Principle of Aequilibrium in Evolution of Public Ethics

Just as there is an aequilibrium in magnetic charges, electric charges, etc., in the physical universe, so likewise there is an aequilibrium in ethical charges in the intellectual universe – an aequal amount of falsehood as of truth, of cheating as of honesty, of trickery as of straightforwardness, of viciousness as of altruism, etc. etc.

Because even a relatively small intrusion into a function system of any deliberately systematic dysfunctionality can potentially disorient, disorganize, and collapse the system; therefore a contrived isolation involving separation of one’s self and one’s environs from undesirable anti-ethical traits may be praeferable to direct confrontations against such. Such isolationism must plan for and involve an oeconomic independence, such as not working with, nor for, greed-maddened capitalists nor with capitalist-maintained institutions -- with the exception, of course, of such dedication to subversion of those capitalist institutions, as may be practicably eventually feasible (either actually or in the intent of the activist). This projected subversion may be considered as quite adequate (and even more than adequate) if it can involve sorcery performed against the system of capitalism, where access to some inner workings of the system may provide access to tokens (of the system) whereto the maledictions of the sorcery can be fastened (as identity on the system).

As necessitated by this principle of aequilibrium in ethical charges, an ethical improvement cannot occur without the improved state-of-affairs’s migrating hither from elsewhere in the universe, with a concomitant degradation in ethics at the site whence the improvement migrated. Typically, the migration of ethics entailed in a local improvement in public ethics will be an accompaniment of the (more important) migration of benevolent souls hither (from elsewhere in the universe) [and, of course, an exodos-emigration of malevolent souls hence (to elsewhere in the universe)]. Benevolent souls knowledgeably dedicated to the ethical revolution [on one particular solar system only!] for the elimination of capitalist greed, will naturally be knowledgeable about the only method having any chance of success against the military might of the capitalist system, namely our ethically-motivated destructive sorcery. Because of our lofty universalistic ethical principles, we have the force of the governing intelligences of cosmic realms to assure our final victory [on one particular solar system only!] over the greed-addiction of capitalist madness. Most of such souls as are in regular communication with supernatural entities (whether those entities come hither in flying-saucers, or whether we wend thither to visit their realm), are engaged in efforts for the praeternatural overthrow of capitalist greed -- which capitalist greed hath nothing more substantial as its metaphysics than a most insidiously treacherous hypocrisy.

As we increasingly isolate (insulate) ourselves from the treachery of greed-based capitalist hypocrisy, we therewith help along the process of cosmic exile – either an exile of our mystic-communistic social apparatus toward the benevolent centre of the universe, or exile of the capitalist system of hypocrisy toward the disorganized outer rim ("outer darkness") of the universe, or [most likely] exiles of both parties concerned in both (opposite) directions. After the parties begin to arrive at their destinations, then they will be in circumstances better to understand some of their functions – the benevolent mystic-communists to commune with divine intelligences; the malevolent hypocrite-capitalists to betray one another into befouled degradations.