Consciousness as Existential Concretization of Language

It is the recursivity necessarily inhaerent in consciousness-itself (viz., the nature of consciousness to be self-interactant by being self-aware) that be a (again, necessarily inhaerent) compulsion that it express [itself through] the medium of existentially concretizing (viz., forcing into concrete existence) the symbology (i.e. the self-interactant system of symbols required for its linguistic self-expression) of its self-definition.

The self-interactant character (viz., its existentially ongoing activity) of this as a process is perceptible (on account of the self-concretization of its symbology) as regularity of change over a thus-mensurable span of the time-dimension. Besides the time-dimension (to be measured by a real-number, because there can be only a single species of real-number, just as there can be only a single dimension of time), there must be necessitated (in the expression of symbology self-descriptive of reals) multiple space-dimensions (to be measured by hyperimaginary-numbers, because there can be multiple species of hyperimaginary-numbers, forming with real-numbers the hypercomplex numbers, just as there can be multiple dimensions of space).

That (from the viewpoint of consciousness) time cannot exist independently of space is demonstrated in the nature of hypercomplex group-theory, wherein the algebraic expressions which are elements of a group always require a real along with the hyperimaginaries. (And group-theory is necessitated to describe the nature of consciousness, because a group of algebraic expressions is defined through (by means of) a process, being thus homologous with consciousness which is likewise defined as [and self-defined through] a process.)

These facts having been established, the quaestion may arise concerning speciously defective languages (viz., speciously defective systems of logic) which may superficially seem not adequate (i.e., complete enough) to sustain existence of observable speciously defective intelligences (such speciously defective intelligences as animals, plants, minerals, etc.); wherein it would superficially seem that a self-introspective character (of such speciously defective intelligences) is defective in terms of linguistic potential for the intellective self-knowledge required for concretized existential manifestation of such individuals. [The quaestion being thus, why such apparently intellectual defective beings as animals, plants, minerals, etc. do not remain simply as thought-forms, instead as taking up abodes in observable bodies.] The answer to this quaestion we have already implied (in our stating the quaestion with such reservations as "speciously" and "superficially"), namely that there is an unmanifest completion to such speciously defective intelligences -- in the world of the unmanifest. Such completion, though not manifest to the physical senses, is occultly praesent in the guardian-spirits of the animals and the plants involved, and likewise (there known as elemental-spirits) in the minerals etc. [Humans have likewise their guardian-angels, whose function is not only to operate (similarly as for animals and plants) as ongoing logical-linguistic complements/supplements to their mortal counterparts so as to maintain a completeness to the intellective logical system of self-recursion; but also as interactive partners in assisting to instill in their individual mortal counterparts the manifest conscious understanding of the philosophy which is appropriate for the level of (on a par with) the ethics-and-theology achieved and manifested in such mortals.

Similar in some respects (both as quaestion and in its answer) to the quaestion of how seemingly intellectually defective species of beings (such as animal and plants) can be existentially sustained; there can come the quaestion concerning how ethically defective social-classes of humans (such as ploutokrats and their lackeys) can be existentially sustained. Here, the similarity in the answer may reside in the format of the linguistic system for intellective self-recursivity necessitated by a more full (and thus more fully manifest). The fuller format (fuller than achieved in ordinary tribal society unoppressed by ploutokrats) of linguistic expression may involve a description (perception) of the divine world (viz., non-physical planes-of-existence, wherein the guardian-spirits of mortals’ souls have their own proper residence) in the guise of features of the physical (natural) world insufficiently familiar until such features are made widely known by the sorts of activities as are promoted by the otherwise-useless social-class of ploutokrats. Such features of the physical world include products of the arts – music, metallics and jewels, incense and perfumes, spices, etc. Without sustained exposure to such products of the fine arts as are made prominent by the interests of ploutokrats, tribal mortals tend to languish without adequate physical-natural basis for the linguistic-conceptual distinctive brilliancy of expression needed for adequate realization (evident in times of entry in such realms) of the divine worlds. Though indeed entering every night (during dreaming) the divine worlds, primitive tribesfolk fail to witness in a very adequate way the dazzling brilliancy of those divine worlds manifest (during dreaming) as simultaneous : continual orchestral symphony, transparent-jewel aedifices, continual perfume-rain from multicolor clouds in rainbow-skies, spice-oil-ponds, etc. etc. When dreams are charitably manufactured for mortals by the deities’ divine assembly-workshops, much care is taken to introduce into the manufacture only such elements as will be pleasing to the mortals for whose delight the assembly-work is performed, thus carefully excluding elements which would be perplexing (because of unfamiliarity to those mortals in their waking life) to those mortal guests – the divine entertainers will not show their dreaming guests fine music, crystal palaces, and the like if those guests are so unaware of those refinements during their waking life that they would become highly perplexed, troubled, and bothered at observing any such in dreams. Likewise, the dreaming guests will not have any such refinements demonstrated to them if the guests, though having heard or read of the refinements, are convinced that they are unworthy as mere commoners of exposure to magnificence, magnificent environs being (as commoners are taught in the waking world) reserved only for "aristocrats". Like, of course, the entertainer-deities will not display divine magnificence to working-class dreamers if the deities are aware (as they are whereever oppressive ploutokrats praevail) that for a dreamer to witness to scenes during dreaming and were thereafter upon awaking to tell fellow-workers, and those fellow-workers to bandy about such descriptions until the descriptions are discovered by spies for the ploutokrats, for then the ploutokrats would deem the working-class dreamers as insubordinate (usurping, in their dreams, to the privileges of the "aristocrats"); so that such grandeur-dreaming commoners would be arrested, hustled away to some death-camp, and there secretly slaughtered. [The usual death-camps are so-called "insane asyla"; the slaughter conducted via "psychiatric" drugs.]

This planet of mortals is at an impasse : ploutokrateia was induced (by the deities) to come into existence in order to provide a sufficient rich linguistic vocabulary as to sustain linguistic basis for recursivity of consciousness on a level of increasing manifestation – but now that same ploutokrat social-class is acting as a gross hindrance to manifestation of the recursion as an interactive process between world of mortality and of immortality. What would seem to be in store for probable future of this planet of mortals may be indicated by the thousand of atomic-bombs mounted upon now-highly-accurate intercontinental guided-ballistic-missiles, constructed at the command of the ploutokrat social-class under circumstances of treacherous deception foisted on the general-public. The vicious motivation of the ploutokrat social-class for conducting such treachery, however, is something condoned by the deities as an inevitable matter of destiny – it may well be that in the outer region of the universe calamitous cataclysm is the destined result of the separation among planes-of-existence being too great, and connections among the planes-of-existence being too strained and too difficult to make, for there to be any other result possible. Better conditions (planes-of-existence closer together; connections among them more easily effected) may well exist in region of the universe closer to the universe’s centre – there (closer to the centre) mortals of good will can hope to be redincarnated after departing the mortal body in this region. [Only mortals of ill-will, such as ploutokrats and their lackeys, would be required to redincarnated in the calamity-destined outer region of the universe, on some woeful planet (similar to this earth) which they can dominate to their liking (with much brutality, as on this planet) in each lifetime of theirs. And woe to fools who are unremittingly deceived by the ploutokrateia, for they are thus generally deceived in every lifetime.]

[written Mon Dec 5th, 2011]