Incarnational Densities – with WEBLINKS

Val Valerian : Matrix V. information for very advanced dominant and final 3rd density incarnations (from the perspective of a final 3rd density incarnation) / Quest of the spirit--the ultimate frontier. Leading Edge International Research Group, Yelm (Wash.), 2003.

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David Icke is writes that "incarnational densities" are "illusory".

These are also known as "densities of embodiment".

There is mention of "incarnational density" in The Saul Narratives: Channeled Admonitions Regarding Emerging Terrestrial ... by Rich Oliver (Lulu, 2004), p. 173 (another book, forthcoming 2011, by Rich Oliver is The Advent of Savior Self.)

"THE SPIRIT WORLD - GHOSTS, POSSESSION, AND BEING OOB" (from ZetaTalk, with various dates, 1995-2002)

"The spirit occupies its own density, a density that can interact with matter on all other densities. Just as the spirit adjusts itself to the incarnation density, and positions itself to communicate with the human brain for the Mind/Spirit connection". (written 1995) & & &

"1st Density is rock and water, without life. 2nd Density is life without conscious intelligence, such as plants and animals, even such intelligent animals as chimpanzees. 3rd Density is intelligent, conscious, life, such us humans."

"In 4th Density the lesson to be learned is how to live communally with others."

"In 5th Density the lessons to be learned are exploration of the universe."

"In 6th Density the lesson to be learned is high knowledge of God’s plan for the universe. Here the interaction is less exploratory than stepping in to assume an active role in promulgating God’s plan.

7th Density is The Storm. Unity."

"Formed entities, operating in 4th Density or higher, surround the immature entity when it has freed itself from a dead or dying body, and communicate."

"In 3rd Density incarnations the lessons to be learned are to develop a concept of the self, a concept of the other, and to form an attitude toward relationships with others."

"Many life forms in 3rd Density are incapable of manipulating their environment. They can have empathy with each other, the key ingredient for development past 3rd Density, as the Service-to-Other vs. Service-to-Self decision can be made. But for water creatures, for instance, who have no appendages and cannot manipulate their environment, technology is not possible. We have mentioned that Crop Circles are done by water creatures who could not travel to this planet unless assisted. They function in 4th and even 5th Density, in this life form, but do not construct or operate space ships. This is done for them."

"Once the spirit learns how to jump out of the body, the human finds they can go out of the body at will, but they cannot describe the mechanism as it is, after all, a skill of the soul, not of the human body that the soul inhabits." {Actually, those who experience this process sufficiently regularly witness its being accomplished with the assistance of spirit-guides, who lift one’s aitheric/astral body out of one’s physical body – so, it is a skill neither of body nor of soul of mortals, but rather of divine immortals.}

"the guides force the entity back into its physical body after a time." {Actually, it is never experienced that spirit-guides force a soul, which is doing out-of-body travel, back into the material body; souls are, instead, drawn (threaded) back into the material body by means of the elastic "silver cord".}

"During 3rd Density the entity is required absolutely to be incarnated, as this is where it learns the fastest. There are occasional Out-Of-Body experiences, but in the main, 3rd Density is a grounded experience. During 4th Density the entity is also incarnated, but is aware of the potential separation of the spirit from the body, and Out-Of-Body experiences are openly discussed among all─a fact of life. 4th Density is a long plateau, where many lessons are solidly mastered. During 4th Density, the entity increasingly finds itself Out-Of-Body, and thus is getting familiar with life without a body. Moving into 5th and 6th Density, then, the entity is comfortable without a body, and finds its learning experiences can continue apace with or without. However, depending on the determination of the entity and lessons to be learned, these 5th and 6th Density entities may find themselves incarnated, even back on a 3rd Density world such as the Earth is at present."

"In possession a walk-in by a very high level entity in the Service-to-Self orientation has occurred, such that this is dramatically noticed by the other humans in the vicinity. They could not fail to take notice, as however aggressive and non-compliant the human was prior to the possession, the stance the possessed human now takes is a quantum leap higher. The human now challenges everyone, and any social exchange has become a war. Where the human formerly complied with some social norms, the possessed human now complies with none. They seem, thus, completely uncivilized and unsociable." {Actually, ritual spirit-possession (which is the main form of religious activity in West Africa) is exceedingly compliant with social norms in minute detail (as to music expected by the possessing-spirit, vestments and regalia expected by the possessing-spirit, refreshments and gifts expected by the possessing-spirit, etc. etc.). And, furthermore, ordinary spirit-possession is a matter of the praesence of merely a very low-level entity, who requireth much training by the possessee to be of much practical use. The term "shamanism" (as is usual in Siberia) would refer to a higher-level development.}

[The author (M.B.)’s lengthy discussion of walk-ins is mostly quite contrary-to-fact.]

"The Chakras are said to be "force centers" or whorls of energy permeating, from a point on the physical body, the layers of the subtle bodies in an ever-increasing fan-shaped formation." {The Cakra-s are vortices only insofar as they function as portals into the worlds of the Elmental Spirits. Otherwise, the Cakra-s assume other guises, such as stable habitations for the spirits controlling one’s bodily functions.}