Cosmography of the Universe [our speculation, not directly based on any traditional source] : Purposes and Functions of States-of-Consciousness

The states-of-conscious (waking, after-death, dreamless-sleep, dreaming) may be concentric sphaire-layers, each extending to a certain (and increasing for successive ) radius from the universe’s centre.

Because the after-death (between-lifetimes) state-of-conscious is merely a transitional status -- both beginning and ending in waking (material) sphaire-layer, by remaining within the vicinity of the waking layer -- : therefore it can be understood as not as far-reaching as (and not entailing nor involving) sleep, which is a more exotic set of states-of-conscious than is mere physical death.

The quality of the luminosity in the [otherwise vacuous] in the antarabhava (between-lifetimes) world is, according to e.g. the Bardo bTags-grol (book of the rN~in-ma sect) a region of steady luminosity of constant intensity (in contrast to the dreamless-sleep luminosity, which is of various intensities, depending on subregion of the dreamless-sleep realm), though of variable hue (some 5 distinct hues being available). This invariability of intensity would suggest a fixed (praeset) circumstance of the nature of praedestination (to circumstances of future incarnations). Its brightness would indicate a full public disclosure (viz. in the readily accessible akas`ik records) of all relevant facts concerning the person to become redincarnate.

The variability of luminosity in the antarabhava is indicative of various levels of secrecy (in the divine world), with full luminosity for full disclosure (akas`ik records available fully-and-accurately on persons having no inkling of, and therefore access to, any divine secrets), dimness for much information withheld (from akas`ik records on persons having some inkling on divine secrets), total darkness for total withholding on information (absence of akas`ik records on incarnated human undercover-agents for divine governments’ spying-agencies, spying on the Capitalist-Conspiracy of the mortals’ waking-world), glimmers (gleamings, shimmerings) for deliberately-falsified akas`ik records available concerning divine governments’ human disinformation-promulgators -- whereof there are 2 sorts of promulgators : (1) agents spreading disinformation to members-and-stooges of the Capitalist-Conspiracy; and (2) members-and-stooges of the Capitalist-Conspiracy itself, which Conspiracy is allowed to operate so as to allow its members-and-stooges of misguide such ordinary people as who are so foolish as to disclose their own gullibility in believing both the lies about UFOs (and the like) spread by the Capitalist-Conspiracy, and [much more culpable] likewise so foolish as to disclose their own ineptness (amounting in gullibility) in refusing to believe in the full range of theology implied in existence of multiple worlds implied by states-of-conscious. Failure (by living humans) to regard UFOs (and also ghosts and possessing-spirits) as divine beings is itself a relatively minor transgression; in comparison with a systemic failure (by living humans) to recognize dreaming and dreamless-sleep as visits to divine worlds, which systemic failure may be a major transgression incurring severe afterdeath poinalties.

{written morning of March 20th, 2011}

[The notion that the between-lifetimes realm is more nigh the waking-world than is the dream-world had occurred to us much earlier; what is new here is the suggestion concerning the distinctions implied by the different level of intensity in luminosity in the dreamless-sleep realm. This notion occurred to us whilst perusing a book of DISinformation (DelIberately falSe information) promulgated by the U.S. foederal government concerning UFOs : a consideration the function of such disinformation led to our current notion, developed herein, of levels of intensity of luminosity within the dreamless-sleep realm as indicative of levels of secrecy within divine institutions.]


Still more distant than the dreamless-sleep sphaire-layer would be the dream sphaire-layer. It may itself be layered into sublayers : a black-and-white-only (type of dream) sublayer ought be (judging from the Bodish descriptions of the dreamless-sleep types as themselves black-and-white-only, with no hues) closest to the dreamless-sleep layer; beyond (extending from outwardsly from the centre of the universe) the black-and-white-only would be the a monochrome sublayer, and beyond it a polychrome sublayer (familiar to the most usual dreamings).

Because the partition into maya-kos`a-s (according to shapes of their smallest constituents) is (beyond the anna-maya-kos`a) into a tetrad, this may indicate an area-partition (of each layer or sublayer) in the shape of the sphairic projection of a tetrahedron. There may be a praeferential path through the layer of dreamless-sleep and the sublayers of dreaming, selected from amongst the maya-kos`a-s : thus

the astral-plane (constructed usually invisibly) would be praeferred for dreamless-sleep (which is usually unnoticed, a non-appearance akin to invisibility);

the aitheric-plane would (because the lines whereof it is constructed are black-and-white-only) be praeferred for the black-and-white-only dream;

the mental-plane would (because the bin.d.u-s, dots, whereof it is constructed are monochrome) be praeferred for the monochrome dream; and

the causal plane (of disks, each scored radial grooves) be praeferred for the polychrome dream.

{written afternoon of March 20th, 2011}

[Also new here is this notion of a sequence dream-sublayers. This correlation of maya-kos`a-s with sleep-colorations is also new here.]