Hemi-Synch-s (Hemi-Sunkh-s, litterally translitterated Hemi-Sugkh-s”) [Hemi-Synchronizers] {improprely written “Hemi-Sync[-s]” - the Hellenic alphabetic letter /ch/ (/kh/), named /chi/ (/khi) cannot be abbreviated to /c/ (/k/) by any means} for All Five Senses

In addition to the Hemi-Synch for the sense of hearing (currently recommended and marketed by the Robert Monroe Institute), Hemi-Synch devices could also be built for the others of the 5 senses. These would include (with emphasis on regulating the senses of the material body; for, experience with the material body would be a suitable introduction for any practices involving the same senses of one's subtle bodies) :-

Sense of smell : This cannot readily be done simultaneously (because the channels of the 2 nostrils unite into a single sinus-chambre which thus furnisheth a unitary sensory input for the sense of smell). For the material body to achieve Hemi-Synch in smelling, control of the electrical output of the olfactory nerves within the sinus would be necessary. For subtle (immaterial bodies), however, a Hemi-Synch could be more readily achieved.

Sense of taste : Separate praesentations of flavors to the 2 sides of the tongue might be feasible, with a longitudinal tongue-divider in place.

Sense of sight : A praecise color-regulating device-analogue to the Robert Monroe Institute “Hemi-Sync” tone-pitch-regulating device (using harmonics – an integre-multiple or integre-fraction of the pitch-tone's vibrational frequency) could be constructed out of electronic components. This would involve harmonics of the wave-frequency of the colors in the visual field praesented to each of the 2 eyen being regulated separately through an optical device sensitive to chromatic differences and able to set chromatically-harmonic color-correlations over the optical field. Such a device such be more intricate (and therefore more difficult to build/manufacture) than the auditory device currently marketed – it might apparently require a computer-program to separate, sort out, and color-regions over the visual field, and would be easier to arrange if a fairly simple geometric pattern (or changing sequence of geometrical patterns) were arbitrary generated for the scene to be harmonicked.

Sense of touch : Separate massagings of the 2 sides of the body could be done, with the massagings performed simultaneously on corresponding sites (such as major joints) of opposite sides the body, using opposite directions of massage-strokes/rotations, or different sorts degrees pressure/friction in touches. This could be manually performed with no mechanical (nor electrical) device needed. If a device be desired, then one for providing different electrical (e.g., the electric-current accupuncture-devices modernly in use in China) stimulations to the 2 sides of the body would be possible.

[written Jun 8th 2013]