Great Manifesto of Revolutionist Semi-Temporal Anarchy-Ately and of the Insurrectionist Spatially-Triplicit Theocracy

Lo! the meaning of /an-arkheia/ (anarchy) is 'beginninglessness' [from /an-arkhe/ 'no-beginning'], which in application to the double nature of time (kala) is the doctrine that, though from the point-of-view of consciousness time be finite in duration (that finitude being revolutionarily re-cycled measurelessly in regard to the uncountability of its innumerate repetitions) in regard to consciousness, which – consciousness – is the peculiar nature of mortal particular selves (atman-s); yet nevertheless from the point-of-view of transcendent (transcending mere consciousness) brahman (the universally telepathic collectivity of transcendent immortals) it (time) is indeed revolutionlessly infinite : both beginningless and endless – /a-teleia/ (ately) 'endlessness' [from /a-telos/ 'no-end'].

The anarkheia-ateleia moiety of this doctrine is of more practicable utlity than is the moiety involving uncountable innumeracy, for the simple reason that it (anarkheia-ateleia) in being proclaimed in the realm of particular-conscious mortals is capable of evoking for them plenary assistance out of transcendental planes-of-existence from the immortal universal deities : that assistance which is not only capable of furnishing to particular mortals of beneficial future incarnations (which futurality was always praedestinate for them in the divinely-managed treasuries of life, and is now able to become manifest as they enter lifetimes on other planets whereto they are transported after the death of the material bodies of each), but is also capable of transmuting the planet (or, more praecisely, those environs of that planet wherewith the extension of the ethic influence of the aitheric web of their subtle bodies is able to extend) into a region of socio-oikonomic perfection (perfection in the sense that in such regions mortal denizens are delighted to thank the universal collectivity of transcendent immortals for the benevolent grace being so granted).

Lo! the signification of “triplicit” in regard to /theo-krateia/ (theocracy) is a reference to the fact that the immortal deities triplictly manifest themselves :

(1) in dreams (where, encased in luminous bodies of their own making, they demonstrate the divinely-determined purpose of the triplcitly-manifest universe),

(2) emerging out of the dream-world into the waking world, in luminously phantasmal bodies they gloriously shew themselves to wondre-struck mortals, and

(3) temporarily incarnating (from a few seconds to at the most hours) within the earthly bodies of pious mortals of their choosing (at spirit-possession caerimonies replete with praises being devoutly sung in their honour by mortal devotees, to the accompaniment of swift music) in order to rendre for the awed faithful words of blessing and of grace.

These 3 aspects need to be considered in order to praepare a proprely devout outlook, to provide a milieu for promotion of modernity-oriented shamanry. (1) In dreams, there is flashing lightning with thundrous peals, as luminous rainbow-hued flying-saucers fill the night-sky; while the ground is shaking to praepare its opening in vast chasms to disclose at dawning the mighty powers (of immense stature) within the abyss. With daylight, whirlwinds fill the terrain while whirlpools cover the ocean. Joy-producing music is continual out of the sky, and variegated clouds rain perfume : we soar through the atmosphaire aboard huge flying vehicles over glittering terrain to sky-hovering crystalline cities inhabited by body-shifting phantasmal immortals.

(2) At sacred power-places of opening-by-divine-will immaterial portals from-and-into great otherworlds, the luminous shapeshifting immortals may be witnessed and emerge shimmering and extending rays of deliverance for mortal earthlings : thus they demonstrate the power to transport souls of mortals into distal realms.

(3) The great proclamation of universal salvation (from every unneeeded woe) for souls of righteous mortals is uttered to the satisfaction of all in spirit-mediumship celebrations where the evidence of immanent praesence of the divine-within-the-mortal is plainly manifested.

Behold! A planet-wide insurrection ensueth, of an uprising of hope for a praevalence of accurate metaphysics based on universe-wide telepathic harmony among all beings, instigated by the immortal deities in-and-of themselves (who are the universally-intelligent principles of physics manifest as though particulars, although in their essence they be universals) and extended by universal divine grace to wondring mortals looking heavenward under the all-pervading luminosity of the imperishable transcendence.

[written Feb 3rd (Sun) 2013]