply vivid dreams if they had

not been preceded by INSPEC-structured modality. Moreover,

I had not had ordinary dreams or nightmares for years.

These incidents became so strong that they could not be

ignored. The direction change that was coming had been in

place long before. The blow that got my attention was the

discovery that various physiological and mental states were

beginning to reflect in my physical waking consciousness as a

result of these activities. In all my previous out-of-body adventures,

there had been no aftereffects such as these."

pp. 108-9 overcoming obstacle of wall while returning to sleeping material body

p. 108

"In the very early days, I was returning

confidently to my physical body from a "local" outof-

body trip, with everything under control, everything working

as I was sure it would. Suddenly I slammed against a

barrier and came to a stop. I tried to push through it, but it

was as hard as plates of steel. I was positive that my physical

body was on the other side of the barrier, and thus it was vital

that I go through to it. I went up a vast distance but could find

no break in the wall. I went down, with the same result, and

to the right and the left. There was no way through. ...

p. 109

I leaned back and began to reason. If I

couldn't go through the barrier, if I couldn't go over it, under

it, or around it, that left only one option—to go back in the

direction whence I had come. No matter what I had believed,

it could be the only answer.

I did so . . . and moments later I was back in my physical

body with ridiculous ease".

p. 121 told to the author (while astrally projectiong) by the soul of a dead man

"Well, I could have been but nobody told me! Nobody

told me it was going to be like this! Those bastards yelling and

screaming about gates of heaven, hellfire and damnation—

they didn't know what they were talking about!"

{I myself would not care to meet the soul of a dead person who had, during life, been so deluded as to believe the mendacities recited by Christian (or Muslim, or Bauddha, or Jaina) preachers about the afterlife.}


10. (pp. 125-40) "Detached Retinue".

pp. 126-8 spying (while astrally projected) on couples copulating

p. 126

"There was a large and fancy king-size bed with

three naked people in it, two men and a woman. One of the

men was having very active sex with the woman, while the

other was attempting to get in between them, with no success.

Each time he tried, he fell through the bed to the floor beneath.

I knew he was the one who caused the signal, and

wondered why he didn't keep falling right through the floor.

I caught his attention on his next cycle from under the

bed to the top of the copulating couple. He stared at me in

surprise, his glistening erect penis waving up and down as he

shook with excitement. ...

p. 127

I noticed the woman in the

bed. Her eyes were open and she was staring straight at me.

She was actually seeing me! ...

p. 128

Just as we went through the ceiling,

I looked back at the girl in the bed. She was still watching,

and our eyes met."

"I looked below. There was the Pile, the huge mass of exphysical

humans, writhing and struggling in an endless attempt

to have sex with one another."

{It is well-known in the historical annals of European witchcraft, that mass-orgies of sexual intercourse are most commonplace among mutual social activities of persons astrally projected.}

pp. 135-6 with the soul of a dead Neanderthal woman in the Neanderthal after-death world, located in one of the "Belief System Territories"

p. 135

"A small mature female stood at the edge of the cliff.

Behind her were some fifty or sixty assorted males and females

of all ages. They were humanoid, partly dressed in animal

skins, with heavy, Neanderthal-like heads and facial

structures. ...

p. 136

[She said :] "I am here. In the Sky Land of Megus. {cf. Magonia/Megonia?} ... Megus is Sky God. He came to us many suns past and

told us of his Sky Land. This is what he promised ... . ...""

pp. 138-40 being invoked by a multitude of persons humming in unison

p. 138

"On the far side of the room was a closed

door. Beyond it I could hear a strong humming sound. I

opened the door and stepped through.

Close by it was dark; beyond was a brightly lighted area

and the humming came from somewhere beyond that. It was

made by many human voices, not chanting, just humming in

harmony. A hand touched my arm and I turned. A woman

stood by me, beautiful, ageless, very familiar. Her face and

eyes were radiant with joy.

"I've been waiting for you. I knew you would be here if

all of us met together as one. Come."

She led me out of the darkness and into the light. Then

she stepped back. The humming gradually faded away. On

the edge of the range of the light were faces looking up at me,

many hundreds, as far back as I could perceive. They were

expectant. The radiation I know as love was overwhelming. ...

p. 139

The I-There of me—the IT that each of us has, containing

all previous and present lifetimes—reached upward and I

p. 140

moved off the floor and passed slowly over the sea of upturned



Robert A. Monroe : Ultimate Journey. Doubleday, 1994. https://www.dmt-nexus.me/doc/Ultimate_Journey-Robert%20A%20Monroe.pdf