Atomic Binding-energies in Theologies : the Analogue of Religion with Atomic-physics

hagios Paulos

on the road to Dimas`q, there came to him a voice saying "Saul, Saul, wherefore persecutest thou me?"

coming-together of nuclei in thermo-nuclear fusion [... harmless innocent pacifists ask why they are being prosecuted]

thereupon he felt himself hindered from persecuting Christians on account of their pacifism

[after a worldwide nuclear holocaust, governments would be hindered by their own citizens from persecuting pacifists]

the Disciples of Khristos

the eagerness of Petros to insert his finger into the wounds of the risen Khristos, who is the Rock of Ages {cf. the insertion of the ring-finger of Prometheus into a ring of Kaukasos-stone}

uranium-238 arranged in rings around uranium-235 inserted in their centre, in order to construct an efficient nuclear-fission bomb

Daoist concentric rings constituting the yin-yang diagram of the Former Heavens

"as lightning from the East even unto the West, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be" [Boan-erges "sons of thunder"]

in breeder-reactors' water-shield : Cherenkov radiation, induced by particles' exceeding the velocity of light in a medium

Vajra-yana particle-like Cross-shaped Vis`va-vajra (crossed thunderbolt) {cf. the Daoist 5-fingered lightning-inducing gesticulations}


the nailing of Khristos fixed to the Holy Rood

the immobilization of the muon fixed to its pion

the handwriting nailed to the Stauros by Khristos

the immobilization of the neutretto by its muon

the sky opened as is a scroll = the word, made flesh as Khristos, set free at the instant of his death on the Stauros : the flesh as transubstantiated in the mass

scattering of the neutretto-beam (by transfigured mass released by the muon at the moment of the liberation of its neutretto)

in descending from his heaven, Khristos underwent kenosis (emptying) of recognizably divine traits, so that he assumed the disguise of a human

that scattering, in descending to the level of observability, emptieth itself of its recognizable free-will, assuming the disguise of a quantum-event


the doctrine of perpetual redemption through a 2-fold Eucharist : the bread-of-heaven being the element of the divine flesh -- aberrant though cannibalism may seem

the 2-way flow of the scattering-function co-ordinately forwards and backwards in the the time-vector (producing a result of transactional probability)

the foreordainment of the divine plan of redemption, aequivalent to travelling of divine grace out of the (our) future, us-ward : praevalence of the priestly element of the mass, the wine

the praevalence of the transactional interpretation of the quantum probability-function, aequivalent to an outward-bound wave's travelling backwards in time [: a theory heady like strong drink]


the heaven of the DemiOurgos/KosmoKrator (in Markionism)

field of gluons

the heaven whence came Khrestos (of Markionite theology) [possessing khrema ("money")] = abstract guise of Mammon

mass in massive particles


the escape of the Devil (Mammon?) from Bottomless Pit during the apocalypse

the escape of an alpha-particle from a nucleus in radioactive decay

extrication of Yo^sep from the well ([Muslim] Zimzum), through his own brethren

extrication of particle out of energy-well, through energetic means

the drawing-up of the infant Mos^eh from the bulrushes, in order to raise him, in Mis.rayim

drawing from the event-horizon of a particle trapped into a black hole

S` at the court of YHWH

>lohi^m is a plurality

virtual photons (all mutually different?)

and is known by repute, as per description by S`

are conjectured from benavior of real photons

who as such may be describing himself

which are supposed to have them as substrate

to the court of YHWH, which is known to be in control

and to be controllable by gravitons

also of this world

which also manipulate the locations of massive objects

the Vampire & <aluqah

restraining of a vampire['s corpse] by the the impaling of it (cf. the quelling-rotation of the stake in the eye of Polu-phemos the son of the Kuklops -- "if thine eye be single, thou shalt be full of light")

the restraint of an electron by the nucleus -- aequilibrium of opposite-pole magnetic attraction, with identical- [spin-axis aligned-] rotation (repulsive)

<aluqah (Vampiress) whose children cry, "give! give!"

positron is destroyed by its concommitants' demands