Divine Dragon-Queen (Nagini/kLu-mo) for Activation of Ajn~a ('Command') Cakra

According to Bon, the tunnel-dwelling kLu are turquoise-colored, similar to the "blue ... spruce" for emmet-folk of Tokpa the "silver" (BH, p. 15) aera (i.e., Treta Yuga), when "the people lived happily underground with the Ant People" (BH, p. 14), much as "Ant-hills mark the entrance to this radiant city" (HM"N") Bhoga-vati for the sambhoga-kaya of the Naga-s. (On the Naga-s, vide, e.g., Nila-mata Puran.a 901-1000.) As for dragon-queen kLu-mo Yak, her garments "are snakes" ("TB"), as with Aztec snake-skirt goddess Cihua-coatl. From kLu rGyal-mo the dragon-queen's "upper teeth four planets" ("FSTR&A", p. 183, quoting TPS, pp. 711-2) correspond to the "ivory door" (DNA, vol. 2, p. 57) for the golden-path (cf. "golden ground" of Mucu-kun.d.a's [according to the Linga Puran.a] Maha-tala -- GZ-R) for the "blue disk" which as "Blue Pearl on the Naga’s head is its glowing Pineal" (GZ-R), aequivalent to "The Blue Pearl In The Golden Lotus" ("BPRI"). Gold and turquoise are also reciprocally related, with ("TM". p. 383a) turquoise-fledged golden arrow for groom, and gold-fledged turquoise arrow for bride.

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Because the Nagini queen is to activate the Ajn~a Cakra (having 2 petals at the pineal gland) only, and because Kun.d.alini in involved in activation only of cakra-s having 4 or more petals, therefore the Nagini queen must be different from Kun.d.alini.