The Why and Wherefore as to the Existence of a Material Body Occupied by Mortals

The function of the material body occupied by mortals is dependent upon the function of mortals in serving as test-equipment for the immortal deities. In order to subserve this function most efficiently, the material body must be so constructed as to be able to harmonize not only with tesing-signals sent from the deities, but also with the physical world which is being tested by the deities in their endeavour to determine the contemporaneous status of effects (on the material world) of those immortal deities' mutual reflexive (viz., essentially routine maintenance repairwork upon their own system, collectively performed) actions within their own immaterial divine system dispersed amongst the several planes-of-existence.

It is because their function is largely restricted to serving as test-subjects for deities that mortals tend to be compelled to commence their embodied lives without any memories at all carried over from circumstances of praevious lifetimes : such praevious lifetimes' circumstances (conditioned by the peculiarities required by the deities' test-devices at those praevious locations, generally having been lived through in quite distant galaxies) being almost entirely irrelevant to the praesent situations (world-situations) whereinto the mortals have been assigned (being being incarnated at those deities' behest) in order to befit the requirements of the deities involved. Therefore (in order to erase from their memories such irrelevancies) the mortals are conceived (implanted) into tiny embryos and are at birth as yet unprogrammed for their lifetimes as test-subjects of the deities. In their childhood and adolescence of learning the local human culture (which historically hath been created by spirit-mediumship under guidance by the deities involved in the divinely-arranged test-situations), mortals bodies reach full development.

Aging (senescence) of the bodies of mortals is effectively due to the harsh rigors of the divinely-induced test-circumstances to which the mortals are are (while living in material bodies) continuously subjected – not all of which rigors may be overtly apparent to the mortals, for, in particular, the mortals' body may be (and is) kept under the molecularly (biochemically inducing senescence) stresses and strains of conflicting vibrational modes stemming from several subtle (immaterial) planes-of-existence simultaneously. [Only by the deities' constantly observing, or reading results published in [especially on-line] journals of biochemistry, can those deities acquire enough data to determine the praecise effects of their ongoing manipulations – actually results of the deities' own provisional actions (simultaneously enacted within their own system in their own planes and sub-planes of existence) – of subtlely modifying the local (planetary, galactic, etc.) structure of physics.]

After death of a mortal (whether by the gross method of degeneration of that mortal's body through senescence; or by the deities' simply extracting the mortal's soul from its body at the completion of whatever test-project it had been assigned to be subject to; or howsoever else the death of the body may be accomplished), that mortal will be assigned to become redincarnate (by metempsychosis) into another body (usually in some remote galaxy).

Howbeit, because some beings are only intermittently mortal (and immortal at other times), it would ensue that for such beings there may be long intervals of time betwixt incarnations : during such prolonged intervals such beings may serve in the antarabhava (realm of betwixt-incarnations residency) as functionaries performing duties conducive to efficient operation of the antarabhava for the expeditious processing of such souls of mortals as [do no linger there but] pass swiftly into another mortal lifetime. [Such functionaries of the antarabhava are depicted in Bodish (Bon and Vajra-yana) depictions (to illustrate appropriate religious tracts descriptive of the antarabhava) as ox-headed, or as monkey-headed, and human-trunked (-bodied); where the ox-headed (horned, etc.) ones have also a tail and hold a trident (similar to a pitchfork) – these are likewise well-known in Zaratustrian illustrations, passing from Iran to mediaeval European depictions as “diaboloi”. The repute in Western Europe of witches and warlocks to consort (whilest astrally transvected) with diaboloi (devils) is thus well-founded. Consorting (whilest astrally transvected) with diaboloi; and/or undertaking intense praeoccupation with such such concerns – such may be among the indications that such a mortal is wont at least sporadically (betwixt incarnations) to function as a praeternatural official in the antarabhava.]

[written May 31st 2013]