Analogy of magnetism with mortality; and of charge with immortality

analogies of magnetics with mortals (specifically, vertebrates)

polarity (north & south) is reversible in electromagnets

sexual gendre is reversible (to the extent that females can become males) in birds (e.g., chickens) and in cichlid fishes

magnetism is a feature of gross (nonquantum) matter

the physical bodies of living beings [especially of intelligent ones] are large-scale (large-bodied) structures

[gendre-shifting is reckoned possible for semi-human beings in Bauddha lore]

analogies of subatomic-particle charge with immortals (deities) and with social insects

charge (negative for electrons, positive for protons) is essentially invariable

likewise as for sexual gendre of immortals

an electron (designated a "pion" when this is the case) may be embedded [apparently through quasar process] into a proton, thus forming a composite ("neutron") whose charge cannot be detected

in social insects (bees, emmets), the queen can give birth [by parthenogenesis] only to males (drones)

[social insects (such as termites) are often reckoned as primaeval deities in African religions]

analogies of waves (electromagnetic and the like) with hemichordates etc.

the quantum feature "superposition of quantum states" is exceeding fragile

sealilies are exceedingly fragile

"collapse of the wave-function" is a process which is apparently extremely abrupt

retractions by barnacles are very abrupt

[barnacles are reckoned as sky-beings in mediaeval European ecclesiastical lore]