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MAGIA-METACHEMIA (Dutch website having gratuitous downloads of many books and magazine-articles (mostly in English) on alchemy and on magic : European, Chinese, etc. etc.


THE KINGDOM WITHIN. "Books 2 : Gnostic, Alchemy, Western (PDF's)".↘-books/

gratuitous downloads of various books, mainly by :

Samael Aun Weor

Jean Dubuis

Manly P. Hall



Piers A. Vaughan : Spiritual Alchemy : the Inner Path. 2005.

Alchemy Booklet 13*/ [click date for download]

Philosopher's Stone : The Divine Center [pictorial]




Inner Alchemy Chart. (small, in black-and-white -- click to enlarge) or (large, in black-and-white -- click to enlarge) -- and also (in dull colors) -- as well as (in bright colors). Described in :-

Mantak Chia : "Explanation of the Inner Alchemy Chart". and also described in :-

"The Original Stele of the "Neijing tu", a Taoist Chart of the Human Body".

Practical Process of Taoist Internal Alchemy Practice (18 or 19 steps to process + 4 appendices).

One Cloud’s Nine Tao Alchemy Formulas To Cultivate the True Immortal Self.

Alchemy, Medicine and Religion : Cultivating Perfection.

Taoist Internal Alchemy Study Workbook.

Mantak Chia : Fusion of the Five Elements Basic and Advanced Meditations for Transforming ... .,_Maneewan_Chia%5D_Fusion_of_5_Elements(

other writings by Mantak Chia : (paysite)

Elizabeth Reninger : "Internal Alchemy in Taoism : an overview". [with weblinks]

Inner Alchemy downloads

Livia Kohn : "Daoism and the Origins of Qigong, Part 2". Links to :


THE KINGDOM WITHIN. gratuitous downloads of several books of Taoist internal al-chemy:-

Lu: K>uan Yu: : Taoist Yoga : Alchemy and Immortality.

Po Chang (transl. by Thomas Cleary) : Understanding Reality : a Taoist Alchemical Classic by Chang Po-tuan.

Thomas Cleary (transl.) : The Secret of the Golden Flower : a Chinese Book of Life.

Wang Jie (transl. by Fabrizio Pregadio) : Commentary on the Mirror for Compounding the Meidicine : a Fourteenth-Century Work on Taoist Internal Alchemy.


"Taoism and Taoist Alchemy" OCCASIONAL PAPERS. -- "Free downloads" :-

Fabrizio Pregadio : The Way of the Golden Elixir : an Introduction to Taoist Alchemy. 2nd edn., expanded, 2014.

Fabrizio Pregadio : 9 Taoist Books On The Elixir : a Short Bibliography. 2012.

Fabrizio Pregadio (ed. & transl.) : The Longmen Lineage : Historical Notes. 2014.


Masters and Texts of Taoist Alchemy -- Internal Alchemy (Neidan) with weblinks to :-

Liu Yiming 劉一明 (1734-1821)

The Seal of the Unity of the Three (Cantong qi 參同契)

Awakening to Reality (Wuzhen pian 悟真篇)

Mirror for Compounding the Medicine (Ruyao jing 入藥鏡)


Taoism and Taoist Alchemy -- Books published by Golden Elixir Press

"Masters and Texts of Taoist Alchemy". [samples of various translations for sale]

Isabelle Robinet (ed. and transl. by Fabrizio Pregadio) : The World Upside Down : Essays on Taoist Internal Alchemy. 2011.

"Preview" :

"Samples" :

Fabrizio Pregadio : Chinese Alchemy : An Annotated Bibliography of Works in Western Languages. 2009.

Fabrizio Pregadio (transl.) : The Book of the Nine Elixirs : an Early Chinese Alchemical Text. 2011.

"Preview" :


Fabrizio Pregadio (transl.) : The Seal of the Unity of the Three, Vol. 1 -- A Study and Translation of the Cantong Qi, the Source of the Taoist Way of the Golden Elixir. 2011.

"Introduction ".

"Preview" :

Fabrizio Pregadio : The Seal of the Unity of the Three, Vol. 2 — Bibliographic Studies on the Cantong qi : Commentaries, Essays, and Related Works. 2012.

"Preview" :

Liu Yiming (transl. by Fabrizio Pregadio) : Cultivating the Tao : Taoism and Internal Alchemy (Xiuzhen houbian). 2013.




books for saie, on Taoist internal alchemy, by Dan K. J. Vercammen :

Jindan, The Golden Cinnabar : Taoist Internal Alchemy (volume 1).

Direct Instructions for the Five Breathings : Taoist Breathing Practices and Alchemy, the Insider's Edition.

The Way of Qi.