Consciousness inhaerent in sub-atomic particles – with WEBLINKS

HUFFINGTON POST article Robert Lanza : "You Create Time". “within pairs of particles, each particle anticipated what its twin would do in the future. Somehow, the particles "knew" what the researcher would do before it happened” {Telepathic knowledge by "inanimate" physical matter, both of the intent -- and thereby the probable future -- of other "inanimate" physical matter to move to other locations in the future; and also telepathic knowledge by inanimate" physical matter of humans’ (the experimenters') minds. An alternative explanation could be that minds create time (as in the heading of this article).}

Kelly Neill : "The Most Beautiful Experiment". "If one neglects to observe" the most critical part of the experimental apparatus during an experiment, one will obtain a result shewing interaction of particles; whereas "if one chooses to observe" the same apparatus during an otherwise identical experiment, will obtain a result shewing no such interaction of those particles. {This would indicate that the particles are telepathically aware of what the human observer is observing, and do not wish to be perceived undertaking an interaction by any simultaneously observed means. The only other possible explanation of this difference in experimental results would be the rather absurd notion "to abandon the idea of a photon — or any other quantum system — as having a location in spacetime until it is observed." This latter explanation would entail the human observer's controlling the particle (controlling its localizability, which is tantamount to controlling its location and thus its motion) by "soul-motion" (psychokinesia) -- and not by "mind-control", which would require one's being mentally aware of the effects of one's thoughts while one is thinking them (for, the experimenters were not mentally aware, while performing the experiment, that a difference in experimental results would be achieved depending on whether or not they looked at the experimental equipment while the experiment was in progress).} (Similar to the foregoing.)

Variation on the foregoing, introducing into the experiment a delay :-

Adrian Cho : "Quantum Mechanics Becomes Even Weirder". "an observer can make the choice retroactively, ... If ... the experimenter decides only later".

Ross Rhodes : "Wheeler's Classic Delayed Choice Experiment". "our delayed choice of how to measure the particle determines how the particle actually behaved at an earlier time." {A resolution of this apparent paradox could be thus : the particle had praecognition/foreknowledge of what choice the human experimenters would make, far in advance of their making any such choice. This would be possible if, e.g., the particle were consciously privy to a conspiracy among all pertinent physical matter to force the souls of the human experimenters to undertake a certain course of action in the future (without, however, allowing the humans' minds to know of this activity by their souls).}

Yoon-Ho Kim, R. Yu, S.P. Kulik, Y.H. Shih, & Marlon O. Scully : "A Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser". "the possibility of simultaneously observing both particle-like and wave-like behavior of a quantum via quantum entanglement. The which-path or both-path information of a quantum can be erased or marked by its entangled twin even after the registration of the quantum."

S. P. Walborn, M. O. Terra Cunha, S. Pádua, & C. H. Monken : "Double-slit quantum eraser". (Similar to the foregoing.)

Yi Fu : "A New World View is Evolving". "what quantum entanglement shows is a consequence of the consciousness of two submicroscopic particles. This viewpoint can give a reasonable explanation for quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement is evidence for the existence of consciousness in submicroscopic particles. ... In today's western philosophical and scientific worlds, more and more people have realized that consciousness is actually ... a fundamental property of matter and it exists in submicroscopic particles. Everything in the universe not only has its materialistic aspect, but also its conscious aspect."

Chapter 3 of David Ray Griffin : Whitehead’s Radically Different Post-modern Philosophy : an Argument for Its Contemporary Relevance, State University of New York Press, 2007. "as physicist David Bohm and philosopher William Seager have said, quantum theory implies that the behavior of the elementary units of nature can be explained only by attributing to them something analogous to our own mentality." (reference to :- David Bohm & B. J. Hiley : The Undivided Universe : an Ontological Interpretation of Quantum Theory. London & New York : Routledge, 1993, pp. 384-87.)

Rak Razam : Aya Awakenings. North Atlantic Bks, Berkeley, 2013, p. 99. "Bohm further argued that consciousness itself is a subtle form of matter and on the implicate level it is inherently embedded in everything, everywhere."

David Pratt : "David Bohm and the Implicate Order". "Bohm believed that life and consciousness are enfolded deep in the generative order and are therefore present in varying degrees of unfoldment in all matter, including supposedly ’inanimate’ matter such as electrons or plasmas. He suggests that there is a ’protointelligence’ in matter".

