Alternative Nomenclature for the Usual So-Called "Projection of the Astral Body", Which Is a Misnomer for What Ought to Be Designated "Projection of the Aitheric Body"

Robert Bruce in his book provided (extracted from his own personal experience) a description of one of the subplanes of the Astral Plane, a description of such that its barren landscape is entirely marked over with a network of lines similar to those indicating longitude-and-latitude on maps (and having 4 apertures into the underground at each of the intersections of these lines). Such a world (utterly different from the virtually-identifical-with-material-world scenario entred in what is usually wrongly-called "projection of the astral body") must be the true astral world (i.e., that which correspondeth to this planet in the astral plane) arrived at while one's self is in occupancy of the true astral body.

Because the type of subtle body wherewith one's self controlleth the material body is the aitheric body, and because any other interaction of the aitheric body would surely likewise needs be restricted to the material world, therefore it must surely be that the the virtually-identifiable-with-material-world scenario entred in what is usually wrongly-called "projection of the astral body", is more accurately to be designated as an "aitheric world" in the "aitheric plane", and the body projected out of the material body (so as to entre such a world) is more accurately to be designated as an "aitheric body". Similarly, as for "silvern cord" and "golden cord" connecting those projected bodies which we herewith are describing as types of aitheric body, these would be more accurately described as varieties of aitheric cord.

Ordinary dreaming, wherein the scenarios witnessed are much alike to the material world, may likewise the located in various subplanes of the aitheric plane, with the dream-body being a type of aitheric body.

[we, for logical consistency' sake, decided on this revision to the standard nomenclature in July 2018]

Robert Monroe also arrived at various loci slightly different from the material world, some whereof looked as if they were simulations of scenarios from mediaeval historical events. These may possibly be subplanes of the material plane (with the the projected bodies wherein they are visited being subtypes of the aitheric body), subplanes possibly so influential on the main subplane (viz., the usual realm wherein we ordinarily subsist) that any improvement effectuated in that subplane would produce a corresponding improvement in this our own main subplane; or else, that a permanent improvement in that subplane may be necessary in order to stabilize-and-retain any major improvement provisionally made in our own subplane.

[this sort of revision to the nomenclature was decided on in August 2018]