Kun.d.alini Analogues with Factory Assembly-Line Procedures


Goddess Kun.d.alini herself is able convey the mortal's awareness to the various levels of cakra-s.

The conveyer-belt system is able to conduct raw materials along the factory's production-line.


levels of cakra-s, with

a different element for each cakra :

stations along assembly-line, with

a different material for each station :

rock [solid],

metal [solid],

water [liquid],

paint [liquid],


rubber [for tires : vulcanized by heat],


fibre [air-fluffed for upholstery],


crystal [for radio (transmitted through aither-waves)].

superior controlling influences

ajn~a ('command'-station)

office of design-engineer

bin.d.u ('point' for shrinking to, before attainment to sahasra-ara)

office of efficiency-expert (shrinking inefficiencies to their vanishing-point)


afferent nad.i-s (psychic nerves) to receive information from external sources

pathways for receiving deliveries of raw materials from external sources of supply

other microcosmic brahma[n]-an.d.a-s

external sources of supply


Some of the kriya-s (automatic movements) performed during Kun.d.alini activation involve mudra-s (signaling by gesticulation).

Systemic signaling is a feature of cybernetics.

social purposivity

sahasra-ara, with

teleological evolution :

integration with productive society,

distinguished as :

from unawakened

capitalistic (socially irresponsible), or else

to awakened (/buddha/)

socialistic (ethically responsible to society)

[written May 17th, 2012]