According to Whitehead’s epistemology, "every enduring individual, such as a molecule or a human psyche, perpetually oscillates between subjectivity and objectivity." (Griffin, loc. cit.)

Modern histories of the theory of consciousness in "inanimate" matter :-

"Science and the Taboo of Psi". -- weblink to :- with portions of the books :-

The Conscious Universe &

Entangled Minds &


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Consciousness in Sub-atomic Particles as Repraesented in Mythology

Physical matter (/pradhana/ in Samkhya) is repraesented as PRAKR.tI = PROKRIs (which we identify with electrons in the conduction-band). She owned Lailaps ('Whirlwind', whom we identify with electrons in the valence-band, electrons whose motion is constrained to a whirlwind-like pattern of whirling by rotation, combined with thrusting to-and-fro movement, along the stereochemical axis of each, extending outward from the direction of the nucleus), who was granted to her by Artemis (whom we identify with the electric force-field). Prokris was married to Kephalos ('Head', who we aequate with the human observer's head's interior -- enkephalon -- the brain's ability to control outcomes of sub-atomic experiments by means of the "Observer-Effect" of the Copenhagen Interpretation), but committed adultery with Pteleon (whom we identify with the "Implicate Order" of Bohm) when given by him a golden crown (which crown we identity with the "Hidden Variables" of Bohm). But when detected in this illegality, Prokris thereupon took refuge at the royal court king Minos (whom we identify with the "Uncertainty Principle" of Heisenberg). [Hellenic /MIN-/ is cognate with Tamil /MINMINi/ 'firefly'; and a firefly is visible in the dark by flashing only for instants too brief for an observer to ascertain its overall velocity (as in the Uncertainty Principle). According to the textus receptus, Minos induced "lightning" flashes in "a clear sky" (WO, p. 93) : but this is not physically possible; the flashes must have been those of fireflies, though Theseus may have been deceived thereby, much as according to the BPPV (2:9, p. 84, fn. 2), the twin-brethren heroes Xhunahpu and Xbalanke deceive the deities in Xibalba into supposing that their "glowworms" are lit cigars.] Minos, for his part (which we aequate with the matrix-repraesentation of quantum-mechanics by Heisenberg), was rendered compatible with Prokris only by Kirke (whom we identify with the circus-ring-like system of atomic shells and sub-shells, which is well-behaved when described in stable discrete mathematics -- as advocated by Whitehead -- rather than in Schro:dinger's collapsible continuous functions).

WO = Marcel Detienne (transl. by Janet Lloyd) : The Writing of Orpheus. John Hopkins Univ Pr, Baltimore, 2002.

BPPV = Sylvanus Griswold Morley & Adrián Recinos (transll.) : The Book of the People : Popol Vuh.

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Quantum-features extending to macroscopic scale manifesting under cryogenic conditions include discreteness of lines-of-force constituting a force-field. In mythology, lines-of-force are believed to be repraesented in the long hair ascribed to god Rudra (S`iva) according to the Veda. The time-limitation factor would appear in the name /Karm-anor/ ('Hair-shorn Untimely') of the father of (DCM, s.v. "Carmanor") EU-BOuLeUs ('Good Councillor', a name which could imply using praesent information to influence the course of future events -- a primary figure of the Eleusinian Mysteries whereon the antient pacifism was grounded), a hero of "underground chamber" (DCM, s.v. "Eubouleus2", p. 154a) -- which could allude to, e.g., underground experiments intended to indicate the existence of neutrinos (instilled belief in the existence whereof, supposedly having miraculous powers, could influence the future course of world-events by deferring any further use of atomic weapons until they shall have become outlawed) -- whose name is cognate with that of the /SU-BALa-as`Wa/ (assigned in geography to ward the western approach to Bharata at BALUc^istan) set of brethren, co-adjuvated by the /Lohita-as`wa/ (/lohita/ 'made of loha', i.e. of iron -- the metal occupying the aequilibrium-point betwixt building nuclei via atomic fusion, and splitting nuclei via atomic fission; and thus of fundamental signficance in the scheme of achieving world-freedom from thermonuclear weaponry) set of brethren (assigned to ward the eastern approach at Kama-akhya).

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