Sequence of Cakra-s of the Kaya ('Subtle Body') as Sequence of [Well-Known] Stages of Stellar Evolution

[reckoned upwards, temporally]

cakra's name

cakra's figure

stellar evolution

Ajn~a ('Command')


Supreme Command Headquarters of a universe-sector : here, all matter is intelligently conscious in a mutually interactive fashion, owing to adequate interaction among plane-of-existence (largely praedicated on intelligent interaction of each subtle plane-of-existence with a local region of teleological material-plane)


con-centric triangles

within a "great attractor" (with no surrounding galaxy, unlike a quasar which is in the centre of a galaxy) the intensification of the gravitational field beyond the state of field-capacity of a fermion, with resultant manifestation of the subtle (non-material : mental, psychic, etc.) countreparts of the material particle -- which subtle countreparts will persist after dissolution of the quasar, resultant in a continuation of the interpenetration of each subtle plane-of-existence, separately, into the material plane-of-existence (with corresponding effects of capacities of souls occupying material bodies to entertain psychic interaction with the contents of subtle planes-of-existence)


2 inter-locked triangles

within a quasar (so-called "black hole") gravitational forcing into interpenetrating union of 2 protons (with the result that the interpenetrating pair is able to suck into itself a pair of electron -- which electrons will remain bound within the 2 protons at the time of dissolution of the quasar and release of the quondam-quasar's nucleons


triangle with 3 side Tau-s

3-quark nucleons involved in light emission via transforming neutron into proton + electron (releasing the binding-energy which had been holding the electron within the proton while it, that binding-energy, had been constituting the particle-pair as a neutron) [the triad of Tau-letters indicating simultaneous light-emission from the 3 vibrating "strings" binding the 3 toroidal quarks]


crescent within circle

polar crosssection of bowl-shaped (for paraboloid lensing?) interiors of stars emiting tornado-like rotating magnetic field (carrying glowing stellar matter some distance outward in a single direction along the star's axis of rotation)



quarter-wave cycle of electric current responsible for the LASER-style continuous single light-beam emission from pulsars (very new, very rapidly-rotating stars)

The reason why not all stellar evolution is able to proceed along this entire sequence of evolution is that a balance must be maintained between evolved and non-evolved matter at each stage of the evolution -- not only due to conservation-principles forbidding alteration in relative proportions in such balances, but also (more to the point, by far, and even expository of the necessary existence of such a balance) obsolete, incomplete states of substances such be maintained not only into order to supply raw materials to be utilized by subtler levels of existence (i.e., by cosmic telepathic hierarchies of intelligent intercommunication), with obsolete psychic-energy sources ready to be used again in a recycling mode, but also because antiquated models (of construction of psychic mechanisms) may be wished for examination by interested parties determined on testing them for practical applications in lieu have having to design such mechanisms without even blueprint-designs being readily available.

Below the level of Anahata, the corresponding material-universe correlative in stellar evolution is deconstructive (energy-consuming); while Anahata and above is reconstructive (energy-producing). Apparently for this reason, some inadequately-informed mystic organizations suggest beginning with Anahata [so-called "Union of the Two Hearts -- the Immaculate and the Sacred"] in contemplative practices -- but this is a fallacy insofar as the subtle bodies are concerned; for there all cakra-s yield productive results, and ought not to be skipped over nor omitted from the practice.

[written April 10th 2014]