Yram (Marcel Louis Forhan, author of Practical Astral Projection)

(reference is to “Yram”by Susan Blackmore http://www.psywww.com/asc/obe/whois_yr.html )

Iranian-empowered abilities

Muldoon and Carrington suggest that it is the violent exteriorizations, for example with anaesthetics, which cause a spiral ascension”.

{In the Zaratustrian eucharist, the controversial plant Haoma (which in antient times was apparently identified as a psychedelic herb – substituted by a non-psychedelic upon the Muslim arrival in Iran) is expected to be ingested.}

Yram describes how he was carried from his body in a whirlwind,

{Cf. the whirlwind in the Wizard of OZ, named for the Iranian (Parthian) king OZymandias. The king's name was shortened to /OZ/ in order to comform to country-name />UZal/, which is not related, however, to the name /<us./ (>iyyob 1:1) of the country where the divine “whirlwind” (>iyyob 38:1) was witnessed.}

watched over by one of the many dogs which he saw during his experiences. These, he claimed, were images sent by

{It is the custom amongst Zaratustrians to have a hound watch over a corpse, in order to the provide the soul of that dead person with a spirit-hound which will serve as guide for that soul into the divinely-appointed land for souls of the dead.}

the Friends who help with psychic experiments”.

{“Friends of God” is the usual S.ufi designation for 'saints'.}

Even in the dark a soft phosphorescence illuminates the world”.

{Certain mushrooms are phosphorescent : cf. Aztec divine mushroom-world Tlaloc-a`n (< */LARoK-/) = LARaK island in the Strait of Hormuz.}

While astrally projected, Yram sensed “radio-active waves”.

{These “radio-active waves” may refer to colonies of elemental spirits whose radio-wave-type emanations are detectible. There are “elemental spirits” (“Sh^EW”) known in Bon (religion of antient Tajikistan).}

Sh^EW” = “Shambhala & The Earth Witness” http://balkhandshambhala.blogspot.com/2013/01/shamis-en-balkh-earth.html

The pseudonym Yram (with intial vowel /Y-/ for */I-/, so common in mediaeval French) is intended as an employment either of the city-name /<iram/ (1st Dbre^ ha-Yami^m 1:54) (“belonging to a city” – SBD), or else of the different city-name >iram “with lofty pillars” (Qur>an 89:7), where <ar. /<imad/ 'pillar'= Strong's 5982 /<ammud/ – whichever one, as most likely a pun on the country-name /Iran/. If the latter of the two city-names is intended by the pun, then its “sand storm” (“IThC”) might be implied as an allusion to the falling sand wherethrough one may enter the Abyss in its dream-trance world.

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IThC” = “Irem of a thousand columnshttp://unchartedruins.blogspot.com/2012/08/irem-of-thousand-columns.html

Other weblinks on >iram http://www.wordnik.com/words/Iram